4 years in the making, BBL with Dr. Plazas in Cali, Colombia #PlazasDoll

Hi, ladies. I'm a longtine onlooker but here I am...

Hi, ladies. I'm a longtine onlooker but here I am finally posting. I am 21 years old soon to be 22 in March and I am a mother of one 15 month babygirl. I have been wanting this procedure ever since before I had my daughter and was aware of the BBL. I always thought I wish I could put all my extra fat in my butt. Now I CAN; and I'm so freaking excited. Now I'm not sure about my weight but I'm probably around 150 - 158lbs. and I'm 5'4. So hopefully I have enough for the perfect size I'm looking for.

I've been stalking doctors on Google and on here like crazy for like a year now and I've read almost ever BBL post on here and with each one I become more eager. Now I use to model before giving birth and I was smaller than I am now but I've always had a struggle with my weight being an overweight child and teen. I want to look the best I can to jump back into the industry. For ME this is the way I want to go about it. I just want to be more voluptuous.

I was interested in alot of popular doctors like Dr. Salama and Dr. Jimerson but I have not fallen head over heels with their results as I did with Dr. Yily. She really has a hand at her craft. The before and after pictures on her website is breath taking. The way she transforms these women bodies is amazing. So after researching her over the internet to find EVERYTHING I could about her and I could not find not one thing wrong. I was kinda shocked, not one negative review. She is highly acclimated in her field and even though she's in a different country; which was scary as shit I honestly feel comfortable with her after doing my research on her. so I guess I'm ready.

I finally sent her a email 6 days ago and just got a reply today telling me to send naked pics in different angles for another responds and I did just that as well as tell her how I'd want my results and sent some wish pics. Now I know she's super busy and has other obligations so I won't be losing my mind over how long she'll take to respond to me. I'm just patiently waiting.

I'm very anxious and scared but this is what I've been wanting for my own personal reasons. I'm happy to begin this journey and hope I'm just as happy if not more after its all said and done.

Long Hiatus But The Interest Is Still The Same

Hi, ladies. I can't believe how long it's been since my initial post. A lot has happened and I was unable to schedule a date to get the procedure but still i am very interested. I'm still going with Yily, I'm happy to see her progression this past year. Yes, I've seen some disappointed post but they don't outweigh all the fantastic work she's done. I did send her my pics and at the time last year she quoted me $2800. I definitely know that her rates have gone up and I wish I was able to get it last year. I am 22 now and will be 23 this following month. I seriously want this before I'm 24, lol so I'm aiming. Now I am going to restart the beginning process because I know some things have probably changed. I took some recent photos of myself and used the plastic surgery stimulator app to imagine my desired post op look. even though in the pics it doesn't look like I have hips but i do, lol. I want more apparent hips and a nice shelf projection. I honestly don't like results when women have a big wide thick ass and the side view there's little to no projection. I want a perky petite ass to go with my figure. I have given birth two years ago and do not want a tummy tuck, I want to steer away from that and avoid it at all costal i hope she doesn't suggest I have one. I'm still very young. Also i do not want breast implants, i actually like my small boobs. I just want to accentuate my pear shape into some bomb shit.
Even though I'm loving Yily, i do like Duran's work but there are a few things i don't like so I'm sticking with my gut and am going straightforward with Yily. I'm going to send her my updated pics and promise to post back and not be gone for another year. So let's take this journey together.


I am so in love with Yaris's shape. She use to have an overload of hips and ass but down scaled to what she has now and I loveeee it. Crazy that's she's only a month older than me.

realistic wish pics

loveeee Bernice Burgos , this is also very realistic for me as well


hey, girls. Let's chat a bit, can't believe I started this page almost 4 years ago. I've been wanting this procedure since before I knew there was a BBL procedure. I had to abandon my previous journey and now it's totally revamped. I first discovered Dr. Plazas around this time last year. I sent him my pics and was quoted
$2900. At the time he was not insta-famous. After aligning my life and getting my ducks in a row in FINALLY ready to really go get this BBL. it's been a long time coming! I'm now 25 soon to be 26 and want to be snatched!

Being that Plazas is in high demand, communication takes patience. A lot of it. He's great st what he does and a lot of women want him to work his magic on them. So after realizing that and putting pieces of emails and whatsapp texts together to get a chest understanding, I finally got my quote and surgery date. I was quoted $3800 for liposculpture and BBL. His assistant replied to me and after I send a series of important questions I wanted answered to give me peace of mind. I've been following this doctor for over a year and to trust him and his work. I've stalked the internet, RealSelf, instagram surgery pages and facebook surgery pages. For the longest I could not find ONE negative review on him until recently. A consultant on Instagram told me when I longer works with him because of health reasons and that I need to research and dig more on him. When I asked what was it she wouldn't disclose so research I did. It wasn't until I made an Instagram surgery page I found 2 posts about him. 2 botched breast jobs. I even saw a comment that said he had a death but didn't find anything else on it. Now going into surgery risks are involved, that doesn't mean anyone deserves to get botched, infected or murdered but even a simple procedure can go wrong so the door is open to that. But compare to all the other doctors I know of in this medical tourism community he's as best as they come. I can't count the endless stuff I read on also these other doctors and the constant deaths they have or the flesh eating infections. So I'm putting my trust in his hands and praying that the Lord will see me through.

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wish pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Plazas NOT Yily

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