BBL Part 1 - 8 months post op Yily update. Round 2 with Duran May 22, 2014:)

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Hi ladies. I am so excited about my upcoming sx...

Hi ladies. I am so excited about my upcoming sx with yily. I hav done lots of research taken lots of notes read soooo many reviews but it feels like it'll never be enuf. I am scheduled for lipo to full back full abdomen flanks armpits and arms on may 3rd.

It's quickly approaching and I still hav sooo much to take care of. I still have yet to book my plane ticket bc yily s ppl haven't sent my conf email although I have bn requesting it for we'll over a week. Good news is every time I call thy tell me I am on the calendar nd all set...thy just never send my email:( I refuse to book my flight nd set up hotel or rh accommodations until I hav tht email.

I have a dilemma though. I had butt injections in 2010. 750 cc in each cheek it ws done in Miami not in a hotel but a spa run by Colombians. I paid 3800. If I had only known about this procedure thn I clda had my paid tht for sx flight and hotel back thn smh. I was told it ws hyaluronic acid but I am not convinced that's wht it was. I know other who have had work done nd their butts done feel like mine so I do think its a quality products. Their butts are hard lumpy or feel grainy...hard to explain anyway I am not sure if this will interfere with me having my procedure done in a safe manner. The drs in the us have different opinions regarding this. A local ps did say tht as long as the dr injects the fat into the gluteal muscle or deep into my existing fat tissue it shldnt b an issue. But this has me nervous. I dnt want to cause unnecessary problems for myself. My current butt is a nice size but I want it bigger, more pronounced, more projections. It's a typical injected butt thts kinda flat on the top nd sits lower like a tear drop ass.

So like everyone else I am n love with yilys lipo nd sculpting skills. I also am loving the way those bootys are fluffing out post op. I have bn considering this procedure for abt 2 years. My boyfriend told me he will pay for it so I started putting things in motion. My current measurements are 38-30-44 I am hoping to become 34-24-46 ....sounds good to me lol. I'm 5'1 160 so I'm thinkin tht is an obtainable waist. Whn I wear my corset it removes my bloat nd I'm down to a 28 in no time so thts a realistic measurement IMO. My wish pics....yes good ol yaris Sanchez nd the other girl is supposedly one of yilys old patients. I also think with my body type yaris Sanchez is a realistic wish body for me. I'm gonna try to lose 10 lbs before I go bc my face his gotten a lil fat. I gss thts it for now. I will keep u all updated throughout my pre nd post op journey.

Wondering who is going beginning of may...has...

Wondering who is going beginning of may...has their sx confirmed nd rh stay?. My date is quickly approaching nd I feel like I still hav soo much to do nd to purchase. Need to get some stuff outta the way or ill start feeling overwhelmed. I started taking my vitamins today. Will b ordering the vitamedica kit next week.

Where the hell am I supposed to hav these preop...

Where the hell am I supposed to hav these preop tests performed nd my ekg done?? I dnt hav insurance Medicaid or a primary physician.? How are any of you ladies without insurance nd primary care drs handling this? I cn pay outta pocket for the services but cnt find a clinic that is willing to do them. This is annoying me. I cnt jus go to the DR nd hope all my tests come out great. Help?????!!!!! Anyone????

Bad reviews of yily are beginning to come from all...

Bad reviews of yily are beginning to come from all over. Some of the things I hav heard about the ways she is running her business has me utterly disgusted. Like is this the norm for surgery in the DR? If its it all the reviews tht I used to help me make my decision ws missing a few very important facts. At the end of the day we are responsible for OUR OWN SAFETY ND WELLBEING. Ladies if u see something tht isn't right...if u c some unsanitary bio hazardous behavior taking place thn u most certainly NEED TO SPEAK UP. Most importantly we r putting out lives in these doctors hands, cnt get tht back, but we are also putting money in their pockets. U most definitely have a voice nd u need to use it.

Nd idk who is exaggerating or telling strictly facts but I'm not gonna let yily perform sx on me in full of blood scrubs or blood the size of an orange on her scrubs. No way no not on me. Not if its something tht I'm witnessing but ws too afraid to speak up or simply ddnt wanna piss her off. Idk wht some of these girls are thinking. But y make something seems so gross nd terrible but allow it to appen to u? Y? U wldnt allow anyone to treat u tht way here in the u.s. I work with patients nd if they hav blood on their hand u better believe they r not touching me. Not without me being gloved up.

When it comes down to it these women are entitled to voice their concerns to us at realself thy are entitled to describe their experience nd complications if thy have them the way thy see fit. We hav to keep in mind tht post op u will be n a lot of physical pain nd probably b experiencing emotional trauma especially if there are complications.

Complications and risk are very possible. YES IT COULD HAPPEN TO U. U need to go into ur sx fully aware tht all the bad things u hav read can happen to u. There's no guarantee tht these sx will turn out exactly how u like or how u want. Pls be aware of the risks involved. Do ur own research trust ur own information.

Wishing all the ladies well who are in recovery, enduring complications, were traumatized over there, or hav yet to hav sx with yily or another ps the best of luck. enuf for now. Bye boos

I get on here and I try to b supportive. I try to...

I get on here and I try to b supportive. I try to b a good cheerleader for the rest of the ladies here at realself. Some days r easier thn others on here tho. I try to b polite to ppl nd I am as conscientious as possible of other ppls feelings and emotions especially if thy are post op. but sometimes I feel as though we hav to tip toe over ppls feelings nd like I'm walking on eggshells for fear of being labeled a mean girl or being much too blunt. Thts difficult for me bc I like to say whts on my mind.

Nd thn there r ppl who r post op tht feel like thy cn say whatever to u nd however thy want. Not the case. We shld all remain respectful of one another. This is a public blog/forum for everyone to freely express their concerns feelings experiences nd yes opinions.

I am still planning to go to yily bc I am still comfortable with her. I kno full well of all thts being speculated surrounding yily nd Ik the risks and complications of agressive lipo with a bbl. Whether u do everything right or everything wrong u may or may not have complications. Your body makes tht decision.. I know how to open my mouth nd express whether I hav a problem with something...language barrier or not. But for a post op patient of yilys to tell me if u still go to her nd she fucks u up like she did me thn thts on u like a person deserves tht. whether or not a person is warned mot to go to yily is besides the point. Tht statement is totally ridiculous nd uncalled for. We r supposed to b able to form our own opinions on surgeons nd come to our own conclusions abt them. Yes? I would never say tht to someone even if I was in her situation. But hey whatever. Realself is getting a little hostile nd it cn b a bit much some times. People dnt kno how to agree to disagree here. Be careful with your words.

Anyway good luck to my yily dolls nd to other ladies having surgeries with other doctors. Wishing you all healthy happy recoveries nd uneventful surgeries.

It's a little annoying to see a new girl going to...

It's a little annoying to see a new girl going to yily on my sx date every other week when we already hav more thn 4 girls. Grrr. I'm just venting. I certainly hope yily is not overextending herself bc tht has shown nd proved to bad for all parties involved. I am trying to stay positive but it's overwhelming to consider tht there may b an abundance of ppl sitting up at cipla waiting for surgery on may 3 rd. I cannot fathom sitting waiting, HUNGRY, from 7am to 10pm at night. Thts insanity. Considering it stresses me out. Makes me apprehensive bc quite naturally i dnt wanna put my life in the hands of someone who will b at some point during the day stressed, overworked, tired nd rushing. wtf?? nd wth for?? I have met plenty of lovely ladies on here who hav told me they r scheduled may 3 rd with paid deposit nd confirmation email one of thm even forwarded me her email confirmation. I am confused as to y yily nd company insist of telling each of us tht call "oh no, thy must b mistaken. She doesn't do more thn 4 n one day" Wellllllllllllll somebody lying. I will b calling once again n the am to see exactly wht the hell is going in so I can regain some peace of mind. I hav added new pics lol...of my Paypal completed transaction for yily nd my email conf. Thts 2 sx right there. Rant over.

Anyway we booked our flight a cpl days ago nd now we r waiting for jmspa to respond to email. called a cpl times today with no answer ill try sgain tomorrow. ill b n the DR May 1st at 130 whoot whoot!!!!! so a day nd a half early. im still excited!!! Love ya boos. Xoxo

€€€Negative thinking leads to negative...

€€€Negative thinking leads to negative outcomes, whether they r ur original thoughts or whether thy are negative thoughts another person has invaded ur mind with. Over the past week, as I get closer nd closer to my sx date, my thinking, nd even subconsciously n my dreams, my outlook has turned negative nd I hav somewhat of a fear tht wasn't there before. Ik it's nothing but the devil at an attempt to steer me away from my blessing. It's not going to happen. So whatever u do ladies try nd remain as positive as humanly possible. Ever heard of the laws of attraction??? Positive thinking actually does lead to positive outcomes nd visa versa. U shld always b ur biggest cheerleader:-)) but keep people around u who hav positive spirits. below is a quote I absolutely love ::::::::::::::::

****“People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.”
? Steve Maraboli
Last week I was stressed bc there were so many ladies popping up for sx on may 3rd, whn I hav bn told for months yily does no more thn 4 sx a day. I was getting conflicting information from my may 3 rd boos here nd from Yira. I reached out to yily thru her hotmail email on Friday voicing my concerns nd letting her know I ws apprehensive to go through with our sx with my nd my mothers health n mind nd her being overworked nd exhausted. She emailed me promptly on Saturday. She told me there r indeed 7 girls scheduled for sx but please not to worry. She said she will take good care of us, not to worry, nd she will make sure we are one of the 1st 4 ladies so tht i will feel better nd b calm. Tht made me feel so much relief nd at ease. Nd Ik she's busy so honestly I wasn't even expecting a return email but it ws kinda a last resort. I had already called a few times to no avail. Yily made me feel like I ws more thn a number through one simple email. I also appreciated her honestly about the whole situation. I'm not sure y Yira acts so confused whn we brought it to her attention on several instances. We are entitled to know wht type of situation we are walking into so tht we can mentally prepare ourselves and/ or make other arrangements if we are uncomfortable with the circumstances. We should have tht choice.

I will b n DR In 3 weeks. We will arrive at SDQ at 130pm on Wednesday may 1st. So happy we r arriving early. I wanna look around some, eat some, nd shop a little:-)) we will get labs nd ekg done on Thursday. I'm excited...abt the new body nd experience but.dreading the recovery. I still hav a ton of things to purchase. Will finally order vitamedica today. I will n ordering a fajate butt out garment to take with me. Hopefully yily will hav a cg to fit me nd compression sleeves for my arms. I still hav yet to decide if I'm gonna get the boob lift but I hav seen amazing boob results from yily it'd b nice to hav a new pair. Im still waiting for total comfirmation from jmspa to stay there from may 1-9. thn off to hotel barcelo from the 9-13th. It looks like a rlly nice hotel where we will be comfortable nd safe. I will b posting updated before pics the day before I leave for DR. Ok Enuf is enuf yes I'm suuuuuuuuuuper long winded lol. Later babes!!! Xoxo

Speaking my mind! I do it well,, opinions from all...

Speaking my mind! I do it well,, opinions from all angles r welcome on my Blog. I dnt cower from opposing p.o.vs. I challenge thm head on.

I awoke to a whole slew of posts in my email, many directed at myself;-(( so ima say my peace, where I ws so kindly asked to, here on MY blog, nd leave it at this. Respect my 1st amendment rights as i will respect yours unless ur degrading nd berating someone. I may disagree with people but I do know how to do it tactfully. Therefore, shld I not b able to say wht I wish? Of course some ppl are not privy to listening or acknowledging the truth so hey I cn only do so much. Nothing about my blog is subliminal. Shld I name names whn I'm referring to certain ppl? I cn in the future thts not a problem bionicme. I never disputed ea's experience I simply disputed her facts. There is no way for u to know for sure how u or anyone else contracts a staph infection. Y is me saying tht made to b offensive or so upsetting whn it's the truth. But I do happen to get bothered when ppl make passive aggressive comments to me. "You havent even had ur sx yet. God works in mysterious ways. Be careful." So wht the hell would u b insinuating?? I do believe in God nd i know how he works nd as I said before Im blessed nd highly favored. But thank u for ur concern. I dnt kno yily personally. I haven't been "ride or die" for her either. Lol. As for the pictures I hav seen they are if real life patients nd she has produced results to the equivalent to wht is on her website. Photoshopped or not. Ik tht she is producing bodies like tht in real life. If I get a staph infection n dr I wnt hav anyone to blame but myself nd life. IT HAPPENS. ANYWHERE. Wht God has for me is for me nd has already bn written:-)) But gripe nd moan I won't bc Ik the risks nd complications assoc with surgery. Ill b counting my blessing bc it cld hav bn worse. i wnt b making sensational post trying to scare ppl. Either way I will come back here, just as so many other ladies hav, nd report my experience in its totality. Good and bad.

Ppl seem to forget this is a public forum, in case anyone doesn't know the meaning, a forum means a PUBLIC message board or community where ideas and views on particular issues nd topics can be exchanged nd addressed. No where in there did it say everyone ws agreeing nd holding hands nd passing out hugs. Tht may b ideal but its not very realistic. Nothing is wrong with a healthy debate/ discussion. I think it's a little unfortunate tht bc someone comments a disagreeable post on a blog thn ppl feel like thy shldnt hav a voice. Thts pitiful. Nd thts y tht option isn't offered to shut ppl up or block thm from commenting unless thy are attacking u. I like to think Im smart, im knowledgeable, I'm well versed, I'm tactful, I'm polite, I'm helpful sooooooooo If I'm being respectful thn y can I not say wht I deem necessary?? So annoying nd one sided. Disagreeing does not mean ur being negative, or ur hating, or ur jealous? ...dnt b silly. So i called myself speaking up nd speaking out for some of our more impressionable ladies. those tht hear information nd run with it without doing their own research firsthand. Those the read comments nd not blogs in their entirety. Thts neither here nor there at this point, if i hav something i want to say to the general public of RS i will from now in address it here on my lil ol page :o) Say wht u want about me I'm real nd I call it like i see it. Some ppl will like it nd some will hate it. But perception is reality nd my eyes r the only ones I c the truth through. Nd everyone is not gonna see things like i do. if thy did id b an awfully boring world. ah well It is wht it is:) good day folks :-))

**so Ill b in the Dominican Republic in 11 days nd...

**so Ill b in the Dominican Republic in 11 days nd having surgery in 13 days. Y'all I'm so excited abt this damn sx I literally hav sx dreams every single night. Ctfu. My time is so close it's an extremely surreal experience! I get nervous from time to time bc I'm 26 nd I hav never had any major or minor surgeries. I dnt have any children so i dnt even kno wht to expect as far as the epidural is concerned. Sigh. It's overwhelming. Ik Gods got my back tho so everything is gonna b fine.

I am soooooooooooo sick of spending money on this sx tho, thnk the high heavens I dnt hav to contribute to the actual sx. every time I turn around there's purchases tht need to me made nd it seems as tho the more things I check off my long ass list the more thing I add lol.
This is what I have purchased so far 1.) smooth thin camis 2.) crocs (I want some toms too tho lol. 3.) flip flops 4.) house shoes 5.) footie slipper thingys 6.) leggings 7.) maxi dresses 8.)beach cover ups (like scrunch top dresses) 9.)pajama sets 10.) housecoat 11.) stretchy shorts 11.) thick fleece blanket 12.) fluffy fleece pillow 13.) baby wipes 14.) abdominal board 15.) lipo foam 16.) hibliclens 17.) pee ez female urinal 18.) chux (need more) 19.)vitamedica 20.) socks 21.) lasix ( water pills) 22.) arnica gel 23.) fanny pack 24.) bromelain chewables 25.) post surgical donut 26.) laxatives 27.) silicone sheets 28.) cpl face nd hand towels 29.) cotton, marble ( belly button) 30.) sleeping pills 31.) omeprazole 32.) vitamin c 500mg 33.) promethazine 34.) hydrocodone 35.) latex gloves 36.) hand sanitizer 37.) safety pins for drains 38.) Monistat 39.) panty liners 40.) measuring tape:-)) *** I may have forgot some things.

Things we still need *****1.) Clorox wipes 2.) dial body soap/ Ann hand soap 3.) pill case 4.) insulated freezer bags 5.) boost high protein shakes 6.) bacitracin 7.) island shape band aids 8.) alcohol pads 9.) folic acid 10.) more chux 11.) gauze 12.) medical tape 13.) mederma 14.) hydrocortisone 15.) compression socks 16.) big sun hat 17.) granny panties 18.) snacks like granola bars, yogurt, applesauce, fruit snacks, oatmeal packs, crackers 19.) maxi pads 20.) bio cell pills

I text yily every other day if I hav a question nd she has bn exceptional at getting back with me. She told me just yesterday me nd my mother are 1st surgeries of the day. Pow pow. Cheesin hard lol. I finally got thru nd booked my stay with jmspa. Arriving on may 1 st departing may 13th. We may or may not leave jmspa nd go to marriot renaissance on abt day 6 nd stay for duration of recovery. My mom wants to wake up to the water a few days so we shall c.

Every since I found out I ws gonna hav this surgery for certain I have bn extremely OCD abt it. Research nd navigating realself is wht I do pretty much allll day. I hav met a lot of ppl on here tht I rlly enjoy sharing this journey with. I hope tht whn this is over nd we hav our new bodies tht I remain n contact with those ladies nd maybe take sum trips together:-)). I hav bn thinking abt exactly wht I wanna do abt pics once I have my surgery. Idk how long I will keep my pics up just an FYI. It's annoying how some ladies put up pics but dnt rlly update as far as their experience goes nd dnt respond to ppls comments but its jus as annoying to see ladies tht hav surgery nd thn hav all these ppl show up who were never interested in ur journey before u had sx finally hav so much to say to u bc thy want u to post pics or ask u questions. Ijs. IF U WASN'T WIT ME WHN I WAS SHOOTING IN THE GYM THNNNNNN UK THE REST HAHA. I associate with all yily dolls, comment in their blogs, answer questions, I'm genuinely interested in these ladies experience so I fully participate on here in every way. This forum doesn't jus serve the purpose of ppl posting pics so u cn decide if my results look good enuf for u to book with my dr. I c girls dnt say hi, how u doing, are u ok, no good lucks 1st, nothing....just hey cn u post pics??? Foh. Anyway I wrote enuf. Be back next week to update. Let me kno if there's anything tht I shld hav on my list tht I forgot. Xoxoxo

So I only have 1 day before I leave for santo...

So I only have 1 day before I leave for santo domingo. Will arrive at 130pm on wednesday. I'm soooo excited words cannot describe. I picked up the remaining things I needed on my list. Ill update with everything I took on Thursday. I'm gonna post updated before pics on Thursday. I hope I dnt look too fat:-((

I wanna address a couple of things about my butt injections since a few ppl inboxed me. Yes, I discussed my injections with yily already nd she told me tht it will not be a problem for me to get a bbl. many drs perform bbls to patients who hav had illegal buttock augmentation without incident..,some however will not touch u. I have bn told dr. J will nd 80% of his patients hav had some kinda illegal butt augmentation( idk how true this is) I got my injections in 2010 in Miami, done by Colombians, 750 cc each cheek. Paid 2800$. No I do not know how to reach thm anymore or hav any recent contact information. Unless I found the same people I went thru I wld neveeeeerrrrrr consider getn thm again. -although i hav had zero complications i do not recommend anyone get butt injections. Fat transfer is much safer nd much more cost effective.

Next I wanna talk about some of y'all jus having zero empathy for others. I'm sure many of y'all hav had a chance to read miabootay's blog. I was skeptical nd not knowing wht to expect BEFORE she told her actual story but once she gave the rundown i bn with her every since. my heart goes out to u mia!!The way I saw some of yilys girls goin in on this girl rlly pissed me off nd I ws ready to haul off nd slap the hell outta some of y'all. It ws jus plain ol rude. But reading those comments showed me something about myself bc i was one of these girls runnin my damn mouth forbthe hell of it. It got me to thinking about how I hav treated one of yilys previous patients, ensure addict. Although I always remained respectful to her I gss was more Intent on disproving nd disputing how she gt the staph infection thn really being concerned with her, how she felt nd HER EXPERIENCE. No matter wht my motive was its not my place to go back nd forth with someone whn thy r in pain or about THEIR EXPERIENCE, whether I think I'm right or not, bc it's not worth it. So I do apologize ensure addict. It took a while but I will admit whn I am wrong. It took this for me to actually c tht. If I ws n either one of those girls positions I would not want to receive tht type of feedback from the very ppl I ws trying to help. You could hav had the best experience in the world with a dr, doesn't mean the next person will, the dr clda given u the most fabulous results in the world, doesn't mean the next person is gonna get thm. Every experience is different nd girls shld kno enuf about doing proper research tht we dnt hav to spell shit out for them on another persons blog bc we feel like the facts are misconstrued or our doctor of choice us getn dissed. To hell with these doctors. At the end of the day thy do their surgeries nd thy move the hell on to the next set. No need to go hard or lay ur loyalties down for them, thy wldnt do it for u. We gotta do better. U can say wht u want on here thts the purpose of a forum but whn its all said nd done is it rlly worth it? was wht u had to say to a person worth their feelings being hurt or feeling like they were attacked? only u cn answer tht. Moving right along.

Wanted to give an updated list of yily girls nd future yily girl. Yily may b for u or she may not be, check out these blogs, see the good nd the bad, nd decide for urself.(some of these names may not be spelled correctly FYI nd some may not hav an actual blog nd r jus members) I'm sure there are some tht I missed. Let me kno if u notice anyone missing

1##blackchnagrl 2##thinwaistcuteface 3##brickhousechica69 4##glam17
5##cin40818 6##bblseeker 7##confidentbeauty2012 8## ashley8007 9##mrs.cotton 10##ready4newbreasts 11##ms.jittybug 12##mzjuicyfruit 13##petitemami 14##superflyygurl87 15##laury130 16##redonkulous 17##msjewels 18##fox00 19##njprbeauty 20##taylerisblessed 21##jcsoenda6 22##fill_me_out 23##snowbunny869 24##cupid8184 25##nicedreams 26##mzzscorpio 27##nyblackbeauty 28##secretcharm 29##cherryred 30##littleboypink 31##kisses1986 32##mermaid2013 33##treeclimber4 34##qurvacious 35##flygirl85 36##candyapple 37##little_bootysusie 38##perfect503 39##bombsmb 40##elg4464 41##lainsuperable 42##youngdoll10 43##miabootay 44##cakemeup 45##ms.sweetlady27 46##rockyworldwide 47##bootyliciousd 48##sexxibooty 49##queenstel01 50##ensure addict 51##assxuseme 52##chitownG 53##fluffycake 54##Taylormadedr 55##februarylove 56#disneyb 57##sexibod9 58##lourd123 59##hubbysdream 60##marieashley 61##th3nakedrose

May&june yily dolls
1##highsididdy 2##soon2bnewmsbooty 3##littleinthemiddle 4##mrz.alston 5##choco0929 6##soulfulbutterfly 7##sheesh 8##thecakery 9##cgray 10##bbellabooty 11##upgrademe 12##doover 13##superduperbad 14##doingmything 15##mslolajae 16##mel619 17##bbldollie 18##krissylee21 19##mommyto7 20##lookatmenow88 21##crywish 22##kerrbear1 23##rosabonita 24##1987n 25##buttabing 26##cabybakes 27##wantthatbad33

Thts all for now ill catch y'all later. Xoxo

Boarding flight to DR dolls. In 3 hrs ill b n the...

Boarding flight to DR dolls. In 3 hrs ill b n the land of exotic bodies curvy waist nd hips md ass lol. I'll update better later. Xoxoxo

May 1 st, 2013 We arrived in atl about 30 min...

May 1 st, 2013

We arrived in atl about 30 min early it ws a super short a hr nd 15 min. by this time we were starving so we went to this healthy eatery, it ws terrible nd ended up making us feel worse thn we did before nd to make it so bad the food ws like 20$ for a ham wrap with a TOONNNNNN of old lettuce in the middle lol nd my mom gt a 1/2 chicken pita. an apple nd an orange all or 18.10$$ the worst 18$ i ever spent lbs. don't eat there!! we saw a money exchange center before we made it to our concourse nd we gt 3500$ Dominican pesos for 100$us. They told us tht shld b enuf for tips.. Before you land at sdq the airline will pass out the papers you need to fill out to go thru customs. U will get ur tourist card thn head off to baggage claim nd customs. Once u get to baggage claim there will b many men tryin to get u to allow thm to carry ur bags. thy were relentless nd i tried to scurry along bc ik we needed our tips for cipla nd massuese but mother dear cldnt resist. the man made it so easy for us tho nd led us right thtu customs to outside where Donald ws waiting for us. so i recommend allowing one of the men to assist u with ur bags. They will lead the way nd tell u whn to give ur boarding passes nd customs information. He ws helpful:)) mom tipped him 300 peso. We hav a bunch of luggage!

Donald, the apartment manager, was there waiting for us with a big sign with my name on it. he ws very friendly. he paid for parking nd we were on our way. I immediately began snapping pics in the back seat of santo domino. its beautiful yall:-) thankfully we had Donald nd he ws a very safe driver no holding on for dear life while zooming thru traffic. Sometimes he ws driving a lil too slow so i cld take pictures lol. Its tru tht most drive crazy as hell. thy rlly jus do wht thy wanna but thy dnt gt pissed whn thy gt cut off like in america here its normal. someone ws beeping behind us. my mom ws tellin donald hey they r beeping at u is something wrong. he said naw it's normal...nd it ws. we made it to the aparthotel nd thankfully it ws just as i hoped. it ws exactly like the pics nd video i saw on youtube. I felt like i made a good decision booking this place nd we were gonna b comfortable. then came the deal breaker. i could not get the wifi to work on my ipad or my phone. yall kno i ws ticked. i live on the internet nd im outta the country so i need it for imessage nd face time with my boo. Houston we hav a problem. since wifi ws acting up donald moved us to a larger apartment on the 2nd floor with a beautiful view, nd where i met a duran girl, unfortunately i dnt hav good news. this girl has bn here since last tuesday nd with complications. she had a tt nd bbl. she turned around for us to give us a look at the booty but I Cldnt get a good look she had on a big gown. I gss she ws fine for the 1st 3 days nd thn she cldnt walk. she started having problems nd thn. she ended up back at cipla so they cld figure out what went wrong. they said they wnt b leaving anytime soon til this gets worked out:-(( i felt so bad for her. shes here with her mom nd son. her mama said yily is tht deal tho nd we made a good decision going with her nd tht She said she seen a yily girl today tht ws like padow;) she said she will be going to yily sometime soon. I cn give y'all more details abt this later bc we gonna chat it up tomorrow since we r neighbors.

The new apartment he switched us to ws larger nd nicer IMO. He ddnt charge us anything extra to accommodate us either so tht ws nice. We got settled in nd told him we wanted to go get groceries, to pico pollo nd to helados Bon. He gave us abt 45 min nd we were out again. I asked if it ws safe for us to walk to the beach nd he said oh yes no problem. It's only about .4 miles straight up the street. He drove us around the neighborhood so we cld get a good look at how safe it ws. It seems to b a really nice residential neighborhood. I'm not kiddin y'all whn I say these apartments where I am r soo frickin pretty. If u hav ever bn to Cheesecake Factory thts wht the outside of these houses nd apartments resemble over here. He drove us around the neighborhood while I took a ton of pics nd videos. Ill post some if em so y'all can take a look. He then drove us up nd down ave espana where the water is. There are a bunch of bars food places nd hang out spots. There's a aquarium which is the equivalent of our sea world nd there's a water park too. We will prob go to boca chica beach if we r feeling up to it towards the end of our stay.

He dropped us off at the grocery store said hed b back in one hour. we said ok but thought tht would b too long. we were wrong. the market ws in Coral mall nd this whole part of our trip ws pretty damn interesting. If u dnt speak Spanish ur ass is in mucho trouble lbs. we walked aroun nd took some video. Me nd mom saw a girl with a nice ass walked a little closer nd u cld see her faja peeking out say what's up y'all. Mom said ur not gonna ask her who she went to?? Lol uh necks naw.i wldnt dare u ask her lol. She prob wldnt understand me anyway nd just look at me like I ws crazy. So we go to get groceries nd it's so nerve racking bc everything is in those blasted peso n I'm n the market feeling like a third grader attempting to do calculus or something. I ws annoyed, soooooo annoyed. The whole time I'm like we not gon hav enuf, we not gon hav enuf, ma we not gon hav enuf. We had 3200 pesos left which in American dollars means 77$ nd change. In American we wlda gt a helluva lot more thn we did. Of course we ddnt hav enuf I ws so embarrassed nd confused standing n tht line lol. I had to tell her to take off my diet Pepsi but she ddnt really kno wht I ws saying arrrgggh. Thy gt very frustrated with Americans tht dnt speak the language FYI. There's a very low tolerance for it nd thy arent all like oh baby dnt worry about it it's okaaaayyy lol. Everything moves very fast here nd thy dnt hav time to play with no no habla espanol American bs. Lbvfs, I felt bad nd like a complete idiot. I soooo shlda got a few lessons with Rosetta Stone before coming here. Silly me. Uk before u come about the language barrier but its soooo much more intense whn u actually get here nd try to relay wht ur trying to say to ppl. If ur n a rh it shld b fine but if u come out nd rlly wanna b able to feel out wht this domincan lifestyle is rlly like thn pleeeeeease have a translator on ur phone. We downloaded itranslate but cnt use it. Our phones r Fudged!!! Lol. So make sure ur phones gonna work!! Magic jack or sumn.

After we left coral mall we went to la sirena which is like walmart. we needed more peso so we exchanged $200 nd gt 7500$ dop back. Which ends up translating to 182.48 us after u change it to peso which is sum sKraight up bullshishniyiee(s/o to fixmyazz) lol)We gt us sum helados Bon nd thn went to pico pollo. The ice cream ws good the chicken ws good. We put our groceries up took showers nd Now we r super tired. Mom is sleep nd I'm typin away. Btw the men here love black women. Hell they probably dnt kno wht the hell we rlly r nd prob think we r Dominican but I'm gettin allllllllllllllll the damn attn n the world nd I dnt even hav my new sexy body yet. Haha. I must b a sexy chica after all. Wink wink;) well thts all for today. Tty same time 2moro. Night boos

Morning ladies. Hooked up with mrz alston...

Morning ladies. Hooked up with mrz alston yesterday nd we bn with her pretty much every since. We r now here at cipla. Thanks for all the prayers nd well wishes. The wifi here is silllllllly so be prepared ladies nd have back up plans. Try to have ur own international wifi for ur phone nd iPads/ laptops. I haven't bn able to update nd post bc wifi is so hot nd cold but ill respond to comments as soon as I can.

I'm excited super nervous nd jus tryna calm myself down right now. I will update y'all whn I can. Later boos. Xoxo

Hey boos. Yesterday ws rough but certainly not as...

Hey boos. Yesterday ws rough but certainly not as bad as other ppl made it out to be. Me nd mommy r doing good. im up walkin around but my left leg is still a lil numb at the bottom. thy gave me a shot for it. My ass looks awesome and my tummy is tiny. Yily worked me out nd omg y'all she is soooooooooo sweet. She ws all the i hoped she'd be n much more. Her ass is everything nd so is she.

Hey my boos. Ik some of y'all prob bn thinkin...

Hey my boos. Ik some of y'all prob bn thinkin where dis bish at? Wtf? Lol I'm still I'm dr...will be leaving shortly nd I'm sooooooooo happy to b going home. This experience has bn a roller coaster ride y'all . I am loving my body but honestly this has bn the worst experience of my life. I haven't bn thru much in my lifetime so this def takes the cake. I bn wondering hav the ppl who went felt the same as me but jus dnt say it?!! Idk bc there r so many talks of round twos. I had lipo of back flanks abdomen nd arms with fwt grsfting to butt nd filled in my hips. Ok lemme get started on my journey.

€€€Day 1: may. 3rd. Yay it's finally here. Bn waiting forth is day for what seems like forever but it's finally here nd ill b yilyfied soon. Me, mom, mz Alston, nd mz Alston mom arrives at cipla abt 7am. We go upstairs with Yira to the 4 th floor where the waiting game begins. I go see littleinthemiddle nd make surges she's good. She's doin well jus ready to get outta there. We go back out nd wait around some more. We had our blood work, ekg, nd chest X-ray the day before. While u wait u will answer a questionnaire, get ur blood pressure taken again nd get weighed on a scale. Turns out I weighed a lot more thn I thought lol. A whopping 170 y'all, I said hot damn lol. Thts ws sooo pathetic. Even tho my period had jus ended.They told me my hemo was 14.4 so I was in there like swimwear nothing left to do but wait. I saw yily for the 1 st time nd it ws a omg moment, idk but she jus has a presence about her something so regal. So while she chatted in Spanish with mz Alston I decided to take some pics of this donk everyone keeps mentioning. Haha. I c cabral nd everyone I c him I get uncomfortable lol. Ik wht he's done to ppl so he's scary to me.

Yily kept her word me nd mommy were 1 st if the day. Mom went 1 st abt 1130. She had a uneventful sx thnk God. I went 2nd. Yira comes in nd tells me to get undressed yily is coming. i tell yira tht i wannab knocked out cold for sx bc i hear so many ppl saying thry r awake nd indnt want tht it scares me, she has this blank look on her face nd jus smiles nd says ok lol.Yily came in my room and started talking to me, Yira was there to translate. She asked me what I wanted and I said "MIRA COMO SI, MALDITA MALDITA " which meant look like you, like damnnnnn!!! She laughed nd said ok. Told me my body will b perfect bc I already hav a great build. I told her to fill in my hips too. I reiterated to her tht I had butt injections. She said ok nd tht there is higher risk for infection and tht pmma is very dangerous. You dnt hav problems initially but eventually she says it will cause problems. Geesh I hope not!! So she says I will do anyway but I have to tell u tht. She asked me wht ppl say abt her on realself nd we talk abt some of the things like her attitude, ppl expecting her to work miracle nd b a magician, the fact tht so many ppl r switching to Duran bc she doesn't do big butt or bc she can't contact them like she once did. I'm a realist so I totally understood where she ws coming from. We talked abt her butt being done by Duran, she said this is a lie, Yira said If we saw her mothers nd sisters they all hav the same bodies. All natural. Apparently yilys 6 yr old daughter has the same big ol ass, I ddnt c her but mz Alston did. Her butt looks real tho, look at pics above nd decide for urself. She snaps some pics of me nd she is gone with the wind. I put on gown nd I gt wheeled out at 3pm. I see Yira at the nurses station nd I say I need my blue pill!!!! She looks at me smiles nd thts it. I'm on the gurney like WHT THE FIZNUCK I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDMY BLUE PILL. so immediately I'm put in a stressful mood bc I ddnt get my damn pill. I'm like take it easy shes coming nd she will give it to u. Girl bye Yira was a no show.

Anesthesiologist comes n nd I say azul azul azul pill nd tried to make a motion like I was taking a pill lol. Tht ddnt work he tried to tell me he wld take care of me not to worry nd he started my iv. Now here comes the twilight zone experience. From tht point on it ws like an outta body experience. So crazy so hard to explain. It ws like I was watching everything take place from outside my body. I was sitting up with my head in the surgical assistants chest while thy did my epidural. I felt them do it, I felt like a scraping sensation in my back nd I gss whn thy finally got it done my whole body kinda lit up like my limbs sprouted out like my whole body gt shocked. U wnt understand unless the same thing happened to u. The whole time I'm thinking when the hell ima fall asleep when the hell ima fall asleep, is it now, is it now?? It never happened. Nd in my mind I ws traveling places for the surgery lol but I'd always come to nd b n the mans chest still. So strange. I felt thm doing my surgery it ddnt hurt but I felt everything, I ws singing nd talking nd saying hi yily hi yily. Gracias yily lmao. Moving my head from right to left tapping my fingers. Crazy y'all. I think bc I ws moving nd running my mouth so damn much thy kept administering more anesthesia. Hell idk.

So somehow I'm out nd I wake up n the room. I hav the shakes rlly bad.meanung ur body is shaking like crazy like its cold nd ur teeth r chattering, I can't tell u how long tht lasted. Thn I start vomiting. Ur so uncomfortable nd rlly dnt kno whts going on tht u jus dnt care. I'm on my back in the hospital bed nd cnt move so I jus turn my head nd throw up everything I cn. I did like 3 times, this whole time mz Alston nd her mother r there with me trying to soothe nd take care of me. Even whn I ws sleeping thy would b there ( I love thm so thy were there for me nd my mommy nd did everything thy cld since the 1 st moment We met thm to make sure we were taken care of. There were times whn mz Alton's mother left her to come c about nd help me nd my mom. They were truly a Godsend !! Treated us like family!!My boos!!!!))) whn I rlly come to its 7pm. I CANNOT FEEL EITHER ONE OF MY LEGS. I can't move thm I cnt feel them so y'all kno I'm freakin the eff out. I'm like oh lord Jesus I can't feel my legs, wht is goin on?? Nobody ever said nothing about not feeling their legs. I tell my mom she says dnt worry its from the anesthesia. Nurses say dnt worry its from the anesthesia. Yily give me a kiss says dnt worry its from the anesthesia, IT'S NORMALE!

While I was n tht bed it ws the LONGEST 12 hrs of my life. I was so handicapped I ws so worried bout my legs. I wanted to roll over nd get in my stomach but it ws so hard my body felt like a ton of bricks my legs felt like they had bags of water strapped to them. I'm like damn did yily do thigh lipo on my mind thinkin well hey if she did I wnt b mad lol. So it takes everything in me but I roll over a cpl times both times going back to my back bc it ws jus so unbelievably uncomfortable lol. I jus kept lifting my head up nd throwing it down I ws so disgusted nd ready to get out tht damn bed. I wld go to sleep try to make the time go by faster nd pray tht whn I woke up my legs wld b back alive too. Hell naw thtd b too easy. My right leg ends up coming to nd being fully awake yay yay right? Wrong, my left leg is still tryna get beauty sleep. So of course I'm pissed nd confused nd feeling helpless. Shitty bc I never read of this happening to other girls. Oh well. Maria comes in n the middle of night she feeds me she soothes me nd she is soooo sweet. I'm so thankful for her. I wanted to give her a tip but I ws told we aren't allowed to do tht. She made a terrible experience better for me, God bless her:-))

So whn 7 am arrives Maria comes in so she cn clean me up nd put me n my faja. I wasn't scared of this but I wasn't rlly up to it, I ws dizzy. Happy to get off tht damn hospital bed tho. Mz Alston is there while thy r getting my faja on. She is like dayum girl yily gave u a donk. I'm like whtever, lol, not believing her. Thy r putting my faja on nd I'm dizzy as hell I jus wanna lay back down. Thy give me water nd nectar juice nd pat my head nd face with cold water. I start to feel better nd start to cry because imjus so grateful for the good help. I literally felt like I ws finna die y'all nd thy made me feel so much better. Ws feeling thankful;-)) it's difficult to stand while thy r putting the faja on bc I only gt one good leg. The other one is still doing its own thing, so I'm hobbling around with a gimpy leg wondering wtf thy did to me. But I feel great besides the incapacitated leg. I'm like shiiiiiid this a piece if cake no wonder so many folks talkin bt round twos, lol.this nothing. Word of advice dnt let day 1 set yo ass up for failure.the pain will come trust me. I see my ass nd instantly I'm in love y'all I start snapping pics like heeeeeeeeey she got a donk!!! Tht mf deflated the next dy lmfao.

Yily comes in gives hugs nd kisses asks me how I'm feeling. I'm like great beside my leg. Oh it's normale. Yeah ok. She prescribes me lyrica for my leg. Mz Alstons mom takes us to the hotel. I'm exhausted nd jus want to rest. The ac in the room isn't working right nd by this point ima hot mess. Mz Alstons mom goes nd get ours prescriptions. I go to sleep. Whn I wake up the next day I look thru the medications nd I immediately get upset. We dnt hav all our meds. She got all she cld with the money we gave her. I only needed 3 meds. The heparin , my antibiotic since I'm allergic to amoxicillin, nd I needed the lyrica for my leg. She got everything off my mothers list nd the only med I had ws my lyrica. I immediately broke down. Tears jus started streaming down my face. I'm like dammit I only wanted 3 things. I neeeeeed my antibiotic!!!! I hav these pmma shots so I neeeeed my antibiotic. I ws scared I ws gonna get an infection, I wanted to b able to follow all of yilys instructions nd immediately I was unable to do tht. Perfect503 ws talking abt all these yily girls who got infections so I ws freaked out. Instead of yily prescribing me wht she prescribed petite mami she ws telling me to get clindamycin. Wtf she ws being difficult. Y not prescribe me the damn ciproflaxacin like she did petite mami. We Cldnt find clindamycin anywhere. Needless to say I'm infection free but it took 6 days to get my antibiotic nd yily had to write a new script for ciproflaxacin smh. Ladies beware if ur allergic to amoxicillin or penicillin get tht shit n the states. My antibiotic costed 100$. Smh. Highway robbery.

The days after day 2 are a blur. I cld only sleep on my tummy. But I'd sleep in my back whn it ws comfortable. Before I had my sx I'd say I'm not sleeping on my back no way no how. Once u get it done ur gonna sleep however u can whichever way u cn. All tht bs abt sleepin on ur ass goes bye bye. U just desperately want to sleep. But I cld only sleep comfortable on my stomach, my sides hurted so bad from gettin my hips filled in nd my butt burned like crazy. I wld wake up nd my eyes wld be swelled up sooooo bad like Mini golf balls. I had my 1 st post op appt on Tuesday bc Yira ddnt hav any sleeves for me. By this time I had started having extreme headaches nd whooshing in my ear. Felt like I had brain freeze continuously, I ws delirious y'all. Drs cerenas did my post op checked my drain nd sent me on my way. I went back on Thursday bc my head hurted sooooooo bad I Cldnt take it anymore. Turns out it ws a spinal headache from the anesthesia. Lucky me again huh. Me nd all these damn side effects. Yily told me its NORMALE!! Y'all kno I ws tired if hearing tht shit by now. No IT'S NOT NORMALE, IT HAPPENS BUT ITS NOT NORMALE. BC IF IT WS NORMALE THE REST OF THESE BIATCHES WLD B WALKING ROUND FEELIN LIKE THEIR HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE LIKE I DO. MFs who went into surgery with low ass hemoglobin nd got transfusions looked nd felted better thn me, these heaux laughing nd giggling having a good ol time nd I jus wanna lay somewhere nd pass out. It wasn't always continuous but it wld come nd go. There r times I wld feel close to normal but something wasn't right. My vision ws also affected bt this spinal headache. Bright lights hurt nd it seemed like I had two diff strengths of contacts in. It's sooooo weird.

By day 5 my foot was all the way working again. Praise God. Yily prescribed me some migraine meds to help with the headache, nd another to help me sleep. I appreciate my mother so much bc even tho she ws n pain she took off her patient hat nd out on tht mama cap. I ws n the room resting nd she ws out the entire day going from pharmacy to pharmacy getting my medicine for my head. Mommy u r more thn appreciated and I may not always show u but I lovvvve u sooooo much. U have bn sooooo good to me:-)) a special thnx to mz Alstons mother as well. She left her own child to go with my mother nd make sure I ws better. I love her nd her daughter cnt wait to visit thm. Tht medicine helped somewhat. I dnt hav the brain freeze feeling anymore but up until this past saturday everything ws still a bit foggy. Today I feel great tho nd looking forward to going home!! I got my drain out Friday I ws so geeked to get rid of tht ball nd chain. We checked out of the hotel nd checked into the marriot renaissance jaragua. If u dnt speak english stay in one of the malecon hotels. Make sure u bring lots of extra cash if u can. Shit comes up nd u need tht almighty dollar. Bring as much dinero as u cn nd hav back up plans for ur back up plans, u cn never b tooooo prepared. Trust me;-)

I had 4 massages while in dr. One wit mz Alstons massage lady. After i saw my body tht 1st time after i gt my massage yall i thought I ws alllll tht annnnnnd a bag if chips!! U hear mr??? Lmao. I started dancing n the mirror like heeeey this girl strapped lol. I wlda stayed butt ass naked if I cld hav lol. i 2 with Tati who is yilys massage lady. She is greeeeeeeat nd sooo sweet. She charges 31$ each we gave her 40$ each both times. She is a sweetheart. We had our last massage with a friend if Tati I think her name is Brittany idk. Omg yall she is awesome. She is more aggressive thn Tati but she is the truth. These massages feel good but thy also hurt like hell whn thy use their hands nd not the machine, I jus keep wondering who I will hav do thm in us tht is experienced in massaging post op lipo patients. My arms feel hard idk if thts NORMALE lol, hope thy soften up nd get smaller. Nd tht lipo on thm wasn't a waste, thy hurt but not killer, I hav bn able to use thm since thy were lipo'd. After Tati massaged me the 1st time I ended up feeling some excruciating pain where it felt like my skin ws ripping apart nd to shreds like it ws on fire. Tht shit cray. How long is tht gonna last, pure pain??

I like my body so far. My waist is gonna b soooo tiny whn it's all said and done,idk wht my butt will look like. Measurements were 40-31.5-44 the day of surgery and now today they are 39-(27.5-28)-45.5. Most of my day 1 pic ws swelling. Yily put all my fat on the top since I hav a lot of ass on the bottom. I'm thinkin it'll end up like an apple ass. I hope. I told her gimme an ass like she has. I probably forgot some stuff but ill add as it comes to mind. It takes a special kinda person to deal with me, a lot of yall dnt know this but ima bitch on wheels. i cn b pretty evil at times even tho its not on purpose its jus who i am. this surgery will teach u a lot about yourself, ur pain tolerance nd show u wht ur rlly made of. Special thnx to my mommy for havin tht strong backbone...being able to love nd accept me as I am even whn she wanted to slap me nto next week, we def got on each others nerves. Thanks to mz Alston nd her mother, littleinthemiddle, bbellabooty, cgray, kimmiee nd ensure addict. God bless u all nd u all helped me in ur own little way. The small things mean sooooo much. It ws an emotional roller coaster but i made it thru!!!!! be careful wht u say to ppl who hav had surgery, b careful how u treat ppl who hav had surgery. this is a helluva ride. i applaud ppl who come back here immediately nd share their experience nd post pics nd keep us updated bc realself has bn the laaaaaaaast thing on my mind. But it's my bday ill b traveling alllll day. Any questions feel free to ask nd ill answer.later boos!! Xoxoxo;-))

New pics 19 days po, backshots of yilys booty/ vid of cipla room nd lobby nd update:-)

Time for an update. I have been home for a while now and am 19 days po. At first I was struggling with the stiffness and the pulling apart skin ripping feeling but the past 2-3 days its been much better. At first i would lay on the couch or fall asleep nd my back would b soooo stiff whn i woke up. its like the skin isnt able to stretch like it once ws like uts missing the elasticity. its a brutal feeling. Lately I'm moving around really good and feeling better. My back and even my stomach are still pretty swollen. My arms still seem on the large side but idk. I just started wearing my arm garment again so tht might hav something to do with it lol.

My appetite is back to normal although I'm kinda restricting it. Dnt wanna fall back into old habits nd plus Ik is not good for this new body. Salt will literally swell me up within a few hours of eating it. I hav bn eating spinach salads everyday.Bn drinking nothing but water for the most part. For the 1st time in yearssss i am having regular bowel movements. every morning like clockwork. may seem so trivial to most of u but fir me uts a huge deal. Started back taking my vitamins nd meds a cpl days after returning home. Still no sign of infection so I am feeling pretty blessed. Seems lately there hav bn more nd more yily girls popping up with infections. It's so hard to place blame or point the finger whn it comes down to it but I'm very thankful tht I dnt have to question myself of whether its something I caused or not. BLESSED:-))

I still get on here nd my bf is always like wth I ad ur sx already u dnt need to get on there anymore. He's like omg hope ur not tryna become a Barbie lol bc I still want my boobs done. No kids but I need new boobs. A cycle of Losing gaining losing weight is not good for the boobies. No bueno. So I'm like y all these girls talkin bt round 2s I wld never wanna do this again but now I'm feeling like its something I Miiiiiiiiggggghhhht wanna do. I still feel fat. i rlly wish i would have lost weight like i wanted to instead of accidentally gaining it:-(( Ima hav to work this off in the gym bc thts so not cute. So ima try tht 1st but honestly I may go back for more. I want the back of my thighs done too. Nd of course may as well gt more fat n my butt. I gss I'm liking the shape if my butt mre it looks way better thn before...but it dnt seem all tht bigger.... Bt an inch or inch an a half. Anxious to c wht fluffing looks like. Ik it's real so I'm ready to c. One day i like my results nd the next im feeling like my butt usnt rlly much bigger. one day it ws worth it the next it isnt. shrug. The bootygreed is real tho. My mom got 4-5 inches increase off top. Mad jealous abt tht lol.

I hav gotten one massage since being home but I plan to gt 2 a week until I'm 8 weeks post op. nd thn go to once a week until I'm 12 weeks post. Im getting medicupping tomorrow im excited. Mynlast massage ws last thursday nd im super stiff omg the massages make a world of difference. Ladies dnt expect to b normal after this. It's gonna take some time to hav tht normal feeling. Small things will exhaust u. Whn I take a shower or bath it feels like I hav exhausted every muscle in my body nd I'm pooped lol. I jus wanna lay down afterwards. Even moving is at most times a BIG decision. whn im n bed at night all my moves r contemplated. nd i lay there a cpl min deciding if i rlly wanna move bc ik its not gonna feel good bc im stiff. its crazy. Jus take as much time as u can to recover for urself. Wear ur garment consistently nd as instructed, it helps so much. I ws told a week after sx to gt a new garment, I ordered an xs fajate with the sleeves but tht mf soooo tight ima put tht in the backburner. i took my marena to seamstress nd had it taken n 6 inches. wish i wlda said 5 bc this mf soooooooo tight now nd it digs n my ribs so I'm foamed up on my sides nd board in my tummy. I ordered the Ann chery butt out garment fillmeout has yesterday. Oooh I cnt wait til it comes.. I will b hitting the gym as soon as I can . I hav said plenty. Posted some new pics hope u enjoy. My sx date measurements were 40-31-44 and today I am 36-27-45.5 im still aiming for 36-25-46. i posted pics if yilys butt i snuck nd took, a vid of my room at cipla, vid if lobby at cipla. Later boos xoxoxo :-))


I'm a 26.5 y'all whoot whoot. Good compression does wonders. I wanna to snatch tht garment off a million times yesterday but I stayed strong:-))

Just had medicupping session

Jus had a 90 minute session nd I think it's def worth trying for anyone having aggressive lipo. My lower back ws so stiff and swollen but the cupping loosened it up a lot. I ws on tht table itching like crazy smh. Hopefully ill b peeing out all the waste the rest of the day. Ima b od'ing on water all day. If u haven't had lipo yet it's smart to start looking for a seasoned massage therapist who is knowledgable in cupping techniques. There r only 2 in my city so it's worth looking into beforehand jus in case ur area is like mine. As the days go by ill rlly gt a feel of how helpful my session ws. But i think it ws 110$ well spent. I hav another appt next week Wednesday. Im a lil salty tht i wnt b enjoying all the holiday festivities coming nd my damn garment:-( but in dur time. im anxious tho yall lol. om soooo ready tp go out in a tight ass sexy dress but all in due time. Enjoy ur holiday weekend ladies:-) xoxo

Heparin shots

I got 6 leftover heparin shots we bought at DR pharmacy . 100$ or best offer.

3 weeks post op

Posted some more pics. I try my best to give yall a good representation of wht my bum looks like but its hard bc i hav a huge tattoo on my back from shoulder to crack of my ass. so its not like i xn give yall a good naked shot without havin to edit my tattoo which leaves yall unable to c the definition in my back nd stuff sorry. I do love my butt more nd more as the days go by. I think im gonna like my arms too but its too soon to tell. i havent measured my arms since i was in DR bc i dnt wanna gt shitty. i kno yilys not a Damn miracle worker nd she cldnt do EVERYTHING FOR ME SOOOOOO its time to gt back in the gym. No time to waste. Light cardio, weights on upper body high rep low weight, weights on lower body low reps high weight. I wanna b ready for the world whn I'm done healing nd hitting the gym is gonna ensure tht. My stomach feels so weird like its flat flabby. Lol hard to explain but I gtta tighten tht shit up. Ill b wkin out everyday alternating between upper nd lower body. I will pay close attn nd listen to my body if its tellin me too much too soon. But honestly this will prob make me heal quicker nd better. Gonna start taking my supplements again. Msm powder, dmg 1000 powder, gummy multi vitamin, chlorella, spirulina, slacked off on the iron with b6 folic acid nd vit c so gonna start takin it again bc it ws growin my hair like crazy. Od on the rest of my vitamedica bromelain nd arnica. Gonna change my diet back to high protein low carb. High protein does Effin wonders for my body.

I ordered a fajate disenos garment n xs nd tht mf is so damn tight. Smashes my ass nd hips nd I'm coo on tht. I'm sellin it if anyone wants it. I paid 130$ with shipping ill let it go for the 90$ with shipping or best offer!! Any takers hit my inbox?? Also gt 6 heparin shots from dr 100$ or best offer hit inbox. Pics of both r above. Waiting on Ann chery butt out garment fillmeout has to arrive. Still need to find a thong waist only garment. Any suggestions lemme kno.

Oh I wanted to touch on something for girls goin to Yily. Pls pls pls pls pls do not get quotes from her on whatsapp. It's too confusing for her with the language barrier even whn we translate it it leaves wayyyyy too much opportunity for miscommunication to arise. I actually spoke to her abt this whn she ws markin me up for sx. Be sure abt ur quotes bc u dnt wanna hav issues whn u gt to dr nd only use 1 email to correspond with her through. Quotes tht she gives does not include add on procedures like arms, inner thighs, back of thighs, chin, etc. Jus tryna save y'all the trouble. In the end ur gonna end up pissed off with her getn these quotes thru whatsapp nd u rlly cannot blame it on her. EMAIL ONLY!!!


I bn getting inboxes abt my hips. So I posted a before pic i had up until recently next to my after pic for u ladies. Yes Yily did fill my hips n slightly but not enuf tht u Cn tell. Jus enuf to smooth thm out. Its the same exact shape. These r my hips God gave me lol. If u r not hippy Yily will NOT b able to make ur hips like mine. Nd whn u talk to her about hips make sure she knows exactly where u r referring to on ur body .She filled in my hips where the HIP BONE IS. I consider my hips to b tht area below the hip bone. Anyway jus wanted to clarify tht for y'all. Seeing other ppls pics is good but pls try not to compare wht ur body will look like by looking at a drs previous patients. We r all built so differently. Yily or any other dr cnt change ur anatomy she can only enhance it.

Wanted to touch on something else y'all need to be mindful whn y'all look at ppls after pics nd these girls r raving about how awesome their results are. I think some girls put us in a trick bag bc thy try to make it seem like thy results r soooo much greater thn thy r. Just think abt it. If someone rlly feels like thy results r allllllll tht nd a fkn bag of chips they'll post plenty of pics for us on rs nd thy will b from plenty of angles with garment on without garment..naked etc. nd thyll hav a before tht u cn compare it to. Not just a yay I got a good shot lemme post this. Dnt b fooled bc pictures Cn b deceiving so dnt let wht u c on here from anyone...Not even me....b the end all be all whn choosing a surgeon. In hindsight I realize tht before I had my sx I ws so excited to c a nice ass pic from Yily patients tht I overlooked some things. Yily patients aren't the only ones I noticed doin this tho. Im only referring to ppl who r raving tht they r so in love with their results. Ijs

I also got inboxes abt where I stayed in dr. I stayed at Donald's ( tropical island aparthotel) one night only. The man is something like a scam artist. He kept flipping the script changing the terms nd scheming. The 1st floor apt he put us in did not hav functioning wifi nd ws dungeonlike. Lol. We shlda left at this time but I let him use tht awesome gift of gab nd we stayed. He moved us upstairs nd ws posed to bring another bed. He never did. The wifi on the 2nd floor ws hot nd cold nd the damn ac kept shutting off on its own during the night. so we woke up hot af. He took us to the store nd we had him exchange 200$ for us nd he shorted us abt 40$. We ddnt kno this until later. Not realizing wht the exchange rate was nd how much we were rlly supposed to get back. He ws only interested in saying whatever he needed to say until tht 1st 24 hrs passed nd he ws able to get his $ thru airbnb. The next day we told him we were unhappy with the accommodations, they weren't as listed and we would be leaving. He refused to give me any of my money back. Smh. Run ladies run run run run run . There r ton of places to stay in Dr tht u dnt need to stay there. We did end up gettin part of our money back thru airbnb but not enuf of it. We are still going thru the dispute at this time after I submitted more documentation to support my side of the story. Just b careful. Lodging is the laaaaast thing u wanna hav to worry abt with a major upcoming surgery.

Takin a realself break

I am 4 weeks po today. This will b my last update until I'm 3 months post op. every other day I'm unhappy with my body nd frankly I'm sick of obsessing over it so i need a rs break. I feel like my butt went down nd like the fat she put ontop is no longer there. Idk maybe it's all in my head. If I could do it all over again honestly I WOULD NOT GO TO YILY. I had a problem with switching at the last minute but I rlly wish I wlda went with durAn bc she told me she cld do me may 1. So now I'm annoyed bc I'm gonna hav to spend more money to b happy with my results. I'm not even satisfied with my lipo. I still hav upper bra roll fat, armpit fat, underarm fat, arms still fat, nd under bra fat in the front under my breast bone like I absolutely haaaaaaaaaate. At the very least I expected my lipo to b on point. It's not. I b like wtf did this bish do lol. my hemo ws on point at 14.4 so that wsnt an issue. There r a bunch of upper body areas I'm rlly gonna hav to concentrate on in the gym. I feel skinny a whale. Nd with a 26 inch waist thts insane. I'm still big. I now hav tht look tht I hate. Ugh I jus wanna scream:-( hoping my skin retracts well nd gets tight bc I hating this rt now. It's still early in the game to truly judge my results but I still wlda went to someone else. I feel stupid.

If I do round 2 which I'm almost positive I will it'll b with Duran or cabral. If I stay in the states I'm looking at dr perry. 6 months from date of surgery. Pls dnt believe the hype about Yily. I kno 1st hand so pls listen to me. Even if u hav a butt Yily is not gonna make it much larger. She will round it out but thts it. If y'all noticed even whn ppl fluff who went to other drs their measurements dnt increase so wht I hav now is wht I'm gonna hav. Yes it LOOKS WAAAAAY BETTER but it's not much bigger. I look at it nd im like damn i gt the same butt lol. Jus dnt want y'all to b disappointed like I am. Good luck dolls!!

Update way overdue w/pics!! Durandoll may 22, 2013

This update is well over due but better late thn never. As time went on I grew more content with my body as things settled nd my swelling went down. My stomach is hella flabby nd she missed a lot of fat but oh well. I'm gonna lose 20 lbs before I go back to dr so I'm closer to goal weight. I still wish I went to another doctor bc as I stated before I only got an extra inch on my butt from my bbl. I ddnt want a boost I wanted an ASS. Luckily I ws shapely nd had booty before so the work looks good nd my ass doesn't look tiny.

Not big enuf so I'm doing round 2 with Duran on May 22, 2014. The lovely Durandoll is my surgery buddy nd as far as I know we will b staying a Yasmin's for 10 days. Im getting bbl nd a breast lift so I'm a little nervous about the lift nd a little undecided. The breast work in dr is hit nd miss nd I rlly want nice boobies so idk. I'm gonna make a separate round 2 review for my experience with Duran. My current measurements are 36d-26.5-45 nd I want a 24 waist and at least a 48 inch ass. I hav big ol thighs so I cn handle more ass. My boyfriend is nervous tht it's gonna end up too big. I think it's gonna b perfect tho lol

Edit!! Round2 may 22, 2014 drs Duran;) rd 1 with Yily update with pics

The date above is wrong Yily did my round 1 I hav rd 2 scheduled with Duran for May 2014

BBL Part 2 Review

Hey ladies, here is a link to my new, Part 2 BBL review, where I will be updating all about my round 2.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Decided to go ahead an review Yily. She's a good ps. She ws kind to me nd she addressed all the concerns tht I brought to her attn. I gave her an overall rating of 4 bc I had arm lipo nd they ddnt go down at all nd bc I only received one inch on my butt. If u are small frame with flat butt id recommend Yily. If u hav a larger frame with a wider butt I suggest u do ur research and think about considering a different doctor tht is known for delivering the shape YOU WANT on a frame SIMILAR TO UR OWN. I am satisfied with wht she did for me tho nd I consider it worth it in the end.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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