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I plan to have R2 in Dominican Republic with...

I plan to have R2 in Dominican Republic with Hector Cabral mid July. I want to go there first for face to face consults in April 2016. I'm waiting till I'm at least 1 yr Post-Op from my R1. I was concerned about not having enough fat but Cabral reinsured me that I have enough for BBL. I requested a quote via whatsapp and was told $3500 that's not including blood work, meds, Faja, and other incidentals that may occur after sx. My plan is to have a minimum of $8K before traveling out the country. I will be arriving 3 days before sx this is to allow your body to adjust from traveling in high altitudes and lower the risk of blood clots and staying 10 days after sx. I will be staying at Betty's Recovery House and my quote from them is $1460 for 13 days (SINGLE ROOM) OR $1160 for (SHARED ROOM) Which includes 3 meals, one snack, airport transportation back and forth plus all rides to your doctor appointments, laundry during your stay, 8 lymphatic drainage massages, laundry, overnight nurse care the night of surgery and 24/7 nurse assistance at the house. I will post some goal pics, my supply list and me after R1. I will love to find a sx buddy that will be going around the same time that will like to buddy up, feel free to send me a inbox.

Hemoglobin Update after 6 months

I used this for R1 and it always been accurate for me..I was curious what my hemo was since it hasn't been checked since last sx; I always had a naturally high hemo and surprisingly it's 15 w/o taking anything. I'm down to my last test strip so I purchased some more to keep track of hemo before and after for R2. I highly recommend this portable meter, definitely comes in handy.

Got a Quote from Duran

I got a quote from Duran surgcoordinator after researching Duran a bit more and comparing her lipo technique to Cabral's...meaning Duran gives more of a heart shape butt with a cuff and Cabral gives a shelf. I think Duran will be a better choice for me for my needs and body shape. Duran does require a deposit which is $250 + $200 if you use a coordinator. After I book Duran I will officially update my doctor review.

Deposit Paid ** Future Duran Doll

I paid my deposit today with Duran. I was able to get book with Duran w/o using a Coordinator. I emailed my receipt and now waiting to get a date, I'm want to go in April 2016 but I know Duran is booked until mid June. Thought about going early to see if I can do a walk-in or switch with someone.

SX Scheduled for 04/12/2016

Duran assistant worked her magic and I'm officially on the schedule for April 12, 2016. RH book as well. I will be staying at Betty's RH from April 9-22nd. Any dolls will be in DR around this time or staying at Betty's hope to see you. Don't be a stranger and say "Hello" :)

Flight booked

Flight booked I will be in DR on April 9th. I made sure to request wheel chair service, flight insurance, and upgrading to additional leg room on return flight. I have a straight flight with no layovers, I will arrive in DR in only 2.5 hours. I also registered with the US Embassy, I encourage all dolls to do so any time traveling aboard. I'm scared to shit going to another country, traveling alone and leaving my husband and kids for 2 weeks. But I know I made a great decision of choosing a surgeon and very confident in my choice. Can't wait to be a Duran Doll. Any dolls that is documenting their journey on instagram feel free to follow me @Future2016_muneca

Made it to the flat side

I arrive in DR Saturday 04/09/2016 went to consult Monday 04/11/2016 did testing SX was originally scheduled for Tuesday 04/12/2016 but I asked Duran if she had time can she fit me in Monday.. Which she did, it gives me an additional day to heal :) the first night was horrible, I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel lol but I must day each day it gets better.

My RH is wonderful! The food is great and you get great service. I will highly recommend Betty's RH. I purchased Duran I few gesture/appriciation gifts and she loved them. I am so thankful for her, she did a wonderful job on my body. I now see why she can't possibly respond to everyone's email, this lady is beyond busy. She does consults and follow ups in the morning then go into sx. She takes her time with each and every patient and u will never feel rushed with her.

All I can say if you really want her be persistent OR hire a coordinator. Don't let a losey $200 fee come in between you choosing a surgeon you really want. I'm a true believer in you get what u pay for, so don't base your decision on price or bmi limit alone. If that's the doctor you really want, work hard to meet their bmi limit (it's for safety as well) SX is not just a quick fix. It's plastic surgery not magic lol.

Before and After Pics

Hi dolls here are a few pics. As of today I'm 2 weeks Post-Op and I feel great, sleeping is just a challenge at times finding that right position. I left DR on 04/22/2016 and even though I was ready to leave sooner, I felt I stayed the right amount of time. It's very important you stay until your completely healed and your doctor clears you.

The only thing I experience since I been home is I need to drain my stomach daily with 18G needle and 10cc syringe. It doesn't hurt, I actually don't feel anything because my stomach is still numb from my TT I had last year. My body retains fluid bad and it's been like this since sx. It is slowing down though, I originally was draining 60-70ccs of fluid off now I'm only draining about 30ccs. I'm glad I know how to do this or this will be about $150 expense every trip to see a plastic surgeon to do it.

Overall I'm so happy I haven't experienced any complications and is healing as expected.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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