BBL for a Hairstylist

I am so excited to get this done! Initially I was...

I am so excited to get this done! Initially I was going to go through Bella Vita Consultants, but that was totally a waste of money.....I wrote Dr Yily on IG and one of her reps INSTANTLY contacted me back with the date the exact week I wanted (Which is only a month away)! And YES I booked my flight already! First class so that I have the most comfort on these long flights! I work so hard and its time to pay for something I REALLY want and always have. I will be documenting the entire process on my YouTube!

Yily Deposit and Requirements

One thing I didn't know, was that a month prior to your surgery you should start taking vitamins. Today is one month until my surgery and I just booked my surgery last night. I have someone who loves in my hometown that has gone to Yily and instructed me to re read the email. It has so much in it! I am soo addicted to hookah but I will be stopping that and alcoholic beverages as of yesterday. This is very important! I confirmed the appointment via Instagram last night. Paid my $300 wire fee to hold the date, and I'm ready to go! I will be staying there 10 days after my surgery and I will arrive 2 days before to ensure my test results from their doctor all meet the requirements. I'm booked to fly out October 23rd, surgery October 26th, and I fly home November 5th 2016. I have been told everyone in a particular day arrive at 6:30am and one wasn't in surgery until 5pm. So I'll work on being patient. Btw I am 28 years old, 5"5' and I weigh 180lbs. I am getting lipo and BBL. I hold it well I'm told. But the love handles and the boxy shape I am in has never sat well with me. I won't post the back until I have an after to show because it's too embarrassing. Just know I have a tear drop butt that's flat at the top! Ttyl

What to look for in a BBL Surgeon

When looking at BBL before and after PICTURES I pay close attention to SCARS and INCISIONS. For the lipo and fat transfer I don't want my incisions to be visible. I love Yily because she doesn't leave you with visible scars. There's one between the butt cheeks and where your bra will hide. I will completely remove a doctor from my list of "maybes" if there are dots parallel on both sides of the upper abdomen, underneath the butt cheeks, and below my bra in the back. I love to share the story to future Yily Dolls but I don't want it visible to my man behind closed doors or when I am out at the pool. Of course I am sharing my story. But I don't want visible incisions. I also look at previous lawsuits, precious clients, and I personally will not go to someone whom I haven't seen their work in my hometown on someone I can talk to. There are SOO many people around you on a daily. Since I've become open about it, I've met so many more people in similar body types as myself or with knowledge for me! So don't be afraid to share and don't stop until you see a surgeon who has multiple images of the same procedure on numerous bodies. COST is also important. I chose DR (Dominic Republic) because they charge half of the price as docs in the US with equivalent results. DR Miami was booked out until the end of 2018 smh! Hope this helps! The pic isn't me, but it's surely a wish pic! What did YOU look for when you searched?

I've decided on Eden Recovery House with Dra Yily

I've heard of previous patients not recommending Luxury RH which is the other RH Yily prefers. Yily already has my flight itinerary and I'm ready to go! It's $700 for 10 days (food, laundry, and transportation to appointments and the airport) I'm paying an extra $75 to come 2 days prior to my appointment for the pre appointment for the testing required

I'm going to Serenity 2 RH

So yes I've changed my mind, I'm going to Serenity 2. I love the layout, the reviews are NOTHING but positive, the food looks good and has been reviewed as awesome! There's a private entrance, it's fully updated, multiple people I know have stayed here. So I have booked and paid my deposit! And I have someone meeting me there for a few days to help me out! I paid for her flight and her room and she will give me the peace of mind that I'll be ok when I'm unconscious! Meaning my money, valuables, plus I need someone to snapchat my results for me and just be there with me so I'm not alone! lol

Yily Doll travel update!

Initially I was going to the Dominican Republic alone, but I really didn't want to. I have one of my clients/friends who was able to come with me so last minute. She already has a passport and works at her job in HR so she has more pull to take off. I paid for her to come for 4 days. I am also paying for her to stay with me at the RH. She's coming the day before my SX and leaves 2 days after. I just want someone I trust to sit with my belongings and worst case be there if something bad happens during SX.

Another thing I have never been able to find online about people's recovery is about the incisions! I am getting a BBL with Yily, and I have added the lipo of the upper arms, inner thighs, and under the chin for $300 more than the initial $3,500. I want to see AND know where all of the incisions are. And I'll be sharing that after my SX for you all.

Last night I dreamt about SX ????. Nothing too crazy! I just can't wait! What other things would you all be interested in seeing or hearing about that you haven't been able to find online??

Pre Op vitimins!

I booked my surgery at literally a month prior to the date. So I had to run out to get the vitamins Yily recommended to start taking a month prior to surgery. I've attached that pic. I also have some things I purchased for the trip to the Dominican Republic. I used the heck out of Amazon! When I get home I'll take a picture of the things I just purchased from my local drug store. (Maxi Pads, silicone bandages for scars, etc.)
*Arnicare- pills and gel good for the massages, pain, and healing.
*GoGirl - good for being able to urinate standing up after SX
*Damiana- good for the internal healing. (Also an aphrodisiac so be careful lol)
*Second Fajate
*Arm compression sleeves - to keep the swelling down (pink for breast cancer awareness month!)
*Clear nipple ring - since metal piercings aren't allowed in the operating room and I don't want mines to close!
*Lipo foam Sheets - for comfort inside the compression garment
*Ginger - for a quicker recovery for the bruising. I'm light bright so I bruise very easy and I'm afraid it will look terrible! Ginger won't hurt so it's worth a shot.
Benadryl- for the itching and healing
Compression socks - leg compression to minimize swelling
Maderma - for scars and healing

I went to my doctor today and informed her of my SX. 1st let me tell you one of my best friends passed away early last year and I went through that, cosmetology school, and a lot of things. My blood pressure had been high but finally it has been controlled with medication! (I read from Yily's email that as long as it's controlled it's ok) so I found out my blood pressure is perfect, I weigh 180lbs ???? and my Hemo is 13.1 ????????! So my doc was initially like HELL NO when I told her where I was getting my procedure. Then once I showed her what I was having done and the docs work she was more comfortable. She thought I was getting a weight loss surgery like lap band or something similar. I found out one of the mediation in the email from Yily is something I'm allergic to ????. I am allergic to anything in the penicillin family and Augmentin is in the penicillin family so I'll let you dolls know what my doc says and what yily says about that. 11 days before I fly to DR and 14 days before my SX! I think that's all I have to update you all on now! Ask away if you need to know anything more about the medications (I'll post what Yily Said you'd need for an RX.

As promised! More of my BBL Packing items!

So here's a couple of things I purchased to take with me to the DR! Let's start with the Cheez-it's lol I hear sometimes your hungry, so I got them
As a snack if I can't get ish down and need something in my stomach. I got hot and spicy because I know with all of the meds, constipation is sometimes an issue and spicy foods are my fave and keep me regular lol

The deodorant is because I may be hot lol it's the DR baby!!!! I just want to be fresh and clean at all times!

I purchased Ensure Enlive because I may not be able to keep foods down as I've read on this site. I want to keep my body healing and nourished so hopefully these do the trick!

The Scar Away is something I've heard from my medical field clients as well as post op patients! It's great for reducing the visibility of scars! So I'll take it!

Always MAXI with NO wings. I've seen people bring all types of things for the fluid leaking and bleeding from the drains and incisions. In all reviews, (even the folks that said "I ain't stuffing my faja with no damn pad") said the pads absorbed the most blood and got the job done better than anything else!

Neosporin just because it's good for scars. Hell, I may make a combo cream with this and the gel I purchased in my previous post just to get maximum results. Don't play. I don't play with my skin lll

Lastly, overnight GENTLE laxatives because I hear constipation is an issue and I don't want to be sitting in the DR full of shit lol literally!

So I will update you all when I return as to if some of these things were or weren't needed! Ttyl Dolls!

Nipple piercings in the Dominican Republic

Initially I went to Amazon and found a clear (Plastic) nipple bar. I purchased it and tried it out and it was HUGE! It was way too long and the circumference was too big.It was cute, has glitter in the balls....but no lol....And it only came with ONE! So read ladies! Because I didn't, but that worked out for me because I didn't want em any way! I went to the local tattoo shop where I initially got them pierced and purchased "Temp" plastic piercings there. They said to only use them RIGHT BEFORE SX because you skin will try to heel onto the plastic. That was good to know because I didn't want to forget to change them so I was going to change them before I went. That would have been a bad idea! Well Dolls, 11 days until SX and 8 days till my flight!!! I CAN NOT WAIT! I have so many clients scheduled for sew ins this week so that the time will fly by! Im working from Sunday up until I leave!

Let me make sure I'm not missing anything else......................So I took my Faja out of the package....I think Ill use it for a phase 2 faja......I know the SX price only comes with 1 and since Ill be having lipo to the arms and inner thighs, I wanted one with more compression in those areas as well as the usual areas! Heres pics! Ask me questions if you need to!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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