BBL by Duran Winter 2016 - Dominican Republic

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I am booked to have a BBL/Lipo with Dra. Duran on...

I am booked to have a BBL/Lipo with Dra. Duran on Thanksgiving 2016. That's 18 weeks away, and I plan to post once a week until then.

I am currently 5'6" and 160lbs. My goal is 130lbs, so I will be losing 30 lbs in the next 4 months. Just started doing the master cleanse to kick it off. Will update on progress.

I found a sx buddy who is booked with Duran on the same day as me, but she is doing a TT. She is staying at Princess, so I plan to book the same RH sometime this weekend. She is doing a double room, but I'm not sure whether double or private is best. Will update.

Today I went to the doctor to have my blood drawn, and my results will be in next week. Hopefully I'm not anemic or otherwise in bad shape. Will update.

Haven't bought my ticket yet.. Honestly thinking of waiting a little longer. A monday appt that same holiday week would be better than Thursday because it would only be one more day off work and I would have more recovery time. I'll hold off one more month before booking flight- the prices from NYC seem pretty stable around 375.

I'm going to hold off telling my doctor for another 2 weeks. I'm not sure what to tell my job yet. I'll tell them it's surgery, but not sure what to say specifically. I don't technically need to tell them, but it would be really weird if I refused to tell my coworkers what I'm doing. Something generic like back surgery? Technically, it is true!

Over the next 2 weeks I plan on reading a lot of reviews and making lists of what I need and what vitamins I should be taking. Then I'll go to my doctor.

Until next week! xoxo

2nd Update

Hello all,

A little late for this update, should have submitted on Friday.

Got my blood work results back. My hemo is at 11.7. White blood cell count is a little low as well. Everything else is normal on the blood front, so just have a little work to do getting my iron levels up.

But, we discovered something else! I had some hardness in my abdomen so my doctor ordered an ultrasound, then an MRI. I have 3 fibroids that need to be removed or otherwise treated. These are benign growths in the uterus. I'm going to see the director of the fibroid center this week to see what the best option is, and I'll ask him if getting lipo will get in the way of treatment. I wouldn't have gone to my obgyn until January, so really glad I went to see the doctor for bloodwork and routine checkup now. If the fibroids get large, they can affect your ability to have children! Who knew prepping for a BBL could save your uterus?!

Besides that, I still am looking for a good RH. Visage of Grace had a special that ended on 7/31. Tried to use the promo code yesterday, and they told me the special ended on 7/31 at 12:00am. Come on. That means it ended 7/30. So decided not to book with them. Probably a good thing because they wanted me to buy my own food because I'm a vegetarian -- I was on the fence about that caveat. This is probably a good thing, though, as I need to consult with my doctor to see what my fibroid treatment will be and if I need to move this BBL to a later date or not.

To be continued. Send a little prayer up for me, my appointment is tomorrow!

3rd Update

So a lot has happened since my last update. Got my fibroid surgery done last month. Had one of the best surgeons in NYC, and he did an amazing job. I'm feeling great, and really happy I had that done! Seriously wouldn't have caught it if I hadn't gone to the doctor to prepare for my BBL. Who knows how much worse it would have gotten.

So because of my amazing recovery, I plan to move forward with my BBL. I'm currently 145lbs, and am a lot smaller than before. I'm not going to try to lose or gain weight.

I have a lot to do in the next couple months, but right now I'm pretty excited at the thought of getting all this done before the end of the year and recovering by the time it's warm again. Not looking forward to the pain and discomfort in the months following the procedure, or the plane ride home, or going back to work 10 days later However, going through this last surgery helped reduce my anxiety and helped me mentally prepare because now I know what going through in-patient surgery in general is like.

I'd like to stay at Essence, but still haven't decided on a RH. This is it for now!
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