BBL with Dra Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, 5 WEEKS PO. New Pics.

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Hi BBL sisters! I live in Canada. I have been...

Hi BBL sisters! I live in Canada. I have been considering having lipo with BBL for some times now. After 2 pregnancies the abdomen, especially the lower abdo is no longer flat. I worked hard at the gym, but it wont get like I wish for it to be. So I will have lipo of full abdo, flank, full back, inner/outer thighs and knees, maybe arms. I will be travelling to the DR to have my surgery on Jan. 22th. Thanks to you BBL sister veterans, I was able to know what to pack. At this point I'm excited, but also nervous about the whole procedure wich is normal. I will be staying at Jacqueline Marrero Spa for 10 days. I pray that everything goes well.

I arrived in DR on Jan. 21st for surgery date Jan....

I arrived in DR on Jan. 21st for surgery date Jan. 22nd. At the airport Jacqueline Marrero and her driver Junior was waiting for us. My flight was fine. Then we drove to Jacqueline Spa Medical and got settle in our room (was sharing with Fluffycake), nice room by the way. Then we met the other girls at the RH ate supper and got ready for bed, because we had to get up early to be a CIPLA for 7h00 AM.

There was 3 of us from the RH for surgery that day: Fluffycake was patient: #1, me #2 and the other girl #3. When we arrive @ CIPLA we met Yily's 4th patient. Yily's assistant who speaks English was with us during the whole time, she brought us to meet the cardiologist, blood test, X-ray et help to fill the consent forms which are in Spanish. Then around 11h00 am Yily came and start with Patient #1, then it was my turn. I told her what I wanted while showing her on my body what I wanted her to lipo. I specifically told her NO HIP. She looked at me shocked and said: '' but all the Girls wants hip''. I smiled and told her not for me. I have enough hips for my liking and my main goal was the aggressive lipo to my waist. And for the booty i told her just a little bit mostly on the top part, since I already had a booty big enough, but wished for little more projection. Originally my quote of 3150$ was for full abdo lipo, full back lipo, inner/outer things, knees and arms with BBL. However, I did blood test on myself before living Canada and my hemoglobin was 11.9. The morning of the surgery Yily told me it was 11.6. She declined my arms lipo, because she said that I will bleed a lot from inner thighs lipo and my hemoglobin will drop significantly. So she removed 150$ from my initial quote and said that if she can do it safely, she will then i will pay her, if not no arm lipo. It was fine with me, because my arms are not that big, Yily even said: '' your arms are fine''.

I went to the OR @ 18h00, although Fluffycake with whom I was sharing a room @ CIPLA came back from OR @ around 13h00. BY the time they came to get me for OR, the BLUE PILL (Midazolam 15 mg) that I was given had no more effect. So, when I got to the OR I explained to the anesthesiologist and ask for other sedation. He said no problem, (he is a very nice gentlemen). He gave me sedation via the IV. Then they put the Foley catheter and sat me against someone chest and they put the epidural catheter in. I was out. Now at some point during my back lipo, I woke up, I felt no pain, but I could feel the movement of the cannula in my back (vigorous movement). I remember moaning and they gave me more meds right away and I went to sleep again. (Another girl at the RH told me that it happened to her also). Then I woke up later in my room on my back and I was in real pain. My back was killing me and my left side also was burning like hell with any little movement. Also I have not regain full usage of my leg. (Could take up to 2hrs post epidural anesthesia), but the feeling is panicking. I felt like I was shocking and I was asking the nurses to turn me slightly on my side so I could breathe better. They kept refusing and I could not do it myself because of no movement from my waist down. Anyway they gave me some pain meds and meds for nausea and I slept maybe 30 min. and that night was the longest night ever. I kept checking the clock every 5 min. until am. There was some help sleeping in the room, she was not helpful at all, I do not know what she was doing in our room. Then in the morning the came with breakfast (forget it, could not eat). Then the blood technician came to repeat hemoglobin. Later around 11h00 Yily came with her assistant and she checked us and gave us prescription and said that we can be release to the RH. The night staffs in general at Cipla was not nice. The day nurse was much nicer.

We left for the RH with Jacqueline and when we arrive she put us to bed, set us comfortably with pillows. Then Anna came to take our prescription to the pharmacy and made a medication schedule for us. Then we fell into a routine schedule for the rest of the stay. Jacqueline Marrero recovery house is great! Jacqueline, Anna, Carmen, Diana are all so nice and caring people. They try their best to give individual care to each and every one. I highly recommend them! I stayed 9 days @ RH.

Things you need to know after the lipo you will feel extremely tired, dizzy at times and you will experience headache pain pressure like pain. (Yily said it is normal, because of lipo and the anemia state that you will be post lipo. You will have lost of stiffness, especially in the back area. You will not feel yourself. Now Yily uses drains post- op. She puts only one between the butt cheeks, which is good because she does not have to necessarily drain manually which could be I heard uncomfortable.

I’m finally home after a nightmare of a flight back home, thanks to Delta Airlines. My first flight from DR to NY was ok. Then I got to the gate for my flight to Montreal and was told that the flight was cancel for weather in Montreal? So I had to say at a hotel in NY for the night like a lonely sole (cost 140$) instead of being finally with my family. Honestly, I’m not someone that panic or even stress. I was in distress, tired, fed up, hungry and angry. And I still don’t have my luggage that has the FAJA xs that fits me. When I came out of surgery, they put me in a Medium size Faja and Yily the first day pots op told me that I should be in XS FAJA and it is true that my abdomen and lower back were not getting the compression needed. So I bought a XS one that fits me great, but now it is in my luggage somewhere with DELTA. I used my medium size one for the flight because I did not feel like being to tight and uncomfortable for the 4hrs flight to home and I did want the burden of a carry on. Anyway, hopefully, I will get it tomorrow.

I had 4 massages while in DR @ Jacqueline Spa, so I have 6 left. I will have to look tomorrow to book for next week.
I'm not rating anything yet, because I'm very swollen still and I did not get enough good compression since D1 post-op, so I cannot really say @ this point if I like my result or not. For same reason, I will not rate Yily yet. In the meantime, I post some pics with the Garment on. Also since D1 I have been on my butt, seating, sleeping. I have not notice a change, maybe less swollen, but no change in size. Will keep posting my progress as it is important as it is what this is all about. I was glad that others on this site helped me with their review and that is my time to give back.
If you have questions feel free to ask.

I'm 12 days Post-op today. Still very swollen and...

I'm 12 days Post-op today. Still very swollen and still without appropriate size of garment ( too big). I ordered from Vedette, hopefully they will ship it ASAP. In the meantime, I'm wearing the one I have. Unfortunately, I believe that I have a seroma left lower quadrant of my abdomen. It isn't too big. I will monitor it and make my decision. It is not painfull. Will see.

I'm now 5 weeks P.O. and I started to love my new...

I'm now 5 weeks P.O. and I started to love my new shape with the swelling going down more and more. I'm doing my Lymphatic drainage massages 2 per week wich helps a lot. I still have lots of sweeling and my back and flank are the worst. I'm now wearing an XS garment from Vedette and I also have an XS waist clinger from Vedette. I feel like my lower abdo is not getting enough compression. I dont know what could I do to improve that. For now I'm happy with what I see. The people at my work are looking (work with mostly women), but no one is saying anything, except for men of course. I love the fact that I still fit in most of my cloths, but with an improved shape wich was my goal anyway.
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