BBL with Dra. Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi guys I am fairly new to this, I have been doing...

Hi guys I am fairly new to this, I have been doing a lot of research about Dra. Yilly and Dra. Duran; I was never able to reach Dra. Duran but I was able to reach Dra. Yily they both seem GREAT to me there work is amazing, so hopefully I get the results I want for a BBL. I am booked with Dra. Yily for January 14th if anyone is traveling during that time PLEASE let me know ASAP I would really like a travel buddy because as of right now I am traveling alone :(

need a buddy ASAP for january

Hi guys, so i am no longer going to yily, i did not have a good feeling and i heard a couple of things that got me worried, so i am going with Dra. Hilario Duran now, and i feel good about my decision, now my issue is i dont know which recovery house would be of best choice, I booked with Angela and Armonia but i would really LOVE to link up with a buddy. I will be there January 13th so if anyone is going around that time and needs a buddy PLEASE let me know

Recovery house suggestions

any recovery house suggestions please ? I am debating between angela and armonia? or please just let me know which RH is best known and take good care of you. thank you

the count down begins! soon to become a duran doll !

Hey guys, so the count down has officially begun i am ALMOST ready, i have everything i need, i just need to pack. I am EXTREMELY NERVOUS! There is exactly 10 days left, I fly out JAN 12th at 10pm and land in DR at 3am, i booked an overnight flight, it was much cheaper and i go into surgery the very same day the 13th. Guys i have on concern, DOES ANYONE KNOW IF IT IS SAFE TO SHAVE BEFORE SURGERY? and how many days before surgery if it matters? please let me know if you know. Thank you.
ill keep you posted !

The day has come guys!!!

OMGGGGG!!! I am SO NERVOUS I fly out tomorrow at 10pm !!! This is seriously going down guys I will be a Duran doll by Monday OMG !!! I will be getting picked up by Angela's husband at the airport Monday at 3am then leave my stuff at their house then head to CIPLA at 6am please pray for me guys I am so nervous I went to get a massage yesterday to relax me a bit but it didn't help I am still super scared/nervous!! I'll keep you guys posted :( :*

Emotions going all fucked up

I am feeling all types of emotions right now, sad, nervous, scared, excited aghhhhh! I'm sure once I hit my flight hate tomorrow it'll get worse, I will probably be crying in the airplane all the way to DR . The hardest part of this for me I think is that I have absolutely no one supporting me in this I couldn't even tell my mom :( I only have a friend who I communicate with everyday who is traveling to DR around the same time as I but going to a different doctor she's been extremely helpful on telling me what I need to get and this and the other she's the best. But other than that I didn't tell anyone else about this. Agh I hope everything goes well and I have a decent recovery. Keep ya posted!

Recovery house!

Ok guys does anyone know if Angela charges 65/night everything included or excluding the nurse ? I am supposed to be staying with her and I head there tonight but I jst saw someone talking abt how she charges the 65 plus additional for the nurse she assigns wth!!!! Can someone plz let me know if you know. I was supposed to stay at armonia at first and now I am so worried they won't have anymore spots aghh help!!!!

I am here!

Hello everyone! I am in DR!! I am at Angela's house it is 4am Angela's husband picked me up at the airport and everything went very well, I am going to get some rest then head to CIPLA, there are currently no other girls here just me which kinda sucks in a way... But oh well, please please pray for me everyone I am super scared :( &i got my period smh!! I'll keep you guys posted!

Still waiting ....

I'm at CIPLA in my big blue robe all marked up and ready to go! I've been here since abt 7am and bows it's almost 11 it's a process registering and getting all the check ups done but now I am just waiting, so far everyone has treated me very kindly and angel and teresita which are the ppl from the recovery house are GREAT! Keep y'all posted ????????


Oh! Btw I am dying of thirst but they won't let me drink any water ????????????????????

Operation was a success!

Hi everyone so yesterday I got to CIPLA at 630ish almost 7, I had my consultation w Duran, which btw she is gorgeous !! She marked me up then I got all the paper work done and blood work done. I didn't go into surgery untill like 3ish? I remember I took my blue pill and it wasn't making me fall asleep , durans helper was like "you must be very active and that's why it's not making you fall asleep" next thing you know Duran came in and someone injected the anestisa on my arm & I don't remember anymore from then untill I all of a sudden woke up in my room at 8ish pm , Duran walked in and asked how I was feeling and that she was leaving but she would check up on me the next day. All night I was in such pain I would fall asleep for an hour and wake up for another 3 it was horrible, but now I'm up I just got my faja on and all cleaned let me tell you this was the WORST part of all SO PAINFUL!! but overall everyone is super nice here, I just want to head to my RH tho :/ surgery was a success thanks to my dear God
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