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Hey Everybody:I am new to RS, I've been on RS for...

Hey Everybody:

I am new to RS, I've been on RS for quite sometime, checking out people reviews on Dra.Yily BBL and BA. I know BBL is what I want, and will get. I'm considering BBL & BA at the same time. However I do Not need BA, it's more of a Want.

I am 23 years old with two children and another one on the way: 7 weeks to go :)
I plan on getting the SX in late December 2013 or early January 2014 (6-7 months after birth). I am 5'2" and I was 120lbs at first trimester of pregnancy. Before having children I was always a size 1 and now I wear a size 3 or 4. I don't have my exact measurements at this moment but I normally wear a 34C or 32/34 D Bra from Victoria's Secret.
Yes, the bra size sounds great, but without the special "Very Sexy "Push Up bra, my boobs isn't so sexy. Lol it's pretty much saggy. I breast fed my two children, and I'm going to try and breast feed my newborn this summer. Therefore, my boobs will definitely need some work done to look good again :)

I'd have to say pregnancy changed my body. I used to have ass, and now it disappeared on me. Depending on the angle of the picture, I can pose and make it seems like I have ass, however in reality; it's just a long back to me :( So this year after Christmas or after new years I plan on going to DR and get some work done by Dra.Yily!

For those who have BBL and BA done at the same time, I would really appreciate if you guys can share a little bit of your experience. I'm very nervous, and anxious at the same time.

I ready to deliver this baby and take some pre-op photos and measurements so I can get a quote. Do keep in mind, it runs in my family. We get back to our normal size fast after birth. My mom has 6 kids and this woman is still a size 1 and sometimes 2. My sis has 1 baby and she's a size 0 &1. I have 2 kids and I wear a 2 & 4.. I am very petite. 5'2" tall, 120lbs. I remember my hip was a 37 or 39. So when I get the SX I really want to focus on my waist and butt. I'm not worried about hips at all, and I really don't want it any larger bc I'm afraid my shortness might turn me into the stubby/oumpa-loumpa type>no bueno.

Well, that's it for now folks.
Thanks for viewing my blog.

So, I just sent Dr.Yily my photos today, hopefully...

So, I just sent Dr.Yily my photos today, hopefully I get a response by next week.. Fingers & toes are crossed ;D i hope its a bomb quote i can't resist =) lol but i will change the amount above this page as soon as i hear from her. Wish me luck !

So, I got my quote for $4,300 for BBL and BA and...

So, I got my quote for $4,300 for BBL and BA and BL.. then when I replied back with a few questions. The first thing Yily wrote was; that there was an error on my quote. She is quoting the 4300 w/o the lift.. With the lift its going to be $4,700. I told her I don't think I need a lift, nor do I want it because she said it will leave me a "J" or "L" scar. Hmm anyways, I got my SX date confirmed and now I just have to send her the deposit with a minimum of $200.. I will do that by the end of this week. Also, my birthday is in 3 days and mother's day in 4 days.. So, I told my husband what I really wanted.. and he bought it for me =) my plane ticket to DR yayyyy Happy Birthday to Me lol ... So this is official, I'm going to DR! I got my plane ticket. My date are set, would be official once I send the deposit but its confirmed through email for now ;) .. Hotel, RH.. hmm I've been searching around. I will book that as soon as I see a good deal. I did saw one the other day but I F***ed up.. I thought it was too cheap, something fishy, so I didn't book it. and when I research the hotel, I found out it was ranked at 8/10.. so boy I was pissed.. I went on the next morning it went up $45/ night smh. That was my fault. so since I noticed it fluctuating back and forth I'm just going to keep an eye on the price =) that's it for now folks. Good luck to those who just left to DR for their SX.

I will be flying out to DR on Dec 4th. I was just...

I will be flying out to DR on Dec 4th. I was just curious who else is going to DR for SX in December?

No i haven't deposit yet. but i sure hope my bank...

no i haven't deposit yet. but i sure hope my bank is cooperative since its a military banking lol.. i will let u know how it goes once i deposit it.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! I just got me an awesome...

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!
I just got me an awesome deal with the hotel. I just want to share. I'm staying at this Aparthotel in DR for 10 nights and this is including my transportation from airport to hotel from hotel to CIPLA from CIPLA to hotel from hotel to Airport.. All for $400 flat including tax and fees.. the only I would have to pay extra is when I go for a follow up.. but he said he can all the taxi their company works with and its only 200$ Pesos one way.. (41 pesos = $1 USD) ... Also, he recommend exchanging the currency elsewhere besides the Airport. He said you will not get 41 pesos for $1 @ the airport .. if you exchange it in DR at the mall you're better off that way :) ... oh yeah and he only recommend to change $20 USD worth of pesos.. its more than enough for taxi and food. If you need more info about this hotel feel free to message me or whatever's easy for you. Oh and to lock in the stay is $100 deposit through Paypal

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day !

So, Last night (Sunday) I got an email from Yily,...

So, Last night (Sunday) I got an email from Yily, unexpectedly.. She clarified the quote(s) and everything went well. I was getting upset because the quote wasn't making any sense.. first was 4300 then 4700 with or without breast lift.. but anyways we got all of that situated. I transferred money from my account to hers last night and it went through this morning.. I bought the plane ticket and I have already arrange a place/nurse/care in DR.. So far, everything is good. I started my shopping list on AMAZON, everything is pretty much in the cart, I just didn't pay for it. My question is .. is it ever too early to buy and pack all of this?! My Departure date is not until December 4th. So basically, I have roughly 7 months.. Should I wait on the buying list.. Money is tight right now. I only send her the minimum of $200 first.. I want to see if it goes through doing ACH Transfer from my bank, if not, I can always go to Chase and deposit it into her account.. Also, I'm not stopping at 200, once its confirmed she receives it, every other week or so I will continue to send her money, so when I get to DR I don't have to carry so much cash on me. Well, that's it for now. :)

Flight: Check Recovery House Stay: Check Deposit...

Flight: Check
Recovery House Stay: Check
Deposit Yily: Check
& I'd say countdown Begins.. But NOT lol.. its a long way from now lol..
December 2013 ...
This will be my X-Mas wishlist: New Me! & a Speedy Recovery: Amen :)
Soooo Excited! Oh and of course my new bundle of joy will be arriving in less than 4 weeks.. Baby #3 and probably the last baby on my list lol.. although I do want a total of 4 kids. But idk now.. Babies are EXPENSIVE!! and non-refundable ahahah

Compression socks.. you can get them off of...

compression socks.. you can get them off of for $8.98 for 2 pairs, but they are not thigh high.. they have those too, its like less than $8.. I guess you can search them under compression socks or anti-embolism stocking.

OK. So def I am going to get BBL and BA, no lifts....

OK. So def I am going to get BBL and BA, no lifts. Please Help me with my shopping list.. Also I have a few questions of why do we buy em. Like many ppl post to buy Maxi Pads to stuff it in the garment.. then why do we need the lipo foam? Also, Neosporin and bacitracin.. I never did use bacitracin, so I bought Neosporin and hopefully it serves the purpose. Bio Oil.. hmm never used it.. what's that for? Oh yeah and Depends> grown folks diaper.. someone had it on their list for drainage NOT FOR Peeing.. if I do need it, about how many is enough or recommended? Disposable chux.. would 18ct be enough? I also heard some ppl put it in their garment also, to avoid burns? idk, please help me out here.
****Thank you everyone for your input, its greatly appreciated :) *****
What I bought so far:
-Zegerid (omeprazole 20mg)
-Laxative/ stool softener
-Arnica Cream
-P ez Funnel
-Diurex water pills
-Disposable Chux
-Compression Thigh high stocking/sock
-Boppy Pillow

Debating if I should buy the lipo foam or just a lot of maxi-pads, idk. Also debating if I need the SQUEEM..>? waist clincher.

Duran did Yily's BUTT

STFU already about that! Its freakin annoying! If you DID Not get that Out of either from one of their mouth, STOP spreading FALSE statement. STOP playing the childish "Telephone" game. They're both talented FEMALE plastic surgeons. Both have nice butts, Does NOT make them each other's client. From all we know, her momma could of gave her that booty. " I got it from my momma".

25% off ends 5/27

Ladies! If you're looking to get some discounts and free shipping on your garment, sleeves, post op bra, squeem, etc check out classic shape wear website.. There's no minimum purchase to get free shipping. Their current promo is 25% off the entire purchase and I believe the promo code is MEM2013.. This is one of the biggest discount I've seen so far and free shipping :) ... The promo code is valid until 5/27. That's all I wanted to share. Enjoy

5 days & a wake up

Finally, its almost that time to deliver my baby boy ;) after that I can actually count down til the day I get my sx.. still debating if I should or shouldn't breast feed since I am getting BBL and BA done at the same time. I am very excited to meet my baby boy and I know time will fly. I am pretty much packed with my meds, wipes, etc. I just need to grab last minute items such as vitamedica surgery kit and wife beaters.. also I finally got a confirmation that they received my deposit. that was stressing me out because they couldn't confirm it since may 1 and they finally confirmed it last week smh. I will continue to make deposits.. I want to carry the least amount of cash as possible.

5 months to go

gave birth 3 weeks ago...
5 months left in the states and i'll be on the other side.
excited and scared at the same time


Yayyy I finally got my OB to write off prescriptions that Yily had listed.. I got almost everything except for Heparin, which is understandable why he didn't prescribe me those. So most likely I will be purchasing those in DR local pharmacy. I talked to a plastic surgeon here in the states and he recommend I get the Arnica Montana pills instead of the Arnica Cream, he said its more effective. A friend of mine had recently got lipo done and I had gave her my Arnica cream and she rarely uses it bc its too painful for her to take of the garment and apply in 3x's a day.. so she went and bough herself the pills.. and I think i'm going to do that also. well that's all for now August is around the corner, and when it does hit August I then would have 4 more months to go =D yeeeeeeeee !! EXCITED and ANXIOUS to the max

sorry for not replying to PMs

I apologize to those who have PM me and I didn't reply back... I couldn't reply back for some reasons and then later on I couldn't log in.. I finally reset my password and now i'm good to go. well I have a lil less than 4 months and i'll be on the other side =) .. my baby is healthy and strong.. he will be 2 months old tomorrow =D

Rescheduled my surgery date bc Yily will be on maternity leave

Hey RS Fam.. I am happy for Yily that she's expecting but darn, it messes up everything I had already arranged and paid for.. Its alright though, I managed to rescheduled my flights and my surgery date.. Now i'm left with RH to update n reschedule. So I will be going November 2013 instead of December. So let the count down begin :) also i'm rushing to come up with the remaining balance and hurry to deposit into Yily's chase account before I take off to Dominican.

Who's scheduled with Yily for November 2013

I'm just curious how many ladies on RS are confirmed and is scheduled for SX sometime in November.. I'm a lil nervous the simple fact I changed my entire plan just so I can get my SX before she goes on maternity leave.. So help me out here. I don't want to me the girl who's going to be scheduled for SX on a super booked day. I am scheduled for SX 11/11/13 Monday. Thanks ladies!

officially confirmed

let the count down begin :D!! Yayy I just got the email confirmation.. im scheduled for sx on Monday 11/11/2013 :)!! super happy. 57 more days yayyyy

38 more days!

Ahhhh! Its getting closer! I am super excited! I just received my Vitamedica Sugery program kit.. Once I'm down to 30 days I will start taking those pre meds Yily had listed for me on the email. The vitamedica kit is for 14 days prior to sx and 14 days post sx. who's going to yily in November? if its just me, i'm fine with that lol.. the less the better I guess =]

November is around the corner

I'll be in Dominican in 23 days and Sx in 24 days. Super nervous, got most of my supplies, just haven't pack yet. Anyways, I will start my Vitamedica Surgery Kit on October 28 which is 2 weeks prior to Sx. Anyways, I was planning on deposit the remaining balance into Yily's account however on someone's blog they mentioned she closed her Chase account.. Does anyone knows if this is true or not? I don't want to deposit into a closed account what not.


in Dominican in 22 days and Sx in 23 days

21 Days Pre Op photos

I am at 21 days pre op and I currently weight 136 lbs. I'm not trying to gain or loose any weight, I hope I have enough body fat :)

the rest of the shots

wish pic

All i want...

is a big booty and tiny waist. I know I want 500 cc silicone for my BA.. I want big boobs with a matching ass ahahah .. i'm not too concern about the 500cc to the breast, I don't think that's too big or anything because I have lots of breast tissues so I believe its going to look pretty nice ;) racks on racks on racks. ahhhh I am so ready! the days are flying by but I want it to hurry up some more. I don't know if I should continue updating my profile. I don't even think people look at my reviews.. We'll see. I will not update anymore review until I am 1 week post-op. And if everything is the same I might just delete this review account. Thanks anyways

Yira is Back!! Yayy

I called yily's office this afternoon and Yira answered the phone. I was so glad to hear her voice. I was told she no longer works there, and when I asked her she said no, she was on vacation. But anyways everything is going smooth. I will be the first patient on my surgery date - confirmed :] ... there's a total on 3 ladies on my Sx date. ahhh I am so excited! Yira answered all of my questions. 1. Chase account is CLOSED. 2. No other account at the moment therefore i have to bring cash with me to pay the balance 3. No eating after 10pm the night before surgery 4. come to the office 7am for blood work, don't come at 6am, bc they are scheduled to do work for patients from the previous day surgery. 5. I confirmed again with my quote, and don't flip flop on me 6. I confirmed my previous deposit and how much my remaining balance was. Damn! I am Ready for this Transformation! Super excited and happy!

My time is around the corner

wow! I am excited! anyways I want to do one quick update ...
I am 23 years old
Currently 5' 2" short :) 136 lbs (4 months after baby #3)
Post op measurements:
35 chest 30 waist 38 hips (no waist, my body has no shape)
What I Want:
Big booty, tiny waist literally, and 500cc Silicone
What I packed so far:
abdominal sterile pads
compression socks & stocking
maternity pads
adult wipes
tank tops
ace wrap for BA just incase
XL panties (3)
Tomorrow I will do my last minute shopping.. snacks and remedies
I know I want to buy some Gatorade, ensure, Benadryl, and saltine pretzels

Please feel free to comment below if you think i'm forgetting the important things that I should buy.. I know I didn't mention much clothing, but yes, its in there dresses/ sweats/ leggings/ t shirts/ hygiene products..

Thanks in advanced.. Shout out to krissylee21 !! I love her results! her boobs is one of my wish pic :)

Blood results

yayyy just got my results today from the lab and I am at 13.5 :) readyyyyyy! I board tomorrow night from cali, then coonect in jfk, then arrive sunday morning :) ahhhh I can't believe it,, pinch me lol jk

At the airport

Waiting to board. For once I am early for my flight lol.. I think a lil too early. I got here 3 hours prior. But anyways ahhhhhhhhh I am super excited. Ttyl

Final flight

Just landed in JFK and now boarding to the final destination :)

It just got real

Everythanggggg Spanish and Spanglish. Lol I somewhat understand it and can speak a lil enough to get by. Lol touch down in SDQ in 5 hours :)

Finally made it

:) this country reminds me of Jamaica.. White sands beautiful blue water .. Anyways I will update tomorrow when I go in for SX.. If I have the energy todo so

Wide awake... It's 3 in the morning

Well I guess I went to bed a lil early, 10-11 pm and now I'm up... Wish i can get another 3 hours bc I need to leave at 6:45 to CIPLA. Today is The Day :D I guess I'm excited that's why I can't go back to bed

When they say everyone recovery is different

That is the TRUTH! Omg I want to scream. My bbl doesn't hurt but my breast augmentation does! Almost unbearable. I'm having a really hard time breathing. I feel suffocated but don't get me wrong I'm loving my results. Yily was good to me. The nurses at cipla no bueno! If only I can cuss them out and understand what im sayin . Anyways as far my wish pix I kno for a fact BA was Accomplished! Bbl uhh idk I can't tell n plus she said I didn't have much fat at all :/ I got full back n abdomen lipo but wasn't enough to reach my dream booty. Majority was loose skin. Anyways I haven't taken any pix. I can barely lift or hold my iPad. My armpit are sore anything along the breast area are painful. I will try to update more. I'm officially 1 day post op

Appt with Yily in 5 hours

I'm having a hard time with my BA. It hurts really bad, so Yasmin called Yily and Yily wants to see me today at 10am. I hope it's nothing big and it's normal bc of after sx. Today will be 3 days post op for me. Still haven't take any booty pix. I hope once it fluff out I have some booty. As if right now in my opinion it's small, almost pre op size. I know for a fact I have curves. Well ttyl imma try to get some sleep.

Appt status & massage

My appointment went well today. She explained I will be in pain roughly about a month bc of the size of the implant and it's location ( under the muscle) ... I was approved today to start my massage. However my masseuse is booked up so she'll start tomorrow and I'm fine with that at 4 day post op and my 2nd appt with Yily will be Tuesday to take off my drain :/

Post op pic

In this pic I'm in a size small fajas.. 1st hook.. I'm swollen nd padded up.. Today I'm 3 day post op, sorry no pic.. I'm on the 2nd hook still swollen n padded up.

Hello December

in 10 days I will be 1 month post op. I can def say I'm still struggling with my recovery. I walk like a robot. I slouch a lot because of my heavy breast. My right boob is healing nicely, as for my left side its much more swollen then the right. I still have a hard time getting dress and breath. I sleep at a 45 degree because of my BA. I haven't taken any pictures yet. I can def say I noticed my butt has fluff out a little compared to the 1st week in DR. I was so disappointed bc it looked flat to me. I am debating if I should cut 2 circles in my fajas for my booty to come out. Any suggestions? Thanks

Almost 1 month post op

Based on my experience I still say recovery is a pain !! I can't wait until my swelling and tenderness goes away. My breast still hurts, I went to see my PCP and she checked it out and she said no infections. Although my hemp has dropped tremendously and she wants me to get a blood transfusion. Haven't done it yet, I'm back at poppin irons pills.



1 month 2 days post op

I am now a size XS faja :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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