I had sx on the 23rd not 20th. So far so good, will post vlogs later & talk about the BFHs-Bitch/Buddy from Hell

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Hello, My name is Mimi and just like everyone on...


My name is Mimi and just like everyone on this site I am a PS virgin or for any kind of surgery in general. Never had kids or any form of serious illness in life before. I am currently 23, 5'3 and a half so approximately 5'4 lol. I am a college graduate and I have considered doing a PS surgery for the past two years but school, part time jobs and limited funds slapped me silly so I had to back off.

Now I'm ready and have made up my mind to bitch slap my amoeba-like body into the curves I had as a teen. I miss going out like my other mates because I'm so self-conscious and feel out of shape with my mates. So last year, I went around gathering some quotes, some okay and some not so okay but at the end of the day I changed my mind because of my funds and I was due for graduation from college *yayy me*.

So now I'm psyched and ready to go like a girl who just took five bottles of red bull. Now my final decision is still between Yily and Duran but I am 80% sure I'm going with Duran. Her work falls in line with what I want done.

Looking for Dec 2013 buddy

I'm a very very resourceful person (duhh I'm African). So I'm looking for a buddy who's going on Dec. 19th as well. I have found a hotel already...so we'll split the cost and a personal asst for $40.00/day...


Okay so I've found a buddy. HersheyPooh & I are having sx on the same day & leaving on the same day ^_^

Okay now getting my deposit to her & buying my tickets before they skyrocket. Already bought my vitamins & taking them already. I'm buying my supplies last cos black friday is mad cheap & God know how I am 'wise' when it comes to spending.

This is so sad

Duran is very limited with communication. I got her to agree to do my sx for 5k. I have almost half the money and I'm praying I get the other half soon. On the other hand, bello's quote is on point but I've heard some stories abt her so idk now...

This can't be life...

BTW I got duran to do my whole surgery for 5k instead of 5,500 lolz I didn't even know that she was capable of bargaining but heck glad I was lucky/blessed. I've half my money. My target date to have my full money is by NOV when my dad pays me (lolz he owes me hehe). Now I'm focusing on the other half, getting money for my RH, supplies and flight money #sighs *I need a rich friend mehn* no bf, no borri to luff and spend money on me (this can't be LIFE) lolz I'm such a drama queen btw. OKAY I'M BACK ONNNN..... who will be my buddy for the 20th? You'll be taking the load off my back and chilling with the sweetest person on earthhh especially since I won't be able to be cranky when I'm in pain... so who's with me? Anyone? anyyyyyyyonneeee? no? no? oh come onnnnnn #OkayImDone

Back to reality, I started purchasing some of my items today (I'm not packing much) shiu it's just ten days... taking the essentials and keeping it moving. Any more items needed, will be purchased at a store there. Heck I'll need the exercise with moving around so I'll use that as an opportunity. I found an RH that was recommended by a nurse in DR so I'm looking for a buddy to split the price ($70.00/day) with everything included and she promised me personalized attention (cha-ching). Pleaseeee hit me upppppp if interested in buddying up ^_^ Thank You!!

Final decision

Duran is mad rude mehn she cursed me out because I asked her for a revised quote....therefore with that being said idc how "nice" they claim she is or what not besides with all the bad reviews lately, I'll pass. I'm going with Bello. I am sending my deposit this week (Friday) and with the all inclusive quote, it seems like a win win for me. She is responsive so far, good quote and I'll have my blood work done in order to cover everything before I leave in DEC. I'm getting excessive lipo, BBL and BL so that below is my dream bodd

Shrrieekkksss *ahhhhhhh* I'm slightly here, slightly there already

Okay *phew* It's been a roller coaster since my last post... no body going around the time I am so I guess I'll be going alone. I am purchasing my ticket tomorrow... I already took time off work for one week. in December. I am sooo excited but slightly nervous... this is all that's running through my mind. I think I need a temp job to save up. I currently have half my funds saved, *crossing fingers* praying my dad can give me the money I gave to hold for me incase I needed it and now I NEED IT lolz he doesn't know what for though :D

I still pray to God to financially see me through this sx because I really need it. Only person that know about this is my close friend and thank God he's never judged me. If I didn't put him in the friend zone & wasn't a virgin, he would get it for always sticking by me lolz. Well, a lil inspiration for myself... tty soon RS :)

Found my RH and bought another flight

Okay dolls, I don't know if you've stalked this page well enough to read some Duran's vets reviews. Since I decided to go with her, I watched a video from Geemmy's page on RS and she posted the info of her nurse that she used (Nurse Zara) and I contacted her. She doesn't speak English well so I translate mostly to spanish for her with my google translate app on my phone. She is charging me $70.00/day for food, personalized care, transportation and $25.00/session for lymphatic massages. She is really sweet too. So I have decided to go with her and since I am staying for eight days from the 20th to the 28th, I am not getting all my massages for those 8 days (I wanted to) but she told me that the doctors recommend starting massages two to three days after surgery. Therefore I'll be getting 4/5 massages. Which is fine with me. All I am now focusing on now is just making sure I have my complete money for sx and I'm ready to shout happy new year (probably in pain) but in the sexiest outfit ever. So I was in several fb groups (Jesus now I remember why I don't even keep my female friends closer than arms length). Y'all CRAZY! Starlets, Cabral's private group, the only one close to being normal is the Dominican show girls and even with that, there are some that I just feel need to have a life forreal. I don't get all these internet thugging/snub lifestyle. If they saw me in person, intimidation would probably get the best of them.These girls remind me of those cliques in high school that end up looking as stupid as the nerd in the yearbook. As I was saying, these girls are crazy. I have already detected some of em adding me with fake names & all. I don't gerrit. It can't be that hard to have a mind of your own forreal. Anywho, my RH is obviously a new one (I asked Zara to send me some pictures) because I haven't seen/heard about it before. It looks nice though. I can't wait and I am paying her upfront when I see her and not sending any deposit before that. She did promise despite that, the driver will be at the airport waiting for me.

Oh my flight

I didn't even mention this... so my original sx date is on the 20th of Dec and I thought I could have it moved to the 17th of dec because flights were cheaper but I booked with a stupid company and the rude bitch on the phone kept hanging up on me for over an hour after I called. Because of this, I decided to contact my bank and file a dispute. They'll sort it out with them and I got a refund and booked another flight ASAP before the flight goes anymore higher by the hour. Glad my flight is booked for the 19th. I am leaving that morning, I'll try to have my bloodwork done in a few weeks when I register for health insurance with my job (open enrollment time). Also *yayy* I am taking my GRE for grad school, I want to start my grad with a bang baby. DMV wait-UP!!! A phoenix is in the building :) #OkayImDone #TTYLBoos!!

More EyeCandy/Laughs

After this

Let me just say after sx I'm deleting my account.... or keeping it for three months then I'm out. I'm glad it's been a source of info so far, but this is not me real life lol. I don't do drama and the B.S. in btwn

Supplies/Tourist Card

Hi dolls, I have a question for you soon to be and ex PS dolls. Have you ever purchased your tourist card online? I did mine through a website and received the number to present at the airport, I don't know how valid it is. It was for $10.00 i.e. it's an e-tourism card. I don't want to end up being blind-sided at the airport or something so I need to find out if this is real or not. This is the website I got it from: http://www.dgii.gov.do/tarjetaTuristica/EN/about/Paginas/default.aspx
I am going to call this monday to confirm the authentication of it.
I got most of my supplies and I haven't gotten other things like my maxi dress, comfy shoes, wet wipes, ensure, compression socks, blankets (heating), wife beaters, boppy pillow and sweat pants. I will get the rest of my items during the black friday sale. I got my prior items from the dollar store so I'm not really worried about spending much of my money. As for my medications, I got them from whole foods (mad cheap compared to ordering them online). Also, if I'm missing any more meds I'll get the rest then during the black friday sale. I am also trying to update my wardrobe for post sx as my wardrobe now sucks major balls. I can't wait so that I can end the year with a bang and begin with fashion as my major in everyday life. Juicing is the next best thing I've ever heard of. Omg If you have constipation with your meds, start juicing. It's like a natural laxative for my constipation and I don't take meds anymore in order to do the number 2 (tmi I know lolz) but it's just awesome. Lemme know how it works for you. I haven't done my blood work yet. I'm getting it done in December and I hope everything will be in check by then for my sx. So I'll see you guys in a few :) Have a good weekend!!

Everything can change

ARRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Okay so I just found a buddy *Godsent* omg like forreal though she's awesome (thick190 please read her review). Idk how she found me lol, she's awesome and now I'm switching from staying at the hotel I planned on staying in to Yasmin's with her. For the both of us it'll be $45.00/day. I was having second thoughts but she just motivated me & now I can't wait for my sx & to meet my buddy. I'm still waiting for black friday lol, the cheaper the better mayne. I'm getting the rest of my supplies then. P.S. I caught an awesome sale of boppy pillow in a grocery store for $10.00 today. I just couldn't let it pass me by. God must love me to bring all these good fortune my way. TTYL boos!! I'm stalking fb w/ my buddy lol, we're waiting to talk to Yasmin.

#KeepCalmItsMyBirthday #ScorpioLand #Blessed #Loved #Excited & Everything In between. No fool can steal my joy!!


With that being said, I have thirty days left for my sx. This is my bday present and pre-fashion breakout. Gawdd nobody knows how badd I want this sx. I'm getting a new wardrobe, new lifestyle, beginning grad school, partying all night till the sun comes up and (I got an awesome score on my GRE w/o reading) #SighsGodisGood. I can't wait! Everyday I bite my fingers knowing that I'm a day closer to my new bod. I refused to update any of my profile pics with new ones but my past pics (recycling) because when I'm ready to start posting new pics, I want everyone to salute me because of my bod. Wardrobe update, DEFINITELY CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE. I still haven't gotten the rest of my items yet. So by next week I should have everything. I'm getting my hair done this weekend coming up, lashes but definitely not nails because I'll be washing/cleaning and I definitely do not need acrylics getting in the way but I'll probably get a mani/pedi when I get to DR. It's like $2.00 over there. My sx buddy's so nervous it's cute lol. I keep telling her to calm down else I'll end up getting nervous too. Both of us can't go off being nervous and stuff right? lol. My friend will be dropping me off and I'm glad he'll be the one to wish me well because I don't need any criticisms just someone to tell me it'll be well and I'll come out looking sexier lol. Oooooookay I'm done now.. idk how people can be carrying three five suitcases. All my necessities fits into one carry on and main suitcase. Btw idk how I got so luck omg I got first class on my going trip but I wish I could switch it to when I'm coming back because there will be more discomfort then but I can't :( but I'm still glad for the first class. Who wouldn't? Shiu it's first class lol I'm happy *doing the electric slide*. I just realized that I'm spending my xmas in DR. Well, this should be interesting ;)


Light stuffs from the dollar store mostly apart from Hibiclens which I got from Amazon

I never question God. He KNOWS Best!

Okay I have good news and not so good news. My buddy (again) might not be able to make it (chewing on nails and praying she does come). Well, the good news is I FINALLY HAVE ALLLLLLLLL MY MONAAYYYY AND MOREEEEEEEE ARGHHHH I CANNOT WAIT!! Now all I have to do is get my faja, creams, medications, corsets, squeems and some dresses. I can't let this sexy bod go to waste ;) omsheesh I'm not even bod-ready and the men are already flocking. Well, few more weeks won't hurt eh? After sx I will use only nivea skin tightening lotion to keep my skin tight after sx but I think after the aggressive lipo it will be but it will be to maintain it.

So I will start shopping next week Friday and get the rest of my items on the 5th of Dec. I have already scheduled to see my dr here in the states to do my annual check up and blood work. I will let her know that I just want to confirm my iron levels. My insurance kicks in Dec. 1st so I can't wait. I'm getting my eye glasses, contacts, ob/gyn, seeing a dermatologist and scheduling to see a dentist (all before sx which is the main event).


I am blown right now. Thanksgiving is around the corner, sx is in a few weeks and I am supposed to stay on a diet? How in the world is that possible? I am rolling right now because this will be the first thanksgiving I am probably going to be strict with what I eat lol. More veggies little to no skin of the turkey IF I decide to eat turkey (because it has more fat that the actual turkey itself) and eat just few slices of it.. sighs this is a girl's worst nightmare with her sx around the corner. Well, on the other hand WHOOOOOOPPP WHOOOOOPPPP I bought all my supplies already (lmfao I know I said I was gonna wait till this Friday but whelps) the things I saw when I went to the flea market this past weekend was too IMPOSSIBLE to resist shopping for. I ordered some lipo foams, bought maxi dresses (I have some to use along with that too) for 20 bucks, I bought two compression socks, canned pineapples, ensures, some thermal wears in case I'm cold at CIPLA, heating blanket as well, skin firming lotion (this will help rebuild the skin once you're able to take showers and rub some lotion, start using this) and some other items I KNOW I've forgotten atm. I bought only the essentials. I already know I don't like rolling heavies going or coming so I'm not packing much. I'm just staying for 7 days and 6 nights. This I can say: things that I am left to buy are flip flops, comfy shoes, faja, and one squeem all one size smaller than my clothe size now because I am getting aggressive lipo so I KNOW i must be one size less than a medium which is what I wear with most of my clothes now. I will order a small (adjustable corset or squeem and one small faja) as back up when mine's being washed.

Anywhooo, I am always thankful to God everyday of my life so thanksgiving is shelved for me atm. All I'm looking forward to is Dec 18th when I drive to bmore to spend the night with my friend and he'll drop me off in the morning at the airport and pick me up when I get back #lovehim lol. Happy thanksgiving even though everyday is a day to say thank you God #TTYSoonLoves

Blood Work

Oh I forgot, my insurance kicks in December 1st but I know my lil bain kicked into effect weeks before that and started making all the medical appointments necessary so next week I see a new PCP, get some lab work done, get some dental and vision checked. I pray everything comes out CLEAR that's my main goal I realllllllyyy pray it does.

21 Days left: Pics added #Psyched ^_^

Pics of me & wish pics

So I'm done buying all my supplies

Time for FAJA , Flip flops, comfy shoes and I'm OUT!!!!

#Sighs Just what I was trying to avoid.... DRAMA

So In my earlier post I stated that my buddy (second time again) text me and said she might not be able to make it because of school (which is cool because I was having that problem as a senior that's why I waited till after grad) Nothing was coming between me and that degree and I owe it all to God. Then I updated my RS stating that I am looking for a backup buddy incase mine changes her mind. Of course, God blesses me with a wonderful sister via RS. She hits me up and I get to know a little about her. She's leaving London to come to the states to see her friends then leaving from here to DR for sx same as me. I had inboxed my previous buddy explaining to her that a third girl's interested in joining. I have less that 20 days left to organize everything. We were down with staying at Yasmin's and we had divided up our budget/expenses in such a way that I knew what I was coming with so it's still like 2 weeks away and my previous buddy still hasn't made up her mind. I'm here thinking how hard can it be to go to your major department in school and schedule to meet with an adviser and find this out? Also, I understand that this is exams period so finding this out (the sooner the better) so you can focus on reading for school. So I added the new potential buddy on fb and explained to her that we were scheduled to stay at Yasmin's if my buddy's still coming, she can still come as a single occupant and we can still keep in touch. She was still willing to do that because she's never been through this before and neither has any of us. Even if I was walking down the hall and I stopped by to say hello I don't think she would object to that, infact she will be grateful as no one knows anyone there (I would anyway). So I added her to the group (inbox group discussion on fb) to talk to my buddy and Yasmin so she can discuss payment and her stay as well. My other buddy (the one in school) just went off on her asking her who invited her in here, what made her chose that room and what not. The new girl totally did not expect that and stated that she begged to be with us as she doesn't know much abt this and would need all the support that she can get. She didn't go much further but deleted herself from the group to avoid conflict. I was at work then and when I had looked at my phone my eyes just bulged out. I told the old buddy that I was the one that added her and she still wanted to communicate with Yasmin either way (if the buddy in school was coming or not) *I hope I haven't lost you yet my dear RS sisters* so that's why I added her to discuss payments & stuff with Yasmin and pls she should be nice to her and I added the new buddy back. Okay well so far, my old buddy's still saying she'll find out. Idk anymore (I said to her how's it possible that you haven't found out yet? You haven't even bought your supplies) she replies that she can buy it in one day (is that even possible?) ordering faja, some meds would need doctor's prescription, some items like lipofoam will need to be ordered online & so forth. Mind you she hasn't bought any items yet and she says she's been taking her vitamins (which I had to persuade her to) but none of her supplies. I asked her on Friday if she had any update on school? (no reply) at this point I'm irritated. The new girl was waiting on her reply before she decided to pay for her room and I felt kinda responsible because we have few weeks left. Now she saw the message I sent to her and didn't reply (she saw it cos fb shows you who's received a message & seen it) and after like 20 mins I just sent a message through the group chat that I'll just room with the new girl since she's still unsure and referenced Yasmin to make that happen and if she ever decides to come. Yasmin decided to give all of us discount at a rate and put I and the girl who is SURE to come in a double occupancy room and the buddy in school in a single occupancy by herself IF she decides to come.

Next thing I know, I received messages through the inbox of someone typing some letters in caps (as if she's yelling at me) that how dare I give her room away without her permission? I should have text her and so on and so forth that she's never on fb so she doesn't know *sighs* I'm thinking I know you saw that message I sent to you a few minutes ago asking for update so that part isn't true & she puts that I'm tripping. Yasmin responds there's no need for that, I'll give you all at the same rate and youc an still come if you want to (para phrasing). I replied thanks Yasmin I'll stay with the new buddy in the double room. The other buddy replies, what is it about rooming together I don't get it (or something like that). I'm thinking then why are you yelling at me if it isn't a big deal? After this, I posted on fb that I'm stressing out really bad and I need to see a doctor abt it as I am seeing some weird signs with my body. She replies and deletes her comment immediately before I could reply *sighs*

Later that evening, she texts me that there's tension in the inbox. I replied to her that I don't like trouble AT ALL (unless you poke me with it and you will get slapped) and that all her replies were not necessary. She's still telling me my behavior is unnecessary that I wouldv'e text her (mind you I've tried that before and didn't get a reply till a day later or so) I gave up after that.... it was thanksgiving. I text her it's 12 days left, she still hasn't made up her mind and now she's coming to say I gave up her spot.... I still don't get it. You haven't decided if you're coming or not. Supplies clearly cannot be bought all in one day and it is UNFAIR to have two people sitting on nails just waiting to see if you're going to come or not. So what if last minute you can't make it? I would have to pay full price, the other girl will be stranded and still not put a deposit down for a room. I told her I apologize (still don't know what I did that for now because I didn't do anything wrong) but I can't deal with any of that drama period.

On a lighter note, I have a week and three days left i.e. 10 days. I had my blood work and physical done this past week, everything came back crystal clear. Still taking meds, and my hemo was a 13. I am happy with my choice, I pray to God I come back safe and sound. I tried posting my pics the other day and it didn't upload. Lol I don't think RS likes me that much eh? I'm happy for my new buddy and the potential (making up her mind) buddy. Every good and bad experience along this is always a learning process for me alone. I hope to gain my confidence back and get into the dating scene. I will update later dolls, lemme go finish juicing my beets for the next few days before departure lol

Anywhoo...Countdown begins 9 days to go ;-)

This week is already over to me. I am officially moving, my baby's graduating *sniffs* I love graduations :-) and I'm getting my new body. Sooooo I'm times ten stressed. I bought some stress gum the other day & I think I'll start popping one in because it's like ..... okay whatever.
Oh I just discovered (i'll have to put this on my calendar). I need to start using the anti-bacterial soap three days prior to my arrival at DR. So from the 17th of Dec. w/o sponge because that could harbor germs. Then I know I'm staying over at my friend's place so I've to cease eating like around 4pm on the 18th as I'll have to do bloodwork on the 19th around that same time. I'm flying first class going so I guess all thay good food I'll be getting will probably go to waste :-( (that sucks) oh well the price of beauty eh? Lol lemme stop now.

Countdown 5...4....3....2.... Happy New Bodddyyyyyyyy

Yayy in little to time, same day next week I'll be in semi-pains no complications in the DR trying to get my sexy on from my sweetheart Dr. Duran. I got everything for now.... it's time to just chew on nails until I am out of sx safe and sound. Thanks to all who've encouraged me so far. I don't know you but God bless you!!

Two days Left... work's overload but I'll still meet it when I return

So I am going through two transformations right now. I have to come with my laptop as I have a lot of things to do with it & all. I really need this break. Minus my sx, I just plan everyday to take a walk out in the neighborhood, get some fresh air, clear my mind and soak up the sun. The Caribbean reminds me soo much of L'Afrique and I miss Africa, so since I won't be there this holidays, I'm glad I'll be there in an environment that reminds me soo much of it. Who knows? I might find some delicacy that brings back memories *day dreams* All I'll be missing will be music.... oh wait, I have that too ;) well let the games begins.

OH FYI, I know I am not really detailed with most of my blogs but hey! Most blogs are detailed enough, I really don't know how much anyone would want me to add or subtract so far. Please if you have any questions, inbox me or write them below. I have tried to answer based on my knowledge but I'm a curious person so hmu and I'll do the research for you if you need help with anything. Based on everything I have so far, this is my ultimate wish pic. The lady in the picture is a duran doll and this is what I would like to come off like and notice it at least a week po-op (I'm always putting myself and people around me out there with my expectations but ....) yeah. Thanks for those who genuinely wished me safe jorney & sx. Love you!!! :*


Day one post op. I had sx yesterday and not on 20th, will update when I feel a little bit better

I will post a full review. I just returned from CIPLA an hour ago so I need to recover. I will post the vid later, I hate video editing so... we'll see.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Sighs... still back to my cutie... can't wait!!

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