BBL with Dra. Yily De Los Santos, Dominican Republic

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Hi all I am getting a BBL done with Dra. Yily De...

Hi all

I am getting a BBL done with Dra. Yily De Los Santos. Her communication has been wonderful and things have been going smoothly. My date is scheduled for December 20 and will be staying at Daisy RH. At the moment I am still doing more research and yet to buy flights. Looking for an SX buddy :) thanks!!

She's ok

Dr. Yily De Los Santos performed my surgery in DR on December 20th. I am over 3 month post op and feeling ok. I’m not here to bash her but want to give a very honest review.

My results are OK. Point blank. I think with her it’s a hit or miss especially if you have a few extra pounds don’t expect a miracle from her. I think she does an ok job. She didn’t take out enough fat from my back. Now that my skin is softer I see it in the back. My butt looks nice but I already had a big butt to begin with. Overall I’m ok with the results. I will need more work done because she didn't do my arms like I asked. She didn’t really do the best job she could have which is very disappointing because I invested all this money and traveled alone to come back not entirely happy.

Cipla is disgusting. I knew it was going to be a train wreck but damn. The workers there are super unprofessional. I'm not going to rant on this clinic because we all know its not the best. But, I will say they are so careless that one day while I was having my blood drawn, the "nurse" discarded the syringe in the biohazard box by flinging it across the room! Then instead it fell on the floor! That was so disgusting! When they cleaned me up they literally flush your blood, fluid and piss down the toilet and don't even clean it afterward! Dirty.

As a doctor I think Yily needs to tone her attitude down. She barely spoke to me the day I did my tests in Cipla. The day of my surgery she walked in with this prideful attitude as if I was taking up her time. She looked at my stomach and made a face which really bothered me. She didn’t really listen to what I asked for and she rushed me in my waiting room. She literally almost forced the water and blue pill down my throat so I could pass out. I felt like she just wanted to get my surgery over with. She never came in my room to check on me in the 24 hours I stayed at Cipla. She never saw me during my follow up appointment to check on my body, her assistant did all the work (let me just say she was super nice and helpful). The day of my follow up she called me in her office to “double check on me” and quickly asked if I had questions and again I felt rushed! Let me add that she had no shoes on and the room spelled like she got a fresh pedicure. No damn comment! The day of my drain removal again this woman was nowhere to be found. Again, her assistant did all the work!!!! I was so over her that I didn’t even care if I saw her! Her assistant and girls from her office were way more damn helpful than she could ever be!! The only time I saw her was when she gave the thumbs up for me to leave Cipla. Again, felt rushed and she barley said much. Once I got back to my recovery house and spoke to another patient I came to realize how I should have never chosen her as my doctor. This was my first surgery ever and she never once paid me any attention. I wasn’t expecting VIP service but damn, are you that busy that you need to rush me out your business and you are unavailable that you have your assistant do all your work!? She’s nothing big and it’s a hit or miss with her. I now see and believe that the negative results I read on RS about her were true.
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