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I'm thinking of getting a bbl and lipo done in DR...

I'm thinking of getting a bbl and lipo done in DR with DRA Duran. She is a beast when it comes to booties. She is extremely difficult to reach. All i come across are reviews from big girls. I want to see a review from a slim girl. Im 5'10 140lbs ans lean. I think i may have to gain some weight. Is there any slim girls who have had this procedure done with her?

looking for a nurse

I'm not really interested in staying at a recovery house. I do want a to hire a private nursenurse and massuese. Can anyone recommend any?

wish pics

I really don't want an enormous booty. Just something round and full. No Nikki Minaj over here. I still wanna look classy in evening wear. You know what I mean? Those 100lb booties make me wanna vomit. Like something you see on Botched or extreme addictions...but each their own. Moving along...Where are all the Duran Dolls that are slim???

Bella Vita

Hi yall.
When I was feeling like giving up on Duran I inquired with Bella Vita. But when she told me it was $200-$350 to get a quote and sx date I came back to my senses instantly! Im my opinion thats highway robbery. Especially since i had already received a quote from all three doctors I was interested in seeing(Duran, Yily & Baez). They don't even offer a reduced rate just to book a date. Seeing as how I could not accept the price, I went to the store and bought a $250 phone card and sat there all day calling all her numbers, emailing and face booking her. Low and behold I finally got her and secured my date. Now that's $200-$350usd I just saved and can go towards something beneficial rather than line their pockets.

Ladies!!! Don't get taken advantage of just because you feel anxious. Take a day. Do what I did. Do it for a week straight starting at 7am if you have to. You will reach her. Think about it...Bella vita has to be able to reach her so why can't you? Also, its better to speak directly with the doctor.

FYI. I first contacted Duran via her website. She replied right away.


The phone card was $2.50 lol

weight gain

So I'm trying to gain this weight. Not easy. I'm at 145lbs but I can't tell where the weight has gone. *sigh* ????????????

Oh and to update you all...I'm getting a TT with lipo to back, flanks.

If this weight gain goes to my belly (which I think it will) I'll be pissed. Apparently you can't lipo your belly if your having a TT. So all that fat will be wasted. I need to have enough fat for my wish pics.


TT, lipo of back, waist, armpits and flanks, bbl.

I need help

What have you all done to gain weight? I need to make sure I have enough fat. Also, my iron is 11. How can I raise that quickly?

vitamins and supplements

I started taking my iron, b12, and folic acid daily. I'm also going to start drinking heavy cream...wish me luck.

Prayers Please

We all are on our journeys to what we think are better bodies. But there are obstacles which we'll have to overcome. Some more than others. We have to pray for all our rs sisters to be protected during this journey and have great outcomes.

Our rs sister onceinalifetime just had surgery with Dr. Duran ( my doctor) and I was horrified to hear her experience. Idk what's going on over there but we should all prayer for her recovery and pray over the doctor whom we are trusting with our lives.

helpful reviews

Some realself reviews that I found most helpful are below:


My ultimate favorite is sarahtransform.

Packing super light

A few dresses
A pack of tank tops
Huge pack of pads
Alcohol and peroxide spray

Helpful reviews

The most helpful reviews I've found are...

TT & BBL & lipo:
Krissylee21 --5'7, 140 lbs
Booshiebabe --5'3, 130 lbs
Cathdurandoll --5'1, 149 lbs
Sarahtransform --5'9, 174 lbs
Curvykae --5'1, 200 lbs

BBL & lipo reviews:
Rangerova83 --5'5, 170 lbs
Sal2033 --5'4, 129 lbs
Njprbeauty --5'2, 135 lbs
Yilydoll08 --5'3, 140 lbs
Lolyjames --5'7, 164 lbs
Forevertatii -- ?, 174 lbs
My_Uh --5'5, 142 lbs
Njexciteddd --5'6, 160 lbs
Pretty mixed booty --5'5, 170 lbs

Packing light

Tank tops
Maxi dresses
Alcohol and peroxide spray
Thick pads
Pillow and blanket
Cash lol

On my way

On my way

Sitting on this plane on my way to Dominican republic I realize that it is going to be next to impossible to stay off my new ass on the return flight. The first class seats on this carrier are the same size as regular seat. The only difference is they have more leg room. I don't need more leg space. I don't know what I'm going to do. Every position I have tried leaves my butt touching the seat. If I put something under my thighs I'm significantly taller than everyone else on the plane. Any suggestions?

Taxi with Jose Brito

Taxi with Jose Brito
Ladies let me tell you...Jose Brito is the best driver. He is always on time, very professional, good looking, and speaks English. When I arrived in Punta cana he picked me up at the airport. We then drove to Real Recovery tropical deluxe. He does flat rates and hourly rates. He's family.

Real Recovery with Ruth

I'm here at the recovery house. Its in a condo with elevator access. This place is really clean. The staff are really nice and so is her daughter Ester. I have a private room to myself. Cable TV, WiFi, air conditioning and ceiling fan. I'm not used to staying inside for days so I have a feeling I'll be bored. Well its 6am and I'm waiting for the driver to bring me to cipla.


I came early in the morning. Got all my tests done. Very clean. Very nice people. Lots of women in every position here. I took the blue pill and Now I'm playing the waiting game.

laying here at cipla on my new baby

Hey ladies. Thanks for all the prayers. I was really nervous. Before surgery I asked Duran and the anesthesiologist why girls are waking hours because I don't want to. They said your mind may be alert but drowsy and your body still under anesthesia.

So said so happened. I woke up at the end like a sloppy drunk. Couldn't gather my words. Felt no pain. Just felt really cold.

And I don't know why Duran is so hard to reach. I sat in the office and the phone barely rang. ...strange


Please disregard my auto correct. Its a real pain.

Please bring all your medicine, blanket, pillow, socks and lots of pads to cipla.

This pain from my TT has me regretting everything. I'm swollen all over.


Recovery is a long boring journey... Is there any questions about the surgery?

Everything is cheaper in the states. Bring vitamins and pain meds. Duran doesn't like when you bring non prescribed medication such as antibiotics.

My iron was 12.7 pre-op and 8 post op.


Buy lots of huge cheap pads. None of that fancy always or kotex. You need huge overnight cotton pads to stuff your faja. The name brands are a waste of money. Save those for menstruation. Duran will sell you compression socks and garment. Don't try to buy them off the street because you will waste your money. Your rh will be able to get you the meds for cheaper. All the meds will cause stomach upset. Magnesium will help you to go #2 with ease. Blackstrap molasses will boost your energy and iron without side effects of iron pills. 1 tablespoon mixed with juice twice a day raises iron level faster than pills. Duran says to drink 1 gallon of water daily post op.

The bottled water here tastes like dirt.

Dominicans choice

Every Dominican I speak with says they would all choose Dr Fragoso Baez for surgery for the following reasons:

Pre op attention... She answers all questions and is east to reach.

She only does 2 surgeries per day so you don't have to worry about her being tired or stressed.

Post op attention... Very easy to reach. Same as pre-op.


Afterwards I asked to name top 3 in order from best downwards. It goes as follows...
Dr. Fragoso Baez, Dr. Duran, Dr. Cabral.

I went to Duran. She was hard to speak with pre-op. But once in her office she answered everything clearly.

Back to waking up during surgery. She said the drugs make ppl hallucinate. If pain was felt your body would immediately go into shock and you would die. You may feel movement like moving your arms or legs by the surgery staff but you wouldn't feel pain. Anesthesia numbs the body but if you are not relaxed it cannot shut down the mind completely and they don't want to overdose anyone.

I'm my case the nurse came in told me to change my clothes into the surgery garment and take the blue pill. In the operating room the anesthesia told me to relax or else I wouldn't sleep because of adrenaline. I kept talking out of fear and when I finally told myself there's no way I wanna be up for this...I closed my eyes and counted down from 10 and then I fell asleep. Now when I woke up it was at the end...I remember shivering like crazy and feeling really cold. I remember feeling super sloppy drunk. Slurred speech, blurry vision, no pain. Later I woke up I'm a room with other girls. Still shivering like crazy. They were monitoring my vitals. When I woke up the 3rd time I was shivering in my room. The cipla nurses were there as well as 2 staff from my rh ( real recovery tropical deluxe with Ruth). They covered me With the blanket I brought(very important). Cipla blankets are thin flat sheets. You need to buy a fleece throw blanket and warm socks before you come or you will suffer. You need someone to stay overnight at cipla because the nurses can't hear you calling them. Download a translation app. Before you go into surgery ask the nurse for the WiFi password for your phone. The first night was rough. The next day Duran came in and gave me my discharge instructions.

All the medications that you have to take WILL constipate you. Bring a laxative (very important). The staff at my rh treat you like family. After surgery you are basically an invalid and the loss of independence is depressing. The workers here help you so much. Originally I was going to go to hotel and hire a nurse. I'm glad I didn't. You need proper care 24/7. This rh holds 7 girls maximum. I have a private room. Ruth is a RMT and physio therapist. Everyday they ask what you want to eat. I only have 2 small bruises on my shoulders.

I've started getting 2 massages per day. The fluid under your skin from the lipo burns when its moved around. But once it's drained from your body it feels much better. Drink 1 gallon of water daily to heal faster and avoid dehydration and complications.

I won't be posting any pics until I'm 1 month post op as pics of a swollen post op patient are useless.

For the skinny girls... If you have enough fat to pinch then you have enough for bbl.

Girls who are in shape to a maximum of 10lbs overweight will have the best results.

Although it seems as though Duran is a miracle worker she is not. She is not a God. She is a simple woman and will do her best with what you give her in conjunction with your health. When I went in her office I didn't show her wish pics. I told her what I want and I told her to make me look naturally beautiful...and she did. I still think my butt is too big but we'll see in a month. I tried to put on my baggy track pants to go to the mall today and let me tell you it was a struggle in get over these hips and ass.

Oh and you will notice that Dominicans have a staring problem... Or grilling problem... But I just put on my sun glasses and chucked it up to Duran doing her thing.

surgery buddy

Hello ladies. At first I thought I needed a surgery buddy. Boy was I wrong. You don't need someone who is unqualified taking care of you. You also don't want to share a room with anyone because the recovery is rough. Some girls may snore, cry all night, wanna watch TV while you sleep, blast the air conditioning while you are freezing, etc... All you need to do is to go to a qualified recovery house. Research the reviews. Ask for referrals from other dolls on rs. I wanted a surgery buddy and a hotel at first. I'm so glad I didn't . Here at my rh they have 24/7 nurse care, max 7 girls to minimize drama and maximize care given. Check out the staff to patient ratio. Here when its full capacity its 1-1. Right now I'm here alone and its 5-1. Its great.

More pics



after thoughts

After doing more research and speaking with other girls in the Dominican, there are way better rhs than the one I stayed at. Although, some of the staff at real recovery tropical actually know what to do such as Ruth sr and Kimberly. The others, such as Ruth Jr have no training and no interest in learning how to physically support someone who has had surgery. There is a proper way to support and brace a post op patients body to minimize injury and Ruth Jr has no clue. Plus she has a bad attitude. Her mother Ruth sr and Kimberly are the only ones with proper training. There is no one to help you in the night. The place is clean and the food is good but that's not enough.
Don't make them force to to purchase all your massages at once because you won't get them all.

Now we will get to the transportation they provide with Fernando. Fernando is Ruth Jr husband. He has a broke down 1998 Honda civic. The worst part is that they crunch you in to this car without physically supporting your body after surgery to go back and forth to your appointments. Its aweful!!! Plus they are at least 30 minutes away from cipla and cecip. Not close at all.

Then they told me in would have a private room with a private bathroom. Lies! The rooms do not have private bathrooms. I had the bathroom to myself only because no one else was there for half the time. Real recovery tropical has a long way to go in regards to quality patient care.
If you insist on staying there, which I can no longer recommend, is ditch Fernando and hire Jose Brito to be your driver. Yes it will cost you a little more. But you health and comfort are more important. Plus he's timely and professional and speaks fluent English. He has a mini van which is more spacious and comfortable and all the seats recline.

Just remember money makes people act funny. Especially in a poor country. Be weary of people who are always trying to sell you stuff against your doctors orders.

Moving on, I've heard a lot of good things about New Life rh and silhouette rh owned by Angie. Please check out the forums On real self for all the reviews. Some have hospital beds, intercoms (so you don't have to scream for help), etc...a lot of girls I met stayed at silhouette and rave about it.

swollen and stiff

If I stay in the same position for too long I start to feel stiff as a board. Its awful. Especially after waking up. I can't wait for this to be over. The stage 2 faja Duran gave me was too painful and killing my I took it off and bought a similar one with more elasticity. Now this one is getting loose around my lower abdomen. I tried to get into the one Duran gave me and I couldn't get it to close. So this is my dilemma. I will try to have my current one taken in to make the waist and back tighter. Next week I will try my stage 2 again.

walk like a duck

I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection while walking and this new shape is gonna take some getting used to.

I don't know how you vets do it. This evil device aka stage 2 compression garment is something else. I find that when I attempt to sit normally in a chair, couch, at a table or driving, this thing digs into my abdomen and TT incision in the most evil way. I find when I'm standing or laying down I'm most comfortable which is no where close to a normal comfort. Its just as good as it gets.

I still sleep with a pillow fortress. I want to sleep on my tummy so badly but can't. I think Duran said at 1 month post op I can.

I've noticed when I don't drink enough water throughout the day I swell up like crazy and its excruciating in and out of the garment. 3 months seems so far away. Any vets have any tips?

inflammation deceives the eyes

Ladies please remember inflammation and swelling is the bodies natural response to trauma. So the ultra voluptuous girl you see when you leave surgery is not the same girl at 3 months. At 3 months when the swelling is gone is when you will see the final product. So yes inches will be lost. But it was never fat. Just swelling and fluid.


36-26-42 looking like a pin up doll. Heads don't stop rolling. Sometimes its too much harassment. Prepare yourself for stalkers.

I've been sleeping on my pillow fortress since I got home both on my back and sides. I can stand straight from my TT now. Still wearing stage 2 faja from Duran. Had it taken in several times. I wasted lots of money on other garments. The quality wasn't nearly as good as fajate. When I came back I did one week of lymphatic drainage massages which helped smooth me out. I had major stiffness and lymphedema due to lymph trauma from the surgery. I feel I'm at 80% better. I still get lower ab swelling when I don't wear my garment. I use silicone sheets for my scars.

Does anyone know what to use to fade away scars?

What is this fluffing I keep hearing about? When does it begin?

If I gain weight after bbl will it go to my butt?

I know I said I would do pics but I changed my mind for now. I've read the horror stories of stolen pics.

Happy Holidays


it's been awhile

Hey dolls. I still have a little bit of inflammation around my incision. I no longer wear my garment. It was driving me crazy. I bought a waist trainer instead. I'm more shapely now and the attention from guys is borderline stalkerish.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Nice lady. Very difficult to reach by phone pre op and post op. Answers all questions in person. Very professional but I wish it was easier to reach her post op.

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