Bbl,full Body Lipo,breast Reduction - Dominican Republic

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Im 23yrs old, 5'4, weight 166pounds, I want to be...

Im 23yrs old, 5'4, weight 166pounds, I want to be back in shape I was always around 130-140pounds, I want to share my experience with you guys, I planning on hire "bella vita consultants", I know people like to judge but im doing this for me, I use to be so confident now my self-esteem is so low, but it will be back lol

Duran is impossible to get

Since Duran is impossible to get I heard if you hire "bella vita consultants" she will get you the appointment, she will setup everything, like RH ect... so I contacted her she replied the same day!!! she charge $200 I haven't paid yet I will do that monday then after dat she will contact Duran...
Duran is booked until April 16 so my sx will probably be in the middle of April or first week of May


I decided to put my pictures, if im gonna do this I have to post my picture so u guys can see

immm soooo excited, (and a little sad)

Sooo I woke up this morning I was like let me try to call Duran's office, so I sent my pictures and I also sent my sister's pictures cause she's going for a BL with my information then I called I got Elizabeth!!!...then she sent me my sister's quote first($3000) and my quote $3900 for bbl and lipo, in case I need a TT it'll be 4800 hopefully I'll just need a lipo I dnt want a TT, the sad part is she can't do the BR the same time so I have to come back which I won't do because I'll get my insurance to pay for it so I'll do it in the States, so my surgery date is April 23rd but I'll fly early in the am on the 22nd

so girls you have to be very persistent on calling, send your pictures and call, especially around 7-8am the # is 809-565-5348 you will get Elizabeth
when u call tell her you spoke to her 2weeks ago she said she would send you a quote lol so u have to lie a little bit then she and make sure you let her know your deposit is ready


Why is duran said I can't have a lipo, bbl and breast reduction at the same time, she said she can only do lipo and bbl while I see other girls get 3 at the same time, my main problem is my breast because they are too big for me, im always in pain, back, and shoulder pain, I have to wear like 2 bra to support them.
so im thinking if I get the lipo and bbl only the pain will be worse and my breast will look way too much for my body so I'll talk to her about dat and see what she says because if I can't get the breast reduction I won't go to D.R I'll just have my Insurance cover it for me in the U.S :-(

flight booked

Hiiii I just booked my flight!!!


Can I say I haaaaate my breast!!!!


I wish I wish lol

reviews about Harmony Deluxe RH?

did u guys went to that recovery house, I never saw any reviews about it, they have good pictures on IG tho...I spoke to the lady I think she's the owner she's very drop some reviews about it if u went there or know someone who went there, thxxx


8 days pre-op!! I can't wait!

5days til my sx!

Juices I've been drinking

im in D.R

I got there around 9:30 am, the driver took me to the recovery house to drop my luggage then we went to CIPLA for my lab.
when I got there everything was good I forgot to ask my hemo level...when I ask they just say it's normal...
I came yesterday my surgery is today, im in the room waiting for the blue pill

Im on the flat side!!

I will update 2morrow cause im a little tired

not happy

I don't know wat Duran did in my butt....I spent all dat money and went through all dat pain to look "regular", my butt is the same as it was b4 SX, she added hips for me which I didn't want, and I hate looking at girls with all dat hips when they turn around there's not really enough butt for all dat hips...anyway my but has no kind of projection whatsoever, u can't tell where my hips end or where my butt start, just depressing
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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