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Hi everyone! So I've been on here for a while now,...

Hi everyone! So I've been on here for a while now, but this is my first post. I found Dra Duran through this site and have read pretty much everyone's experience with her. As my surgery date is almost a month away, I'm feeling extremely terrified. I feel like I'm either going to die or be burned. I am such a HUGE fan of Dra. Duran and follow all her posts on Instagram, but I can't help but be so scared. I've had my breasts done, but no lipo. I think what scares me is being out of the country and not having the proper care in a hospital if something goes wrong. I've searched for doctors all over the US and their work just doesn't compare to any one of the surgeons in the Dominican. I figure, if I'm going to be in so much pain then it better be worth it. Speaking of pain, I'm the type of person who HATES being uncomfortable and I know I'm going to endure months of this. I'm pretty good when it comes to pain tolerance, but I've been reading so many posts where even women with a high pain tolerance can't take the pain :( I'll be going with my bf who isn't very happy about me wanting to have this surgery, but is still doing everything to comfort me. I'm trying to raise my Hemo 2 level since it is currently at 10.7. The other week I had some injections inserted and the nurse commented "Wow, you have thin blood". I automatically thought, "Great, now I really feel like I'm going to bleed to death during surgery!". I keep psyching myself out and I don't want to feel this way anymore! I don't know what to do :(

FLIGHT and Airbnb BOOKED! Still looking for an RH.

Just wanted to give an update. I'm a little less than a month away from my surgery date with Duran. The BF and I just booked our flights. Fortunately, we managed to get the short flights and upgraded to first class coming back because lord knows I'm going to need the extra space. I'm all the way in Cali so it's going to be LONG! I'm dreading going through customs. It's going to take forever :( Anyway, the BF and I booked an Airbnb for the last four days of recovery so we can have complete privacy. It's an apartment across from the beach. There are bars and a casino there so at least my bf can be entertained those last four days lol. I'm still debating on an RH. I've contacted Princess Recovery who seem nice. I read they don't speak English, but I speak spanish and my BF is fluent in Spanish so no problem there. I've also been looking into Visage Retreat, but haven't seen many reviews. Any recommendations? Has anyone used Princess or Visage?

Hemo went from 10.7 to 12.4!!! So HAPPY! I'm ready for Dra Duran!

I had my hemo tested early October and it came back at 10.7 . I was worried because I honestly didn't even start taking any iron pills up until 2 weeks ago. I procrastinated so bad and thought my surgery was going to have to be postponed since my hemo wouldn't be high enough. I went in last week to get it tested again and it came back at 12.4!!! I couldn't believe it! I spent a few days crying and kicking myself in the a** for not starting my pills earlier. I can't believe this is happening. I'm about 2 weeks away. Still terrified of the pain I'm going to endure, but I know it's going to be worth it. I'll be posting before pics soon.

Final CBC Test! Went from 10.7 hemo to 13.1! Booty Pillow purchased!

Hey babes! When I originally got my hemo tested it came back 10.7 (this was in mid September). I didn't start taking my pills until the start of November. I was procrastinating I know, but I hate taking pills. I then got my hemo tested on 11/15 and it came back 12.4! I couldn't believe it. Then came my final test done on 11/29 which came back 13.1! I am so beyond ecstatic! The pills I've been taking are:

(Once a day) Folic Acid 800 mcg - 100 Tablets - Vitamin B9 Made in the USA to Support Health and Wellbeing - Premium Supplement You Can Trust - The Inner Health

(Three Pills, Three times day) Nature Made Iron 65mg, 180 Tablets

(Once a day) Now B-50 Complex 250 tabs

I also started getting B-12 shots 3 weeks ago. I go once a week. Another thing is I cut coffee out completely which was the hardest part. I've had a cup of coffee every morning for years. Fortunately, I did get any side affects, just miss it so much.

On to the booty pillow. I didn't even know these existed until it popped up on my IG feed. Thank God it did! I purchased from a newer company called Happy Booty Pillow. Theirs look much sturdier and the contours are more pronounced. It was expensive as heck, but since I leave in less than a week, that was the only place that would ship fast enough in order for me to get it in time. They're located in the county next to me. It was 89.99!

That's all for now babes!

I FLY OUT TODAY! It's hitting me hard!

I FLY OUT TODAY and it is hitting me hard. I'm so scared. Scared I might die and scared that the pain will be so unbearable. I've had a BA, but I know this doesn't compare so I'm really scared :( Last night before bed, my boyfriend squeezed me and started crying :*( He's so worried about me having this surgery out of the country. It made me feel so bad because I'm putting him through this :( He's not a fan of me getting this surgery, but has still been very supportive. Another thing that has me off is Surgicoordinator. They never told me what time I should arrive for tests and they have my appointment time for surgery listed at 3AM. It takes forever to get a response from them and when I do get a response they only answer one of my three questions. It's really annoying. I wouldn't recommend using them, but that's pretty much the only way you can get a date with Duran. I found all info about when to arrive from someone here (thanks girl!). Anyway, I leave to the airport at 7:00PM. My flight is at 11:30PM and I land at 2:04PM. I'm all packed and so is my boyfriend. I'll be taking before pics when I get to the hotel to post. That's it for now.

Surgery day tomorrow! Pre op appointment. Got stopped by police here

We landed in the DR and rented a car because my BF wanted a sure way of getting around since the first two nights we're in a hotel, then switching to recovery after surgery for 5 nights, then switching to a condo for the remainder of time. Well while we were driving to my pre-op appointment cops here pulled us over. Mind you, EVERYONE drives insane here and forget about staying in your lane. People drive in two lanes at a time. Anyway, the cop said when we made a right turn we turned to quickly into the second lane LOL. anyway, he said we needed to go to the station to pay the fine. But we both knew that meant "hey pay me now and I'll let you go". It's the same in Mexico, which we've done a few times. My boyfriend told him "Can you give me a break and I'll pay you instead?" The cop says okay and mentions to give it to him low. Cop leans over and subtly grabs the money. Needless to say, that just ruined my day and made me more ancy and nervous. I've been nervous about this whole thing and being here hasn't made me feel any better. Certain things have gone wrong and I just keep thinking "should I really do this?". I mean, I am going to go through with it but I hope I get through well. My post op appointment went well. Didn't meet Duran today and didn't get my lab results either. My appointment was at 10:30 and instead of me waiting, they said I could leave and they'll call me if any issues with my tests arise. I saw three women leaving from their overnight stay at CIPLA. Not sure who their surgeons were. well that's it for now. Posting my before pics right now.
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