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Ok So I am very stuck right now between Dr. Dra...

Ok So I am very stuck right now between Dr. Dra Duran and Dr Baez I am still unsure but love the work of both even though Baez does not have as many pictures....she is very responsive and answers all your questions in great detail. I am looking for someone to go with for end of February or march I have not secured that date it is just an estimate.

Its finally time I am exactly 20 days away !!!

You would not believe how time flys and to think 1 year ago I discovered this site and the amazing women who have under gone life changing transformations. Six months ago I made the final decision to go to Dr. Duran and have not thought twice about it since, I am in her group on facebook with other wonderful women who have gone through the experience and were able to share and update us soon to be duran dolls :) I must say through this whole experience you go through quite the changes physically, emotionally and mentally to prepare for this big change. I go to bed every night browsing the forum's and anticipating what it will be like when its my turn and I can't say enough the excitment if out of this world. So now that I am 20 days away I will give a break down as to my prep for surgery:

1. Six months prior- Have a rough but fairly clear idea of who your surgeon will be contact past patients and get a good understanding of how this doctor operates and outcomes the good the bad and hopefully not the ugly. Also create a budget for yourself know how much you will put away monthly in order to pay for sx ***Remember its not only cost of surgery but also afterwords....
- post surgical garment
- will you need care afterwords I am staying at a real recovery house (yasmins - found on airbnb) to be exact where they provide a room with wifi support and help three prepared meals taxi to and from airport and all Cipla visits
- cost of massages afterwords (lymphatic) drainage massages to help alleviate fluid retention in DR these cost 25-45 depending on the masseuese and where you stay also back in US or Canada these are much much more expensive so just to keep in mind

2. Three months prior- start organizing yourself and find out what you need to bring while you are in DR as far as supplies you will see all over the place many many lists of supplies and this being your first time away for sx you will definatly over pack and over spend bring only what you will absolutley need !!! SOOO many dolls expressed to me that you do not need everything and just need the essentials for after care and maintenance of your wounds (mostly sanitation and cleansing/wipes)

Example of Supply List Below

Iron pills
Sleeping Aid
Pain pills
Muscle relaxers
Shea Butter/Lotion
Hair Clip/Hair tie
Hair Scarf
Razor/hair remover
Baby wipes
Pads & Pantyliners
Antibacterial soap body
Antibacterial spray (wounds)
Antibacterial wipes
Band aids
Safety Pins (for drains)
Lanyard (for drains)
Drain pouch (fanny pack)
*Ice Packs hot/cold pack
*Gatorade packs
*Protien powder
*Granola Bars/Light snacks (jello, applesauce)
*Emergen C
*Dish detergent
*Laundry detergent
*Eating utensils/tupperware
*Water bottle/shake mixer

Cute Comfy Clothes (your choice)
Open front Pjs/duster/robe
Arm sleeves
Compression Garment
Compression stockings
Foam cut into a triangle
Socks (2)
Shower shoes
Boppy pillow
*Body pillows

Also at this point it would be helpful to find a surgery buddy if you are going alone because mentally it will be difficult to not only get used to recovery but being in a different country and for some of us having the language barrier. FYI Duran speaks fairly good english !!!

**** IMPORTANT ****

Duran is in high demand and does get booked up very fast so to be on the safe side book at minimum 3-4 months atleast ahead of time and send your deposit she will not confirm a date without a deposit also beware she gets a million emails a day and does take a while to get ahold of her so please please be patient. Her info is posted below :)

Contact :
the International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) | 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
telephone (s): (809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212, you can also send an email:

Also information for wiring your deposit to her again some of this info might change this is what I am sharing with you that I have received !!!

Capital One & Citibank

Banco de reservas República Dominicana.

200 02 092 000588 4

Agustina Hilario Duran


ABA 021000089

Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez

Dra Durans address: 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Banco de reservas República Dominicana.

200 02 092 000588 4

Agustina Hilario Duran


ABA 021000089

Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez

Dra Duran’s Bank Address: 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Wells Fargo

Banco de reservas República Dominicana.

200 02 092 000588 4

Agustina Hilario Duran


ABA 021000089

Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez

Dra Duran’s Bank Address: 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Banco de reservas República Dominicana.

200 02 092 000588 4

Agustina Hilario Duran


ABA 021000089

Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez

Dra Duran’s Bank Address: 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Once this is all secure you can finally relax (well not really) but try to and slowly start packing and getting organized. Remember to give yourself time if you need to update or get your passport a minimum of a month I believe it is unless you wanna pay approx $100 for expedited service...I know I dont.

One month Prior- This is when it starts to get more exciting I actually got a count down app on my phone and was counting down from about 4 months prior to sx just out of excitment lol :)

Post Op Medicines

This is the list I received most family doctors won't give you meds before you leave because once they find out your having surgery in DR they will give you a long list of reasons of why not to go....

For all medication is 250$USD

HEPARINE 40 MG: to prevent the thromboembolism-get it there
CLAVULIN 1GR: antibiotic-perscription
DICLOFENAC 50MG for the pain-perscription
OMEPRAZOL 20 MG is a gastric protector-perscription
TROMBOCIL CREAM: relief of superficial haematomas-over the counterDose of medicationIf you want to buy the medication in your country
HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days
CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days
DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days
OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days
VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.
THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.

We recomend you to stay in the country for 2 weeks. If you can't stay that long, you must stay at least for 10 or 8 days minimum.

Scheduling a date and the deposit

When you decide to have the surgery you need to say to me the exact date you want to have

surgery. And once the date has been set and you’ve booked your flight you have to send me your flight information and a deposit of 500$ US (it can be more but no less than 200USD$)

Choose any day you want (you don’t need to ask me if it’s available or not), I will write down

your dates but only lock the date to people who have sent me the deposit.

If you send your deposit and then decide to cancel you will have a discount of 50$USD. Since send an email with photos and ask about prices, it becomes a consultation, virtual, but it is a consultation. And my time and my team's time is valuable.

Once you’ve sent the deposit you need to send me in an email your confirmation.

We're doing this because we want to be sure that the patients will come to have surgery.

Some of them confirm their dates and we wait for them but they never come.

Before surgery

- It is VERY important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Also i

recomend you to see a cardiologist few days before coming.

-You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.

-Stop smoking

-Stop taking drugs

-You should have a doctor or nurse that able to drain your liquids when you get back to your


-Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

-You should have the tests done there to be sure that you can have surgery. The tests are:

Creatinine, glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography

-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.

-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) To have the

admission done.

After surgery:

I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery.

You should bring loose clothes and maternity pads.

You will stay 1 night in the clinic and it’s included in the quote.

You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes without it.

Transportation to the clinic

-If you stay at Jacqueline’s she will pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic.

-If you want my driver to pick you from the airport is 70$USD (the round-trip transportation)

-If you want to go to the clinic by yourself , the address is:

Av. Pedro Henriquez Urena 137 between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Tiradentes. Suite 208


I only accept cash. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, check orders or checks.

You can pay me with US dollar or with Dominican pesos.


I usually use continuous epidural block.

Some patients want general anesthesia but it is subjected to the anesthesiologist and I trust in him. He knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.


The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas

And it’s located on Av. Las Americas.

Code: SDQ

Things you have to know:

The procedures separately are more expensive than if they're done together.

The insurance is 250$USD

The garment I use is distributed by FAJATE.

Things you should do:

You should wait 3-7 days for a response because I’m getting 85-95 emails per day and I have to do surgeries, attend meetings and I also work in others institutions.

Please just send me one message with that I mean that you can email me a lot of times but it’s better if you do in the same message so I don’t have to click on ‘’filter messages like these’’.

Please don’t send me messages from 2 or more different emails because I can’t filter them and it’s difficult to know who I am writing to.

I need you to be sure before sending the deposit and please confirm your date 2 days before the surgery.

The day of surgery

You have to fast the day of surgery so don't eat or drink anything but water.

You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the surgery. One of my assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.


I place the implants under the muscle.

The stitches for the breasts are absorbable so you don’t need to cut them.

I honestly don't like to transfer fat to breast because of the issue of breast cancer.

Tummy tuck

The inches of your waist will depend on your diastasis and the separation of your muscles so I

can't tell you how many inches I could take take off of your waist. This will be determinated in the surgery.

The tummy tuck scar/incision is 4cm from the pubic line.

I use disolving stiches.

You can have a tummy tuck and get pregnant after 1 year.


I inject the fat in all direction as long as It doesn't compress the sciatic nerve.

The fat injected in the buttock will depend on how much fat your butt can resist and your hips

size. I can't determinate before the surgery how much I will fat graft to you.

After having the BBL done you can sit on your butt. And you will sleep on your back.

If It is injected so much fat in the butt it can necroses or form abscesses, but it only happens if

the patient don't have care after the surgery.

Most of the butts in the wish pics that some of my patients send me are made of PMMA and I don’t use that. I just do fat graft and the fat injected in the buttock will depend on how much fat your butt can resist and your hips size. I always try to do my best but we have to be aware that there are limits injecting fat. I'll reduce your abdomen the more I can and transfer the most amount of fat I can.

These suggestions are based on each person.

-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.

-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) to have the admission done.

-You have to be in the clinic at 7:00 am

-You can’t eat from 10 pm the day before the surgery.

-You need to make sure you have the money for the surgery complete in cash, because if not you won't get in the surgery room. I'm saying this to everybody because there have been some inconvenients with people that pretend to have surgery without having the money complete and make one million things to leave without paying.

In case you need a blood transfusion after surgery, it would be 250$USD

Lastly it always helps to take before and after pictures to be able to look back through your journey and see how far you have come be realistic with your expectation the doctors will do their best but can only do so much given the body that you have. It does help to bring wish pics but remember not everyone is built the same and just express your main concerns :) Good luck future dolls and I am sooo excited to see everyones transformations xoxoxo

Wish Pictures

Hello....So some sad news my sx buddy bailed on me after almost 6 months of planning and im 17 days away even bought double's of certain things for both of us....cant stand when people dont follow :(

On the bright side I am only 17 days away from surgery and getting a little bit more scared as I feel im probably going solo so a new set of emotions are falling into place I am sure everything will be fine and I will troop it out 2014 summer bikini here i come !!!

Upload my body currently 5'9 182 hoping to drop to 175 before surgery !

Finishing up my million lists !!!!

Ok Future just wrapping everything up and got my two suitcases out and laid out everything in my basement on the floor so I can visually see everything I am bringing....OMG did not realize how many supplies I have actually purchased adds up quick let me tell ya. So I am now 9 days away from surgery and 7 days away from flying to New York JFK to meet my buddy the 21st and gonna stay in new york until the 23rd and then we will fly out that morning together to DR !! So today I printed off all the last info I needed ticket, insurance, hotel (NY), RH in DR, also found helpful I wrote down all the questions I wanted to ask Duran and also translated them in spanish (im paranoid person lol) everyone has told me she speaks pretty good english and understand mostly everything so I am not too worried. I also posted two pictures because I naturally worry (which isnt always bad ..) I found this online you can purchase for 15-20 bucks on amazon or home depot to keep your items protected best investment ever !!! attach to bed post ext and deters people from taking any items especially staying at an RH you just never know. So Monday 7 days before SX im gonna get my hemo retested to see where I am at and go from there...wish my luck

It came soo fast you wish and wait for time to fly and then your like....slooowww DOWN !!! LOL

So I am in shock this morning realizing that in 5 days and XX amount of hours I will be in surgery getting transformed by the wonderful Dra is such a surreal feeling and the feeling of excitment and nerves is just so intense from moment to moment. So tonight and tomorrow night I am working on packing my bags and going through how much all my supplies weigh... (yikes its sprawled all over my basement bahahaha)...I cannnot wait to see the new me and stand in front of a mirror and get excited to see myself naked and not critique what i wish i could change. This also may be too much info but when with your partner I dreamt of the day I could bend over and have a flat stomach and super perky boobs and feel like his own personal porn star (silly i know) and i think when you love your body and your happy its expressed in all different forms throughout your life. So enough with my rant Im gonna be a big girl and post some nudy photos tonight lol that is one of the hardest parts of this whole online experience lol but its all worth it !

OK so I am 3 days out and getting soooo excited to meet my buddy and see my new body to be !!!

I am finally going to put my big girl pants on and post some full monty the courage it takes to post your not so favourite bits and peices for the world to see but I think to myself what would I have done if it wasnt for all those other women who shared all of their ups and downs with me which let me to make the decision to get the full makeover...

Currently I am
Height: 5'9 (Yes I know I am tall lol)
Weight: 174 (damn wanted to get to 170)
Bust: 34 C

I still need to take my measurments for the rest of my body which I will do day before SX !!

Ok here it goes wish me luck !!!

Holy crap T - 15 hours

Just hours until D Day holy sh!t it's getting real and my nerves are flip flopping all over the place in am currently on the plane as we speak flying jet blue from New York to santo Domingo ....with my buddy Lizzy and we are just beside ourselves from nerves and excitement I called Yasmin just as we boarded letting her know that our flight is on time and she's soo cute 'ok mamsita see you soon lovely I will be waiting with a sign for you mamsita' lmao she's so cute I just want to squeeze her. She has also made the process a million times easier just sending me emails every other day about 1 week prior making sure I did not forget anything and to enjoy the flight down and providing me additional contact info of the RH and herself. I am do greatfull for all the girls on the Duran fb group who have graciously shared all their experiences and knowledge through this whole crazy process and to all you girls being brave posting pics sharing all the crazy and not so glamorous info. So me and my buddy as soon as we get there we are stopping and picking up extra snacks and water bottles just in case ( I am paranoid and worry about everything type of person) lol depending on how I am doing I plan on posting my journey daily and pics because I know how much it helps to see it all from the beginning. And ladies try not to over pack bring the essentials I will also be updating my supplies list of things I truly needed and try to follow haha I know we freak out then over pack. Good luck and feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

Love sarah :)

Made it to the other side thank god !!!

Update : once you get to DR right before customs it's a small booths on your right get your customs card 10$ American it looks like a receipt that's what u give them for customs and who ever is picking u up make sure they have a clear labeled sign one girl went touring with a guy saying he was Jose....unpack your stuff immediately and we went to supermarket and bought a couple extra snacks and pillows ( I'm a paranoid person) lol when going to hospital day of sx bring a small bag with wipes like 20 and no more then 12 large pads as we'll bring some of ur own meds if you can and an ensure you will be wearing same dress home you wore to Cipla have your money locked up safley in a bag Elizabeth locks it up in durans office and a huge must bring an extra blanket !!!! I was soo happy I did and a little head pillow for Cipla and RH because pillows here are too thin....translater helps a lot and you honestly don't need much just tons of gloves, wipes, pads, your own meds if you can a pez for sure and a small thing of wipes and disinfectant for the bathroom, hibiclens, a few gauze everything else they pretty much give you lol...and Yasmin RH isn't fancy but more then does the job she always tucks me in and says mama don't worry I will take care of never bug me too much while she rubs my feet I wanted to cry lol...and food is really good...ok I'm exhausted night y'all mwah

This faja is the real deal lol

So I'm now day 4 and things now seem to be looking up I went to see Dr. Duran today at Cipla and found I've been doing excellent with my fluids so she removed my drain ( yes I was surprised and super excited) It was one thing I was very nervous about and I didn't feel the back one come out and front one only pinched a little at the very end so all in all not too bad im also a huge baby for pain lol surprised I went through with the mommy makeover !! They also closed my faja today which is a funny feeling and feels like you need to learn to breathe again because it is soooo damn tight but the compression is needed for the tt I find especially... Also tonight will be the first night I get massage and I'm soo nervous I don't want to be in pain and it's something I'm petrified of lol so wish me luck girls I'm gonna need it..Ramon is our main guy here at Yasmin's and he used to be a rockette years ago wait till he randomly busts out some moves I laughed so hard my stomach was in pain but he does listen when you say gentle if anyone needs contact info just let me know I will pass it along. Also a quick update on Yasmin they are wonderful women who check on your frequently to make sure you are ok and everything is fine every couple hours in the night whether you ring the bell beside your bed or not the ladies are peaking there head in. Yesterday I woke up in discomfort because you lay so much on your back but Yasmin's mom came in early with lights off and sat at the end of my bed and Lizzy and massaged our calves and heels and feet and was whispering soft things in Spanish I almost cried in gratitude for how wonderful these women are. Also every night you get a decent menu and you choose what you want to eat for dinner that night and breakfast next day which is nice and all the food is good and home made brought in on a nice try with your medicine right beside it. Cleanliness and hygiene are up to par all the nurses wear gloves and sanitize so it's not even a concern and thoroughly wash you with wipes ever so gently because your skin gets so sensitive from lipo. Well I'm gonna try and post some pics soon it's just hard and uncomfortable now I haven't really seem my ass yet I just know I have hips for days lol man does it all take getting used to. I have heard of post op depression I have not really experienced this I had a couple moments of annoyance from discomfort but none of true regret I was truly educated going into the whole situation. Anyway wish everyone a happy healing and good luck on upcoming sx dolls !!! And Duran is so petite and beautiful in person I just wanna put her I'm my pocket lol

Ok day 6 progressively better....I can finally move around easier !!!

My massages definitely do not hurt as much and I feel better and stronger I think this was the turning day because even getting up out of bed has been easier and feels like my body is adapting way better then anticipated ...I find I am holding soo much water and inflammation in my legs and back like crazy but my stomach isn't too bad. One of the girls today that is 9 days post op went out and brought us back subway type sandwiches which was a nice treat as I think dominican food is a lot saltier and I do not salt anything at home so that's a huge change for me...there are a couple new girls at the house who are super sweet and we have a blast getting together and chatting but laughing with a tummy tuck is hell or coughing you feel like you will "bust a stitch" as one of the other girls says it lol....I must say I recommend t shirts at least 6 over muscle shirts as they keep the faja from digging into your sides and I'm gonna start massages twice a day starting tomorrow to make sure I'm fully ready for when I leave to go back to canada. Over all I am definitely happy with the experience and my results Duran created a beautiful soft shape to suite my frame I'm gonna take measurements tomorrow and then at one month to see how much it goes down. As of now I found out Duran put in 1000 cc in each butt cheek 200 cc in each hip and 450 cc in my to follow :) happy healing !!

Must read .......perspective change !!!!!

Ok dolls here it is...I know in the beginning I was happy at Yasmin's and ranting over the review if I could took majority of it back I would ! To start I am a very relaxed person and it takes a lot to bother me so I brush things off but I hit my breaking point of un acceptable and here I am pouring it all out to you... Thank god for the girls in the house as we kept each-others sanity and companionship throughout all of this. Firstly there is no windows in this house and accommodations are livable but gross to any sane person's personal experience is cockroaches in our bathroom how fuckin disgusting that is I cannot even begin to explain secondly not one actual nurse works there ( hence they give lovenox shots in the arm...and they hurt like hell...justification is that it is difficult to get to the leg area...ummm ok) and santos who is Yasmin's mother's boyfriend is the only with a car and stuff 3 post op patients with drains who can barley move into the back of an old gross car driving like a maniac while we bounce around in the back...the food menu is disgusting and so little to choose from so everyday is a chore to eat....the helpers (so called nurses) all do shit differently some put in pads some don't some rip of your tape which kills especially on your super sensitive lipo suctioned skin and the language barrier is so hardcore that they really have no idea what your saying and Yasmin is the only one who speaks English but she only randomly pops her head in to make sure everyone is alive. I gave Yasmin money took her four days to get me extra t shirts and bottled water like wtf are you serious....and the big one two girls who I'm with got serious burns which could have been avoided when they are telling them that the faja is not just tight ext but actually causes pain and they accuse us randomly of shit....they told her 6 days post op that the faja burn (which they were not putting pads or anything) was doctors fault it was just hiding under her skin...umm ok and the big one Yasmin was to go put cream on directed by the doctor and her "nurses" we're mixing creams as they pleased and caused her skin to die as the creams began to be ineffective and then going back to the doctors the doctor prescribed a specific medicated cream took the girl to the pharmacy the pharmacy did not have it and she picked up something else similar to it and did not tell the girl the now 1/2 inch burn is a 4 inch burn down her stomach....who has the right to make medical decisions for someone else and not even advise them ...especially the trust we put into these people....and today as we were packing up for our last 4 days in DR we are now at Florida suites ( which is gorgeous ) and Zara who also took care of Jacqueline smith....and who is soo experienced in lymphatic massages and post op care is helping us the other girls small carry on suitcase was stolen....I'm in such shock over this whole experience I cannot even begin to fathom any other girl going there this is my honest opinion over the last few days....the only positive thing was Yasmin's mom who was sweet and rubbed our feet ext when we were sad other then that I'm upset ....even the masseuse was a idiot who had no idea what he was doing and putting all the girls in bloody pain....I wish this upon no one and hope to help anyone in the future avoid such a mistake !!!!

I'm just appalled at her lack of compassion and education in this field and overall professionalism especially when the girls bag was stolen Yasmin accused her of lieing that she even had that back and asked to check her big bag as if she was hiding it ...this is not what I expected and I hope I help another doll out !!

On the road to recovery girls and feeling better xox

Ok so to update you now on my body I am more then happy of my results thus far and Duran did a wonderful job sculpting my body and giving me the shape that suits my frame and compliments my body being that I am almost 5'9 yes I know I'm tall lmao :) so the following pics I just took today and the white powder is just a antibiotic powder to prevent anything from coming up my incision is so low and my breasts feel great !!

Duran put in 1000 cc per butt Cheek and 200 cc per hip she also put in 450 cc sub muscular implant silicone gel and they are soft already they just need to drop as they are still sitting super high I also had lipo to entire back and thighs. I was super lucky and did not retain too much liquid was mostly inflammation for myself in my back and stomach ...the worst swelling is in my legs from the thigh lipo they are like double the size ughhh and also calves and feet soo annoying but elevating my feet has helped a ton with removing liquid from my feet also one of the girls below asked about costs while I was here ....

Ok so I'm gonna estimate ....6500 sx meds 150 stage two garment 150 RH was 585 ( better RH is about 75 per night three girls or 85 per night two buddies in a very nice RH with meals) I bought extra two pillows water and snacks and t shirts spent maybe 70 ....extra taxi trips going out and extra dinners out maybe 100 spending money I brought 500 blood transfusion was 250 sometimes girls need extra stuff done or tests estimate extra 100 and compression socks 30 so that's about 8500 total and extra costs came up changing to Florida suites so no more then 9000 plus flight was 680 because I'm from canada and flights were a bit more expensive just under 10 000 for me !!

Overall I am very happy with my results and don't think I would do it again because the first three days were an insane amount of pain but then progressively got better after day 5 you start feeling more rejuvenated but I am sooo excited to go shopping and finding new dresses and tights and bikini's ahhhh sooo excited lmao

Ok two weeks update !!

Ok dolls...I'm feeling a lot better each day and hit the 14 day mark I'm happy with my results but still need to give it much time seems like my left breast the implant is dropping faster then the right I think it's because I use my right side so much ... :) my tt scar is healing great I still can't really stand up super straight but most my swelling / liquid is gone it's now mainly inflammation I'm also gonna start back with my massages this week to help with that . It's just being patient with the results and giving your body time to heal. The annoying part is still sleeping on my back I dream of the day to sleep on my side and stomach ahhhh lol

just update on DR and random facts :)

So I've been having a rough time sleeping because normally I sleep on my stomach or side and because of the tummy tuck and implants I cannot so that and my sleeping patterns are off and I'm supposed to return to work in two days yikes!! By then I will be 16 days post op and have a job where I sit in meetings / my office most of the time. Overall this entire experience has been quite the up and down roller coaster.... but now being post op I am seeing the little changes daily and I'm getting happier and happier with my results. I was not looking to be perfect I had healthy expectations I just wanted to be confident walking around my house naked and feel hot as hell!!!!! Lol I hear so many people obsess over what they need to bring ext but a huge component is a mental one and how your emotionally going to adapt to the new you and loving yourself and your imperfections prior to surgery I think is important :) I wish all you current and future dolls an amazing transformation also this inflammation is annoying as hell I think it's also what makes you stiff especially an entire night of sleeping. Also below I posted a few pics of DR and what it is like there.

3 weeks update!!!

Yes I know I am one day early of my three week update but Mondays are always so hectic and I am so happy to where I am today. I still some days cannot truly grasp that I myself...meee....i am 3 weeks post op lol I read for soo long so many women's testimonials there journeys and progress that I am on the flat side lol....i think I see myself but not truly I really does take time to accept your new body and not see the rolls and pooch and saggy boobs but see a hot vixen on the mend. I see drastic changes daily now as tomorrow I approach the three week mark and see a lot of inflammation going down and swelling. So yesterday I finally got my period and it was hell with the faja on and cramps and additional fluid retention but I am sure I will far as sleeping two nights ago I finally attempted to sleep on my side with a pillow and it was OK for an hour at a time felt good on the body.

I still have a tiny bit of puckering on the ends of my tt but whatever scabs have fallen off have left a smooth dark pink incision line and I could not be happier. As far as breast the scabs are taking slightly longer to fall off and one breast is dropping a little faster then the other but overall I am happy and the girls are perky lol as far butt I have sat on it the entire time and do not think I have lost much honestly.... I have noticed as inflammation has gone down I have a nice little shelf for my ass!!! that's a first and cannot wait to get in a dress lol thx dolls for the much needed support and comments makes. Girl not feel alone!!

Clothes shopping DILEMMA !!

So I went clothes shopping yesterday for the first time and it was great but I must say...clothes fit nice but didnt fit super awsome because my waist keeps shrinking and she gave me hips for days its hard to find a size that fits both lol and my boobs lets not forget about those puppies lmao....So I really need to find maybe some online stores (I am afraid of online shopping lmao ) ... that have dresses that are tight go down to your knees I like that look and fit my waist and hips didn't realize how much of a challenge this would be....lmao I mean these are good problems to have but damn forget about ever buying jeans lmao but clothes do fit soo much nicer and snug I can wear any tight pants (tights) or top and everything sits nice I cannot tell you how happy I am about that lol...big hip...big booty problems :)

So day to day I am feeling much better and things are healing I am finding my boobs are going through a funny healing process as in the skin some days gets a bit more red and i find "thinner" and once I put cream they are much better I think its from the skin getting used to the implant and as the implant drops the skin needs to stretch a little....the tummy tuck was so much faster to heal I only have a couple more spots where scabs are now most are gone after every shower/bath and the breast scabs are 50 % gone but still taking much longer. Im curious to know how long does it take for your breast implants to finally drop gonna do some more digging around I am super anal about stuff like this and dont want lop sided boobs lmao....anywho hope everyone has plenty of happy healing and or tedious research to do !!

Things I wish I knew and Tips from women POST OP !!!

The following are things to be advised of going into SX that I wish i knew before hand...

It is going to take a long time to heal. I went in thinking I was going to be up and running in two weeks. What the heck….I am an intelligent woman but this was really stupid thinking. Please plan on taking a minimum of two full weeks off work and three to four if you can swing it.
2. They tell you that you will have swelling…whoa. That is an understatement so hang tough.
3. Your clothes won’t fit for a while so don’t think you are jumping into a pair of skinny jeans any time soon. So not going to happen ladies. I guess I had visions of the tummy being removed, fat being sucked out of my hips and running out to a party the next week. Dreamer….
4.Do not…and I repeat do not weigh or measure yourself for the first 8 weeks. Your weight will most likely be up and you will be swollen and full of fluid for at least the first month. Well the swelling lasts for weeks so hang on tight.
5. Do not eat Mexican food the day before your surgery! Totally stupid idea on my part. I got to the hospital and while waiting to be taken back my IBS kicked in. Holy mother of God…I really didn’t think I would stop pooping in time for the surgery. I had visions of being on the OR table, ready to be put under and screaming STOP. I need to go poop. LOL
6. Please let people take care of you and wait on you hand and foot. Don’t be a hero and try to run any marathons or be super woman. Yes ladies we all know we can run the show and manager everything and everyone in our life….but not now! Just surrender to your care takers and heal properly! Oh yes; and if the spouse is not doing things the way you would normally do it just let it go. You can straighten everything out later. Nobody will die if you are not running the ship for a while.
7. Eat a light diet the day before surgery; trust me on this one!
8. They tell you pre op that you will have some discomfort for a while after surgery. That is a lie because it hurts like hell. Obviously the people telling you this have never had a tummy tuck. As long as you don’t laugh, cry, sneeze, take a deep breath, move, poop, try to push and pass gas or any other sudden movements you will be fine. Basically just lay in the bed and play dead for about a week and you will be fine.
9. Ok the pain meds do a number on your system. Constipation sets in quickly and hurts like hell. Make sure you take Milk of Magnesia the day after surgery; or some sort of stool softener. It hurt so bad that I felt like I had an army of little men with swords in my belly. Miserable!!!! I was gripping the rails of my bed as if I was giving birth. This was the time I wished my IBS would kick in. All I wanted was a nice easy pooh.
10. Three to five hours after you take the MOM your tummy will start to rumble. Please be near a bathroom and start heading there right away. I was moving so slow after surgery that it took forever to get anywhere. Well when the rumbling started I laid in the bed thinking I had time….hmm. Really I swear I am an intelligent person. I couldn’t run so this was going to be a challenge!
11. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand before the surgery day. You won’t be able to drive to get anything after. I will include a supply list shortly.
12. Do not watch any funny movies the first two weeks. I made that mistake and it hurt like hell. You do not want any deep gut laughter for a while. My son laughed so hard watching me try not to laugh. I thought he was going to wet his pants laughing. Apparently the face of a woman in pain after a tummy tuck is quite comical to a teenager. The little shit!

From women who have gone through it trust us....

Things you should NOT do after surgery:

At least for the first two weeks.

Tummy Tuck Survival Guide

• Clean your house.
• Lift your kids or pets.
• Drive – the first week for sure
• Laundry
• Weigh or measure yourself
• Try on your clothes that you think will fit
• Grocery shopping – pushing the cart and lifting the bags is harder than you think
• Gardening
• Other than walking – no exercise
• Do not eat processed and packaged foods. The sodium will make you swell up like the Blueberry girl in Willy Wonka. Watch your sodium intake at all times.
• Do not drink soda. You do not want to put anything in your body that will cause gas and bloating.
• Don’t listen to negative people. There is always someone out there just trying to smack you down with their negativity. You did not do this procedure in vein, you are not selfish, you do deserve it, and you are not crazy to put yourself first for once. There is nothing better than feeling good about yourself. People who are jealous and closed minded will try to tear you apart in a second. I actually looked at one woman when she made a nasty comment to me and said the following to her……Did I ask for your opinion…NO, do I care what you think…NO, do I need your permission…NO, are you paying for this…NO. She was speechless and her jaw dropped. Yep, she was flapping her nasty comments at me and expected me to just take it….NOT.

Things you should do after surgery:
• Take your pain meds as prescribed. Stay on top of the dose and take on time. For the first three days make sure you take them around the clock to stay ahead of the pain. Don’t wait until you are past the point of no return and rolling around in the bed in agony. Don’t be a hero!
• Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy balanced diet.
• Let people take care of you.
• Massage your tummy gently. It helps circulation and feels good.
• Stay positive because this all will pass.
• Get outside and enjoy some sunshine. It will really help lift your spirits.
• Log onto to chat with your friends. All of us on here know how you are feeling so will help cheer you up if you need it.
• Keep your eye on the prize and know there is an end to the healing process.
• Be proud of yourself for taking this step to improve your life and body.
• Be patient with the healing process. It is a long haul I know but you can do it. You will have good days and bad but it will all be worth it in the end. If you do get sad and depressed know that it is all part of the healing process. You are not crazy.
• Trust your instincts with your body. If something doesn’t feel right call your doctor right away. It never hurts to get it checked out. That is why they are there! I am sure they have heard and seen it all. I am pretty sure my doctor thinks I am a total nut! But a harmless one at that…

And the one we have all been waiting for showering post op !!....follow the instructions of your ps....he or she knows when you will be allowed to shower depending on the procedures that were done :)

7 things to go by...

Take a pain pill 30-60 minutes before the shower. This will help ease some of the pain.
2. If you can sit while showering please do. A shower chair or something of that sort. It is hard to stand up when you are hunched over with the sore back etc.
3. Wear that sexy elastic band I told you about for securing the drains. After my hubby put this on me the first time he stood back and said Whoa…SEXY! He was trying to cheer me up but all he did is make me laugh which put me in pain. He then bumped and tugged on one of my drains which hurt. He was a bit like a bull in a china shop with the shower care. He definitely was not use to caring for me in this manner. He did great and we made it through fine.
4. Have someone there to help you get in and out of the shower and also dry you off. Ok my hubby’s face was priceless as he dried me off. He was so excited about the small flat tummy and the new and lifted Va Jay Jay. He had the look of a cat looking at a can of tuna! Big eyed and pretty happy. I quickly reminded him that the playground was closed for any recess for a while. He knew that but I just wanted to remind him. Poor man; he could dry it off after the shower and look at it but no recess on the playground.
5. Don’t try to wash your hair while in the shower. It is not easy and seems to hurt for some reason. I had soap in my eyes, my back started to spasm and it was a disaster. Have someone help you wash your hair in the kitchen sink for the first week or so.
6. Lotion up after the shower. It will make your skin feel amazing after all you have been through.
7. Now this is the most important step….immediately following the shower go take a two hour nap. Seriously the shower feels great but it wears you out. Can’t explain it but trust me on this one.

Finally hit my ONE MONTH post op today eeeek !!!

So my feeling looking back over the last month ok here it goes.... the journey leading up to the transformation seemed long and impossible the one day I looked at my phone and realized I had 3 weeks to go and had not bought one supply lol and amazon here I come lol.... I know all of us see pictures of these crazy gorgeous women and perfect bodies but truly go in with realistic expectations for your own body and try to get close to ideal weight (i think this truly helps your results) all of us have different skin laxity and healing capabilities ext so not all results are created equal. My TT is completly scab free which happened 3 weeks and 2 days post op the last scab came off I can still feel slightly the suture line but overall its super smooth. People warned me this would happen my scar was a light pink and now is a light purple as it is going through the healing phase I find women post tt between 4-8 weeks the scar looks the worst as I mean the darkest in color and then begins to lighten up this is a great sign and super excited. My breasts are doing good but taking the longest I have a couple scabs left the rest is smooth but still red as I find the implant continues to put some pressure on the skin and tissue as it drops but I love my fake/real looking results they are ultra perky but have a slight natural drop which is exactly what I wanted especially if you look back at my wish pics.

I started using these sheets 2 weeks post op and have now been using them for two weeks I will post pics it is a (feels like silicone sheet but its not) medicated pad and molds right to your skin they are AMAZING I cannot speak anymore highly about this product I bought it at walmart $7 dollers for 4 pads and you can cut and shape them however you want. It acts as a scab (nourishes the scabs if you allready have them and helps new wounds/openings to close while keeping bacteria ext OUT !! also because it is soft it acts as a soft barrier and my once sensitive achey breasts did not feel sensitive and I could walk around braless ext and not feel pressure from the incision also any redness I had was minimized. As it is medicated and takes time to heal I leave on for about 72 hours and when I peel off (does not even hurt !!) whatever scabs are ready to come off do so and whichever are not do not get pulled off it is very gentle. My belly button button is pretty much healed and looks soo cute i really like it and when I mentioned in my earlier posts of some puckering at the end of my tt incision is pretty much flattened out...please have faith in the healing process and allow your body to heal in time. I am drinking tons of water and pretty much back to feeling mostly myself.

The only part that I feel is taking forever is the liposuctioned areas....are still stiff and sore almost all swelling is gone I just have imflammation still in the lower back area. I am ok if I am walking around or stretching but when I wake up from sleeping I am fairly sore and get from time to time little stinging pains which was explained to me as the nerves regenerating and this could last a while, I guess no pain no gain lol

On a side note I went out this weekend for the first time and girls let me tell ya....I have never had so many looks and guys noticing me I felt like a famous person. When your curves are defined and you have a booty and hips the boys will not even know what to do with themselves. I have always got some attention but not to this extent it felt good and I smiled all night long. I feel like I have a new lease on life and my confidence is shining through I am not adjusting myself all night long but walking proud around with my back straight and tummy flat as a board hahah ok ladies enough of my ranting enjoy the rest of your day and wish all my future dolls to be good luck !! xoxoxoxo

BBL shot 1 month post op

Sorry dolls forgot to post a ass shot so here is the latest I asked for more volume but still natural looking she definitely delivered!

Officially past 6 weeks post op I MADE IT WOOT WOOT :)

Sorry I clicked send to fast for my first update....2 months update

OK ladies an update is due !! Its been an interesting few weeks since my last update...definatly some ups and some downs. My breast have been such a huge problem issue for me as they did not want to heal and did not like the dissolvable sutures. Apparently this is a common occurance in women who have had a lift with augumentation the area of skin around the aereola is thin and sensitive so it tends to not want to cooperate !! Being patient is key it is going to look worse before it is better... I found that i healed so well with my belly button and tummy tuck but i got hyperpigmentation around the aereola area. There might have been too much tension they say when it heals it might be a bit larger but will fade into a white or light pink and blend ok into the skin I can always consider a revision down the road to make my aereola look normal. For the little holes that would remain after I sanitized a tweezer and pulled it out (just grab the white strong looking thing poking out of your skin looks like pimple) and usually slides out sometimes it has a tiny knot in it and just give a little tug and pops out. Clean the area and I would put a non adhesive gauze on it to make sure it was healing first couple days I would also put on polysporin as it is a antibacterial ointment to make sure I prevented any infection one got a little infected kept putting ointment on and it cleared away (apply generously) !! It is so much easier said then done but keep an open mind keep positive and tell yourself this healing process is temporary it wont be like this forever and we never know how our body will react and heal...I didnt start having problems with my breast until week 6-7 and then my boobs were like NO WAY stitches be GONE !! lmao and you deal with it as it goes..... Also I feel like we are a sisterhood and when something is happening it never hurts to ask questions or opinions even the embaressing ones its apart of the process and we all know how it feels...on a brighter note I think I am addicted to shopping now damn lol its so much fun everything fits better and i feel like im looking for the tightest dresses as that was not possible before..soooo exciting !! OK dolls that is my rant for now enjoy your easter and dont be afraid to ask :) xox

Now past the 2 month post op Mark !!

Hey dolls...This has been a long and definatly enduring journey. When truly considering doing plastic surgery out of the country you really need to prepare for the what if's??? A few girls who went after me and were extremley prepared and educated and had EVERYTHING they needed still got infections, seroma's and or had to do second surgery back in the u.s.a so please prepare for the what if's....advise your personal docter and let them know what you are doing so they can also be prepared if you come home and need more serious after care. Have the expectation that a U.S or Canadian plastic surgeon will likley not want to help you as you were not there patient and god help you if you tell them you went out of the country. If you are getting more then 2 procedures stay closer to 2 weeks or more because honestly you need YOUR docter to be able to look at you and advise a proper course of treatment ! I am not trying to scare anyone and honestly it might not be your fault but infections do happen poor surgical skills do happen and mistakes here or there do happen the only thing is if it happens here people are more willing to help you. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have undergone this procedure and come out healthy, alive and not needing additional work. Looking back I am so happy I got it all done on the second hand it is a gamble and you have to hope you are one of the lucky ones that goes home unharmed.

As far as my breasts the skin is thin and still "thickening up" I still have a bit of hyper pigmentation that will never go away but the spitting sutures are done and the real healing process has begun. You can never mentally prepare yourself if something does come up big or small so make sure you have a good support system to help you through this and to have someone to help you heal and give you a break from the daily grind.

On a positive note going out has been soo much fun and dressing up I feel like I can put anything on and my confidence is right along to match it....everyday I feel happier and more confident in my own skin it is definatly a life changing occurance. Everyone should follow their heart and do what is best for them and there situation and wish everyone happy healing and positve outcomes !

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