Brazilian Butt Lift BBL with Dra. Durán - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm 24 years old and I'm looking to have a BBL...

I'm 24 years old and I'm looking to have a BBL done with Dra. Durán in the Dominican Republic in April of 2017. Has anyone on here recently had a procedure done with her? I will be traveling there with my husband but hopefully I can find another buddy on here who is planning to go around the same time as me! I called the office a few days ago and finally got an answer!! *Thank God* But unfortunately I was told it was too early in advanced to make the appointment so she said to call back in 2 weeks to schedule so I will be doing so and I'll update everybody then! Meanwhile I will be uploading some wish pics!

I got my quote from Durán!

So everything including bbl with fat transfer , liposculpture and liposuction of back, stomach, sides and arms is 3,900. I have to go get blood work done to make sure my hemoglobin levels are good to proceed with surgery! Now it's just a matter of waiting

Another wish pic

Serious question: Is a blood transfusion required for a BBL?

I refused to accept a blood transfusion and I have read a lot of reviews/experiences from woman who have gone to Dra. Durán that have had to receive a blood transfusion after just getting a bbl. Does anybody know why? Is it avoidable?

Sooo... I'm no longer going with Duran

I love her results and all her clients look amazing but most of them need a blood transfusion. I refuse to accept a blood transfusion and I am not willing to risk it. Anyway! ???? I found a new doctor named Dr. Blinski in Miami, Florida. I got a quote and sent some before pics so we'll see how it goes after the consult. He's kinda rude and not very tactful but at the end of the day that doesn't matter as long as you're getting the amazing results that you want so I don't really care.
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