Bbl Tt 3 months po Dominican Republic, DO

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I am getting a tummy tuck lipo and bbl in dr. I...

I am getting a tummy tuck lipo and bbl in dr. I have two children and I hate my stomach I have stretch marks and a pudge I am ready to be a yily doll!!! I want to get it done in late October or early November. I am so excited and ready to get this done. I am glad we are all on this journey together. 11 weeks and my time is coming I am too excited

More pics pre op

Here are some more pics pre op


Ok I took my measurements today I am 36 31 40. I want a 26-28 inch waist!!!! I'm so ready

My supplies so far

This is what I have so far. I ordered arnica cream bath cloths and white beaters. Let me know if I need anything else other than my meds

Hemoglobin 14.6 but iron making me sick

Ok I went to the doc because I wasn't feeling well and I needed an EKG done my hemoglobin went from 13.3 to 14.6 in two weeks from taking iron. The only problem is the iron makes me sick and my head hurt so I will try a multivitamin with iron n it and see how that works because I want my hemo to stay high!!!! Others than that my surgery buddies rock and we are so ready

Less than 3 weeks away

Omg I am getting excited and I love my surgery buddies they rock... Trying to make sure we have everything we need before its time to go. I'm waiting on my boppy pillow and faja and I'm all set!!!! I have been feeling better taking the iron so I'm back to taking iron vit c and my multivitamin....

Less than two weeks

I am getting excited I was kind of getting frustrated from all the negative things I have been hearing about my doctor. I have a guy feeling I will be ok so I will roll with it. I will voice my concerns with her and ill be fine I believe n having faith and not worrying with that being said I am trying to wrap up all my last minute things for surgery I am so ready!!!

9 days before I go

Ok I gained some weight I am now 165 omg I have just been eating and eating. I haven't worked out in a month or two I am so ashamed. My measurements are 37 33 41 I am hoping to lose this weight and have a waist if 28 after surgery. Hopefully she can use this extra weight for my bootay!!! I'm excited nervous and anxious at the same time. I have been taking my vit c and iron so I should be good I will be starting my bromelain on Monday

Down to the wire

3 days before I arrive in Dr I'm excited and anxious. I have just been praying hard and I know things will be cool. I'm so ready to be a Yily doll
I decided I will wait in my breast lift I may even get it done in the states

I made it safely to dr

I will update later I am in dr yilys office now just got x ray done and labs.

Quick review

I am here talking to Simara now and she rocks she is down to earth and speaks great English I feel so much better now and I'm the only one so far :) I will update later and thank you everyone for the prayers and good luck I truly appreciate it

Quick review

I am here talking to Simara now and she rocks she is down to earth and speaks great English I feel so much better now and I'm the only one so far :) I will update later and thank you everyone for the prayers and good luck I truly appreciate it

1 day post op

2 days post op

Review of experience

I arrived at cipla the day before for my labs done and X-ray. The day of surgery I arrived to cipla at 7 am I saw the cardiologist and they did my admission. I changed into my gown and Yily and samira came in. Yily didn't want me to take he blue pill she said I didn't need it idk why. After that she asked me what I wanted I told her tiny waist and nice butt. She marked me up and they wheeled me into the Or they put my iv in next thing I know I was knocked out I wow up during surgery because they flipped me over to do my butt I opened my eyes til yilys was right there and asked me was I ok. After that I went back to sleep and woke up it was done. I asked them did they do bbl because I didn't know they said yeah and wheeled me to my room. I called my surgery buddy she was fine and I went to sleep. When I woke up Yasmin's nurse came and stayed the night with me thank God she did.

3 days post op

Last night I was running a fever and my heart was racing I was told it was normal and if it didn't clear up to go to cipla. Thank God I bought Tylenol with me it helped a lot. I still felt my heart racing so I went to see dr Ana today. She is truly a blessing she cleaned my belly button, changed my incision on my dressing and drew my labs my hemglobin dropped it was 13.2 before surgery 9.5 after surgery and now it's 8.8. She told me to increase my iron and start eating more food high in iron. I haven't been eating lately because I am stil kind of sick from anesthesia I actually threw up after surgery because of it. I am feeling better now and I'm going to force myself to eat all my lunch and dinner. I also had my first massage today it was painful but helped sooooo much and she was so so nice. I am trying to update because I loved all the support I got from you guys that are vets already. I'm here to educate and share my story if ur on my page to be negative you can carry on please. Thank you for all the support and prayers I really appreciate it. And remember everyone is different so what happens to me may not happen to everyone.

Post op day 4

Feeling a little better today I'm still stiff and sore I heard that will last a while. I am eating much better now and doing a little more for myself. I had another massage today and it helped a lot with the swelling and pain it hurts and feels good at the same time lol. Me and my buddy went out for a walk today and got some fresh air it was ok I was hunched over but we took our time.

9 days po

Hello everyone I am now 9 days post op and getting ready to go home. I have to keep my drain in Dr Ana said tummy tuck needs at least 14 days so she told me to take it out po day 14. I was disappointed but hey it could be worst so I have to carry along my drain with me home :(. She also told me I need to drain my back every 3 days she have me needles and showed me how. Other than that the pain has been getting better each day I still have the sore and stiffness though I heard that will stick around for a while.

9 days po

9 days po

11 days post op

Today my drain was clogged and barely draining I called dr Ana and she told me I can take it out. Omg what an experience it hurted a little I tried to be slow and gentle. My post op garment is too big so I will change to my stage 2 faja tomorrow. My stomach is swollen i know I need more compression

26 days po

4 weeks po

I made it to 4 weeks my body is starting to soften up. My lower stomach still gets swollen and it's still hard. My back still has some discomfort but overall I am doing really well. My Tt incision is healing well. My belly button is being stubborn I started putting bacitracin on it and its healing better. I called dr Ana yesterday to see how long I have to us the powder and tape and she told me if it's healed I don't have to anymore. It's still sore and tender so I use pads and the white undershirt underneath my garment. My stage 2 garment is made by fajate virtual sensuality 369. I cut the butt out because I thought it was smashing mine now it's kind of uncomfortable. I will be getting the faja de Prada garment I heard its really good for compression.

Almost 7 weeks po

One more

New garment

My squeem came I got a small and didn't think I could get n it but it fits!!!!


8 weeks po

My squeem cincher is a mess it rolls down and digs n my back I'm wondering is it the wrong size. I got a maiden form garment and it's pretty comfortable I still wear my stage one and 2 garments I'm thinking of buying another stage 2 garment. Overall I'm doinf better my back burns n itches off and on my Tt scar is healing well I have been using bio oil I still use a cotton ball inside my belly button to keep it measurements are still 36 27 43 overall I am happy with my shape I just have that discolored line near my bb hopefully it goes away it look like I was pulled tight ight there that's why I had the crease and the line l will update again in a couple weeks happy healing ladies!!! Show less

The fluff is real

My measurements are 36 27 44!!!! Everyday I look at my butt it looks different it will play tricks on u... I am still in love with my body. Happy healing to all the vets and new dolls!!!


11 weeks po

Nothing has really changed I alternate the 2 garments I have I'm excited about being 3 months po soon but I will feel lost without my garment... I am still thinking about getting a stage 2 marena and just rotating my garments at night I'm really not ready to go without them for 24 long hours. My muscles in my stomach is so tight certain movements feel weird I still don't have much feeling in my stomach it's still numb in most areas.. My back is much better it gets sore sometimes when I wake up out of bed but overall I am feeling good I will start using scar sheets on my scar soon and I will post more pics at 3 months po Show less

3 mon po

I'm feeling the same I know Yily said 3 months with garment I just can't see myself completely going without it some days I feel so swollen in my lower abs my measurements are still 36 27 44. I have been getting back into my workouts. I love shopping now everything just looks good. Happy healing to all the vets and my blessings and prayers go out to everyone glint for surgery. I am thinking of round 2 this year for my boobs this Tt makes them look huge so I want a lift Show less

4 months po

Nothing has really changed I have been working out now it seems like if I eat too much the weight is starting to stick other than that I am fine trying to keep this waist small and my body together no pain or uncomfort. My stomach is still numb in some areas my back has all the feeling back.

Almost 6 months po

Overall I am happy with my body I'm ready to get my breast lifted to complete the look. I am going to get then done in the states though. I have to stay in shape because it's so easy to fall off and gain weight. The weight I gain goes to my butt and hips though which is good but I don't want to be huge lol. My current measurements are 36 27 45!!!

1 year po bbl Tt and lipo 1 day po from breast lif and reduction

Just had my breast lift and reduction in the states yesterday I am so sore but the pain isn't bad just stiff and sore

4 days po breast lift and reduction

My breast don't hurt they are a little sore. I have been having a headache for a couple days and feel a little dizzy. I think my pain meds are too strong so I have just been taking Tylenol. I love my breast. I have been taking showers daily no leaking so far.

4 days po

I'm not sure what size I am
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