BBL Experience Dominica Republic = Dr Yily Santos and Diamond Recovery House. Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm from London i decided to go to DR for a BBL...

I'm from London i decided to go to DR for a BBL because there is nobody near by that does it how i like.
1) Make sure you pack Tshirts as your faja willing into your arms with a tank top
2) Bring your OWN pain killers and about 3 boxes
3) Arnica pills and gel
4) self shampoo cap or dry shampoo
5) 4 Packs of baby wipes
6) SNACKS if you have a shit recovery house like i did (more below)

Injections you need before travelling:
1) Typhoid
2) Hepatitis A
All these injections are available on the NHS, get them before you go.

Arrival and the airport and Diamond recovery house

So when i got to the airport i was picked up by Jose who doesn't speak a word of English but he is a nice guy. I recommend you download Google translate it helped me a lot with communicating with people. Drove to the recovery house and met two ladies who didn't speak a word of English, this is were the google translate helped. When i went into the bathroom it was dirty, I asked them to clean it which they did although not very well. There was hair in the bathroom drain and a pubic hair on the shower wall, the taps clearly weren't cleaned in a long time as there is built up limescale on them! This is when i wish i just booked a hotel and left, I didn't listen to my gut instinct. I dont know how to flip these photos round as i updated my computer so sorry about them being side ways.

Going to have surgery and the surgery

So i got up at 5.30am to go the the clinic. I was picked up by jose. When i arrived at the clinic i had my bloods, xray, heart exam ect. I was waiting around for about 5 hours before having my surgery. Something which really annoyed me is girls who were booked to have their surgery on Monday but couldn't because of BMI/blood ect were put before me, wouldn't it make sense that since i was booked in advance on wednesday i go before them, even the xray man said this that it doesn't make sense they were put before me. Really pissed me off and i actually just wanted to walk out. Because of this also Yily was overbooked, as i was waiting Yily went to walk out to do surgery but the receptionist told her i was having surgery today, my spanish isn't great but from what i can understand Yily was pissed off because I wasn't seen before and she thought she saw everyone. This isn't Yily fault but the receptionist for putting girls who were booked on Monday before me. When i went inside Yily office she hugged me and drew on me, I could tell she was annoyed but it wasn't because of me but because the receptionist overbooked her. Yily told me my blood was 11.7 but they will ask someone else (i cannot remember some other doctor) if the surgery can go ahead as I am not a big girl and everything else is healthy. I then went downstairs and they asked me more questions and took my blood pressure again. They really do a lot of work to find out you are healthy enough. They confirmed i could have the surgery even though my blood was below 12. (Please do not think if you are below 12 you can have your surgery as well, as i said i was small to start with and i'm a really healthy person that's the only reason they did it. They turned other girls away) I then was asked to get dressed in some blue hospital clothes and take a blue pill. I met some man who was putting my drip in, he couldn't find a vein so poked my hand about 4 times which hurt. As other reviews have mentioned the hospital gear does look old, like something from 1960's it is not like the UK or US. I then fell asleep i'm assuming as i cannot remember anything after that. I think i woke up during surgery, i have a vague memory of feeling a stinging pain in my butt and being on my stomach. After i woke up and was waiting for a room i was FREEZING COLD i kept moaning and the mean man said to me you have a blanket what more do you want lol apparently this is a reaction to the lipo, I thought i was going to die as nobody mentioned this. So if this happens to you its normal and dont panic. I think i was knocked out again because i kept moaning because next thing i remember is waking up in a hospital bed with a nurse at the other end.

Hospital stay and going to recovery house

The hospital stay is the WORSE part of everything, because you cannot move your back kills. I had this horrible pee bag attached to my vagina which was uncomfortable. I kept forcing myself to sleep and waking up hoping it will be day time and i can go.
My nurse was really nice though and caring, she brushed my hair and feed me. Really nice lady.
They stay at the end of your bed until the morning.

Yily came in and said my bloods were ok and i can come off my drip which i was like THANK GOD.
So they took out my drip and that horrible pee bag and Jose came in with a wheelchair to pick me up.

I wanted to brush my teeth before leaving so the nurse helped me out of bed and i went to the bathroom. When i was at the sink i peed myself, it just came out i couldnt even control it, it was because of that pee bag thing, it messed up my bladder.
SO EMBARRASSING but the nurse just acted normal and wiped me down and put my other trousers on me.

So bring a spare set of clothes and before you get in the taxi please go toilet because it could of been worse and i could of peed myself in the taxi!

There was traffic on the way back but i arrived back at the recovery house and i just slept most of the day.

Back at Diamond recovery house

So back to the recovery house.
To start they were Okay here however as days went by i felt more like a burden rather than a paying guess. I was at the recovery house alone in my room for 4 days.
I paid to stay here for 7days at a cost of around $450.
They try to feed you as cheaply as possible and do as little work as possible.
Yily states in her instructions no junk food, no fried food, no sugar. (relevant for below)

They gave me tea with expired milk and tried to bundle it with gallons of sugar in hopes i wouldn't notice. When milk expires it separates into bits, when i sipped the tea i tasted these bits immediately and spat it out.
If you look at this recovery house website it states TWO snacks and three meals.
Since staying there i had 0 snacks.
They on three occasions just gave me crackers for breakfast, just dry crackers in a packet.
I ate the same lunch for 5 days in a row, rice, kidney bean sauce, old chicken or old beef, old veg.
The first day i actually had kidney beans then after they just gave us the sauce it comes in the can whilst they ate the beans. I knew this food was old.
When chicken or beef is old it becomes tough and when vegetables are old they become tasteless and bitter.
I am a chef and work at a 4 star hotel in london so i KNOW all these things.
I can taste something and i KNOW how long it has been left out or sitting there. This food was old, no questions about it. Which is why i started to refuse to eat in the end.

They gave me for dinner twice stale white bread sandwiches which i KNOW was around 1 week pass the sell by date. Again they tried to smother the bread in ketchup but it just doesnt work.

I was given chips, fried fish, fried chicken despite them knowing we are not to eat anything fried.

The cooking was like a 10yr olds cooking and dont think because im a chef im picky, this is not the case, i eat food from other people with no complaints.
Its pretty standard you do not give expired food to people who are PAYING you i wouldnt even give expired food to my dog, who the fuk does that!

They didnt give a fuck if they made us ill or not.
On one day they even tried to give me and my room mate 50p noodles for lunch and for dinner they made some chicken soup with no chicken in it but i went downstairs and they cooked something else for themselves with chicken.
Im guessing they used the bones or something from their chicken to make our soup, wouldnt put it pass them.

They didnt even spend $10 a day to feed us, they literally tried to feed us for $2 a day.
So im interested to know what i was paying $65 a day for?
I couldn't shower and only used minimal water to brush my teeth, half the time i was sleeping so the electricity wasnt on. What exactly cost $65 a day?

This place was like a prison.

When it came to medication linette who does speak english would scratch her ass and touch the floor or other girls then come take my medication out the packet and give it to me from her hand.
How fuking unhygienic is that. Common sense you give mediation to people in a cup or you put it in their hand. I never saw her once wash her hands.

linette clearly had some sort of issue with me which made me feel like even more shit. You have to ask her ten times to do anything.
After i was refusing to eat i asked her to get me some chocolate from the store since i was in pain to go. She of course didnt get it and tried to lie and say she came in and i was sleeping when she was going to get it.
Another girl from next door went with linette to the hairdressers, the girl told me she told linette to call me so i can come but linette LIED and said i told her i was ill.
When i spoke to the other girl she told me linette told her i was ill and said i didnt want to come.
I was wide awake and linette knew i wanted to get my hair washed, she didnt even ask me if i wanted to go.

I asked linette several times to call the driver so he can take me to the store since she constantly made excuses and again she was like "yeah i called him"
I waited 4 hours before getting pissed off and i sat downstairs in front of her and said call him in front of me she tried to make another excuse so i said call an uber, she said you need the app, so i downloaded the app.
I think she knew i wasnt going away this time and she called her friend to take me to the store.

I dont understand what her problem was she was SO against me going to the store, WHY
This made me paranoid that she was doing something to my food or something, like why are you so reluctant for me to buy my own food?

Heres another thing she did which i thought was the lowest of the low out of everything.
On wednesday the day before i leave, I told her to call the driver at 2pm to come get me, she literally sat there and tried to convince me it was TUESDAY today and NOT wednesday and that she wont call the driver until wednesday.
I told her i have a smart phone it is logged as DR-SD and NOT the UK it is wednesday but she tried to tell me it the UK was a DAY ahead of the DR.
LOL does this prick think im dumb or something?
Like when she tried to tell me there were no mosquito in the DR yet zika virus which is rampant in the DR is spread by them, YEAH OK.

And before you think maybe she made a mistake it wasn't. The fact she tried to use the UK a day in front excuse i know she was trying to make me miss my flight. This convo happened around 3pm so it was no where near night time.

So the next day i left i told her the driver needs to be here at 2pm because i knew she would call him late, which i was right because he arrived at 2.45-3 but i lied about my flight time which was 5pm so it was fine.

Going home and summary

When i landed at heathrow i cried. I know it sounds super sad and the guy next to me was probably thinking wtf but i felt like i just left prison.
It wasnt the surgery that upset me it was the recovery house. That palce is a prison.
You are better off booking a hotel and if i ever was to do anything like this again i would, another girl i shared a room with told me in the hospital i she did this and i see why.

You are paying $65 to share a room/bathroom with two other girls and thats it.
At a hotel you will have your own room, if you get all inclusive you will get feed as well if not it is cheap to eat out there.
Uber rides are cheap, a girl from my RH told me when she went to the mall which was 30mins away the taxi was $6.
The taxi to and from the hotel and all appointments are charged at $100 if you go via the all inclusive quote yily gives. So it works out more expensive then if you were to book a taxi yourself.
The recovery house do not do anything different or special and if you get a horrible one like i did then you will be wondering where the hell your $65 a day went.

I basically paid to be in prison, that is what i felt like.
The RH i feel (maybe im wrong with other ones but im going to judge on MY experience) they prey on foreign girls who think they will need a driver/someone to cook for them to feel safe but you do not.
At hotels they will speak English, you will get a room to yourself, uber app does work there, hotels 9/10 have restaurants inside so you can choose what you eat and it is cheap out there.
Do yourself a favor and book a hotel. You do not need a recovery house at all its all BS.

Would i ever do this again: Probably not maybe if i got paid £1000000000000000
Am i happy with my results: Yes
is it painful : Yes
is it worth it overall: NOPE

Not leaving that prison when they tried to give me rotten milk
Telling Yily i didnt want a big ass, i would of preferred more to be transferred as i know you lose some fat eventually.
Not booking first/business class that plane ride was HELL it was 10 plus hours.

Before and after photos

I heard of the fluffing phase but doctors on here have said its a myth, so is it true or not

can anyone who has had a BBL say? I wish my arse was bigger!
I will keep posting updates as well girls so you can all see.

6 weeks update

So just wanted to update everyone on my 6 weeks (well nearly had my surgery on 18th feb) as i heard basically at 6 weeks what you have will stay. The side profile doesn't look good but i can work on it at the gym, the back i like and front.
Even though i said i wont have round 2 i might but this time in spain i cannot do that 10 hour flight ever again! I hoping it will fluff a little, its my fault though cause i said when i had the surgery i didn't like it and i wanted it to be smaller cause i look like a donkey i think i cursed myself lol
I feel much better still feel like a tug almost on my stomach but the scar on my stomach has gone and lower back, I use coco butter everyday and shea butter it helps a lot.

If any of you clicked on my and saw me ask doctors a question about a lump of fluid where my pelvic is it has gone now so if that happens to anyone know it will go in time and not to worry about it.
If any of you girls need any advice you can email me or leave a comment on here and i will reply.

'faja' details for girls from the UK

I just wanted to add to girls from the UK (maybe america as well not sure) that we don't call it faja over here and you may do a google search and buy one from a another country where you will have to pay shipping tax ect.
You can use any Body shaper as your second stage i saw one girls review how she got one from primark, i am currently using this one which is a tenner on amazon, i unfortunately did pay another company £60 for one cause i didn't know it was that a body shaper and faja where same thing, super annoying!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily is a good doctor but she is over booked, I had to wait hours for surgery which is super annoying when you have to wake up at 5.30 am and not eat. I like my shape and she did visit in the hospital and at the RH. I didnt like the fact i had to walk around with $5000 it makes you paranoid there needs to be a system where you can pay via card or something. Its to much money to carry. I do think the medication is a expensive, $250 if i was to buy all i had in the UK it would be around £100 max and london is one of the most expensive cities in the world. As i said in the review Yily didnt spend anymore than 10mins with me before surgery which i dont think is her fault its due to her receptionist booking previous girls before me. I did email her to complain about the RH experience but no reply, probably wont reply which is a bit disappointing considering i was guided to stay there by her assistant. Overall wouldn't do it again due to everything but Yily does give a good shape.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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