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Well I have been thinking about this from I was 16...

Well I have been thinking about this from I was 16 years old now I'm 23 and my mind haven't changed or anything so I'm blessing myself with a bbl by October before I hit 24 plus a graduation gift to myself. I been looking forward to this surgery every night I think about it and pray lol. I have been stacking dr.duran page! At first I was thinking about Hasan in Miami but I just love dr.duran works.she just makes everything flawless. I send her a email with my pic and stuff so I'm waiting to here back from her. My friends in Dr now getting a nose job so I asked her to contact the office for me while she is there so hopefully that works out! I'm dying to have this dream body already! Lawdddd I can't wait!!!! I will keep you guys posted on if my friend hear from her! If any dolls have did their surgeries with dr.duran please don't be afraid to inbox with any info on there journey to bootyland ????. I would love that plus I been stacking half of you guys for some while now and can I say ya look bomb.com lawdddd I can't wait oo wait I already said that.


Still haven't heard from Duran yet and I just want to pay for this already while I have the money! Plus it look like her prices are going up! Of course that would happen when I'm planning to get my surgery lol really annoyed. Tonight I thought about the plane ride back after the bbl lol lawd that must be painful. I guess beauty is pain. Honestly I just want to get it over with and start this new journey already goshhh!!!

Wats app for dr.duran

Do anyone have dr.duran wats app # ! Wish this lady had a better way to contact her

Anyone!!!! Help

Have any of you dolls used this website to get through to dr.duran

I got a qoute!!

So I use SurgiCoordinator to get my qoute from dr.duran which is 3900 and I'm suppose to pay a 200 deposit fee to surgicoordinator which I don't feel comfortable doing as yet without talking to the doctor myself! Lol idk like I just feel I like I gotta have a little chat with her! I been stacking her snapchat n I.g and wats app. She open the messages but doesn't reply which is so rude lol but I understand she is busy but damn lady! I'm call tomorrow really early n try get her n if I get her I won't use SurgiCoordinator because that's another 200 that could go to my ticket but they help find a recovery house n stuff so I might just use them I'm just confused about that lol ! So for my down payment it's 45 all together with holding my date which I haven't pick yet I'm stuck between sept or October 2016!!! Yes to getting this new body. Very scared tho.. All I think about is the plane ride back!! I feel that going to be worst part 6 long hours on the plane ????????

People changing my mind

I kind of have no one to go with to dr. My boyfriend changing my mind telling me I should go to Miami but they don't do surgery like how I want it. I feel like anything can happen anywhere. I understand what people are saying to just go to Miami cause if anything they can be there blah blah! But what hell is the difference! I have been praying and nothing is going to happen in the name of Jesus! They just make me scared to put my down payment down! This doctor I was looking at in Miami is call Doctor fixit I think he is good but don't have enough people I can look at on real self. Saw this one girl but she still had a a lot of belly fat which I don't like! I'm a small girl but I want to have a perfect body and dr.duran I know for sure can do that. Plus a family friend went to her and looks amazing!

I'm sending my moneyyy yaaaa

As I type this I'm sending my money I finally got through Doctor Duran I called her cell phone and then she gave me the office # at first I was extremely frustrated cause I woke up at 6:45 and could get anyone but her assistant say they starting the phones at exactly 7am. They speak pretty good English so ya can understand them with is good. I'm nervous but excited. I can't believe I'm about to do. I'm ready for this new body I wish I go right now and get it over with lol. Lord I'm excited! I prayed and asked God to watch over! I know everything is going to be fine she is great doctor! I'm planning on December my boyfriend will be attending with me so excited ???????????? new booty coming December! Birthday gift/graduation gift to myself! I'm be a college graduate so I'm excited ??. Lord knows my mom going to have heart attack if I tell her so I'm not. She just get nervous about everything lol

Pic of self

Eventually I will post pictures of myself but I have tattoos n I don't want any of my under cover creep friends watching me on here n telling my mother my business lol even tho I don't care when it get closer to my date I will post pic of myself. Now time to start researching recovery houses

Sending money

So if anyone is having trouble sending money to DR to dr.duran I used xoom.com which they recommend to me it's a great website. You can pay with your credit,check,and debit I love that site and the fee is not outrageous! I Used a check which is cheaper the fee is 4.99 but debit is 8.99 your able to send up to $2000. For the same amount of fee. They send updates if your money was delivered or not! Which I love they also have a office where you can call and talk to someone if you have any questions. i prefer this than a money wire. Your money will be there in mins. Also you when the money is send take a pic of the receipt And send it to Duran and also they will check there system to see if it Actually there it's awesome . I'm not sure if other doctors use this system 2 but ya should difinately check it out.


I have been getting second thoughts even though I send my money in. I chose dr.duran because I felt and seen that her slate was clean and didn't have any crazy mishaps on her name or table! My date was set for December 14. I know for a fact that I still want to get the surgery done but I have came across a girl page on here this have made me scared her name is londonbarbie and she got an infection and it not looking very good. Yes she is alive and well but no one wants to go through that. This is why we are all have surgeries to look better. I'm praying on this. Going to Dr for me was never about the money but how much I love dr.duran works. It's just sad that this mishap can happen and cause someone life. I will have to think hard about this decision if I'm going to stick with her or not. My heart goes out to that young lady. I do not want to spread anything negative energy to anyone going to get surgery in a few days or months to come. I will pray for everyone that is heading to dr. Safe recovery to all the lady's. And will be watching to see if anything else come up,and I pray it don't. Ugh ????

Ugh I can't with all this Duran stuff

I'm really getting annoyed with all this stuff. It's so sad that these girls have to go through with this. I'm just piss that she going to get away with my money. Ugh probably like a 1000 girls money lol. All I keep reading is people canceling. My surgery in December I know is a long time from now but saftey is first. I want to look at other doctor but know I feel something is going on with all of them. It's annoying! Getting plastic surgery I'm starting to notice that it's a chance thing, and honestly I just been think positive about it,but that facts are there that girls are getting hurt from dr.duran which suck because I pick her because she didn't have any bodies on her table or anything crazy! And know when I choose to pick a her all this crap happening. I will pray for those girls.

I started working back out

I started working back out just in case plus I think I will look better when I get the surgery plus my boyfriend on my ass talking about I gain well everyone is lol it's annoying I hate gaining weight but god damn I gain all this weight for this surgery. I don't know if I want to stay in the states or just look at another doctor in DR! But I just know for a fact that it still happening and I'm not changing my mind from getting the surgery. I Just feel like going on a rant

stilling going through with it

Before I started this journey I was about 125 lbs I went on the scale the other day 150 something lbs I'm not feeling sexy at all I'm overall a confident girl but I don't feel sexy at all I'm really annoyed by my weight and so ready to change this damn body I think about it 24/7 now. I might have to change my date to may ugh! Because that's when I get my 2 weeks but I'm not 100% sure yet! I'm so annoyed lol if I change my date I get to save a lot More so no rush but I wish I never a gain all this damn weight but I have been working out so my plan to lose 10 lbs and I'm good lol. And recovery to all the dolls going through there recovery

It's still happening

So I got a new jobs so I'm have to change my date from December of this years to May 2017 ????. Honestly I already send Duran 500 dollars but I'm still so confused if I want to stay in the states only for a peace of mind,but anywho having surgery there is honestly no peace of mind until it's all done. I'm so in love with Duran work ya. All these ladies are going out so damn bomb I'm so jealous lol. These ladies look amazing which even make me want to follow through with it even more. Everyone now a day have their Goddamn body done and I'm like over here like it my time now ????. But no rush at all. To all the ladies heading to DR save travels I can't wait to see all the bomb results! Don't worry it definitely happening over here that's all I talk about and I have been saving so hopefully all works out when it's my time. Peace love and happiness! I will keep u ladies and guys posted on my journey. Here are my pic by the way.

Can't wait

Lord knows I can't wait to get this done lol. I am literally on real self every chance I get and Instagram surgery pages. I changed by Doctor and I'm going to stay in the states because Duran never answers and I'm afraid of what if!!! Better to be safe than sorry. Now I'm try n get my 500 dollars back. By next week I'm make my deposit to the next Doctor . I'm going to get my surgery done in Miami like everyone else lol by James mcadooo he does amazing work and I love his work. I like the he is personal I can text him ask any questions I want. I already heard of the mishap that happen with the 3 doctors and his name was involved but he said that his nothing to do with that. He has never had any mishaps before that I heard nothing but great things plus his work shows how great he is. He is done thousands of bbl so I'm excited to go with him. A lot of girl on here had nothing but great things to say about. Super excited n can't wait. Every night I look in the mirror n pretend like I'm talking to Doctor to tell him how I want my body Lmaooo. Does any of you girls do this as well ? Lol
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