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Hellooooooo!!!! Wsup Real Self? I have PARENTAL...

Hellooooooo!!!! Wsup Real Self? I have PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED up there because quite frankly... I talk alotta shit :p Cool shit tho.. Real shit too! So to all the "Professionals" and more "Conservative" ladies... Ummm, sorry but you can read on or be gone! :p Don't take it too seriously tho ladies..

So anyways, a little about ME :) I just had my first baby January 26th, 2012. My son is about to be 2 years old in a couple weeks. He came out small as hell 6.4 lbs via c-section. He was sitting up meditating the whole time but anyways... That c-section EFFF'ed me up! I was up and walking that night cuz they make you do that and I was at the mall a week later walking slow but still... I don't think I fully recovered 'til like a full 3 months. Even after that I was still numb and what not. So being that I had that c-section, my usually flat tummy grew like this bulge thing. Like a flap that just hangs over u know? UGH!!! Took me forever to get back into the gym cuz healing was rough for me man. My girl that had a baby 10 days before me.. Of course she has the "normal" Asian Girl body... She got even thinner than she was before. Not that she wanted to be or likes her skinny body after the baby but she did just find out that she's pregnant again but BACK TO ME... I don't have this normal body! I'm like almost 5'8" where as all these Girls are like 4'11"-5'3" "Normally"... I'm thicker than them.. My usual size is like a size 7-9-11 pants WITH CURVES ;) where as they're like size 0-3-5. But not like I wanna be short and petite.. I love my body and height. Always have... Until the baby. I call his dad Daddy.. So anyways, I got up to like 195 when I gave birth. They say after the baby you lose like 20 lbs and breastfeeding makes your tummy go down too but I think that just flew rite by me. I'm still like 175-178 right now. Ok.. I admit, I have been coming up with 1,001 excuses! Like I couldn't work out after the c-section, I had to pump milk every 2 hours, I had no sitter... So after he turned 1 I couldn't take it anymore!!! I joined LA Fitness and got a trainer that Daddy paid $300 a month for which is a rip off if you ask me but I know that's another excuse.. My trainer had me RIGHT!!! I was eating good, slimming down, gettin' right gettin' TIGHT! Then come May of 2013.. I went on vacation and never went back :( I even had a Hawaii trip in June/July so I just fucked myself all kinds of way! I was down to like 160.. then just.. UGH! My girl told me about Dr. J Curves and I looked him up, got all psyched about him! I was funna save up $10k just to go to him... BUT, Googling led me to this :) I Beeeeeeeen on this site! I just didn't wanna start my conversation off with, Hi I been stalking this site for etc etc now... :P But anyways... I'm rambling on and forgot to shut up and start a new paragraph.

Ok, so anyways.. I found Dr. Yily!!! I fuckin' LOVE her work!!! I don't think my waist gonna be like oh so small cuz my ribs big :p But I KNOW AND BELIEVE she can work some magic on ME! I had all kinds of crazy dreams like her lipo'ing me in a truck, her not finishing me, all kinda dreams but in reality... I NEVER had a bad thought about her messing up on me. Ok I lied.. I probably THOUGHT it but it will never manifest into anything because I BELIEVE I will have a perfect.. Naw nuttin's perfect.. a FLAWLESS surgery! :) I'm a firm believer in The Law of Attraction. Ask Believe Receive. Naw mean? I read The Secret. I CREATE my life. And this surgery? I'm not even nervous about it. I feel like I don't even have to bug Yily to death or bombard her with too many questions. I just HAVE FAITH.

So I wanna get liposculpture and sum ASS!!!! Not a big ass ghetto ass booty... but my twin sister in laws and my their other first cousin got a fuckin' DONK!!!! You can put a whole tea set on their ass! But anyways... I don't want like a shelf booty.. I just want a nice S curve and a little bubble and a

DAAAAAMN!! What happen to the rest of my blog up there ^^^^^

I sat here and type for like a whole hour! Didn't have a point really but still... Just running off in the mouth and ya'll gonna cut me short RS?!?!? Messed up mang!

ANYWAYS.. Like I was saying, I want like nice coke bottle hour glass s-curve bubble heart shaped booty. Naw mean??? I duno.. I don't really care about the booty as much as I want my tummy gone! THIS SHIT GOTS TO GO!!!! I'm not comparing myself to ANYBODY! I'm just saying... I"M out of MY element. So I'M uncomfortable with MYSELF rite now.. :/

I went to Florida when the baby was 9 months old.. We were in a store in Clearwater Beach.. I was trying on clothes and I asked the girl for an XL.. Lil' white girl said to me "You shouldn't be in an Extra Large ANYTHING!" I looked at her little ass like BITCH! >:X I said "Well I am! Do you have it or no?" Shit.... Then in Hawaii on the beach in Maui last July Daddy... I guess his ass was looking at all the skinny bitches on the beach.. He said to me "You know if you lose like 30 lbs you would be perfect!". Ughhhhhh Mutha'!!!!!! I was so mad at him! I said "Oh don't worry, YOU GONNA PAY FOR MY SURGERY!" and guess what? YOU DAMN RIGHT HE PAYING!!!! Mutha'.....!

So anyways, I am currently like 175-178 lbs. I bought some Kardashian Kollection jeans that's a size 16!!! YES! A fuckin 16! I'm so ready to give them away too! All my tights this year and LAST year is still all EXTRA LARGE! My momma and niece came to organize my closet the other month, she opened up my Rock n Republic leggings like "Daaaaamn, WHO'S ARE THESE?!?!?!" I said Mines :( So we definitely gonna have to work this out...

I asked Yily for a full body liposculpture. I really want my thighs done! My cuz at the mall called me Camel Toe! Ass hole... He even texted me saying Hey Camel Toe blah blah blah... I didn't want my arms done but now I do.. I said fuck it. Mind as well suck it all up and get alll of it dun now. Then go back to the gym.. Get back with my trainer.. And stay healthy and fit FOR LIZEEEEF! ;P I hope anyways...

Ok my momma rushing me to go home.. TTYL's :D

My Motto:


Ladies, when u lookin' in the mirror, feeling down about yourself, grabbing a piece of fat roll on your stomach, watevers.. Just remember and say "I ain't the ugliest bitch!!!!" ????

A lil' Preparation..

Here's sum of the pills I bought at Walmart. I was gonna order sum higher rating pills but I said Ehhh.. I'm already here. Got Daddy $.. Lemme just get it cuz Lawd knows I be procrastinating! It was cheap anyways.. Get wat u paid for I reckon cuz these cheap ass iron pills.. I gotta double up! Went and got Free iron check at the WIC office other day and its at 12.5.... Gotta work on this cuz thats borderline! I'ma go to Walgreens and get the liquid iron for now. Hope I REALLY don't OD on iron! :/ Man.. I'm not even the pill popping type! I'm more Mental and Spiritual Healing. But after the c-section and this sx.. I'ma need sum REAL PILLS!!! Can we say Perks! Xanex! Summin'!!! Shoot..

I was thinkin' about buying all that band aid, gauge, tape and stuff but I'm like man.. Cipla and the recovery house ain't gonna have that stuff?!?!? Shiiiiit.. For a million pesos they better! :P the baby got his 2 year check up on the 27th... Maybe I'll go steal sum at his Dr.s office :O My cuz girlfriend work there anyways! :ppp

I'ma use Daddy's old Boppy Pillow that he never used.. Babies R' Us freakin' $30!!! Mind as well bloody that shit up and put it to good use!

Well... Lemme put this boy to bed. He gettin' on my nerves! I love him and everything but DAMN! He just pulled down my plant! Went in the fridge and grabbed all the fruit! Snuck in the pantry and played in the rice buckets! Threw and spilled a bag of veggie chips! Ahhhhhhhh!
NO MORE KIDS! Iono wat I'ma do when I get back from Dominican Republic.. Lil' Ninja funna be jumping all over me! Mite have to kick him out ;P


So fuckin' embarrassing but I'ma post it anyways!!! Here's my body now :((( I went from a dime.. To 2 cents :P But still act like I'm the fuckin' shit!!! :D On top of shit! SHIT!!!!! ;p

I was lookin' thru sum wish pix and iono ya'll.. I just know I don't want my thighs touching! My booty higher but not a shelf.. Not so low on the heart shape it drops and start sagging! Gotta have that BUBBLE but not sphere like either u know? Man.. I'll take my old body! And to think I thought I was fat before :/

Ya'll wanna hear summin' funny? Kinda fucked up too but watevers.. Daddy asked me a while back.. When u get ur surgery.. Ur body lookin' good again... What about ur face? >:X What u gonna do about ur face? MUTHAAAA'!!!!! I'm sure all ya'll husbands and boyfriends all supportive this n that good stuff.. I'ma be REAL! Me and Daddy have NO FILTER!!! We're the 2 REALEST people ya'll will ever meet! But this guy! He's an ASS HOE! Don't get me wrong.. He sho ain't no dead beat dad, he provides, we're secure, him and the baby is Twins and stuck on each other! He loves us but damn he's an ass!!! He know I ain't ugly! He know I got HEART too.. But him man... He look at my tummy like UGHH, but don't want me to get lipo! I told him before I got pregnant when he was all nuttin' inside of me if I have ur baby u better get me lipo! He said ok.. After the baby he act like he never promised me lipo.. Even tho he paying for this now, he still gimmie a hard time!! I gotta sit down and TALK to him.. Tell him I'm not coming back all brand new NEW! I'ma be in PAIN!!! I need your SUPPORT! Don't be an ass to me! Be patient with me! Please!!! Wat u gonna do about ur face... Like I said.. I AIN'T THE UGLIEST BITCH! is my response :P MUTHAAA'!!!! :F

Dream Dream DREAMS...

Man when all u think about is sx.. Thats all u dream about too huh? Had a dream Yily was funna do me but I was having another sx in 2-3 wks. We were debating on doing it or not. Took so long she dun took a break, her husband made her a sandwhich, and played w her baby!

I had other dreams before too.. Like one time she was tryna lipo me in a truck riding thru the swamp! I was like Yily.. U sure u got this??? She was like Si Si while jabbing me with the fat sucker :/

Man it's been 6 months dreaming.. I got 11 more days!!! :D



I packed EVERYTHING last min last nite :) Its better that way for me... But here's sum pix of the stuff I bagged up...^^^^^^

So anyways, I'M IN Dominican Republic!!! :) Woooot Wooooooot! Landed at 2:34... THEIR TIME!
It started snowing in HOTlanta!! I'm glad I got outta there... Its about hmmm, lets see.. 87 degrees here :P I took Deltas lil red blankie too.. I am allowed aren't I?? Man I know ya'll probably think I'm sum kinda Clepto or watevers u call thieves but I swear I ain't! Took the baby to his 2 year check up and didn't even take 1 band aid ,)

But man I felt so lost walkin' thru that airport! U gotta turn in sum lil papers they give u on the plane SO BE SURE U FILL THEM OUT ON THE PLANE! U gotta buy a tourist card $10.. I exchanged $300 and got $10,000 pesos. I said DAMN AM I RICH?!?!? :p But walked out to the exit and Liz from UpscaleRH came to get me :)

Went strait to Cipla for test and my iron levels are... THUN THUN NA NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
12.6 :) Oh yea I went the other week ago to WIC and got a free iron test from Viet lady that works there since I ain't got no insurance or Obama Care and it was 12.5. I bought sum Pur Absorb Iron just to be sure so I reckon that 1 little point helps cuz my surgery is mañana!!!!

I'm not still here at the cardiologist w the ekg results in hand waiting on the Dr. to come and read it.. I KNOW IN HEALTHY THO! Oh yea... Btw, I met Dr. Yily.. :) She greeted me with a hug and I didn't even stand up cuz man, that room is SMALL! I'm hungry too. Can't wait to get to the house and chill a min and eat. All off subject... Anyways brb.

I'M HEALTHY!!! :D Cardiologist said so himself! I'm just typing.. Ain't got no kinda Wifi.. I'll holla at ya'll later :)

I got Wifi now.. Just got to the recovery house. I'll take pix for ya'll later.. I'm tired!

Pix that didn't upload from ^Post^

Man I'm gonna have to come back and vacation and chill and party here!!! The driver didn't speak English so I couldn't tell him lets go chill :p I wanted to go to Chinatown, the ocean, cruise around, eat! But oh well, next time faSHO!!! Dominican Republics not the cleanest country but its all good. I'm from a 3rd world country myself so I can't judge. Its so... ALIVE! The streets are loud, busy, got crazy drivers! We was driving and 2 guys on 1 scooter is driving on oncoming traffic! Crazy asses!! Our driver drive crazy his damn self but I'm an Import Chick so ain't no driving too crazy for me. Hope he slow down and be a bit more careful otw back from Cipla tho :/ YIKES

Ok so about the recovery house.. IT'S NICE!!! 3 stories. In gated community. Well, there's men sitting out there that raises the gate when u drive thru. But this is a big ass 6 bedroom house. I didn't get to take pix yet..
The 3rd floor is a terrace. It opens up to the whole neighborhood and u can see the ocean that's a block away. Its nice up there. She's turning it into a spa up there. Massage room and salon isn't dun. I WISH IT WAS THO! I wanna get my hair did after sx but don't wanna go to the salon all hurtin' and shit. Wouldn't mind chillaxin' up there sippin' on a drink too!

I came here and had to eat man!!! Haven't eaten since breakfast at the airport.. I'll post a pix of My meal tho. And the kitchen. I didn't get to take pix of the dining room and back sitting area cuz the girls came down and I chit chatted w them. Yily Dolls lookin' GOOD!!!
There is 1 thing I must say about this place.. I do wish all the beds weren't Twin Size beds :( Not that we gonna be moving alot after gettin' mummified but u know. Just to have that space to like, sprawl out! Naw mean?? I would push the beds together but I know my ass will fall rite between the cracks! Thats happened to me last Fri at my mama house on her new sofa and ottoman! My family all laughing at me >:/ So BUMP THAT!

The bathroom sink area also has no mirrors. Maybe she not dun yet IDK. I'll ask her later.
Don't ya'll know I speak no Spanish but I'm sittin' here watching Spanish music videos. #MusicIsLove#LoveIsMusic

I'm tired tho.. Funna go shower. My phone memory full so after I shower I'll take a video of my room on my iPad for ya'll. Hollar!!!

Damn I just wrote a bunch of shit and it deleted!!!

Lemme just upload these videos for now...

Oops, was I not suppose to put spaces between each video? ^^^

Anyways, lemme just finish everything I was writing while I'm up and can't sleep..

To all the ladie gettin' a tummy tuck.. I FEEL SORRY FOR YA'LL! :p I'm sorry but DAAAAYAMN! I see sum of the ladies here that can't walk, can't stand up strait, can't even move! But u just gotta persevere and keep in mind how FINE u gonna be :) Also, IF YOU DOCTOR RECOMMENDS A TUMMY TUCK, you should really consider it if you REALLY want the body u desire. Thats just MY opinion tho. I'm sure you Dr. wouldn't suggest it just to suggest or make $$$

I hope I'm really just swollen cuz I still seesum of my tummy hangin' over :( I did still hear all the liquid bloop blooping around at my last massage.
I did the dumbest thing today! I go pee and I'm holding my funnel and started feeling wet. I'm like ugh, is there a hole in my funnel? Did I miss the whole funnel?? Wsup?!?!? Turns out I FORGOT TO TAKE MY PANTIES OFF! :X I been walkin' around naked w just my faja on so I forgot all about my damn panties. Lord!!! Thank God the cleaning lady comes and cleans EVERYDAY!!! I totally understand that now :D
Today I started missing Asian Food :( I need to hit up Chinatown or get a bag of noodles or summin'!
Oh yea I ordered pads, Gatorade ad bag of noodles today and they deliver to our house rite? It came to like $10... But no Gatorade or noodles :( I guess the damn pads that bitch was selling could really have been $8! :P I still don't care for her ass tho!!!
Everything closes down on Sundays here so if u want good food or need summin' at the store go Sat nite or early Sun if their open.
If your not open to eating different kinds of foods, BRING YOUR OWN FOOD!!!! Even the "American" food here tastes different.
If your husband or spouse ain't a Dr. or a Nurse, don't bring him. :P JK!!! I seen one lady who came with her husband and got a hotel but she still came to the recovery house. Its just better to have 24 hour care.
I heard sum HORROR stories about sum of the recovery houses here! Dr.s too... I'm not gonna go talkin' bout them but ladies, PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!
I feel so good about the choices I made. My Doctor, The recovery house, I'm positive, I'm having a good recovery, everything :) STAY POSITIVE!!! If your not dead, then don't stress things too much. Even tho I got a tape burn, IV bubbles, haven't shitted, its just small things. Don't have anxiety attacks over every little single thing. Recovery is hard but bitching is just gonna make the nurses hate u, and make YOUR recovery harder cuz YOUR manifesting it YOURSELF!
Can't wait to go get my hair washed, nails did and facial tomoro!!! :) All that for under $40 US Dollars! THATS A BET!!!
Ok its 2:18 Dominican Republic time. I'ma chill and call Daddy now. Send ya'll more pix and videos later.

Day 5 Post Op which was yesterday... Was a rough one :'(

Hello ladies :) Today I'm 6 day Post Op but yesterday was UGHHHH..! I couldn't sleep the nite before, got up all early, got my massage, hyped to go to the salon and souvenier shopping! I was talkin' to sum of the girls in the other room then felt light headed, go in my room and KTFO! They was probably like Dang wat happened to EAB?!??
So I got up around 2:30 and woke up one of the girls and when the massage lady said she lives across the street SHE REALLY LIVED RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET TO THE LEFT! So we walked there and into the car port which was the salon. Two ladies were mopping and wat not. So we just chilled.. Other chick got a pedi and I just got wash n blow dry then added a foot massage later. Total came to $10 and sum change!!! I told ol' girl I GOT U! :p We bought ice cream from the man pushing the cart around. There was a man selling fruit off his bicycle. Stray dogs every damn where!
But the salon was cool. Very small. No hot water. They had to boil hot water for her pedicure tub. U just lift ur feet on to their lap so they do wat they do. Very old school! My wash was strait cold water but I didn't care as long as its clean cuz its been HOW LONG!!????! Ugh! I started gettin' light headed so I wasked for water, ate a cough drop, and sniffed my lil Vicks thingy.. She took her sweet precious time washing me and parting my hair. Then they switched places. Other girl came to blow dry my hair and old lady finished her pedi. Then young chick went to polish her feet after she was dun w my hair. I didn't get it but it looked like the old lady know how to massage so I asked her for a foot massage. Felt good even tho she rushed it. Then the nurses came to get us cuz Dr. Anna which is Dr. Yilys assistant Dr. or summin' was at the house ready to check our drains.
We go to the house and I'm super worn out for sum reason! Saw Dr. Anna and I was tipping over :/ She asked if I was ok. I said man.. I duno. She said u can't stand up strait? I said I'm trying!!! Then my stomach starts hurting. Think that ExLax started to kick in. I said I gotta kaka!!! She said ok lemme hurry up then. TMITMITMI=
FINALLY!!!!! I had to KA KA!!! :) I was up there straining and moaning so hard and long! I was thinking Damn! Daddy don't even make me moan like this!!! :p Then after like 15 mins sittin' there butt hurtin' from the toilet, straining and moving around sweating, IT CAME!!! That shit was SO BIG!!!! It reminded me of a tree that fell over where u can see the whole trunk of the tree! And yea the trunk came out first! I said H:OLY!!!!!!!! Then felt a lil relieved after that :)
When I thought it was over.. Massage lady comes knocking! I'm like FUCK! I had to take my vitamins and iron and all that rite quick. She wanted to go home early and I was her only client last nite. So I said bump it lemme just do this so she can go home n chill u know? I know how that feels..
Pain medicine DID NOT KICK IN and massage was brutal :'( Finally it was over tho!!!!
Then MY DRAIN BROKE! I'm like Oh God!!!! Turns out I put the 2 wire things in the wrong hole! So Patricia came to fix it :)
Oh yea massage that nite before, I didn't have massage lady help me put my faja on cuz I wanted Patricia the nurse to come help wipe me down. She did and she put my faja buttons on the 3rd one! Skipped from 1 to 3!!! So massage lady did the same yesterday...
I kept gettin' leg and toe cramps. I even had time to take pix of my toe cramps thats how long it lasted! :(
I laid down and couldn't move!!! I had to text one of the girls to get a nurse for me. She came in and undid my faja and put it back at 1! Pheeeew!!! Then gave me my antibiotics, pain killers and I took a muscle relaxer one of the girls gave me AND 2 benadryls!
My drain which was clear cuz it got cleaned was now back to reddish yellow :/
I was physically off yesterday! Guess it got to me emotionally cuz I broke down! :'(
Even tho I took all them pills I still didn't sleep thru. I get up like every 30 mins- an hour dreaming then twitching then waking up. So annoying!!! I don't sleep til am-3 pm. So off schedule!

This am I was taking my faja off and this Dr. comes and tells me No! U go Cipla Cipla. I was like huh?!?!? Me?? So I had to put my faja back on, get ready, go downstairs and they tell me I'm not on the list til tomoro! I looked at her like >:X My drains not working so I go upstairs and Patricia comes fix it cuz it clogged up. I told her no faja til massage lady comes. Bump that!!! She said ok. I slept for a bit then Gisselle the massage lady came. She gave me her card so I finally found out her name. She did my massage. We teach each other English and Spanish words. I communicate thru my Translator App..
Her mom was suppose to come massage my feet today but she had a Dr.s appt so she did it. Oh yea the older lady that washed my hair is her mom. But Giselle loved my coconut oil so much I'ma send her sum when I get back so she can massage and cook w it.
Man my drains leaking... Brb ya'll
Patricia just came to fix my drain!!! Thank God!!!! I got up and saw blood and fluid on my pillow cuz I was sittin' up on it. Can't wait til tomoro to get this thing outta me!!! If u lean a certain way it like stings or burns u!!! Can't describe it but its not pleasant.
I'm soooo slow rite?!?! Tell me how I forgot I had my heating pad in the suit case this whole time!!! Giselle uses the parraffin wax and heating pad for inflammation. I coulda beeeeeeen used mines! I was Googling leg cramps and read wat u could do and it finally DINGED on me that I had one in my luggage! Ahhhh I'm so damn slow! I been on this all nite and am!!! :D
NEVER PUT THE HEATING PAD ON YOUR BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Or massage it!!
I'm thirsty as hell. Lemme upload this w sum pix and holla at ya'll later ;)

Giselle Massaging w/ Machine

Ok I really need to figure out wat kinda machine this is cuz it really ain't that serious! I THINK it's an ultra sound machine? It does make noise... :/
Talkin' bout massages and machines.. I got a massage at Cipla today. It was $31. They asking er'body do they have a $1 like Damn! If u gonna make the price $31 make sure you got sum $5's & $1's!!!! U know?!?!? Then ya'll won't be having to run around on the 5th floor looking for sum damn change!
Anyways! I also bought this Arnica cream that has menthol in it. She forgot to charge me but SOMEHOW manage to track me down in the little store where I bought a sandwhich n chips on the main ground level!!!! Cashier told me to go up to the 5th floor to pay for it. So up I went. Dun deal!!

Lemme tell ya'll bout the "machine" that Cipla has compared to Giselle's.. Theirs has like 3 beaded heads on there! Giselle's is simple flat and old school. The lady at Cipla definitely massaged better there I will not lie! Er'bodys always said it's better there anyways. So if you want convenience holler at Giselle or a travel masseuse and if you have time to go to Cipla def go there! Don't forget the $1... I ain't cheap but today at Cipla, I didn't tip :/ They say most people don't there. Shit, they so biz anyways :p

As for Giselle, she know I'ma tip her!!! I got 3 more massages left. As for this massage here, I asked her Can I record you? She said Si!!!! So she do it all gentle making it look all good cuz she know I'ma post this!!! After I clicked stop, SHE WENT IN ON ME!!!!! ://////

Giselle's Hand Massage

Ya'll ain't gotta watch this whole video cuz I know it's long... After wat happened w the first video I said lemme just keep this rolling cuz if I press stop she gonna go HAM!!! :/

Omg after Cipla today our driver Julien takes me and 2 other ladies to China Town :D They wanted Chinese food. So we go in and order and maaaaan, I know I missed Asian Food and all but I musta forgot how SALTY everything was! My legs and feet is soooo SWOLLEN rite now! One of the ladies said yesterday she drank coffee for the first time and swelled up. This ain't no joke!!! DONT EAT SALTY FOOD POST OP!!!!! Here I'ma post pix of my blown up legs and feet. It's 3:15 am here and I'm up cuz 1. Daddy called me and I couldn't go back to sleep. 2. My legs is SWOLE!!!! 3. This recovery is just so uncomfortable :(

Ya'll wanna know wat else swollen? My NaNa!!! :/ :( :O
It's beeeeeen swollen actually. I'm glad I'm at a recovery house because you can ask the other ladies do they have the same symptoms, what's normal and what's not.. share ya'll experiences together and just have people around to talk to instead of being cooped up in a hotel room not knowing what's going on, what's normal, what to do, when to trip out, when to go to the hospital, and just being... ALONE. This recovery time will definitely help you in the Soul Searching Department. Knowing your body more and just build character all together. Wait, was that the right word? Oh we'll, ya'll can fill in the blank :P

Oh yea, let's get back to my NaNa... This shit is HUMUNGO!!! It's literally HANGING OUT MY FAJA! :X I had to ask the other ladies the other nite is their NaNa swole too and they said YES!!!! I mean my shit so big it feel like I got a drain in there on the whole left side! My shit so big the masseuse at Cipla tapped on it today as if to say Damn your pussy big! Bitch! My pussy so fuckin' big if I undo my FAJA this shit'll fly away!!
chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp

On to REAL matters!!!!

But heres Giselle doin' her paraffin.. They do this at Cipla too. Giselle uses saran wrap which I like better and at Cipla they use wax paper.
Anyways, on to more important stuff... Last nite I was hurting sooo bad! Remember on Sat when I needed my first massage cuz my left booty was hurting? Well lastnite was HORRIFIC for me! Pain was running up and down my left leg from my butt. I couldn't sleep AT ALL!!! Ran outta pain killers.. Couldn't wait to wake up and go to Cipla. I even got up EXTRA early cuz I heard out appt was at 8. And I ain't even a morning person... I usually don't bother nobody here but I went into one of the girls room this am almost crying!!! Asking if she had pain killers.. Wat I should do. The staff came in and refilled my prescription. They delivered it so I took that and my antibiotics. Our appt at Cipla wasn't til 11-12 so I fell back asleep on my tummy for a couple hours. Got up and OUT!

At Cipla we waited around for Dr. Ana to come. Oh hold up lemme rewind a bit! So day before one chick got her drain out and she said it HUUUURT! I was dreading that all day and nite cuz of my booty pain on top of it! :/ So when being seen by Dr. Ana, she told me she was gonna take my drain out. I said ok :( She told me to breathe 3 times. I said ok... U gonna take it out?? She said huh? Its already out. She showed me and er'thang! I was like COOL!!! :Didn't feel a thing! I did pop a pain killer otw there too.

But ok, back to my left booty, she looked at it, felt it, squeezed it and told me its red. I said it is?? Cuz I just never bothered to look that low or summin'.. Iono. But she said Dr. Yily will have to come check it and that she was in surgery. The time being, I go get massaged, lil' grub, here n there.. Then Dr. Yily came and checked me out. She looked at it and then grabbed a needle. A big needle too! I ain't scared of needles but that needle was BIG :/ She said Just a pinch.. I almost fell over in that lil ass room. She tryna get watevers it was in there out w one had and rub my back/sides telling me to breath and stay calm w the other hand. I saw blood squirt out. She didn't get liquid or anything but it did feel better after that. Yira the translator wasn't in the office so Dr. Yily so cute she gets on the laptop tryna translate wat she wanna say. She tells me it vitality fat (?) and it must be a part of the booty that didn't take the fat. She wanted me to stay an extra 5 days!!! :( If I go back to the states and I had another incident and say I go to the ER they not gonna know wat to do and treat it like its an infection and they gonna want info and records and stuff and its hard to pass back n forth AND I'ma get slammed with hospital bills. She said if I stayed she can keep a look out for it to make sure everythings ok and not go thru all that in the states if summin' else were to happen. I got a blood test to make sure it wasn't an infection. Normal. :) And no fever so thats a good sign too. Still kinda blew my day tho :( Then one of the ladies thats kept having to stay got seen by Dr. Yily and also has to stay an EXTRA 5 days so that makes me feel a bit better but still. My flight was suppose to depart Thu @ 1:37pm

I called Daddy and his fuck ass! Told me call him back cuz he shootin' pool! Ass hole!!! I called my mama and told her wat the Dr. said and she said just stay if thats wat the Dr. said to do! Better than having to fly back if summin' happens etc.. So I called Delta and we good. Idk bout staying til Mon tho. Mite dip out Sat/Sun. See how this goes tomoro and Fri.
Finally talked to Daddy.. He took the baby to play at McDonalds and Facetimed me.. He said outta all the people this only happened to YOU?? I'm like watevers.. Other people keep staying for other reasons too! We weighed out the pros and the cons.. So its best I stay even tho I already made that decision after talkin to my mama. So keep this in mind ladies!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME OFF WORK INCASE YOU NEED TO STAY LONGER!!! Keep your schedule flexible after surgery because seriously, you just don't know how its gonna turn out. I know I manifested a flawless surgery but hey, if God wanna put a bubble in my booty wat can I do? Just accept it, pop it, heal it, be grateful I got it taken care of, and just stay and heal a bit longer. I think its meant to be cuz I really did wanna stay 10 days anyways just to heal more and bam! Guess my manifestation did come about huh? Plus I'm not ready for Daddy to be buggin' me for BRAIN as he calls it, and the baby jumping all over me and all the nosy fucks tryna come over to see my booty. I don't wanna see nobody rite now or do nuttin'!!! Er'body dun told er'body my bizz but hey, my ass IS on here rite now telling my bizz anyways rite? Ugh.. Just annoyed w self. Don't mind me!
So the baby fell at McDonalds today and I yelled at his dad cuz he was on the other side of table!!! But he wasn't watching him. He didn't know how to blow on the hurt spot or kiss it where it hurts. Just got me mad >:/ cuz really, I wanted to be the one there blowing and kissing his head. Instead of his rough ass daddy! I had to TELL him wat to do! He kept saying stop man stop. Talk to Mami. He ain't talk to me nann since he been at McDonalds so why he gonna stop crying to talk to me NOW?!?? He so UGGHHHH!!! He goes ooh he got a knot on his fore head! I said WELL STFU AND BLOW ON HIS FORE HEAD AND KISS IT SO HE'LL STOP AND FEEL BETTER!!! You know kids, they think your lil blow and kiss is the miracle cure.. But ARGGHHH I gotta go to sleep. I'm buggin' rite now. My badd ya'll. Just wanted to share these videos and my experience of the day w ya'll. Remember, expect the Unexpected. But all the while STAY POSITIVE :) Even tho I'm annoyed rite now I'ma get over it when I get up tomoro am. I'm still grateful for this whole trip/experience/BOOTY!! :D

Oh yea, one more thing, I said Dr. Yily My hips and booty gonna go down sum rite?? She looked at me like No! (why would they?!??) She said just a liiiitle. I said WHA??? She said Why? U no like? I said I do but DAMN its MUUUCHO MUUUUCHO! I'm Cheeeena not Negra! Cuz all the ladies at the house been telling me how big my damn booty is! But honestly I think the pix look bigger. Well thats wat one of the girls said anyways.. This shit gotta deflate a little tho! Daddy was like Damn u got a black girl booty?!?!? I said Its gonna go down. I'm just swollen :/// But let's hope it all proportions out rite. #KEEPTHEFAITH

Oops meant to add these pix too

Remember I said DON'T USE HEATING PAD ON THE BOOTY? Shiiiiiiet! Its on my booty now! This shit gotta go down sum! I know I'm swollen but shit! The ladies here.. I'm gonna be the only one coming back for a Butt Reduction! :P Oh yea... I'ma be workin out too. I know I'm trippin' ya'll.. Ya'll probably like Why u go get it then?!? Why u ain't tell her?!? Blah blah blah. I'm trippin' rite now but I KNOW and BELIEVE, it will be just what God helped Dr. Yily create for me :)

@ Cipla

Hey ladies. I'm here at Cipla gettin' checked again and GUESS WHAT? I'm going home mañana!!!! :))) Still got this lil cramp thing going on in the back of my thigh but the seratoma she drained yesterday is strait. I'm all cleared to go home! Heres pix for ya'll that I just took in the lil' exam room. Enjoy :)


Didn't know they didn't upload :/

So at Cipla today there was 3 ladies that came from Chi-Town. I was walking back to the office from the restroom and one of them asked me to come out there and THEY LOOOOOVED MY BOOTY! Made me feel a whole lot better :D

Debating on wether to post my embarrassing naked before pix that I sent Dr. Yily or not. Its sooo gross! :X

Last nite n day in Dominican Republic

Friday was my last nite in Dominican Republic. I REEEALLY wanted to get a wash n blow before I left and I kinda didn't wanna get it washed across the street in the carport again so me and 2 other ladies went out :)
The cab driver took us to this salon down the street from the house actually. It was a nice big modern salon. I'll post their card. I thought they were gonna be all talkin' about us/me in there but er'body in there was pretty cool :) They knew we had surgery!!! Our fajas all showing, the 2 ladies carrying their drains around in their purses, my big ass sticking out like a sore thumb. But they all was just... COOL B-)
This salon had hot water! They gave me a red conditioner treatment and revived my hair back to life! The ladies doing mani/pedis WENT IN ON YOU!!! They clean EVERY little hanging skin and callous and corn off your feet! They even have a buffer to get the callous off your hands if u got that!!! That was by far ONE OF THE BEST PEDICURES I'VE GOTTEN IN A LOOOOONG TIME! And I'm picky!!! They don't have spa chairs down here I don't reckon but as good as they are, who needs all that?!?!?
The lady blowing our hair out was BOMB too!!! I had my hair in a ragedy lookin' ponytail walkin' in and when she blew me out and er'body saw my cut they all came takin' pix and wat not. Receptionist was like I wanna do my hair like yours. Made me feel good :) 1 of the ladies we went with was Dominican and they was telling her I seem so cool and that I got swagg and ASS! ;p
So I treated the ladies and we got 2 wash n blows, 2 mani/pedis, 1 red mask treatment all for 1950 pesos= $45 USD!!! Not bad rite? :D Oh yea Dr. Yily comes to this salon too :) They all know her here.

After that our driver took us to a restaurant. Pizzeria but they served other dishes. It was nice and busy too. People on dates, people celebrating summin', he said its 24 hrs and after the club thats the spot er'body go to. We go in and order food. I ordered this shrimp soup that was fuckin' BOMB!!! There was this chewy thing and I'm like wat is this? She asked the driver and he said octopus. The other lady lookin' at me thinkin' I'm funna freak out but I'm like :OMG!!! I LOVE OCTOPUS!! So the soup had shrimp, fish and octopus. UMMM UMMMMMMM :D I love Dominican Republic!
After eating we went back to the house. Feet got swollen :/ Had to pack but chillax a little first. One of the ladies who went in for surgery didn't get it that am cuz her BMI was 36. REMEMBER LADIES!!!
Or u WILL NOT get operated on at Cipla!!!! I know the facility where Robles is will still do u w BMI over 36. There was a mother n daughter that came to the house and the daughter came to accompany the mother but ended up gettin' work done cuz I guess the Dr. talked her into it. I heard stories of Dr.s taking in patients when other Dr.s won't even tho their health isn't up to par. LADIES!!! If you have a serious health issue and your PRIMARY choice of Dr. wouldn't take u, if he/she DID NOT REFER u to another Dr. but in the hallway a Dr. hears about ur situation and says Oh thats not a problem, I can do u... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU JUMP INTO IT!!! I know its like u came alllll the way to Dominican Republic and u don't wanna go home w/o having anything did but SERIOUSLY! If ur Dr. didn't refer u to another Dr. and sum other Dr. tries to lure u in no matter how bad u want that surgery PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT!!!! You haven't researched that Dr., seen his/her work, and if they catching u in the hallway then uhhhh they pretty much just want ur $$$
Dr. Yily WILL refer u to Dr. Robles if ur BMI is over 36. There was a lady who had diabetes and it just wasn't good for her to go thru w the surgery and Dr. Yily didn't take her. Another Dr. (Ya'll would be surprised who!) tried to recruit her in the hallway saying aww its nothing I can do u... But the patient knew better! She didn't fall for it because she knows she wasn't fit for the surgery even tho she wanted it sooooo bad. She flew home that nite.
The daughter I was talkin' about up there that wasn't expecting to get surgery, she got a Tummy Tuck and arm lift, and one of her arms is coming undone. She said 2 different Dr.s was working on each arm! Then she had to come back for full lipo and bbl. She was asking who did mines and took pix of my booty cuz she wants to come back and go to Dr. Yily now. Her mom also had a Tummy Tuck and says she got 1500 CC's in EACH cheek but she was still flat w no curves at all! I doubt I even got 1,000 CC's in my booty and my shit waaaay bigger than hers! I'm telling ya'll ladies, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH! Have another Dr. as a back up plan JUST INCASE! If your going to a Dr. at Cipla DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOUR IRON AND BMI IS NOT UP TO PAR! There was chicks there for 10 days tryna get their iron levels up! So thats extra $$$ on hotel/recovery house AND healing time, taking off work, being away from home etc.

I wish that I would have stayed working out prior to my surgery like I should have. I woulda had better endurance, balance, stamina.. All that! U gotta use ur arms AND abs to lift urself up, thigh muscles to pick urself up especially if u drop summin'.. Just the little stuff u usually do becomes this BIG challenge! So ladies BE GRATEFUL for all the limbs and senses and the healthy body u had before and the healthy bodybthats gonna help u get thru recovery.
I'm soooo glad that I can say I MADE IT THRU THE Dominican Republic!!! The sleepless nites, waking up every 15-30 mins, all the meds, the annoying ass drain, the food u not use to, the language barrier, the loneliness etc!!! Its def made me stronger and I'm so grateful I made it physically, mentally and emotionally. Now on to healing in the US w a crazy ass toddler son and nosy friends and family that just wanna see ur ass like ur a freak show! Blah blah blah. I just wanna be alone until I recover but I honestly am blessed w the BEST family and friends that really care for me. I been ignoring them the last couple days but I'll snap out of it.

Lemme tell ya'll about the airport. My balance from Delta was $60.30. I came to check in and the lady couldn't find my info or summin' idk.. She tells her manager. She tryna charge me $419!!! I'm like wat?!?? Its suppose to be $60!! She's like NO! U have to pay the fee! This doesn't cover plastic surgery!! Rite when she said that I knew she was HATIN'!!! So I'm like ok watevers! Lemme pay cuz when I get back to the states I'ma call Delta and they gonna refund me anyways!!! So young girl rings me up and when she swipes my card... WAT DO U KNOW?!?! $60.30 comes up!!! She goes and tells the bitch ass manager again! She comes and shes like NO NO NO!!! She take my shit and brings it to the office! I'm like WTF?!?? Why she gotta be such a bitch?!?! Why can't she just accept the fact that it was plastic surgery?!?!! I already spoke to Delta TWICE and everything was already settled on the phone but this fat ugly ass bitch can't accept it! I'm sorry I don't call people fat and I really don't call people ugly but this bitch was UGLY!!! On the inside more so it made her outside even worse! I go to the fuckin' office and I'm like wtf?!?! Wats the deal here??? She trying real hard to get her supervisor to over ride it. My total comes to $300 summin' now! I didn't pay! I said lemme call them and pay $60.30 that I owed over the phone since ya'll can't seem to find the notes that the OTHER 2 operators I spoke w the nite before noted! I had to use their land line.. Couldn't even hear anything! The bitch manager walked out... The supervisors tryna fix the volume button.. She knows summin' wrong and she was actually nice enough to let me use her cell phone! She dialed the Delta representative in the Spanish speaking countries instead of the 800 number I dialed. One operator didn't know wtf! So I hung up on her ass! The next operator man telling me sum BS too!!! Its almost 1 o'clock! Supervisors like u gotta do summin' fast because they starting to board. My plane leaves at 1:37 pm and don't ya'll know I been there since 11:30am fuckin around w they asses?!?? I asked the supervisor just lemme pay for this plane ticket and go cuz I gotta see my son today!!! I apologized for being rude and telling her that I'm actually really cool duh duh duh and I thanked her for letting me use her cell phone and helping me. She said the man operator erased everything on the screen!!! She had to input all the info again and now guess how much my ticket was?? $161!!! So how we go from $400 summin' to $300 summin' to $161! Young girl shoulda just lemme pay that $60.30 balance that came up when she swiped my card like IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE and we woulda all been happy and going on about our day! Honestly, I shoulda just checked in thru the kiosk!!! Fuck all them!!! The supervisor WAS nice and got me a wheelchair, a guy to push me, called the gate and told them I'm coming, and got my change from paying the bill w no waiting.
So me and dude flying thru security check point and Immigration and made it to the plane. People were still in line. I Thanked him. He tried to get me to sit and wait but I said its ok. I told him Thanks again and I tipped him $20 cuz I didn't have no change but its all good and we hugged and he kissed my cheek and hugged again like we knew each other for so long! :)

I got Economy Comfort which was an extra $40 cuz otw back I wanted to BE COMFORTABLE!!! Its still 3 seats in a row but the seats are much bigger and softer! There was a man at the window and I was on the aisle seat. His friend was in front of us and he was a BIG guy!!! He turned around and said I was gonna go sit next to u if nobody was sittin' there. I said Aww I'm sorry!!! Man at window says Its ok I been w him for 7 days now. The big guy had an OLD man in the middle seat w his wife at the window. They looked soooo squished! Across from us was just 1 man at the window. I said if nobody sits next to him I'll go there so ur friend can come sit next to u. He said Ok. Plane boarded and the seat was empty so I hopped on over and told Big Man to come sit next to his friend. He said U didn't have too. I said YES I DID CUZ I FEEL SORRY FOR THE OLD MAN! :p He laughed and said Oh u didn't feel sorry for me u just felt sorry for the old man huh? I said UHHH HUH!!!! The old man musta been relieved too cuz he scooted over and they just had there stuff in the middle seat. So it all worked out :)

Well as all ya'll know, Atlanta has the BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN THE WORLD! There was NO WAY I was gonna be walkin' thru that airport! I ordered wheelchair service which is FREE! And lemme tell ya'll.. Ya'll get thru EVERYTHING so much faster!!! Customs line at ATL was crazy!!!! Wheelchair line, we went rite thru :) They ask u dumb ass questions there tryna catch u slippin'.. Like he asked me why am I in a wheel chair, I said I had surgery. Do you work? I said No. No? How do u get by if u don't work??? I said My husband! Where is ur husband? I said He better be down there waiting on me!!! Then he finally let me go.
DON'T FORGET TO BRING A PEN AND FILL OUT ALL PAPERWORK SO U CAN JUST TURN IT IN AND GET GOING!!! Also another great tip is GET A WHEELCHAIR!!! You get thru security w/o being checked so thoroughly cuz 1 chick had to get stripped down cuz security felt her faja. Lady that checked me felt my faja but knew wsup cuz I was in a wheelchair. ;) Also its the wheelchair that gets u thru the lines at security, Immigration and Customs faster!!! My body still slow motion and there was JUST NO WAY I WOULDA MADE IT THRU ATL's Airport walking 20 mins JUST to get to Immigration! FUCK THAT!!! So ladies wether ur airport is small or big, just keep the wheelchair and economy comfort seats in mind for traveling OTW back.

I was crying thinking about seeing Daddy but when I saw him.. He was so nonchalant I was just like uhh, ok then. He rode on the wheelchair w me. Oh, the lady pushing me was like ok here u go to Daddy and he was like Thank u. She was like Thats it? He was like Thank very much. She said again thats it?? I said in Laos TIP HER!!! So he gave her $10 and she was gone.
Ok, lemme back track.. I heard alot of the ladies at the house complain about this n that.. That person this person blah blah blah. Lets be real!!! We all know that $$$ talks! If u really want a good experience u can tip ur drivers, nurses, assistants, masseuse in advance. I didn't tip in advance. I manifested all good er'body around me. I got along w er'body at the house etc. Lets just not talk about the nurses at Cipla, the faja bitch and the Delta manager >:X But anyways.. I have pretty good energy and er'body pretty much took care of me. I tipped them graciously in the end and they were all very Thankful! I kinda sorta tested them by not tipping in advance to see if I'll get treated good which I did anyways I believe because of my good energy. So its VERY IMPORTANT TO STAY POSITIVE!!! No matter how mean the nurses at Cipla were I still radiated good energy cuz I needed it to heal MYSELF! Fuck the faja bitch all together! Did I tell ya'll I saw her ass again??? Lemme reread my stories and if I didn't write about it I'll post in another review. No matter how mad I was at the hatin' ass Delta manager I still prayed to God and my Angels to work it all out which they did :)
My point, Be Positive! Then er'body around u will be too. Tip good and you'll be taken care of if u being a bitch especially. JK! :p But mainly, radiate good vibes for YOURSELF! To heal urself, let others WANT TO HELP u heal, and because YOU LOVE YOURSELF and your (new) body :D

Oh yea, one other thing, at the recovery house, I slept in the bed next to the window and Thank God cuz I needed that window to help pull myself up. So wherever ur sleeping, make sure theres a ledge or summin' to help pull urself up.

Oh and don't wear pads TO the airport because thats gonna make u seem suspect. Patricia the nurse at the recovery house told me don't put them on which I didn't understand cuz I didn't want the faja cuttin' into me but now I TOTALLY understand! Bring pads and throw them in in the restroom AFTER security check point.
One of the ladies also gave me 1 lipo foam which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! I knew I shoulda ordered sum before I came along w the about board! They stuffed towels and wash clothes in me at the recovery house but it left marks. Dr. Yily is sooo against Epifoam but I think a week or so after it should be fine. Now when I sit I'm not gettin' the button prints and lines from the faja. So keep that in mind. When I order mines I'll post which ones I went with.

Daddy just said God!!!! When he saw my booty :p He know I'm still swollen. He chilled at home tonite to watch Dragon cuz I came home and chilled a bit but ended up K'ingTFO! He put Dragon to sleep then went out to get sum grub + salt free for me :)
I'm laying here typing and Dragon just woke up. Guess he not use to me being home yet cuz he just walked outside to find his dad that fell asleep on the sofa. Oh well, better for me! :p Us 3... We got a weird relationship!!! I'm grateful for them tho :D Well ladies its 3:50 am and I'm funna KNOCK OUT again. I'll unpack and play dress up and take pix soon ;)

Oh yeaaa

Look who found each other


Like, duhhhhh! Why didn't I think that HE WAS BEING INSECURE?!?!? Thinkin' back before Daddy I had a bangin' ass body!! He was ALWAYS insecure and worried about me going out fucking around. To the point where my family was scared of him!!! After the baby he didn't worry so much because I did lose my swagg and def my body!!! I wasn't turning heads or gettin' compliments like before.. Now he know I'm gettin' myself back together its like DUHHHHH, why wouldn't he feel insecure again?!?!? Its not like he never said it "Idk wat I'ma do after u get ur surgery.. All the black guys gonna be tryna get w u... U gonna be so hoochie..etc!"
I'm def gonna have a talk with him when he gets back. He's gonna act like nothing ever happened like he usually do but I ain't havin' it cuz I WILL BLOW UP! I can't stand him w his no communication ass but if I don't bring it up NOTHING will get resolved and I'll only be draining myself with this issue.

Until then.. I'll be in my room til they get back from eating at his uncles house. In the mean time... I took my faja off to clean up and took pix :D

The swellings going down and my butts def gettin' smaller but I'm not worried about it cuz its still gonna FLUFF ;)

Also... I have these 2 lump thingys on my left thigh.. I been massaging it and was wondering if anybody else had the same problem? I felt them since Day 1 at Cipla recovering after surgery. HELP VETS!!! Wat is it?? Wat should I do?? Will it go away? I'll take pix next time I take my faja off.

AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES FOR YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM AND SUPPORT!!! I cried reading some of the comments, I think I even swelled up a bit, I fell asleep with tears in my eyes but woke up ok. Just happy his ass wasn't here when I woke up. Gimmie time to gain consciousness and think about wat I'm gonna say to him. Gotta pray about this one too! But Thanks for pointing out the problem ladies. I KNEW IT WASN'T ME! I mean, I knew it was him.. I just didn't know why. I'ma talk to him tho. As for now.. Enjoy my pix ;) I LOVE YA'LL!!!

15 Days Post Op

Man I need to put sum clothes on!!! I was just looking at a review and this lady is SWAGGED OUT and looking good!!! 43 year old Mami. Her names summin' like Bellisima. HOT MAMA!!! I'm still at my mama house and I got all my old clothes that would never go outta style but I want my new clothes at home!!! So.. Here's naked pix of me :P

Look who comes knocking and delivering food. SUCKERRRRR!!!!!! Gone now!!

Today I got up and showered and took sum pix. Its all glowy cuz I guess the snow reflecting back in the window. I started noticing these bumps on my sides/obliques yesterday after my mama gave me my massage... I went upstairs and massaged them out cuz she only did my arms, tummy and back. Thinking back the masseuse in Dominican Republic never massaged my sides either! It actually kinda hurted so I KNEW I had to work these lil bumps out! After my shower I didn't feel like going downstairs to get my Arnica Gel and Cream so I just used Baby Oil and Vaseline. I didn't feel like puttin' on no clothes and my mama husband didn't go to work today so I had to use wat I had up there. I massaged and stretched my arms. I kept my arms up and stretched while massaging my tummy sides and back cuz theres this lining going down along my boobs and I'm hoping its summin' I just need to stretch and massage out. I massaged myself for about an hour. Feel really good now :) Oh, my mama wouldn't massage me cuz she was napping w the baby but its all good! I need sum self healing anyways!!

Well heres pix of the outcome as of now. Sorry I'm always butt ass naked! :/ I swear I'ma throw sum clothes on when I get to my other closet. The ice and snows melting here so I'm funna get ready cuz I'M COMIN' OUT!!! I want the world to know!!! :P Funna let it show!

But ya'll take it easy and enjoy :D


Did ya'll have a happy Vday?? :) Mines was cool.. Chilled w my mama and the baby.. I asked my mama to massage my back and she was just slapping shit on me doing it all rough! >:X I just got up!! She musta had a bad day... We cool but me n her, we can BUMP HEADS like ya'll just duno!!! So I massaged myself!
I called Bella Forma here in Suwanee, Georgia.. I mite go get my lymphatic massages there.. Its $75 each or 10 for $500 :/// I already got 11 massages in Dominican Republic but I read on Bella Formas website its good to get them 3 months out too. I think its a good idea cuz I feel hard spots, juicy spots, all kinda shit.. Need that ultrasound machine too!

My arms are stretching more and I can almost raise them all the way up again. The lining along my boobs going away little by little. Guess I need to do more stretching. I'm feeling better tho :) My lipo area still has that numbing sensation. Weird... Kinda like the c-section I guess. Just all over my tummy and back now. I feel like my tummy gettin' bigger :O When can I start working out again?? Hope I'm just swollen!!! :/ I know they said don't diet for 3 months.. To eat regular... Hmmm maybe thats wat I been doing. Eating "regular"! I should slow down.. Not like I been eating greasy ass foods tho. Well, minus the Zaxby's.. But u know how it is when u at ur mama house!

Anyways.. Look who sent me flowers yesterday! SUCKERRRRR!!!
I still ain't go home! Cussed his ass out all day n nite. Fuck it.. He STILL can't own up to lying!! I feel badd for the baby cuz he say his daddy name every day looking out the window putting on his shoes waiting for him to come get him every nite.. But watevers. Make Daddy suffer more until he pays me too! FUCK THAT!!!

Here's sum butt shots I took today for my Upscale ladies on Whattsapp.. I still got dents from the hard/soft spots... Can't wait to just be healed and out this faja!!! Finally washed my faja today too..

I'm trying REAL hard not to go to Oak Grove Market and get their bomb ass chicken nachos!!! Still waiting on my clothes to dry anyways.. Maybe try to sit in the house for another 2 1/2 hrs til they close?... :p

Well I'ma chill and fight the urge to not get these damn nachos. Rite now my minds losing.. I mean shit, I still got 2 months of eating regularly rite?? ;P Chow ya'll!!! HAVE A SUPER WEEKEND! :D


Messed up the booty pix...


Hi ladies.. I can't exaggerate how important the pads are! After giving birth I got Mirena so I didn't have periods like that. (Thank God!) But.. I still got all the symptoms like bloating, eating, and pimples :/ But anyways.. I joined the Publix baby club and they sent coupons out and one of them was for Bogo Kotex pads. I had 2 packs that I never used so I brought those to DR w me... Little did I know, them thangs was as SMALL & THIN as pantiliners! Ok, maybe they were 2-3 pantiliners :p AND they had wings!!!

YOU DO NOT NEED PADS WITH WINGS!!! They just in the way and they will leave indentations on ur skin!

You probably don't need SUPER DOOPER thick pads for the arm parts but I think it will still help to have sum kinda padding there. Alot of people do complain about it tearing down into ur shoulders. And under the underarm :/ Especially if u gettin' ur arms dun. And usually if u gettin' liposculpture she does ur underarms as well...
I didn't think I needed my underarms dun but IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! OMG! Lookin' at my Hawaii pix where the fat stuck out from the underarm.. Ugh! She did under and around my boobs too and they actually got perkier :) I didn't breastfeed but I did pump and it did make my boobs a bit saggy but now they back up. I'm impressed! And HAPPY!!! :D

So anyways, I went to Walmart today and I was in the pad/tampon aisle and at first I picked up Always Overnight w No Wings! It looked thick but I'm like hmmm, it is folded in 3! Then I go into the next aisle which is the grown folks diaper aisle. I was like hmmm, these gotta be big! So I got a pack which was pretty expensive. 30 pads for $11 summin' summin'... To me thats alot! But I had to get them cuz I been using the same damn pads that I left Dominican Republic with! Yes!!! The one that one of the ladies gave me with the stars that left marks on me! Hey, we had an ice storm and was locked in the house ok??? Plus they were still fluffy. Well, kinda... :/

But ANYWAYS!, I also bought sum Collagen Moisturizer which I'ma try out.. I'm funna order sum Collagen Pills off Amazon too. I saw it on Dr. Oz and one of the ladies at the recovery house started taking it and she saw improvement in her skin... Plus the lady on Dr. Oz said its the best investment u can make for ur skin. Shit, wats $10??? There was summin' else she said to take too but I forgot :/ I know I got that skin that ages oh so gracefully but the past year, I did start seeing lines at the end of my eyes :O Anyways, I'll let ya'll know how this Collagen thingbgoes :)

Oh yea, I also ordered a couple Vedettes off Ebay. I Googled sum and found the exact same brands for half the price!!! ;) I ordered 3 Vedettes and 1 Waist Cincher. When I get them I'll let ya'll know wats good. I actually read about 2 if them on Lola Jae's page. She's also a Yily Doll :) with great advice and health tips too.

Tomoro I'm gonna go get a massage at Bella Forma. I'll tell my ATLiens how it goes :)

I had summin' else to say about tomoro but I forgot :/ My badd...

NITE!!! ;)

3 WEEKS POST OP.... Mañana :)

Hey there :) Today was a BEAUTIFUL ASS DAY!!! It was 72 degrees here in da A! Hope ya'll enjoyed it wherever ya'll are :D

Ok.. Lets talk about these SUPER pads! I LOVE them!!! Here's pix of me putting them on and how HUMUNGOUS they are! First day I laid them going ACROSS. Idk the diff between vertical and diagonal so shit.. They went ACROSS! :p I laid 2 on each side then the lipo foam on my tummy in the middle. As I sat and the day went on, in between the pads where it meets, it started hurting me. It was like the thin parts of the pads and it was going into my sides :/
So laterrrr, I flipped it the UP and DOWN way.. Man I need to Google Horizontal and Vertical! But then the other slow people LIKE ME will have to do the same so lemme just describe it the dumb blonde way ;)
After putting it up n down, 2 on each side w the lipo foam on my tummy in the middle.. It feels so much better to sit :D No creases!

Day 2 at Cipla when the faja bitch was stuffing me w pads, I thought "How the fuck am I gonna be putting these pads in me?!?!?" But as u go on.. U start to develop a system and just know where u want each pad. So don't worry. A lil trial and error then you'll have it locked down! ;D

So I never went to get my massage at Bella Forma yesterday.. Had to take my mama to Lexus then she needed a massage so we went to Massage Empress.. The Chinese spot. I just got a foot massage which was very good btw cuz usually they do this routine that just copy each other and its not even reflexology!

Well this Chinese man knew I had surgery cuz I made it clear!!! I had to pull my translator out and translate in 'simple Chinese' that I needed a REAL reflexology massage cuz I just had surgery and I need my insides detoxed. So he worked every part of my foot that worked every organ in my body!! If u duno wat Reflexology is.. GOOGLE and GET W THE PROGRAM!

He talks in the translator app and tells me I need to eat pigeon. I said Laos people eat chicken after giving birth and sx.. He said NOOO NO NOO! I said why? He said Chickens on the ground.. Birds fly high. Why would u eat summin' from the ground? I guess Feng Shui speaking... Birds fly high so when u eat them, they lift u up (recover faster). Makes sense to me!
I said where would I buy it? He told me the Farmers Market across the street. I said Idk how to cook. My mama don't either (even tho I be grubbin' here). He said I'll teach u. I said JUST COOK IT! I'll pay u :p He said Ok. But damn, they work 10am-10pm!! Thats longer hours than nail salons!!

Anyways, I got my Vedettes in the mail today :) Oh hold up, Daddy came by with our $ today too. He moving into the babys room too cuz WE AIN'T TOGETHER! Bastard did try touching my booty yesterday >:X
But I'm still at my mamas house..
He still need to gimmie my $400 for the week!

Ok so the Vedettes, I ordered 3.. 2 thongs and 1 panty.. And I ordered 1 waist cincher. That along w one of the Vedettes was a Small. AIN'T NO WAY!!! I shoulda listened to Miss Lola Jae when she said don't order small sizes in hoping you'll fit them one day. Order wat fits now! Cuz lemme tell ya'll.. I AM HOPING THESE PEOPLE WILL TAKE THESE BACK AND ATLEAST EXCHANGE THEM FOR ME! I never bothered trying on the Small Vedette and the waist cincher ain't go nowhere near my Nana so.. I'ma call tomoro tho! *Crossing Fingers*

The Medium Vedettes were HARD AF to put on!!! I know Miss Lola Jae said get wat fits now but I refuse to get a Large!! So I pulled and pulled til I got it up :) Hallelujuhrrr!

I'm sooo dumb! I tried the thong one on first and it was ALLLL up my ass! Took it off then I saw where u could adjust the Nana AND the bra straps! DOH!!!

I like these Vedettes tho.. I'll post the link later along w other links that mite be helpful. I don't think I'ma be wearing them over my faja just yet cuz after these big ass pads I just bought too? Uhhh, NO!
And under the faja? Then I gotta undo the straps every time I pee? Hells naw! I already have a hard time wiping my ass!! So I'm def not funna be fuckin w hooking and unhooking these thangs! I'll be dun peed or shitted on myself! So these Vedettes could wait a month or so. They are VERY compressive tho. Is that a word? Auto spell didn't have to correct it so I reckon it is. Hope it makes sense :/

Well my appt for a lymphatic massage is mañana at 3 pm. Hope they good cuz I'm tired of massaging myself even tho I just bought a BIG ASS bottle of baby oil. I mean, I'ma still do mines and stretch every day.. I just need that professional massage and ultrasound machine and my back rubbed out too! Plus I was gettin' paranoid yesterday that my tummy was gettin' fat.. The Upscale ladies said I'm still swollen and GET THE MASSAGES!!

Well, like everyone else I know that was going thru sx w me, WE ALL CAN'T WAIT TO BE HEALED!!! The lining along my boobs is going away, my arms are stretching higher now, I'm still slow mo but I'm also OUT n ABOUT! :) #Grateful#Sexxy#Lovin'ME

Miss Dominicana :)

Wsup ladies? Well alots been up since last wk for me :p Lemme update ya'll..

First off, Bella Forma and their massages.. Its a very nice facility! The shit Dr.s spend their $ on here in America... Too fancy but I guess so! Posted pix up there ^^^

So called a couple days before I go in, ask how much the massage was.. Sum chick said $75 or 10 for $500... So I'm like cool. Go in, massage lady tells me 'If you were a patient here than its 10 for $500'... If ur not its $600. I'm like well I only brought $500! Thinking if I even gonna pay that extra $100!! Receptionist told me "We got new staff, they duno." I'm like umm hmmmm.. So we'll see if I pay that or not :p
Anyways, when I made the appt they also ASKED me where did I get my sx.. I said Dominican Republic. So I walk in, the receptionist lookin' at me and said Wow! Dominicana? I said Yup! Just couldn't stop looking at me and asking me Dominicana? She was in awe!!! ;)
So this place is like, all Spanish workers! I felt like I was back in Dominican Republic!!! :p The masseuse was Cuban. They all had work dun but shit, my booty still look better than theirs! :P
On to the massage, she used the ultrasound machine which was a pretty normal one. Not like the 3 headed one at Cipla. And before she massaged me she asked if I took a Tylenol. I said Yes I took an Ibuprofen then she WENT IN!!! I'm like :OMG!!!!!!! No mercy! She also had this Endermologie machine. It looked crazy!!! Its good for cellulite, bumps, etc.. She put that on me and it was vibrating! I thought it was gonna hurt but it actually felt good. She kept going up to the highest setting and I was ok w it. THEN she comes back and hand massages me again! :/// Arghhhh! But overall I'ma keep going cuz I already paid and I like that machine! Only thing that suck was she only works Tue Wed Thu! I'm like damn man, I need 2 massages a wk! I can't go Tue then Thu again! U know??
So anyways, I Googled lymphatic massages here in Atlanta and Wellness summin' popped up. I called her but she don't have ultrasound machines or anything. Just hand massages.. And wat a coincidence, I had her number from Real Self and been meaning to call her since Oct Nov but never did! Her names Tianna. She charges $50 a session. I'ma go to her on Fridays for maybe 3-4 wks and go to Bella Forma on Tues. That way its spaced out. I'll let ya'll know how Tianna is :)

Don't ya'll know my ass been GRUBBIN'?!?!?? Lawd! All I been doing is going out to eat! And don't ya'll know before I NEVER ate Spanish food? Now I been feenin' and eating nuttin' BUT!!! I started thinkin' WTF is wrong w me? Then my girl points out its the Dominican blood in me. I'm like huh?? Then DING!
U know how people get transplants then starts eating or doing stuff like their donors? I been grubbin' like a Spanish person!!! I swear I NEVER eat Spanish food! I wouldn't even suggest it when going out to eat. Now I'm like ooh Lets go get Colombian, Sopa Marisco, Mexican tripe tacos! Laaaawd!!!! Er'body is trippin' the fuck out on me! I'm trippin' my damn self!!! DOMINICANA!!! :O

But anyways, I ordered this ab board shaped like a pear $20.. Sat in the car the next day and damn I couldn't breath!! I always had this fear of gettin' shot in my chest below my boobs, u know that soft spot rite there? And this ab board was just jabbing me all up in that area! I said Oh Hells naw! And don't ask me why I have a fear of gettin' shot there. Its like my fear of gettin' choked to death too. Ahhhhh! I can't even wear necklaces to sleep cuz it feels like its choking me when it falls back!!

I mailed my vedette and waist cincher back so I'm waiting on those to come in. Not like I could wear them yet anyways but I sure can't wait! Get the hell out this faja! I tried my Stage 2 faja on last wk and NOPE! Slid that thang rite back down!!! I do not feel like struggling to pull that up, button it, and breath! So bump it!!! For now.. I mite try again this wk. Wed I'll be 4 wks post op.
I actually woke up feeling great today! :) I can pick my arms up more now. Stretchings gettin' easier. I been walking more. Not all outta breath. I can't wait to go work out!!! I'ma start walking in March and for real start eating healthy-er :p I need to detox and stop taking advantage of the No Diet til 3 Months shit! I mean, I KNOW just cuz we can't diet don't mean we can just go out and eat watever the hell we want! But I'ma get it together!!! :)
My tummy back area is still a bit hard and numb. Its such a weird feeling! I was trying on clothes today and feeling it slide on n off my skin is like Whoaaa. WEIRD!

I had alot more to say but the baby here laying on me snoring and gettin' me tired too. Lemme post pix for now and holla at ya'll laters. *YAWNING*

Oh yea, I had an older black man stuntin' at UPS follow me the other day! Then OLD white man at the post office after that! Tell ya'll about it later.. Nite ya'll ;)

Still grubbin' :(

Ahhhhhhh I had Taco Bell AGAIN today! My Mexican homeboi all schooling me then gonna send me pix of Shrimp Empañadas :/ I'm like Oooh lets go eat there! :p

Anyways, my massage today was great! I forgot to pop an Ibuprofen which is ok cuz I don't wanna takes meds like that anyways. I'm almost done w my Vitamedica pills. I forgot to order my Collagen pills but I'ma do that after this. But I feel great! :D Here's short videos of her massaging me and using that machine which was sooooo not an Endermologie machine. :OOPS!!! Its called Lypossage. Good shit! She went in on me with her hand massage but I MAN'd up today :D Thank God next wk she gonna be there Tue and Fri! I scheduled for both days. This Fri I'ma go see Tianna..

Did I tell ya'll I got my braces off yesterday?? Whooot Whooot!!! Million Dollar Smile Pix Coming Soon! :D


Idk if its working or not.. If not here's the link

So I was at UPS last wk.. This older black man that parked his drop top Camaro rite outside came in. I guess he forgot sum numbers for watever he was mailing.. He called a female tryna get that number. She didn't have it in her car. Sp he said he gonna have to call the ladies office and be on hold for 16 hours. I said Have fun! I went up to pay for all my shit.. He was just staring!!! On the phone on hold... After I paid I left. Told him Have fun again :p Go in my car gettin' ready to pull out. He come by in his Camaro looking for me but passed me cuz he didn't know I was parked there. So I pulled out. We each took diff exits out the parking lot.. At the red light he was about to pull over next to me but I cut in front of him :p Then BLASTED Beyoncè!!!! And dipped!
Had to go to the post office cuz UPS didn't do certify mail.. Sum ooooold white man held the door for me. Tried talkin' to me in line.. I went up paid for my shit which took a while.. Go out and theres that old man. Waiting on me :p Held the door for me again, tryna shit chat.. Then off we went. With his old self staring at my ass!!! :P

Lawd, having a booty can either get u in trouble, or get u RICH BITCH!!! :p my Mexican homeboi yesterday that took me to eat Colombian food told me go get my gun license. He even sent me the link!!! He said there's alotta sick pervs out there! U gotta protect urself. Which is true! Mind as well go legit if I'ma carry a strap rite? So I'ma go check my criminal background and see if I can get a license. I gotta check cuz I was a bad girl ;P So we'll see.

Either way I feel great! I look good feel fine... ;) Clothes fit better, been shopping like a mutha'... I'm stress free dpressed free AND still milking Daddy! I'm STRAIT!! Fuckin' LOVING ME/MYLIFE/MYALL!!! :D {Million$:)

OMG!!! Did ya'll miss me?

I am soooo sorry! I been LAAAZY!!!

Ok, lemme update ya'll in my massage.. I quit going to Bella Forma. Her schedule was off for me and I went to go see Tianna and I FREAKIN' LOVE HER!!! She uses no ultrasound machine, no lypossage and even tho she go in on me.. Its not like THAT! She go in JUST RITE!! She takes her time, go over every lump n bump n part that has scar tissue, breaks down why its hard, if its still swollen, why u itch, everything! I love her!!! I went once and then got 8 sessions so it'll be 9 total w her.

Damn I got 11 in Dominican Republic, 2 at Bella Forma, and it'l be 9 w Tianna. Thats 22 total! Geez... And today after my massage, me and Daddy went to the Chinese spot and I got another massage! ;P Yea Yea I know.. SPOILED BLESSED ASS!!!

So I went to an 80's party last Sat nite and I wore a vedette.. I slept w it on all nite and IT FUCKED ME UP!!! My sides was hurting soooo bad OMG! I got a massage Mon.. I didn't wear my faja for 3 days! I got a massage today and finally put it back on cuz she said I was swollen, got fluid build up and more scar tissue.. Wait, I think thats the same thing. But watevers.. I put my faja back on today!!! Fuck that! I need this shit compressed and healed. Not swollen and bigger... Today I put my Teena pads under too! Shoot..

Every time I dress up, my phone pix always full! I'ma have to upload and delete and start takin' pix cuz MY ASS IS FINE!!! ;P

Well lemme get sum stuff together then I'll post again. Enjoy these pix for now ;)

Oh yeaaa

I started light work outs last wk too. I got my 3 lb weights and been stretching and doing crunches at home. The weather was nice so we been walking at the park also. I'ma start going to the gym next wk but IDK about gettin' with my trainer yet.. I know she gonna kick my ass!!! I also stopped eating land meat.. No more beef, pork, chicken, etc. just fish and seafood. I quit all the Spanish food except ceviche and my sopa marisco!!! I been juicing and bought this new whey protein to try out from Dekalb Farmers Market.. I still eats sweets tho :/ But I'm gettin' better.. I'm trying to quit fried food but at Cheesecake Factory on Mon I ordered fried calamari, bang bang shrimp, and firecracker salmon roll... ALL FRIED! :( FUCK!!!!

I haven't drank my Apple Cider Vinegar in a week and a half cuz I had a fever blister but I think I'm funna take a shot tonite. Shit is disgusting but arghhhh...

Anyways, I'll post all my new healthy good for u shit later.

Hey ladies!!!

Sorry I been MIA... As ya'll can see sum of my stuff got deleted and edited! I feel like Micheal Jackson.. When his house got raided, he said It got tainted. He didn't wanna live there no more. Energy not the same... Well they tainted my damn page!!! Feel like they can come up on here and change delete edit watevers! Get on my damn nerves!!!!

Anyways! I been healing GREAT! Got a total of 20 massages so far and 2 more sessions left. Still healing.. Got bumps on my sides and tummy still a bit swollen.. Booty look good tho :D

I been at the gym and got back w my trainer. I can still eat better tho but blah, I'll get there.

I been having a hard time finding jeans to fit my ass OOOPS lemme not curse! My booty!!! And hips. Lemme post pix.

Oh yeaaa

I forgot to post these too

Store I found here in Georgia for The Big Booty Small Waist :)

I went today to try on jeans and they also sold fajas of all kinds. I didn't ask the price tho.. Had the baby and Daddy in the car. I just went in lookin' all lost and tried in 1 pair of jeans.. They ALLLLL STRETCH! It was bz too! Sell cute tops too..

I'm going to New York next wknd so I'ma go see wsup up there first. My friend told me check out Spanish Harlen and Yonkers where all the Dominicans are.. So I'll let ya'll know wsup w that too. I can't wait!!! :D


Ok as ya'll know I been back in the gym.. My trainer said I'm her first booty patient client and she don't know wat to do!!! Wat kinda work outs should we do or not do? I'm scared of losing my booty.. I know if I lose weight its gonna go down sum but still.. I'm cool w toning up but I don't wanna lose TOOOO much ass! Ya feel me?!?!? Help me please. Thanx ladies ;)

So this past wknd was Laos New Years and we celebrate it at the Temple. I had the blue stripe maxi on and walking around like I look "normal" but NOPE!!! Errrrrr'body and they mama daddy boyfriends girlfriends babies dogs Monks was lookin' at this! ;P I even posted a pix on FaceBook w my ass not even showing much and people still noticed. Ahhh, why try to hide?

I see alotta people found my Real Self site too.. I thought about closing it down but WHY?!?!? Alotta chicks need to get sum ASS! So please, lemme be the first to show ya'll wat ya'll can have too :) Go do all the squats and lunges ya'll want ya'll know damn well ya'll ain't gonna get a booty like this! So when ya'll ready, holla!!! I'm here. ;D

New York New York

Hello! :) New York was fuuuun!!! I ain't gonna lie, we didn't hit up any parties :/ Shopped ALLLLL DAMN DAY! But, I got 4 pairs of jeans. Haven't worn them yet to be taking pix in them but I will.. ;) Man... Skinny must be IN rite now especially in New York! We go in asking for XL and they lookin' at us like WTF?!?!? WE DON'T CARRY XL AT ALL!!!!! Like EXCUSE our fat asses! Geeezzzzz Remind me of the bitch in Florida! "You shouldn't be in an XL anything" >:/ So we tried on about 30 pairs of shorts and jeans and ended up w 4 pairs of jeans. I think its cuz we stayed in Soho... Didn't even get to hit up anywhere else.. Oh well, short trip no time. Plus ATL got all the thick women's clothes here anyways so lemme just look around.. I still Love You New York
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met her yet but I HAVE TOTAL FAITH IN HER! :D

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