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Hello Yily Dolls!! I'm 5'1 138 lbs. my previous...

Hello Yily Dolls!! I'm 5'1 138 lbs. my previous measurement was 38-33-37 and flat butt. I wanted to have Big round booty and i decided to email Dr.Yily on Dec 2013. She replied me back 5 days later with quate of $3400. scheduled me right away! Girls, this surgery ain't NO JOKE!!! Ask me anything! g

3weeks past, still soar....

I will post the pics before and after tomorrow! It just overwhelmed since I got home and went back to work. Well, 2/26, oneday before go home, Dr. Ana came by Recovery house and took my drains out! I was so scared if it hurts..well..It wasnt!!! I was sooo happy to say good bye to this tubes/drains attached to my back. You just dont know!!! I got home 2/27, At Santo Domingo Airport, everyone knew I had surgery, I didnt ask for wheelchair but they even asked me to board first because I looked terribly tired and hurting. I had to lay down on my stomach at the Airport bench, I really didnt care what other ppl think. Dr. Yily really gave me very small waist and big hips so all the guys checked me out lol but instead of those attention, I was busy hurting!! During my 3H flight back home, I thought i was gonna die, hurting....I just didnt care what other ppl sees me, or think of me, I even turn around and get down on my knees to avoid sitting on my butt. butt pressure was just unbelievable. Swollen bad...but I made it, oh my goodness..I rather walked thru immigration and customs rather than get on wheelchair. Guys are smiling on me, trying to helping me, wow, I thought my life maybe a little easier on me from now on lol. Anyway, I took my time and even drove home back myself!!
I dont know how I did it, but I made it home. I researched lymphatic massage in Atlanta area so I called (Tiana from Wellness Sanctuary) Girls, If you are in Atlanta, call this girl, She is awesome!!!! She even come to your crib and give lymphatic drain massage for an hour $50 !!!! with package.
*******(678)929-4810 Tiana from wellness sanctuary*********tell her you heard from me.
I had 4 massages in DR, and I had straight 8 days I had her massages since I came back. Soon as she gave me massage, I had to go to bathroom over 30 times!!! She has a lot of clients who had surgery with Yily and Duran!!! Now you know who you go to for right massage!!
I had 5 days off at home and went back to work. OMG, first day work, I swollen so bad, My ankle like giant elephant...hurts so bad, wearing faja, limited movements, I wish I had at least 1 more week off...5days straight I swell like that..massage helped me and raised my legs when I went to sleep helped me. I thought this swell never goes away..but it did stop after 19 days from surgery. I was told I am having slow recovery. I still drink pineapple juice everyday. Gosh talking about my bruising! If you see me naked back then, Someone really beat me up bad looking lol.. Seriously, without arnica jel, I wouldnt even comfortable writing this updates. My bruising went away in 2 weeks from surgery date. really have to take care of your bruising, swelling, after. I trully believe faja effect too. I hate wearing, but without this faja, my scar tissue will rise up with fluids. It really helping to push down fluids. I bought 2 faja since I came home. now past 3 weeks, my butt still hard. not as much, Dy.Yily really packed fully and made me Dominicano booty. It was baloon feeling for a long time but since butt pressure went down a notch, became a lit soft here and there. now my abdomen has dents from scar tissues n fluids still but progress daily. I really have to massage my abdomen area with cocoa butter. but i can see my ribs, my abs muscles! this really crazy to me, all this time I thought I will never see my ab muscles lol
ok my measurements 36C-27-42. I am happy my result. I really dont care if ppl see me why i didnt get donk booty, I wanted to look natural but big. Dr. Yily really did great job. I love my waist and hour glass shape. ppl look at me all the time, I feel great, with this investment, this pains gotta go thru, I am enjoying my body changes. I will not do that again tho, Cosmetic surgery-this is it for me lol.. I cant even lay down on my back. I have to lay on my stomach still, my butt just hurts, getting hot so i am avoiding put pressure at any cost to this date. Everybody tells me I look great, encourage ppl to do the surgery because they sees me as successful. But nobody knows how painful it was and still is.. I did this surgery for wrong reason. I wanted to please my man which I should never did it for that reason. Please dont judge me, if you havent walk thru my path...I am still learning to do. I wanted to share my journey with you all honestly.

after 1 year and half from BBL surgery

I'm decided to do BBL surgery with Dra Yily, Part 2!! Guess what happened to me, I was 138 lbs when I had surgery back in Feb 2014. I discovered when I ate more, my bootry got bigger! so I kept eating lol. Now I'm 5'2 and 158 lbs. 34DD-29-43. I must say I gained 20 lbs, all fat went to my booty, arms and legs. My friends tells me I don't need to do BBL again, because my booty is big enough and still I maintain small waist. Religiously I'm wearing waist cincher everyday since I came back from surgery. I'm currently using Squeem miracle vest. If I take them off and eat, clearly I can tell my stomach look big and I hate it. Looking back, I was swear to myself I won;t do any plastic surgery again and obiously forgotten how painful that was.... I already contacted Dra Yily and I'm doing this as second time. I'm scared, do I really need to do this? But thinking back, over night change of my body is just irresistable.
I had pancake butt before and BBL surgery made my life so much better! I mean totally changed and It was best decision ever I made. any dress or jeans, leggings I wear, looks great. Dra Yily really did such a great job on mine. So why not make my butt more round shape and make my waist smaller? Honestly, when you gain weight, eventually fat is come back to franks, back, tummy area as well. Is there anyone done BBL surgery twice?
I'd like to know.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra.Yily gave me a date of Jan 21, 2014 but I scheduled to have Feb 21, 2014. I was so determined to do this surgery. I couldn't wait. I ate like crazy, trying to gain weight. I was originally 127 lbs, gained till 140 lbs. cause taking all the vitamins, my metablism kicked in. surgery date i was 138. i was so worry not enough fat. I went to Yily because She does great job gave me small waist, maximum butt that i could take. Girls, She gave me big booty and big hips, Real Dominicano booty! I flew into Santo Domingo on 2/20. My driver was there to pick me up. No waiting there, he is so good to all of us!! Oh, I highly recommended to stay at RecoveryhouseRH. very clean, cooking is fantastic!! I'm still here these ladies like angels!! taking great care of me day and night. Anyway, I recommend to fly into there one day prior so you can do all the pre-testing that date. packed necc items at hospita; and left to Cipra next morning. Yily was so busy that date, I believe she does surgery first whomever need to be done the most or paid most. I was #4. She marked me down and showed my wish pic. told her big hip, grabbed all the fat from waist to showed her how much i wanted to be small waist. dominicano booty. she told me she will take all the fat from abdomen, waist, full back, lower back, arm pitts. she asked me to do arm and legs but i told her no. She listened to me no problem. waiting game begun. I was there till 9pm waited...ikr? i couldnt eat/drink from 11pm last night. almost 24H no food or drinking, just wait...each girls could take up to 4H... she had surgery from 9am and she did total 5 girls that date. when nurse gave me blue pill, I dont remember anything.. I was passed out. next thing I knew, nurse woke me up to the bed. I was told my lipo and bbl lasted 2H. Cipra? oh my gosh, worst experience. Yily was great, no complained. but not enough nurses and no nurse buttons killed me. i was yelled for help many times cause i was thirsty and no water, no meals provided. it was crazy I woke up my both legs didnt feel anything and panicked!! I told myself I wont do that again..some ppl addicted but this pains, sores, oh my gosh NO JOKE!!! legs sensation came back eventually and i begged to get out of cipra. I wanted to go home driver came around 11am and went back to recovery house. I felt dizzy, not feeing well. hard to lay down on my back has so much liquids and i feel the movements, it hurts. waist, lower back has sharp pains..I still cant believe i did this. Girls you really have to do it for yourself. This pains is nothing to compare...I'm healthy, not taking any pain medication to this date. I only taking vitamins, total 9 different pills. Yily really packed fat on my booty and hips, butt presures are no joke! Bring maxi pads, chuck bed, baby wipes, toillete papers, propelle powders for drinks, specially own blanquets! get cold very easy. cant wash hair no shower nothing, no makeup, dont bring any cute stuff, no need here. and plastic cups to pee. this is my 3rd day here, i had first massage, i will need this at least twice a day from romorrow to take extra fluids off my body. faja is so tight! you can sit down, lay on a side right away. but recommend to move around no same position. my butts is like meat packing full. hard to move but i'm trying. communicate with your circle, you will need it. I didnt tell anyone but a few good friends to support.

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