BBL and Breast Augmentation Yily Doll In The Making - Dominican Republic

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So I've been contemplating this surgery for 10+...

So I've been contemplating this surgery for 10+ years...I've put down 2 deposits and never got the surgery done. I've finally made up my mind and I'm choosing Dr. Yily, I've read great reviews and seen great results in person as well. My minds made up and theres no turning back now! I have a few wish pictures that I want nothing to major but def more than this spongebob square pants that I'm working with now lol. Anxiously waiting...deposit is made...flight is booked...RH booked and now to get everything I need. I'm so thankful for all the post because they are really helpful and I will try to be just as helpful to the next and pay it forward and keep everyone updated on my journey to becoming a Yily Doll.

10 Days and Counting

Ok so we leave for D.R in 8 days and I can't wait to be transformed, I still have some things to get so that I'm all set. If anyone has a list of must have please advise me. Last week I went and got my bloodwork, X-rays and EKG done, only a few things left to do and I'm all set. Here are my pre-op pics...yikes!

Pre-Surgery Photos

We made it...Day 1

We made it safely to DR around 1pm. We chose the Armonia recovery house to stay at while here, they had their driver pick us up from the airport and take us to the house. Upon our arrival we were welcomed by the staff and asked if we wanted to eat(ladies one thing I will say is they love to feed you and the food is pretty good). Anywho we were bombarded by Ruth's(the masseuse) daughter asking us to fill out paperwork in regards to our stay(how long we would be there, what type of room and etc) and more importantly the total cost. It was kinda weird she was nice and then when I tried to correct her about the total for the amount of days she immediately caught an attitude smh. Seconds later she noticed her error and corrected it and was nice. Words of advice try and learn a little Spanish or bring someone with you who knows it. One of the hardest things here is the language barrier bc I don't know any Spanish so I have to wait for someone to translate it try and guess what they are saying(EPIC FAIL). Moving right along we paid for out room...ate and was told that we would go to our room in 10 minutes well 10 minutes turned to 6 hours smh. Apparently the new house was not ready and they were literally renovating while we were there. After complaining to Clarissa she then got Mira on the phone, Mira was very sweet and apologized and had us brought over to the new house. Once we arrived we were in total shock the house was beautiful BUT it literally was going through renovations smh. Ladies when I tell you it blew my blew my mind. We were originally placed in a room upstairs that had wires hanging from where the cable was going to be installed and had a bathroom that clearly needed rehab and couldn't be used. We went downstairs and Mira apologized and said she would refund us for our first night(did I mention no one else paid upfront) so of course that was something else I was irritated about...DO NOT PAY YOUR MONEY UPFRONT!!!! Anywho we spoke with Mira downstairs and she showed us another room it was smaller but it was complete. So we moved into that one and I felt much better. By this time it's around 10pm at night smh, Mira was really sweet she advised us that everything would be completed tomorrow and served us good and drinks. Be sure to bring your Lysol and wipes ladies as well. The showers have no shower heads but it wasn't the end of the world. We spoke with Mira before going to bed and she advised us we would leave for Cipla the next morning at 6:30.

Day 2...Visit to Cipla

For once we were told the truth Mira was ready to go at 6:30am, she dropped us off to Cipla to get our bloodwork and rest done but that's it she dropped us off and left. We had no idea where to go we sat in the front waiting area and after awhile decided to explore on our own. Cipla is very nice and clean not outdated like I read on some reviews. We finally found Yira(Yilys assistant) and was so happy she spoke English at last to get talk to someone who fully understood you and vice versa. She took is to get bloodwork and X-rays done and advised us that we would have surgery today because there was extra space and some people were unable to do it. We went upstairs after bloodwork and went in to Yily who is such a sweetheart, she greeted me with a smile and hug and listened very attentively to me and all my concerns. She marked me up and advised me that I am a little wide so my waist may not be itty bitty unless I had a tummy tuck which I didn't need. She said she could definitely make me a Yily Doll curves and all lol(in my words not hers). My cousin and I then went to go get our lab results from downstairs but Yira met us with them...she advised my cousin she was good to go but unfortunately my Hemo had dropped from a 12.2 to an 11.5 so no surgery for me ????????..I was very upset plus I didn't want my cousin to go alone but I understood. They wrote a prescription for me to get an Iron I.V so that I may have my surgery on Saturday and have to take the iron for the next couple of days. So now I'm sitting here waiting on my iron and my cousin just went into surgery about 2:45pm. Will update you ladies soon!
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