OMG!!! My Time is Fast Approaching: BBL with Dr Yily DR - Dominican Republic, DO

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This will be my second BBL. The first one was...

This will be my second BBL. The first one was definitely the right thing to do and improvement on my figure in general - but it was a little too subtle for me and he didnt take enough fat from my waist :( so I still dont have the waist to hip ratio I desire. My current measurements are 36-30-40 height 5'2" weight 130 pounds. I chose Dr Yily because of the waist size she achieves and I like her butt and hip shapes, which to me is more closer to the idealic brazilian physique than most doctors achieve. I really am more focused on fat transfer to the hips and upper butt area, as I have quite a bit of fullness considering my height in the lower butt area but my hips are still too small imo...I have to gain 155 pounds and Im hoping to achieve a 36-27-42 in my second BBL. My worse fear is having a rediculous butt size that looks out of proportion with my height and frame, with zero hips. Im hoping she can just improve my overall shape to give me a real hour glass figure because my current waist is too wide to show off any major curves. My procedure is scheduled for November 15 and I am going through laborious weight gain once again to get the final shape I have been working so hard for the last 2 years!! weight gain is depressing - but it will hopefully all be worth it once this is all over.... :) :( :-/

Recovery Houses in DR - 2 different Virginias????

Hey Ladies

Me and My Sx Buddy are trying to stay in the same RH in DR but we are having sx with different doctors. I am having sx with Yily and my sx buddy with Dra Robles. Dra Robles RH is included in my friend's overall sx cost, and we want to be in the same RH so I need to book with her. Robles uses Virginia's RH, and Yily also uses a Virginia (Dominga & Virginia) but we are trying to find out if they are the same RH??? Both RH and Dr's give us very little information to go by :(....I have Dominga & Viriginia's info as Ambar Marina 6
Calle 9
(opposite Avenida Espana)
Santo Domingo Est
But it looks like there is ANOTHER Virginia that Robles surgery uses in Los Prados??? Calle Proyecto #1, Residencial Gala. Los Prados, Santo Domingo . We are so confused and dont want to end up in 2 different RH's after surgery. Can anyone confirm if they have been to Virginias with Robles??? and if this is different from Dominga and Viriginia that Yily uses??? Thanks!!! confused :(

Just over a month now til my SX with Yily....The weight gain is really starting to take a toll on me :(

so ladies, Im so determined to get the butt size and hip size I want this time round that I am trying to give Yily as much fat as I can, and its been soooo tough gaining weight. Im not naturally a great weight gainer, and I dont have a big appetite, so Ive had to force feed myself and I feel sick, bloated and have no energy - my body is like wahh???? its not happy with me throwing all this food down it, so Im just praying for strength to make it up to 150 pounds by the time I fly. I started out 120 pounds and in the last 2 months gained 20 pounds, so just 10 pounds to go!!!!! its been an uphill struggle cos Im usually so active and full of energy and life - I havent worked out since July@!!!! - I just want this over and done with seriously..."depressed, sick and fat"

Be wary of DR's competition putting out fake reviews

I wanted to reassure all the genuine ladies out there who have carefully selected & researched their DR's - always go for the overall viewpoint!. As in if the reviews seem to be fairly great across the board, then thats what you should be aiming for. Be wary that there are competition DR's who will put out fake reviews of their competition to steal their clients...I came across a few fake profiles of accounts saying really bad things about Dr Yily, and when I researched those profiles, they were obviously not genuine...(fairly obvious lol) Exercise your own intuition and judgement ladies, pray on it, and go with whoever you feel in your heart is the best choice :)


Did any of you Yily Dolls get your fajates before you went to the DR? I want to buy a spare before I go out there and I know Yily is very specific about the fajate size and type. I heard she squeezes your butt in them XS's fajates LOL ...does anyone have a link to one online, that Dr Yily uses????

Preop & Wish Pics :D

Hey Dolls, Im not a big fan of postin up pics tbh cos I dont wanna set my expectations too high :(...I know its important to be realistic about this sx - however I am still totally positive & excited about the outcome, and am visualizing these simulated wish pics into existence LOL :) pls dont be upset dolls if I decide not to post post ops straight away its really is important to give the body a few months to properly shrink down - Im not a newbie to this so I know how the body needs time to get into a good final shape several months later. ..but ok! sharing my preops and wish pics :) - IF I get anywhere close to my wish pics I will be a happy lady for sure :D

Surgery Ready!!!

Ok so weight gain has been an uphill struggle ladies, Ive had to force feed myself and almost felt like vomitting on occasion smh but I have finally reached my goal of 150 pounds Yayy Me!! Ive never been this fat in my life - the pre op pics I posted are a little before my final weight gain (140 roughly) so Im a little fatter now ...I have belly rolls ewww but its all good :) I rub my belly rolls knowing they are going to be my booty haha lol BELLY FAT BE GONE!!! .....Got my hemo results last week and I am 13.2 !!!! Yayyy Me!! Im READYYYYY!!!!!!! :) Doc gave me 80 Tylenol 3 pain meds so Im ready for pain, torture bruises swelling blood fluid sickness - you name it! bring it on!!!! Im ready to go to battle haha lol .....cant believe its a week away!!! Flying out to DR on 13th - Next week!!! ahhhhhhhh
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have been dealing with Dra Yilys office since July and have never had a problem with communication or their helpfulness. Sometimes its a little delayed, shes busy but most of the time I get a good response. Yily even sent me a personal email herself to reassure me she would be performing my surgery (inspite of rumours stating otherwise) I also talk to her on Whatsapp for quick urgent questions & I get replies. Girls - you're good with her :)- she's got a huge reputation to uphold...Looking forward to getting Yilified ;)

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