BBL! Tired of Talking About It! Ready to Do It!

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I have been thinking about doing this for a while....

I have been thinking about doing this for a while. Currently I am not happy with my body and i am looking for to have a BBL (fat transfer), rolls of liposuction on abdomen (aggressive liposuction), flanks, back, inner thighs and back. My biggest problem areas are .fat back and abdomen area and wish to and move it to the hips and butt to get a curvaceous contoured silhouette. Basically, I want a flat stomach with curves! I don’t want to do a tummy tuck though because I do not have any children.

I have sagging breasts and I am thinking a breast lift too!. Currently i am 33 years old, 5 '3 and 1/2 and 170 lbs and in the process of losing. I just joined weight watchers. It has been a struggle all my life with weight loss. I exercise on a regular eating is good for the most part, but my weight fluctuates. I do have PCOS and that is a beast in itself. I want to feel secure in my own body. I really don’t date much and it is time to make a change! It was hard for me to take pictures and post them. I was so disgusted when I saw them. It was a reality check!

I have reviewed different physicians and I think I am going with Dr. Yily. I emailed her a week ago, but I haven’t gotten a response as yet. I am so anxious to lock in a date. Hopefully I will hear from her soon. I am looking for to have the surgery in June or July of 2013. I am also looking for a support buddy to room with!

1 Week till Surgery with Yily!!

I am excited and anxious to get it over with! Not excited about recovery, but it comes with the territory. I am just getting last minute things. For the most part I have everything I need!
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