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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Updated on 20 Feb 2013:
Ladies, first of all I want to thank God, your prayers and well wishes!! You all really helped me get through this surgery. I am in some pain, between 1-10, I'd say 5 to 6. I am just happy to be back at the recovery house.
Well let me get into it:

CIPLA- Jaqueline drove me to the clinic and I arrived at 6am. She prayed for me on the way :)I got there and immediately started to fill out for,s for surgery and medical history. It was a little tough as none of the nurses spoke English. I made it through. Luckily, Yira arrived about 7a to help me. It took about 3 hours to get paperwork, tests, EKG and x- ray done. Afterwards, i was shown to my room and was given the blue pill to take after I changed into my gown.

Yily came in around 10a and greeted me with a hug and smile. She thanked me for coming and asked me a couple questions. She asked if I had lipo before and if I had children. I told her,'no', and decided that i wasn't going to have any. She asked my age and when I told her, she looked shocked. She said she thought I was 20. I got that reaction from everybody I spoke to in the clinic, so I guess that's a good sign :) Anyway, she then asked if I had wish pics andi did not. She took photos of me and said, 'you got butt already'! I told her I wanted more. She said if I wanted hips and I said 'no, just fill in any hollow areas.' She marked me up and that's the last thing I remember.

I woke up slightly during surgery and moaned a bit. They gave me more anesthesia and I was out again. Even still, when I woke up,I felt them poking around my back, but it didn't hurt. Yira told me that after my surgery while in my room recovering, I woke up violently swinging(anesthesia caused this behavior) and told them I couldn't breath. My nose got stuffy for some reason and that's why I couldn't breath. They keep the air on blast. The worst cause I hate AC. They gave me some oxygen and my nose cleared up. So anyway, I was pretty miserable the whole night and didn't get any sleep at all due to the discomfort. All I did was keep looking out the window for daylight. I knew I would be going home then. I also vomited one time, because I stood up too soon after surgery. They gave me some nausea meds., and I was fine afterwards. Nurses weren't bad throughout the night, except for not speaking English. They gave me a phon to dial them if I needed something. I was fed soup and juice.

This morning, I was ready to get up. I was given pain IV,but the Diclofenac really did nothing for me at all. I was fed oatmeal and tea for breakfast. I took some supplements with me, so I took them after I ate. From that point, I just waited til it was time to go. I got up and walked around in my room a bit. Yira came in to see how I was doing and we chatted for a bit.

Hey ladies- just want to touch base. I finally...

Hey ladies- just want to touch base. I finally have prt 2!! I traveled back home today, so now I am tired from the plane. I will update tomorrow for sure!! Thanks for following.

(Cont. from 2/20) After Yira left, the nurses...

(Cont. from 2/20)

After Yira left, the nurses came in and attempted to to put me in a xx-small garment which did not fit. So, they put me back in the large garment, took my catheter out and left the room. I got up me got myself dressed.

Finally Dra Yily enters, greets me with a hug and smile. She said,' you are doing well, look a you!!' I smiled and told her I thought her work was great. She then replied,' oh no, you are going to look beautiful...give yourself 2 mos, I promise'. From there, she went over the recovery instructions, prescriptions and she changed my antibiotic to ciproflaxacin since I was allergic to amoxycillin. Afterwards, she left and I just waited for Junior from RH to pick me up. I was waiting for about an hour or so. I was s ready to leave and was happy when they finally arrived.

Back at RH- I arrived at RH and went to my room. I talked with all the ladies and they were all talkin about my butt and the size of it. Lol. I have to admit, it was pretty large. Anyway, for the first few nights, I was in ALOT of pain and had trouble sleeping thought the night. By the 3rd night, I finally was able to sleep okay on my stomach and that's the way I slept for the next 6 days at RH. I tossed and turned and got up ALOT, but I made it through.

Massages- I got 3 massages while I was there. Should have gotten 5, but one day was a holiday and the last day I wanted to get one, the massage place was packed. I think Jaqueline should set aside times for RH patients to get massages, so they won't have to wait when they arrive. That's not cool, especially when you pre-pay. I received two with Jaquelines place and the other with Yilys girl. Jaqueline is $25 and Yilys girl is $31. I thought Yilys girls hurt and did not go back to her. I felt that where I was in my post op stage, she was a little rough. Jaquelines place was gentle and offered a hot paraffin wax after massage which felt great.

RH- I have mixed feeling about recovery house. I think they could be great, but they are too overbooked to offer the services they advertise. I wanted to stay in a room alone and I paid for this. However, the whole time I was there, I only had one night alone. Between, Jaqueline asking if a patient could stay in my room due to overbooking, and the nurses asking if they could sleep in my room because they had no where to sleep, it was a bit annoying. They gave me some of my money back for the nights patients slept in my room, but did not want to offer refund for when the nurses asked to sleep in my room. They refunded me the difference for the massages I did not get as well. The food was okay, but they have no variety in the menu and servedsame food over and over. Yuck! I ended up ordering Pizza Hut one day. Alsowhen u ask for things, it sometimes took up to 45 min to get what you needed. They were also expanding the RH during my stay, so had to deal with loud construction noise and periodic water shut-off. The worst!!! They do not have hot water and you cannot put toilet tissue in toilet, only the trash can. The people there are nice, but they definitely need to step it up. I would give them a 5 on a 10 scale.

Dra Yily- I had no issues with Yily. She gave me want I asked for. I asked for a tiny waist, no hips added, and a big butt. My butt was big for 3 days and then it slowly started to deflate due to swelling going away. It's a decent size now, but I would have liked it to be a bit larger. However, i am only 10 days post op and need to wait it out to see the final result. Patience is necessary. She followed up with me a week after surgery, took out my, drain, issued me a doctors note, etc. She told me that she was here to serve me, and that she also had a doctor in NY that could help me with any complications. Only issue is that I should have been given a Faja that fit. I ended up having the large one taken in during one of my massage sessions. I asked Dra Yily about purchasing a new one, but she seemed to have issues getting the new ones and it just seemed like a lost cause, so I am now home trying to find the right size. Seems to also be an issue. No one has my size or type of garment I need. So, on the hunt now.

As for my results, I loved my butt the first few days. It has gone down ALOT in my opinion. I'm hoping I fluff after two months, so I am staying hopeful. My shape is great, but I need more compression. Right now, I have my garment padded with foam, board and maxis. I can't make moments n my results until after 3 mos., so don't look for any feedback on results right now. It would not be fair. I'm swollen, stiff as a board and padded down.

I'm back home and will be getting a massage today at 130p. I will let you know how that goes. I will post some pics in a few min.

For those who didnt know...Dra Yily studied in...

For those who didnt know...Dra Yily studied in several countries in South America.

Just had my first massage back at home. It was...

Just had my first massage back at home. It was great!! I paid for 8 sessions at $60 each.

Massage I had today was a holistic lymphatic...

Massage I had today was a holistic lymphatic massage. She was great and did not hurt me. She was still effective and worked to smooth out those hard areas. She worked my entire body, except my butt. I felt much better.

It seems that no matter what, laying or sitting still in one position too long causes stiffness. I will be getting two massages per week as recommended. I will also say that this is not the type of surgery where you will be fine in week. The lipo is associated with the most aggravating pain and discomfort. Your mid section and back play roles in your overall movement and when you have surgery on these areas, its very traumatic. The pain is no joke. I don't care if you have had surgery before. This does not compare. I had regrets right after, just from all the pain and emotion. Some girls were crying. The girls told me at RH that I had one of the best recoveries they had seen. I only drained heavily for about 2.5 days. Anna, one of the nurses at RH told me I was like a cyclone full of energy. My worst days were 1-5. I was walking around the day after surgery, but still in great pain. I just didnt want to lay or sit..I wanted to walk. As a result, my legs and feet would swell terribly. I had to balance the time I sat and walked. I wore compression socks on the plane and took 1 water pill to help combat the swelling. It did help a bit. My back was super numb by the time I got off plane. I did not choose wheelchair service, walked the whole time, had a large checked bag, and I had a layover.

I would also recommend changing over about $40 to pesos for small things while in DR. You may want to have garment altered, buy some food, or tip those that help.

Out of all the supplies I carried, I used:

Band aid/silicone strips-for underarm incisions and drain incision on butt
Maxi pads- for padding under garment (bring plenty)
Chux- for padding under garment and bed at RH
Dial soap- for washing
Bottled water- for drinking /washing up ( you cannot take shower after surgery using DR water unless boiled)
Vitamins/supplements-for recovery
Feminine/ baby wipes- for quick wiping especially after #2 ( bring plenty)
Small and XL wife beaters- for underneath/over garment while staying at RH
Socks- wore over compression socks
Stool softener- for 1st poop after surgery
Water pills- for extreme swelling (consult with Dr. before taking)
Epi Foam- for padding under garment to avoid bruising and burns
Board- for better compression when garment gets loose
Cotton- to stuff in belly button
Hand sanitizer
Dial hand soap
Towel and washcloth- while at RH.
Snacks- in between meals.
Protein shake- great source of energy for after surgery

Everything else, I did not need. I itched a little on my back incision, but not enough to need Benadryl.
I used Dial antibacterial soap to wash with the night before surgery, so I ended up not using Hiblicens which is very harsh.
I stuffed my belly button with cotton on the 5th day when I removed tape from incision. I haven't had any issues with belly button appearance.
Bring loose clothing and things you don't have to put over your head. Your arm sockets will be sore since Yily lipos around the the front and back of arm socket which is great. No more pockets of fat directly between arm and breast.

Dra Yily requires you to eat regular after surgery and do not go on a calorie restricted diet for a month after surgery. She tells you not to eat fried foods, junk food, etc.

Ladies, please keep in mind that every recovery has a different story. No one person will have the same exact recovery process. Just try to be in the best health you can prior to surgery and it should help aid in a quicker recovery.

While waiting on my new garment to come, I decided...

While waiting on my new garment to come, I decided that I would wear my short spanks for compression underneath my wifebeater and current garment. Along with foam and board, hopefully this will give me more compression while I wait for my new Fajate disenos d'Prada garment.

2 weeks post op- I will determine whether or not...

2 weeks post op-
I will determine whether or not this surgery is worth it after 3 mos., so that is the reason why my review is listed under 'Not Sure'. So far, I have not regained my full appetite, so I am down to 138 lbs give or take some of the fat that was removed. I seem to only beating about 2 meals per day and a few snacks in between, so I will be glad when my appetite picks back up. I may start drinking my protein shakes again at least for the first month since Yily does not want you to go on a calroie restricted diet.

My incisions are healing nicely. So far, the incision under the armpits, belly button and pubic area has almost disappeared. I'm happy about this and glad I did choose Yily for this reason.

I mly had gll back and mid section areas lipo'd. As far as soreness/stiffness, I can only really feel it when I first wake up in the morning, move suddenly, or take off my garment. I have continued taking my Vitamedica along with Wheatgrass shots, Iron and Bio-Cell. I still take Arnica/ Bromelain pills once every two days.

Importance of garment and compression Ladies,...

Importance of garment and compression

Ladies, it is extremely important, especially within the first two weeks that you have smooth, even compression. The Marena garments (which seem to be what Yily is using fresh out of surgery) are great for this first two week stage because they are smooth and thin making it more comfortable to move around with less creasing. The garment I received( Faja Columbiana) right after surgery was not good for my first two weeks. Why? It was too thick, too large in size causing extreme creasing, and had hooks on the inside instead of the outside with a zip closure. What I noticed (you can see in my pic) is that right in the middle of my stomach, it goes inward as if something has been pushing it in. I realized that this imperfection was caused by the hook located in that same area on the inside of garment. I will be so effin' glad when my new garment arrives some time today, so I can only use the one Yily gave me as a back up when I am washing my updated garment. For now, I will be wearing the board and sleeping in it to get rid of this area on my stomach.

Ladies, please watch and see what garment you are being given after surgery. Make sure it is adequate. This is one negative against Yily. Her garment selection is NOT consistent amongst patients which is not good. Everyone should be given the correct garment for their needs. After all, the right compression is key to optimal results. There were so many girls running around the RH with different garments...crazy!!! Mine was too large from day 1. It was curling up in the stomach area. A garment should never crease. This is a tale tale sign that something isn't right.

Just posted a pic in the new Fajate. I also just...

Just posted a pic in the new Fajate. I also just got a massage right before it on, so u can clearly see the increase in swelling through my waist from having the Faja off too long.

Compression is not only excellent for the reduction in swelling, but also the decrease in overall pain, stiffness and soreness. Dra Yily instructs not to take Faja off for anymore than 45 min per day for a 3 mos. period.

Had another massage on Tuesday. The lady is great...

Had another massage on Tuesday. The lady is great. When I got up, I noticed some fluid on the sheet of the massage table. This had to have come from the incision located in between my cheeks, since its not healed up yet. This is where the drain was located, so that's why it hasn't healed. Yily took out the drain on the 8th day, so I have been changing the bandage everyday and applying Neosplrin on it.

When I got home from DR, I started applying Neosplrin on all the incisions. I know it seems backwards, but when you get out of surgery, you have tape on your incisions which stays on pretty well even through showers(at least mine did), so once I decided to pull tape off, I then applied Neosplrin to incisions.

Thrombocid-forte cream that Yily prescribes is to apply on the bruises. I put that on all my bruises along with applying Arnica Cream to the more painful lipo'd areas such as lower back, around arm sockets, abdomen, and waist.

Heparin Shots- make sure the nurses give you the shots on your outer thigh area. Do NoT let them give you these shots in your arms or front of thighs. THEY CAN POSSIBLY CAUSE REALLY BAD BRUISES IN THESE AREAS. I have a bruise on my arm that's still healing from a shot being given there. My lipo bruises were gone in about a week, but I still have this bruise on my arm from that stupid shot almost 3 weeks later (smh).

(Backtrack to DR)
Correction- after reading through my review, I noticed something wrong. I was given the blue pill AFTER Yily came and marked me for surgery. I only changed into my gown while waiting for Yily, but the blue pill was already there with my gown package. After Yily marked me, she then told me to go ahead and take the blue pill. I remember after taking blue pill, I laid down as instructed, watched TV for a minute, and then I was out. I also remembered being in the OR and seeing this man(probably the anesthesiologist). He was talking really fast and then I was out again.

Someone had mentioned in their blog that during testing, no one wore gloves. I remember when I got blood work, the lady had on gloves, but had only her index finger exposed. At first I thought, "is she going to change her gloves?" Of course she didn't, but she was also very careful. That exposed finger never touched me or my blood. The day after surgery, that same lady came to take more blood. This time she had brand new gloves on, but with that same index finger exposed. I realized then she purposely cut the index finger of the glove off and this was how she chose to wear her gloves. Assuming that it just gives her a better handle on the supplies, idk!

Fast forward to today 3/7-
I'm doing better each day. My garment definitely makes me feel better as well. My body is betting smaller everyday. When I first got my garment, I was on the 1st hook, and I'm now on the 3rd hook. My current measurements are:
36-25 3/4-43 and was: 37-31-41/42

Today, I was able to get into my XX-small Fajate...

Today, I was able to get into my XX-small Fajate that I had ordered prior to surgery. So glad my money wasn't wasted. Dra Yily wanted me in this XX-small five days after surgery, but I was just too swollen to get into it. Probably due to that large Faja that wasn't giving me enough compression as well.

I also got a other massage yesterday. I can tell they are helping, but I have to make sure she focuses on my waist next time. I have a hard lump on the left side of my waist. I massaged it today for about 15 min. and it got softer and smaller, so that's a good sign. With the new garment and another massage focusing on the waist area, I should be ok.

Stiffness is terrible when I wake up. It's really an awful feeling. I absolutely hate it. The more I move around, the better off I am. I almost dread going to sleep in fear of waking up super stiff and slightly numb. I am able to sleep on stomach and back. Haven't slept on sides since I had surgery.

Anyway, just happy I got into the XX-small garment!! That's all for now :)

Quick story- went out with a few guy friends of...

Quick story- went out with a few guy friends of mine who had not seen me in awhile and wore some big pants similar to pajamas. First thing they said, "where did all that ass come from?" Lol!! I told them I had gained some weight. So I say to those wondering about Yilys butts...i had on big, loose pants and it could still be noticed. I think if you have some butt to start with, you will be pleased overall if you have some good fat to donate towards a bigger ass. If you 'noassatall', and have some good fat to donate, you will probably get a lil bump. If you've 'noassatall', and not much fat to donate, I'd say skip Yily and choose another doctor.

Added a front view pre op pic. There is a side...

Added a front view pre op pic. There is a side view pre op pic in Part 1 of my review. There is also info. on how I gained weight in Part 1. I was 120 lbs. when I started gaining in Oct '12 . I gained 27 lbs. when I weighed in the day of surgery Feb. '13.

Waist down to 25 in. YAY me!!!!

Waist down to 25 in. YAY me!!!!

Yesterday, I did too much. I drove for a total of...

Yesterday, I did too much. I drove for a total of 3 hours and was out of the house for about 8 hours. I let my mind play mental tricks on me by telling myself I would be alright. Well, by body kicked in to say it was so ready to get back home. After awhile of being out, I grew tired and super uncomfortable. Lesson learned: Shorter drives and no more than 3 hours out of the house for now.

Don't know if its me, but it honestly seems like...

Don't know if its me, but it honestly seems like my butt is getting bigger. It's even hurting in the areas where I know fat was injected. My hubby agrees that its getting bigger too!! I'm not mad :)

Tried on random dress in closet to see what I will...

Tried on random dress in closet to see what I will begin to look like. I do have on my garment with undershirt and ab. board underneath, so Im guessing it will look better w/o all of this get up.

Got another massage this evening. Always a help...

Got another massage this evening. Always a help and felt a difference on my waist where that knot of fluid was!! I also need to drink more water.

Stomach was hurting for some reason tonight, so I had to loosen garment for about an hour, and now I feel better.

I also ordered the recommended Wahl Heated Massager to massage myself after showers and break up fluid in between getting my lymphatic massages. It was pretty cheap like $20, but had good reviews, so I will let you know how it works out.

Will update again at 6 weeks.

Will update again at 6 weeks.

Hey all- I have been getting some inboxes within...

Hey all- I have been getting some inboxes within the last two days from ladies regarding my experience with Yily, my results, etc. I'm assuming this is due to all the recent negative reviews that have been posted about Yily. It seems that girls are getting cold feet.

Before I say anything, I will say that LittleboyPink called this one. It's happening just as she said- that more and more folks will be disappointed with Yily.

Anyway, I cannot speak for anyone else, their experience, recovery, or what they might be going through. In addition, patients seem to be a bit more sensitive after surgery with comments that are made which is why I try not to stay neutral.

I am not a DR, but I have done a shit load of research on the good and bad of this procedure. As a matter of fact one doc made a comment that if I did anymore research, I would be able to perform the procedure myself. I didn't overlook anything. However, I urge anyone looking into this procedure to read and understand the complications, risks, and potential outcome of this surgery. Understand that it can happen with any doctor, in any country, and with any patient. Some of the risks include :

All forms of cosmetic surgery carry a degree of risk and a potential for complications. Therefore, you should consider it as seriously as you would any major surgery. Also note that augmentation with implants carries a much higher rate of complications as compared to a fat injection. The risks for having implants placed in your buttocks include infection and bleeding, which are common risks for any surgical procedure. Risks of infection are even higher when incisions are made in the gluteal crease. Another potential complication is the possibility of the implants shifting and causing the results to appear asymmetrical. It is rare, though possible, that the implants may also rupture or break.

Surgical Anesthesia: On the day of surgery, your anesthesiologist will discuss with you the risks of both local and general anesthesia.

Unfavorable Scarring: If the sutured area doesn’t heal properly or takes too long to heal, the scars may be thicker than normal. If the patient heals relatively quickly, minimal scarring will result. Scars will take years to fade, but they are permanent. Despite Dr. Agha’s best effort, scar appearance and healing are not fully predictable. The scars may be uneven, excessively wide, and/or asymmetrical. Scars may be unattractive and of a different color than the surrounding skin. Excessive, hypertrophic, and keloid scarring are uncommon. Additional treatments, including surgery, may be necessary to treat abnormal scarring.

Bleeding/Hematoma: Bleeding may result if the sutured areas do not heal correctly or if there is improper coagulation after the procedure. A hematoma is a blood collection that can form under the skin and enlarges as a tender bulge. If a patient notices any unusual bleeding after surgery, they need to contact Dr. Agha immediately. Do not take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications for ten days before surgery as this will increase the risk of bleeding. Non-prescription “herbs” and dietary supplements can also increase the risk of surgical bleeding.

Fluid Accumulation (Seroma): After fat grafting or implant placement, body fluids (serum) occasionally accumulate underneath the skin as a seroma. If the fluid collection is significant, Dr. Agha may elect to aspirate the fluid with a small needle in an office procedure. For buttock lifts, drains may be placed at the surgical site at the end of the operation to collect seepage of the fluid. After their removal in five to seven days, seroma may occasionally accumulate underneath the skin, requiring aspirations. If that fails to cure the seroma, then the patient will need to be seen either in the office or in operating room for insertion of new drainage tubes and the removal of seroma cavities. This is very rarely necessarily.

Poor Wound Healing: Individuals that have a slower than average healing rate or are smokers may find that they do not heal properly, that the sutured areas reopen easily, or that they are more prone to infection. Patients should avoid smoking three weeks prior to and after the procedure so that their body’s natural healing process is not hindered.

Wound Dehiscence: In general, your skin closure is in multiple layers. Separation of the superficial, deep and/or both layers may occur any time during your first post-operative month. Suture breakage, knots untying, sutures tearing through an excessively tight closure, too much movement or bending, and skin necrosis (death) are some of the recognized causes of dehiscence. Breakage of the sutures in the superficial layer of skin may be sutured closed or allowed to heal secondarily, at the judgment of Dr. Agha.

Deep dehiscence may require a return to the operating room for closure under anesthesia. These healing problems may require frequent dressing changes, extra office visits, and further surgery to remove the non-healed tissue. Open wounds may take weeks to heal or a secondary closure may be appropriate. Wounds allowed to heal on their own usually benefit from secondary scar revision.

Smokers have a high risk of skin loss and wound healing complications. Do not smoke for three weeks before and after your surgery.

Suture Granuloma: Some surgical techniques use deep sutures. These items may be noticed by the patient following surgery. Sutures may spontaneously poke through the skin, be visible, or produce irritation that requires removal.

Numbness in Skin Sensation: This is a normal consequence that occurs at the site of surgery in everyone to a different extent. You may experience “paresthesia,” which is an altered sensation at the site of the liposuction. This may either be in the form of an increased sensitivity (pain) in the area or loss of any feeling (numbness) in the area. In most patients, numbness goes away within the first four to sixth months after surgery. Massaging the surgical area helps increase circulation, and facilitates the return of normal skin sensation. Numbness is permanent in very rare cases.

Fat Absorption and Sclerosis: Approximately 20-30% of the injected fat does not survive and gets absorbed. If this happens unevenly, there could be areas were you feel or see asymmetry due to fat resorption. Gentle massage over the buttock area helps even out and smooth these areas during the recovery phase.

Skin Irregularities or Dimples: Contour irregularities and depressions in the skin may occur after liposuction. Also, the areas of injected fat can occasionally develop contour irregularities, including bumps and dimples, depending on your skin elasticity. Usually, post-operative massage can be helpful in smoothing these areas. On occasion, asymmetrical fullness, bulges, and depressions may be present.

Skin Discoloration/Swelling – Some skin discoloration and swelling can occur following liposuction. In rare situations, swelling and skin discoloration may persist for long periods of time. Permanent skin discoloration is rare.

Depression, Emotional, or Sexual Changes: There have been reports of depression after liposuction similar to postpartum depression.

Asymmetry in Scar Placement or Contour: No two halves of the body are identical. Therefore, following buttock augmentation, these asymmetries may persist and appear as differences between the contour and size of the two sides. Scoliosis or other spine disorders can magnify body asymmetry. On occasion, asymmetry may occur after a buttock lift. Although this is not typical, it is a risk associated with the procedure.

Skin Necrosis (Skin Death): The skin above the site of surgery or at the incision site may become necrotic or “die.” When this happens, skin may change color and slough (fall) off. Necrotic skin may become infected with bacteria or microorganisms. This may require further surgical management.

Pain that Persists: Chronic pain may occur very infrequently from nerves becoming trapped in scar tissue after surgery.

Allergic Reactions: In rare cases, local allergies to tape, suture material, or topical preparations have been reported. More serious systemic reactions may occur in response to drugs used during surgery and prescription medicines. Allergic reactions may require additional treatment.

Residual Deformity- Despite best efforts to obtain tight buttock contour after a buttock lift, a small degree of residual deformity may persist or develop months after the surgery.

Need for Revisional Surgery: The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. Should complications occur or some aesthetic expectations remain unmet, additional procedures or other treatments may be necessary. Other complications and risks can occur but are even more uncommon.

Suboptimal Aesthetic Result: You may be disappointed with the results of surgery. Under-treatment with residual laxity and looseness or over-treatment with excessive tightness of skin can occur with the flattening of regional contours and the widening or thickening of scars. Considerable judgment is used to achieve the optimum shape, but for a variety of reasons, the ultimate results may be suboptimal. At times, it is desirable to perform additional procedures to improve your results.

Infection: Infection may occur after any surgery and may rarely occur after liposculpture. The rate of infection increases with the increasing amounts of injected fat, but the overall rate still remains very low due to routine use of peri-operative antibiotics. There is a significantly higher risk of infection (about 23-30%) with the use of buttock implants. This is most likely due to the proximity of the incision to the rectum. Milder infections can be treated with antibiotics. More significant infections require implant removal, and the wound must be left open for it to close gradually, which can take several weeks. In extremely rare cases, infections may be serious or life threatening. In cases of a buttock lift, minor wound infections accompanied by exposed and “spitting” sutures can occur and are usually easily dealt with by limited debridement, antibiotics, and dressing care. Major infection with fever and large areas of red skin (cellulitis) is unusual. Should a serious infection occur, treatment, including intravenous antibiotics or additional surgery to remove dead tissue and drain abscesses, may be necessary. There is a greater risk of infection in smokers, those with diabetes, and with multiple procedures.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Complications: Deep vein thrombosis is a rare but worrisome complication of plastic surgery. It represents the formation of blood clots in the deep veins of the legs during anesthesia and surgery. Although a sequential compression device will be used to reduce the risks, few patients may still develop DVTs. This frequency is reduced by early post-operative mobility so that blood does not have time to become stagnant in the calf muscles. Fat embolism during liposuction is an extremely rare condition where loosened fat enters the blood through injured blood vessels during liposuction. Fat fragments can then become trapped in the blood vessels, gather in the lungs, or travel to the brain.

Pulmonary complications may occur secondarily to the migration of blood clots or fat clots into the lungs (pulmonary emboli) or partial collapse of the lungs after general anesthesia. The signs of pulmonary emboli may be shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. If you have the signs or symptoms of pulmonary emboli, it is important for you to seek emergency medical care at once. Should this complication occur, you may require hospitalization and additional treatment. Pulmonary emboli can be life-threatening or fatal in some circumstances.

Nerve Injury: Buttock implants can either press upon or migrate onto the sciatic nerve which travels in the buttock region. This can potentially cause impingement or injury to the nerve. Treatment may include removal of the implants.

Implant Protrusion: It is possible for the buttock implants to migrate and gradually extrude through the incision or other areas of the buttock skin. The risk of this complication increases if there is seroma, hematoma, or infection. Also, excessive pressure over the implants during the early period of healing can increase the risk of implant protrusion.

Visceral Perforations (Puncture Wounds in the Organs): There have been reports of visceral perforations during liposuction that damage internal organs with the liposuction cannula. When organs are damaged, surgery may be required to repair them. Visceral perforations may also be fatal.

Toxicity from Anesthesia: Lidocaine, a drug that numbs the skin, is frequently used as a local anesthetic in the tumescent fluid. Large volumes of tumescent fluid may be injected during liposuction. This may result in high doses of lidocaine, which can be toxic. The symptoms of this toxicity are lightheadedness, restlessness, drowsiness, tinnitis (a ringing in the ears), slurred speech, metallic taste in the mouth, numbness of the lips and tongue, shivering, muscle twitching, and convulsions. Severe lidocaine toxicity may cause the heart to stop, resulting in death. In general, any type of anesthesia may cause complications and is always considered a risk during any surgery. To minimize the potential for lidocaine toxicity, Dr. Agha limits the dose of lidocaine used during general anesthesia.

Fluid Imbalance: The liposuction procedure involves the injection of large amounts of tumescent fluid into the tissues. Although much of the fluid will be suctioned, the remainder will be gradually absorbed and may result in a fluid imbalance. While you are in the surgical center or hospital, the staff will be monitoring you for signs of fluid imbalance. However, this may happen after you go home and can result in serious conditions, such as heart problems, excess fluid collecting in the lungs, or kidney problems as your kidneys try to maintain fluid balance.

Fatalities Related to Liposuction: There are reports of deaths related to the liposuction procedure. Studies conducted to date have not been definitive, so it is difficult to be sure how often death from liposuction occurs. In order to understand the extent of the risk, one study compares the deaths from liposuction to that of deaths from car accidents (16 compared to 100,000). It is important to remember that liposuction is a surgical procedure and that there may be serious complications.

My experience:

If you read my blog, I pretty much told my story. I had no issues with Yily. If you're looking for a doc to hold your hand, Yily is not the one. She is about her business and straight to the point. You will see her once before surgery, after surgery, the day after surgery, and your follow up. The day of my follow up, she was involved in a car accident( no surprise in DR), but still showed up to remove my drain and give me a doc note. Also, in being at RH with some other girls who had a bit of drama with Yily so to speak, Yily is not a fan of a whole lot of drama and will shut it down pretty quickly.

Before surgery, it was a bit difficult communicating with her and I sometimes wouldn't hear from her for a week. I remained patient. She stressed the importance of staying at RH, so I stayed there. I booked everything two months in advance and had no issues with flight, transportation, etc.

As for results, she will give you a more natural look, but nothing drastic, which she will also tell you. If you are looking for a 'stripper booty', I would recommend more than one surgery, and/or butt injections/implants. So far, I am thrilled with my results, have had 0 complications, and hope that everything continues that way. My shape is 100% better than before, butt is shaped nicely and much bigger than pre op.

I can tell you that in DR, waiting is no big deal. It's the norm. You might be waiting at the clinic for awhile. The culture is a bit different, maybe even a little rough around the edges. If you are looking for a more personal touch, Yily is probably not for you in general. From what I've read, this seems to be the expectation from most of the DR docs. They also seem to get a bit annoyed when you do not speak Spanish.

Again, I am speaking only from my experience and obviously it has been different from one patient to another.

Would I recommend her? Yes, she is a great doctor.

Would I recommend this surgery? Only to those who fully understand what they are getting themselves into, commitment to recovery process and maintaining a healthy lifestyle following surgery, and those who are prepared to honestly deal with the bad aspects of the surgery.

I thought about all the bad things that could possibly go wrong the whole time while looking at all the good reviews. Truth be told, I was prepared for the worst!! Death.
I'm being totally honest and I wasn't scared. I knew this surgery was something I wanted to do, so I needed to be fully prepared for any and everything. Fortunately, I didn't have to deal with that, but I'm not sure how my future health will be affected as a result of this that's also something I am prepared to deal with later down the road.

I don't want to scare anyone, but I just want to give you the most honest account. I wish everyone the best on their journey to a new body and pray for all those who not have not had a great experience. I can only imagine how you must feel. I had regret right after surgery...and asked myself why I did this to myself while enduring the pain I had initially.

Best wishes and prayers out to all you ladies. I hope I have given you some more insight about my experience as well as answered your questions. Please read Part 2 of my blog for a more detailed account.

Correction- try to stay neutral.

Correction- try to stay neutral.

Hey ladies- it's been fun chatting with everyone,...

Hey ladies- it's been fun chatting with everyone, learning and helping one another. I'm not one for drama and negativity. It seems that RS is full of this these days and I can totally see why a lot of the vets have totally removed themselves altogether. Some people, not all seem to thrive on negativity. It's almost like they sit around and wait for something negative to be said, just to chime in. That is the worst!!!

I will be more than happy to continue answering PM about my progress, but will no longer be updating my blog.

I wish you all the best in your journeys and hope that you find exactly what it is you are looking for. Take care :)

Getting a a lot of requests for pics. These pics...

Getting a a lot of requests for pics. These pics are between 4-5 weeks.
Still have lots of fluid and swelling, especially back and waist area.

Something I read and felt the need to share. ...

Something I read and felt the need to share. Studies have been done and proven to show that liposuction patients who do not exercise regularly and eat healthy tend to regain more visceral fat. Visceral fat is deep abdominal fat that lives around organs. It cannot be removed by liposuction and can be deadly. It has a very negative affect on the body. Please, please, please understand the commitment to a healthy lifestyle after this surgery to not only maintain your results, but maintain good health. The study also showed that those who followed a good healthy regimen and lifestyle did not regain any fat and maintained their results. It's a real commitment, so be honest with yourselves. I have already started my regular diet which I was on prior to gaining weight for surgery. At the two month mark, I plan to start incorporating light exercises as well.

Planning to update again at 3 mos. (5/16). I will...

Planning to update again at 3 mos. (5/16). I will also be doing pics without garment as well. I had not taken any real pics without garment, because even at two months my body is still filled with fluid and I also have occasional swelling. I would rather give you pics that truly represent my body/shape without fluid/swelling present.
Thanks : )

A tip when using the foam on lower back- take one...

A tip when using the foam on lower back- take one piece and cut in half. Use the half and roll it as if it were a piece of paper. Place it against skin inside your garment. Make sure your garment has good, tight compression. This will help move fluid that collects in the lower back/flank area.

Posted some pics at 2 mos. Still wearing garment...

Posted some pics at 2 mos. Still wearing garment 23.5 hours a day. Still getting weekly massages and fluid collection still present.

Current measurements: 36-24-42

Current measurements: 36-24-42

Been wearing my Squeem vest over my faja. I also...

Been wearing my Squeem vest over my faja. I also roll foam up and place on lower back and place foam pieces on each side of waist. Pics posted.

Waist measured at 23.5 inches today.

Waist measured at 23.5 inches today.

Getting ALOT of questions about fajas I have,...

Getting ALOT of questions about fajas I have, board, and foam.

I ordered fajas from (pics posted)
I ordered foam from
I ordered abdominal board from

Hey ladies- just posted some preop pics. Body...

Hey ladies- just posted some preop pics. Body wasn't horrible before, but it certainly does look 150% better now. Yily really did a wonderful job!! I couldn't be more happy with my results.

Btw, there is clearly a difference in my butt...

Btw, there is clearly a difference in my butt before/after which shows that Yily does have successful fat grafting. Maybe not for everyone, but for me, I can definitely say her fat grafting is real. The pics say it all.

Will be posting soon...

Hey ladies- been super busy and haven't had much time to post. I am doing great and will try to respond to PM's, post new pics along with an update tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!!

Three months post op- Dra Yily

Took a few quick pics....

There are some irregularities through the waist area. This is common for this type of surgery. Do not expect perfection. Overall, I am happy with my body, healing well and pretty much back to normal. I may consider a revision just on the waist area. No more fat transfer. I am happy with the shape and size of my butt. As for my waist, one side is slanted and the other has more of a curve, as you can see in the pics. It's not extremely noticeable, but I notice it. Anyway, I will take some better pics soon. Nine of my dresses fit in the waist to how my true shape. I had to find the tightest dress in my closet which still is not tight in the waist, which I have never worn. Final measurements: 34-23-42

Three months post op

Three months post

More pics

Hey ladies- a few more pics. I haven't done any real shopping since surgery, except for buying jeans and sweatsuits. All dresses/skirts are too big in the waist area.

Before photo

New waist cincher by Ann Chery

XXsmall Fajate and XS waist cincher by Ann Chery. My Squeem vet is now too big.

Three and half months post

Hey ladies- hope all is well. Lately I have been wearing my faja during the day or just my waist cincher. I dont sleep in either of them anymore. My waist and lower back still get numb and this is perfectly normal. You should expect to feel slight numbing and even have residual swelling for up to a year after surgery. Other than this, I feel fine. Hear are a couple pics.

3.5 months

Typo * Here are a couple pics

Patience is a virtue

I will say after reading many different journeys, ladies....please be patient. You will not see final results a week, a month, or two months after surgery. It really does take the full 3 months to see your body and its still changing. Even after 6 weeks when you start to notice a good change, its going to get better. Your body will be changing for up to a year after surgery. Three months is just the beginning of when you start to see how your body is truly forming. You will still have numbing/ swelling after three months, so don't think after three months that everything will be completely normal.

Yily- 6.5 month post w/ couple pics

Hey ladies- haven't visited the site in awhile. After three months of posting, I decided that I would not post consistently any longer due to negativity on site. I have received many inbox messages with questions/pic requests. I know how it is to be uncertain about your final decision to move forward with this procedure.

I posted a few pics, but I will only leave them up for a day or so due to image stealing. This is something I chose to do for myself and I wish to keep my identity private.

I am 6.5 months post op now, and I have healed well. I am still getting massages, but only once a month. I have some scar tissue on my abdomen area that I am trying to smooth and correct. It is normal to have some scar tissue after this procedure, so I am fine with this. My massage therapist said that she was very impressed with the liposuction that Yily performed all things considered. She says I do not have much scar tissue which is impressive. I developed a few small burn marks earlier on along my waist area from wearing the Faja everyday. They have since healed and disappeared. All discoloration that developed from wearing Faja has also disappeared. My skin is perfect again.
I still have some numbing and slight sensation at my lower back and waist-sides. This too is normal and I've read it can last up to a year. Since I have started exercising and eating a healthier diet again, I've lost a little weight mostly in my thighs and hips. These were areas where I gained the most prior to surgery during my attempt to gain more weight.

Overall, I am doing great and feeling great. I have a few pics to post. It's hard for me to take direct pics from the rear due to how my full length mirror is positioned. I will try to post a better one tomorrow. In the meantime, the one I've posted here has been cropped and zoomed in. The frontal pic I took directly in front of my bathroom mirror which isn't full length, but is very clear. I will also try to post a side pic tomorrow as well. I don't feel like getting up right now :( sorry. The pics I am posting now were taken at the 6 month mark.

More pics at 6.5 months post

I took some pics in a few dresses from several angles. No dress I've tried on since post op has fit my waist area (even new dresses). Everything is bunched up in the waist. I literally had to pull it tight in that area to show true shape. Pics will be up for a day. Thanks

Another pic in leggings

Pic from rear

Better pic from rear angle

Got hubby to take pic from rear angle.

Love the curve...

Love the curve in my back. I didn't have that before. It just went straight down. Now, I can't find any thing that really hugs my waistline anymore. Everything is too big through the waist area.

Suffering from booty greed

I will admit. The more and more that time passes, I slowly start to feel booty greed creeping upon me. I feel like I want a bit more fat towards the top. Idk....stay tuned :)

Photo at 3.5 months post

Another pic

Skin is almost completely normal. Here is a closer photo in natural light.

Faja Burns

Ladies- it is extremely important to protect your skin from Faja burns just as it is to wear your Faja everyday. Wearing your Faja everyday can cause irritation/burns to your skin, especially during the earlier stage of post-op. The skin is extremely raw and sensitive during this time. Even wearing foam can only prevent it so much. Compression is super important, but you also have to know when you're becoming increasingly uncomfortably from your Faja. Your Faja should not hurt you at all while wearing it. It should be snug without creasing, but should still be comfortable. When you first put it on right after surgery, it will be a bit uncomfortable, but after awhile your body will adjust to it. It should feel almost like a second skin. Do not wear your Faja so much where it starts to irritate you. If you feel irritation in any areas, be sure to keep those areas clean, dry and protected from irritation with the use of foam, pads, chux, etc. You should also hand wash your faja every few days as well. The areas most prone to burns are waist area, mid/lower back. Lipo can cause temporary discoloration of skin as well. Be sure to use good creams such as Shea butter, aloe, coconut oil/butter, etc., to help with restoring skin's natural clarity and color.

Abdominal liposuction??

Hey ladies!! I have never really gave my final conclusion of my surgery. I am approaching 7 mos. of post op. As you know, I am pleased overall with my improved shape. It is much better than it was prior.

Now, what I am not happy with is my abdomen. As it is hard to see in pics, I have developed many irregularities in my abdomen area that wasn't there before surgery. This is normal for liposuction, but the skill of your surgeon will determine how bad the lumps can possibly be. The lumps come from uneven fat removal from a cannula. In other words, doctors can miss, take too much in one area, or leave behind small pieces of fat due to no direct vision of fat uniformity underneath skin. From what Ive read, laser assisted lipo can help to prevent this from happening during initial liposuction treatment or correct these irregularities performed previously through traditional liposuction.

To be honest, I do not feel comfortable showing my stomach at this point. It looks ugly to me, and also makes me have some slight regrets about the surgery altogether. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from pursuing their dream body, but just be prepared to deal with the good and bad aspects of the surgery.

Does anyone know the name...

I am trying to find the name of the DR recovery house that is really nice and situated on the beach? A dries was telling me about it, but couldn't think of the name. Thanks


Correct: Dries= friend

7 mos. post op- new pic

Few more pics

Be careful. Certain angles can make you appear to have more projection than appears. I posted several different shots. I have lost some weight, therefore my butt has gotten smaller. With that said, I don't recommend gaining for surgery, unless you plan to maintain it.

More pics

Fold in my stomach

Here is what I am talking about ladies with regards to the look of my stomach when tightened. Now I have other areas that I know were from the lipo, but this line I believe came from over-compression.

Pics of stomach

Here are some images of my stomach. It's very hard to catch the lumps in regular light, but in natural sunlight they are highly visible.

New pics at 8.5 months post op

I try to wear the same dress each time I photograph just to compare from the last time I posted.

Lumps on abdomen

Hey ladies- just wanted to do a quick update on the contour deformities that formed on my stomach after about 6 mos. post. I went to a lipo specialist and had him look at my abdomen and check all the lumps and bumps that were on my abdomen. Turns out, it's just uneven fat suctioning just as I thought. Those lumps are fat that was left behind and. To suctioned evenly. Great news is it can be corrected. I probably won't be going back to Yily for the correction, but overall I am still happy with my surgery.

More lumps.....

In addition, there are contour deformities on sides and back as well per the lipo specialist, so that was also recommended to be corrected as well.

Almost one year post op-BBL w/ Yily

Hello ladies- I haven't updated in awhile. It's been almost one year since my BBL with Yily. I am in the process of gearing up for round 2. The reason I am going back is because after lipo, I discovered many areas of fat were missed and I was left with uneven contour on my abdomen and back. I verified this with two doctors. I tried to contact Yily to have these areas fixed, but since I never received a response from her, I have moved on. This is probably best. Anyway, I will be doing another review on my round 2. Here are some pics. It's difficult to see the uneven contour in pics, but trust me it's there. This is my final/last post on experience with Yily. I think her fat grafting is good, shaping is excellent overall, and lipo is average. Expect some asymmetry with BBL surgery. It's perfectly normal.

Clear pic

Better pic

Thank you

Hi ladies...all my pics have been taken down for good. I will not be posting anymore to this blog. I am starting my round two page after I complete it. Thanks for all your support :)

Few recent messages from members

Hey ladies- if u have read before, I am not posting anymore pics. Thank you for reading my blog. I will say this in terms of aggressive abdominal lipo...if you plan to have aggressive lipo on your abdomen, there is a good chance your stomach will have an uneven appearance. Depending on your body and how you heal, some will have better results than others. I have since had additional lipo on my abdomen with Dr. Hector Cabral and it has improved some, but is not completely corrected. My waist and overall body symmetry is much more even now after my second surgery. I had more scar tissue than originally thought from the first liposuction with Yily. If I had it to do all over, even though my stomach wasn't large... I would've gotten a tuck just to avoid lipo on my belly altogether. I wish all of you the best on your surgeries and be sure to conduct as much research as you can on doctors, procedures and the potential outcome- good/bad.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Yily is great at sculpting!! She gave me what I asked for, I paid her all the money I was suppose to pay her, and had zero complications directly after surgery. As long as you are realistic, do not expect perfection, and know what to expect based on your actual weight vs ideal weight, you should be happy with your results. I do recommend that if you gain weight for surgery, you should maintain the amount of weight you gained after surgery. I developed some contour deformities on my abdomen from the liposuction, but this is normal. I posted a question in the 'Ask a Doctor ' forum to see what other docs thought about the deformities. Please check it out. Some of the deformities can't be captured well on camera. Please be mindful when selecting surgeons who perform liposuction. It's a technique that everyone isn't great at, but can offer it. Overall, I think Yily is good plastic surgeon.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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