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Hi ladies, I have a quote from duran, yili, and...

hi ladies, I have a quote from duran, yili, and Robles...the one I wanted first was Fatima Almonte but haven't heard from them yet. Im sure I'll get one. Then Im eliminating duran and yily just not feeling it for them. Durans email was like: I can do the job but cant promise the wish picture. Hmm...yes, I know we have to keep it real, but so much for motivation...maybe was just a copy and paste but still, like she didn't really take the time to view my pic well, cause if she did she would notice that im not that bad to begin with and I think she can get really close to the wish pic...anyway, i'll post pic later. Im waiting on Almonte now. Robles still sounds pretty good to me.

waiting for replies from the doctor annoyes me

really, I like the Fatima and want her to be my doc but its takes forever to get a reply back. I tried emailing, calling, will take another 4 to 5 days. it drives me nuts since I like to set the date, pay, and book the flight...and to get my time off approved. I guess i'll be more patient since I just want to go to another doc.

sx date Sept 26 is confirmed!!!

Yes, I just got the confirmation, took almost 5 days after I sent my deposit, so it takes a bit to hear from doc but its all good now. Im starting to get a bit nervous.

I booked my flight!

really, I cant believe this is getting real...just booked my flight (used website) was 438 bucks round trip, not bad at all..I sent the confirmation to leslie. I actually called her and got lucky she answered via smartapp so I got my questions answered quick. I guess calling is worth a try instead of waiting for emails. im excited. Will upload some pic later

I'm more excited than nervous.

so far, im excited..I wish it was happening next week. I cant wait to see my results. A little bit of history on me, I did have lipo and bbl in USA 5 yrs ago spent almost 9 thousand and really not a big difference. He was so conservative on the lipo not aggressive at all so was a waste of money. This is why im deciding to go to RD now cause I like the way they lipo and BBL. Hopefully this is the last time I need to do this and be happy with it. Plus, the other doc here left my inner thighs with some bumps and waviness that im hoping almonte can fix a bit to even the skin out more. If she thinks she cant do anything about it, then i'll leave my inner thighs alone wont lipo them no more.

my pic as of today

Im doing lipo on abdomen, flanks, waste, full back, inner arms (maybe) i'll decide when I get there, and inner thighs (again, i'll decide when I get there if she thinks I need them) and of course BBL. Almonte said she would lipo my chin for free. its not too bad but can be little flatter. I don't like double chin. if im doing all that lipo might as well do the chin.

another front pic

it didn't load for some reason, uploading it again

a new job decision--advice anyone?

I have a final job interview on Monday (I made it this far till the final interview so I have a good chance I think) what if they offer me the job? of course depends on the salary etc for me to accept it. What do I do with my surgery that is all set for sept 26, I got ticket and all that? if they offer it to me, I would need to make a decision soon and I know for sure they not gonna wait for me to start on October since they need someone soon. any thoughts ladies? I don't want to cancel my sx cause being new I wont have any time off for prob a year. Im also hesitant since im new to tell them well, im going on vacation on sept...hmm.. what would you do? I appreciate your advice

lets try uploading these pic again.

I had to resize them cuz they too big

pictures i dream of...

I hope my results will be close to these. I like a very small waste

recovery home is all set!

So, I just got a text from Leslie today that im all set with armonia recovery home. I heard good things about it and I requested that on my original email and she got me that one. So, I guess so far im getting what I want...hope I get the body shape I want too and I'll be super happy :) I must say, so far things have been going great according to plan. I went to vitamin shoppe and got some more arnica pills and brumelain. Im not done with supplies yet...take care everyone.

luggage? should I check in or carry on is easier?

I don't think I have enough stuff for check in and I think I have to pay extra for that, and anther thing that worries me is what if it gets lost and I really need those supplies im bringing. And, I don't like wait to claim baggage for another hour (heard it takes a while there) what you ladies think? maybe a carry on will do it? Then, I have to make sure the liquids and all that has to be certain size and in plastic zip bags. I would hate for them to throw them out if they don't allow it....ughhh, too many things to worry. I just realized I'm 26 days away from the surgery!!

current picture

some great ideas for booty cushion after sx

hello ladies, I found this posting interesting on how to sit after we have the sx...I might try some of that.

hate my back picture

can't wait for that back fat to be removed. That's the reason I cannot wear tight shirts now; they look terrible.

I'm ok .. Made it

Ladies quick note my sx went ok I'm at recovery house called my home. Looks nice it's new. Anyway hav to much to say but can't type well from my phone. I'm in pain but I'm hanging in there. Had no Tt just lipo and bbl and still painful imagine if I did Tt I think would have been too much for me. Btw Almonte is great very sweet lady Rachael and Leslie r dolls too. I wasn't crazy about clinic Cecip they barely spoke English and the food sucked, which made it bit upsetting to me. Maybe it's just me but didn't eat nothing they made. Here at recovery home finally ate was good. Will update when I can.. Love u all dolls! This isn't easy but wil b worth it

here are some pic for you dolls

im very very swollen and bruised like crazy...I mean, black and purple, so cant really tell how my end results will be yet...I feel bigger now than I was before sx.

i made it home! get wheelchair assistance!!!!

the flight back home was brutal, I had hard time sitting and my feet soo swollen like never before. I just wanted to get home safe and that's all I kept thinking. A big piece of advice traveling back home is get wheelchair please. The lines were soo long specially at customs and emmigration like 3 miles long people were sitting on floors waiting while I breezed right through all up front...I was like, this is the best thing ever. No way I could wait that long, I would have passed out...before you leave make sure the doctor gives you a letter that you had surgery and ok to travel back. They didn't ask for it at airport, but I heard sometime they do so just to make sure. otherwise you might have prob at airports or make you take off the faja. they didn't make me, I was lucky...
Anyway, I was sick and tired of being in pain and not sleeping well at all and on top of it got home sick and started getting depressed. I was glad to be home. The recovery home I stayed at called :My home: was just ok, nothing too bad but not all that good either. There were new so I guess they still trying to improve. the staff was nice though and helpful. I will probably write a detailed review later when I'm better on them and doctor. Right now I cant tell if my expectations have been meet yet since im still very swollen and lumpy.

new pic for you dolls

Let me start with sorry for not being online as much, and thank you for checking on me and wish all of you good luck on sx. I been so busy with work lately and trying to recover at the same time, wasn't easy. But I think the worse is gone. Its been 2.5 months now since I had lipo and BBL. Im not sure if I still have swelling but looks OK to me. Again, Im not a doc but as far as I can tell I don't see any complications. I can't tell anyway if I have any fluids build up, looks fine to Im posting some pic below. I do like my waist its lot smaller and the back, (I didn't have tt just lipo) my butt is OK, it went down a lot but I still have plenty left I think so I hope it doesn't go down more, I get lots of compliments on my butt and waist. Again, I had a butt before but now is fuller and rounder. BUT...there is a but, I have a dent on the left side that I don't think the fat was evenly distributed. I don't like it. You can't tell from the pic, I'll try to have my friend take pic for me, but I know I can tell. I hope that gets even out a bit more with time cuz I don't like it. If I wear tight think pants Im afraid it will show not being even.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I like to close this journey and finish my review after having the sx 2 yrs ago. Wanted to give myself enough time to evaluate. I like Dr. Almonte and would consider going to her again, she's safe, but there are some dents on the butt and bumps on the stomach from lipo. SO, I think will be another round for me soon to fix them. I wish I did this once and not go through that pain again, but I have to now. Overall as I said im pleased, i had no infections or anything like that. I wish after care was better but nada, never heard from them after I left. Communication was good before I had the sx, after you're done, you're on your own sister! Wait times there were soo long hours and that was not cool. I was in pain from surgery couldnt even sit on chairs, but waited to be seen for hours. I was in tears waiting for a check up. Almonte is nice person too, but she needs more staff to help her out.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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