3 months post op!! I'm a Duran Doll !!!

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25 years old , no kids. Born && Raised in FL. Ive...

25 years old , no kids. Born && Raised in FL. Ive been wanting to have a BBL with lipo to my abdomen, upper and lower back, inner thighs and arms for so long and that time is finally here. I've come across so many amazing doctors but I decided to go with Dr.Duran because she has the best results. I want an overall better shape && I'm hoping Dr.Duran can achieve my goals. *8-15-14* Duran doll ????

21 days left till DR

Flight booked && now I'm starting to get things packed ! Super excited!

Hemoglobin Levels!!

So I got my hemoglobin levels back from my PCP on 06/13/2014 and it was a 13.5!!! && that’s before I started taking any vitamins or supplements. I started taking my vitamins per Dr. Duran’s request as of 07/01/2014. I’m currently taking Iron 65MG, Vitamin C 500MG, B12 500MCG && Folic Acid 400MCG. I take one of each per day. I want to get my hemoglobin level to a 15 or 16 because I want to get as much fat removed as possible and a big bubble booty!!

Losing Weight 13.2 pounds left to go!!

So I’ve been trying losing weight before my surgery date approaches and let me tell you it’s not easy. All these girls are complaining about how it’s hard to gain weight little do they know losing weight is much harder. I would love to switch places with them any day. So I started this journey on 03/31/2014 && I started at 195.8 which is the heaviest Ive ever been in my life and as of today I currently weight 178.2, my goal is to get to 165 by my surgery date. I have lost a total of 17.6 pounds!! I have 13.2 pounds left to go. I’ve just been eating healthy and lots of cardio either I run 4-5 miles or I do Insanity by Shawn T. This hard work is paying off. = )

Pre op measurements && Pre op pictures

Bust - 41 1/2
Waist - 36 1/2
Hips - 43 1/2

Wish Pics!!

I have ton of wish pics ????????????????????????????

Pre op Vitamins & Supplements

Just started my Make Me Heal Pre Op Vitamins & Supplements Kit today !!!
14 day supply

Recovery House

I will be staying at recovery armonia from 8/16 - 8/25. I'm so glad to have my boyfriend joining me on this trip. Confirmed my stay with Mayra. Double Room $75 per night for me && $60 per night for my BF.

No more losing weight

So I have decided to stop losing weight , I'm concerned that I won't have enough fat for what I want to achieve. My currently weight 174 pounds and 33% body fat. I don't look big even though I weight that much. I want to be very curvy and have as much fat injected into my butt that Dr. Duran can give me. So now I'm just going to focus on maintaining my current weight.

9 days left until DR!!

I can't believe it's almost time for me to leave for DR I'm so excited !!

6 Days left till DR

So I have 6 days left until I leave for Dominican Republic to become a Duran Doll!! I'm surprise I'm not nerves yet but I'm sure I will once they hand me that blue pill and it's game time . Honestly I'm just really excited and ready to get this over..


So I started taking my geritol today 1tbsp per day after my breakfast. It was highly recommended by other duran dolls who wanted to get there iron level up. I want my hemoglobin levels to be 14-16 so DR.Duran can remove as much fat as possible.

Quick Update !! 3 days till DR

Hey ladies , just a quick update. So I have 5 days till surgery day including today and 3 days until I leave for DR. The crazy thing is that I'm still not nerves yet probably won't be until I get in that accent operating room I keep hearing about from other Duran dolls. I'm super excited and ready to get this over with. 5 days pre op and I will start taking my arnica tablets and also drinking 2 cups of pineapple juice per day. I'm almost finish with my pre op vitamins and supplements that I got from makemeheal.com. See you on the other side = )

I'm in DR!! ; Surgery Tomorrow

I made it to DR around 12:30am , it was rough at first staying in a hotel in the middle of nowhere . I do not recommend staying in a hotel unless it's a big name hotel like Hilton or embassy suites. I was honestly scared to go to sleep. Anywho I had my Labwork at 7am everything went good and I will be back at dr.duran office tomorrow at 6:30am for surgery I'm so excited. Honestly I was more scared about the plane ride . Yeah I'm 25 and never been on a plane lol so I was freaking out. I'm glad I made it safe here. I'm currently at recovery armonia. All the other girls here are really nice and have shared there experience with me. This language barrier is so real. I don't know any Spanish. Overall I'm glad to be !! See you on the other side = )

I'm a duran doll!!

So I got to Dr.Duran office around 7:30am , I had my consultation and she marked me up . I didn't show wish pics I just kinda explained to her what I wanted for my body type. Im so exited not nerves at all . The majority of the girls I met here that already had there surgery says it feels like you went to the gym and went hard that day and I know how that feels so it made me feel a lot better. They gave me the blue pill at 830 and around 9 they wheeled me out , I met the anaesthesiologist they gave me some drugs and I was out. They brought me to my room around 1:00 pm and my bf was waiting in the room for me . I was so drugged up everything was blurry including him lol . I didn't have to get a blood infusion and I'm so grateful for that . My hemo level was a 13.4 DR standards and a 14.4 in US standards I was happy . Now I'm just laying down watching tv hoping they bring me food soon because I am so hungry . I started my arnica tablets 5 days pre op and ate a bunch of fresh pineapples that I got from publix. I also took gertiol 1tsbp per day 8days pre op. I highly recommend talking all of it. Plus your vitamins and you will be to go . I feel great no pain we'll at least until these pain meds run out lol and I have no bruising . Tomorrow Duran will look at me to determine if I can be released and go back to recovery house . They will also put me into my garment and provide me with my meds. If you have any questions feel free to ask . TTYL dolls = )

1 day post op!

So I'm officially a duran doll and I'm super exited. My body on the other had is really sore . DR duran said the more fat she removes the weaker you will feel and I agree 100% . Once a feel better I will start posting some pictures = )


Pictures !




Massages !!

So I've had 2 massages since my surgery late Friday and OMFG they hurt like hell, on a scale 1-10 it's definelty a 10. I found out some of the girls at the recovery house with me have been poppin pain pills 30 minutes prior to them getting there massages while I was on no pain meds at the time my massages we're given to me. I was so pissed because I've cryed through both of my massages and they are just laying there all calm. So now moving foward I will defenilty take my pain meds before my massage. I will keep you posted on how that worked out for me . Later dolls !

9 days post op!!

= ) feeling a lot better

12 days post op

I love being a duran doll

Before && After Pics


3 weeks && 4 days post op

Stage 3 faja , this shit is tight ass hell but I need it due to the inflammation in my stomach and back. So far so good . The massages are hell but I do my best to get through them. I love being a duran doll ????

What's a waist = )

Before surgery waist - 36
3 weeks post op waist - 29

1 month post op

More pics

1 month post op
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