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*Treatment results may vary

Hi diva's, I'm new to RS and have been stalking...

Hi diva's, I'm new to RS and have been stalking this site for a couple weeks now(lol). Very excited that this forum provides an abundance of information for others contemplating any cosmetic surgery. I've taken plenty of notes & researched doctor in the US & the DR, & come to the reality that financially I'm not trying to be in debt after this procedure. I've spoken w/ Dr. Jimmerson, Dr. Michael Jones, Dr. Grenga from US - DR. Yily & Duran in the DR... I absolutely love DR. Durans reviews & before/after pics but I am still waiting on my email quote. It is a little hard waiting on an response but I did get the general auto reply but after reading more reviews may be i should have added photos of myself. So I plan to resend an email w/ pics & in Spanish to see if i'll her a quicker response ( Translator App). I did find her & her English speaking assistant [Elizabeth Belen] on FB, I sent a message this morning to her assistant so I will update later if I've gotten response or not in a couple days.

Pics of Me pre-op

Changing from Dr. Duran to Dr. Baez for LIPO to BBL & Hips

Hi Diva's so after diligently emailing, messaging and calling duran's office I've decided to seek assistance with another qualified Surgeon in the DR. So I've emailed Dr. Australia Baez and with in 20 minutes got a detailed response with price, instructions, directions, phone numbers directly to her etc. After researching and reading numerous RS Baez Dolls reviews I've decided to stick wit her. She encourages you to ask her any questions and promptly responds when she's not in consult or meting a client. I appreciate the fact that she only does 1-2 (BBL, TT,LIPO, BA) per day and is very concerned with your health pre-op, the reason is bc she does corrective surgery, for cancer patients and other corrective procedures during the week as well. So she only does the body work 3 days a week.

So what I've found out is that Duran is changing her standards as far as choice in patients and what I assume the problem is when it comes to Dr. Duran is that if you need to lose 10-15lbs before the surgery instead of her emailing you that SHE WONT RESPOND TO YOUR EMAIL AT ALL so if you have not gotten a reply back due to stalking (LOL) then this may be a reason why. ** One of our RS sisters ended up going thru Bella Vita Consultants to schedule her apt & get quote since Duran wasn't resonding back; and per Durans response back she suggested that she dropped 10-15lbs first then resubmit her photos for a quote! This was only communicated thru the consultant not the RS sister directly. This kinda left a sour taste for me because it makes no sense that she will not reply back but instead reply to the consultant ( BTW fee is $150 to go thru bellavitaconsultants.com). So since I didn't personally go thru the consultants nor did I get a response back I just went on about my way, bc I was going to drop 10 lbs min anyway before my procedure for better results. So I hope this helps clear up some anxiety for those still waiting on a response from Dr. Duran.

Soon to be Baez Doll, but detoxing the fat.

Well I've been detoxing this fat with my It work body wraps & speeding up my fat loss process by drinking my GREENS on the go daily. Still minimizing my meals so that I don't over eat, and eating more fruit & vegetables also. Thank God for this defining Gel to help tighten, tone & firm my skin as I'm detoxing this fat around my waist. Once I finish wrapping I will take pics for you'll.

On another note Baez booties are looking better & better by the day & I'm so happy that I chose her as my PS. I am in love with her work on most recent RS sis Germanbooty, her BBL results are the bomb.com check her page out ladies- she gives the details to you straight up!

2 weeks Results after using Detox wraps.

Ok ladies I said that I would update you'll on my results after using 4 body wraps for 2 weeks. The pics shows my before I started wrapping and this morning when I removed the final wrap. This It Works detox wraps definitely does work! Like I've said before you can wrap once a week or as soon as the 3rd day after you've used a wrap. The all natural ingredients continue to work thru the pores of your body for up to 3 days. I use my defining gel 2x's a day on the days In between wrapping to help tighten & tone the skin. Also I take my Fat Fighter pills on those days that I'm eating large or fatty meals w/ lots of carbs ex. Pasta, fried foods, breads & cakes Etc. these pills work wonders because they help break down the carbs into waste instead of it storing into our bodies as Fat. It only allows the protein of the meal digest bc that's the part that we need. So for those that have issues with No carbs diets don't fret bc these Fat Fighter pills can be ur new BFF lol. I have lost 3lbs & 4 inches off my waist, before I measured at 37in, today it's 33 inches. Still have more fat to detox bc I want to be as healthy as possible for faster healing & recovery efforts so I will now wrap once a week until my surgery in January..

Ladies holidays are coming up & y'all know we get off track w/ eating around Nov & dec lets get a jump start so if we do plan to over eat you'll have the tools to help detox it ( fat fighter pills, body wrap, gel & greens) I'm trying to be prepared & actually since I've been minimizing portions my appetite hasn't been too large good luck Sisters lets get healthy & sexy at the same damn time lol..

Switched back to Dr.Duran from Dr. Baez

Hi RS Dolls. So I had decided to try one last time for a quote from Dr. Duran since I had dropped some weight and she finally responded with a quote for lipo sculpture w/ BBL. okay so what changed my mind about going to Baez is probably your Question??? Well I always wanted Duran from the start but couldn't get a reply back so I moved on to the next choice. But after reviewing a RS sister procedure with Dr. Baez, she wasn't totally satisfied with her outcome thus far- however from what I can tell she still looked great but I did notice some volume loss. Then I don't understand why some of Baez patients won't share immediate pictures of her work, this will help some of us whose going to see her in the future gain confidence in her work. I understand everyone is swollen directly after surgery but let's keep it 100% real for the next sister & show the photo's in stages ( even if you can't see a immediate difference.
I hope everyone understands that you dont see significant changes sometimes until after week 2, and it takes a full 6 months to be totally healed. So with that being said I Vow to take as many photos as possible ( even get the nurse to do it for me) from day of surgery till I leave & recovering back home. So this was the reason I decided to change my Doctor, not enough reassurance for me. I don't want to come back for a round two if I don't need to. So with that being said Dr. Duran was my first choice & I'm Happy with my decision.

** ladies if you don't get a reply back from Duran immediately drop some weight & retake your photo's & send her a new email titled "Updated photos after weight loss" and see if that helps you. Good Luck!

Scheduled for February 3rd 2014 for Duran!

*Appointment made ?
*$250 Deposit sent ? ( make sure you take your receipt copy with you).
*Flight booked ?
*Emailed Silhouette RH ( Angie's) for availability.?
* List of Supplies been made- planning to pack lite. Starting to order items now.

I will continue wrapping starting back this week but only once a week. Especially due to the Thanksgiving & Xmas holiday feast that my family throws lol. Duran advised me that i didn't need to lose anymore weight. But I will continue to drop inches off of stomach ( love handles) to ensure that I get as flat as she can get me in my final results. I notice the less aggressive she has to get the better your recovery efforts are. I'm only planning to stay a full 7 days so i pray that I don't experience any complications ( lifting that up to God) post operatively & that I can leave on my 7th Day to finish recovering at home where I will have my parents & my fiancé's help. Praying that he can make it back from deployment to go with me to the DR. So Happy he's so Supportive not to mention he's paying for it all as my Gift, so Thankful to God for him!!

I'm thinking about getting the natural pill to increase your blood levels because I am a little anemic. And this month i will start eating my Liver, gravy & onions at least twice a month until February & eat more nuts to help boost my hemoglobin/blood levels. Hopefully it helps bc god knows i pray that i won't need a blood transfusion afterwards. Well I'll chat with you later ladies & Good luck & happy recovery to all my sisters whose on the other side now. :)

I Need to boost my Hemoglobin Level??

Then ladies you may want to try the all natural hemo boost daily supplements if you're anemic or don't love to eat Liver ( which I do ?) then ladies try this. Thanks to RS sister Bklynbeauty for this info. I will be purchasing today!

Getting prepared for Duran in Feb.

I have started receiving some of my supplies & made a Walmart Run also. Thanks to RS sis GEEMMY for the tip on the zip front gown w/ pockets for your drains ( makes it easier too move around). Only got a few more items to get like my multivitamin lipo kit w/ arnica, white t- shirts, heating pad, thermometer. anti embolism thigh high socks & ab boards. I'm planning to pack light just in case I have to roll solo- dont want to have too much luggage Post-op.

I already have my pain med's some good old Vicodin 300 mg but i think I'm gonna as my doctor at my physical for some Percocet, they work within 15 min especially when I'm having a migraine headache. I be on cloud 9 ( oh gosh almost sound like a druggy lol) .

Recovery House vs Hotel suites!!!!!

Okay so I can't settle on one RH ughh. The more reviews I read the more I'm unclear about which one in want to go with. I understand that mishaps happen & conflict arises but I'm just losing faith in some of these RH. So I've been researching some of the hotels, apartment rentals nearby CIPLA. And read a few reviews where ladies ended up leaving their RH to stay at or initially stayed at & just hired a nurse & driver. I ran across Plaza Florida Suites which is one block from CIPLA & includes free breakfast I think that if my boo comes with me he would be comfortable in our own space & he'll be able to go to the gym & get in the pool ( while i watch of course). I've also read that Duran often has patients that stay there & she sends a nurse their to check on the ladies & empty drains. I'm sure there is additional fees if you need the nurse to stay longer periods of time & some that cook. Thanks to another RS sis ( forgot her page name ) that posted the contact info but here is the link to check it out & I will post a few pic's too.

I will probably use Jose I think is his name as my driver -I will find his number & post for anyone interested.

If any of the Vet's know of any good nurses & cooks please let me know. Well Sisters take it easy until next time. Smooches????

Wish Pictures

So initially I didn't have any wish pictures I just wanted Duran to flatten my stomach & round my booty out, pretty much work with what i got & sculpt it. But I've been booth watching & determined there is a type that i think will work best with my foundation thus far. The sweetheart booty with projection is what I ?. So I have found a few pictures that I've fallen in love with. Enjoy & I had to throw in the IG post ?it!!!

Dra. Duran's contact info

For those that want to get in contact with Duran for a quote. Ladies unread on another RS sis profile that Duran has a 1 email rule & she may not answer when you send multiple request. I can attest to that initially when information started contacting Duran I did go into Stalker mode ( Lol) and only got her automatic reply message so I gave up for a month & tried again this month after wrapping to drop some pounds them excitedly ingot a reply.
So ladies all I can say is drop as much as you can & make sure that you are under 180lbs or else she won't respond. She emphasizes that you must be healthy & have that hemo level at to at least 12.

Make sure that your email has you weight, height, any medical conditions you have, front, side & back naked shots of yourself; a wish picture along with the request procedures you want. Ladies be very realistic with your photo compared to your body size. I actually didn't send a wish picture with none of my emails I just told her what procedures i wanted, & just mentioned to make my waste small & booty round w/ a little projection.

Well I hope I've helped answer some of the newbies searching for answers concerning Duran & her contact info. Good luck Diva's let's get sexy together????.

Soon to be Duran Doll - pic of pills & gel

Some of you ladies wanted to know what the fat fighter pills w/ carb inhibitors & Defining Gel that I use to help me lose them inches from my stomach look like. Well Here ya go.

I use the gel twice daily on any area of my body an the Fat fighter pills I only take when I'm eating large, fatty meals so that it won't allow the carbs to store in my body.

Physical & Prescriptions Done?

So I went to get my annual Physical today and I shared with my docter that I was traveling to have SX in the DR. She advised me that she's been hearing a lot about women going to Spain for their breast & going to the DR for BBL. she wanted to make sure that I was all up to date on my shots which I am, so I was good in that area. She did the normal urinalysis, and since i had eaten already she still got blood work from me to check my hemo level. I have to wait a few days for this results & with tomorrow being Thanksgiving that'll prob be next week. Also she gave me a script to go have my full panel blood work done at the hospital so i will take care of that next week as well. Got's to make sure I am as healthy as possible. I will update y'all on that once I know my results. We'll see if these blood builder are working for me. She also gave me all of my prescriptions needed for post- op care that Duran requires., all except the heparin shots & the multivitamins bc i will get those from my make me heal Lipo kit. Can't forget my pain pills, i have Vicodein & Percocet on deck. So I'm on my way!!!!!

So I've been looking around for ways to help me sleep better post-op so that I don't ruin my booty and I ran across another RS sis page & she posted a pic of this float for pregnant women & I actually think it could work for our new booties we may have to flip it so that it's in the position of our butt instead of our stomach. Otherwise it's buyin the large foam wedge off of amazon & cutting a whole in it to sleep on once I get back home. Well ladies that's all for right now. Smooches ????

Sleeping Supplies Post Op????

I am undecided about which of these sleeping aids may be best for me. I'm getting liposculpture & BBL & I am a stomach sleeper. So after reading up on the holo Lilo inflatable for pregnant women- you have the choice of inflating or deflating the head & foot section. It works for sleeping, swimming & suntanning. I could actually take that w/ me to the DR. Versus the Wedge block which I can cut the center out for my buttocks & use it for the bed once I get home, bc that will be a hassle to travel with. The holo LILO is a little more than the wedge. In have attached pic's for those who are interested. Hummmmm decisions decision- I will update once I decide. Smooches????

The Importance of getting Lymphatic Drainage massages after Lipo.

After reading up on the benefits & time frame for how long to get the LDM. Experts state that a sufficient minimum time, up to two months post op is an imperative time to getting the LDM. So ladies start searching in your areas for someone that does LDM because its totally different then a normal body massage & this is imperative to eliminate swelling, fluid, knots & give the appearance of smoother abs & back. Also I read getting one the day before SX helps your recovery process.

*****All that are going to the DR get as many as you can while there because in the states they are much more pricey. Good Luck! Smooches Xoxo

Happy Thanksgiving RS Diva's

I'm wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving. I pray that you all are enjoying happy times with Family Today.
Try not to over eat, eat in small portions a couple times today & you won't be too stuffed & miserable feeling later. Smooches everyone & blessings!!

Duran's List of Prescriptions needed Post Op.

I decided to get most if my prescriptions filled here in the US instead if paying for them in the DR. Attached is a list that my PCP filled for me everything besides the vitamins & heparin shots. Hope this helps ladies!
Good luck Xoxo

60 Days pre-op before becoming a Duran Doll

So I finally received my blood work results and everything was in normal limits & my Hemo Level was 12.4 Yayyy!!! I was very excited so I assume the blood builders are working bc I am Anemic. So I will continue to take them until they're gone to ensure that my hemo level stays up. So my PCP gave me an order for lab work to do again 30 days pre-op ( Duran like to know your levels 30 day prior to your sx date per her email) to ensure you are in good health.

On another note i was sharing with a new RS sister that it is important to read, research & take notes from all of the women up here on RS sharing their stories, posting pictures of themselves & suggesting products to aid us in our Journey. It has helped me tremendously & i have shared some things from other's & I'm sure it's going to help ladies in the future. So I want to Thank all the ladies especially my fellow Duran Dolls that I have PM & you have Responded back as well as those that give details, great review info & pictures & products to help me thru my Journey. I've read so many that I can't remember everyone page unless we communicate more frequently & y'all know whom you are- I Love ya for all of your help,encouragement, suggestions & advice. I pray for everyone's speedy Recovery & wonderful new curves. Xoxoxo?

Duran has a New English Speaking Consultant

To all of my researching Dolls if you dint know where to start in pkanning your sx & trip; if you'll are having a difficult time contacting Duran & don't speak Spanish I just found out she has a new Counsultant & her page name is Zee 299. I will attach her contact number for you so you can get your journey started. I'm sure there maybe a fee but I'm not 100% sure how much. Also the other Successful consultant is Jazmine with at Bellavita Consultants & I know from one if my SX buddies that has used her & was able to get her quote approval, date & RH set up successfully, yes there is a fee also. I hope this help my RS sisters out on your journey back to Sexy! Smooches xoxo

Ladies make sure you take your antibiotic's Post-Op!!

Ladies I want to Thank RS sis NJEXCITEDDD for sharing this article with us. It's imperative that we take our antibiotics & listen to our bodies during recovery. If something doesn't feel right then definitely consult your Primary physician or head to the ER. I just wanted to share this as a precautionary effort while we're Recovering.

Read the article & be aware of the signs & symptoms.

**This is not stating it from any particular doctor in the DR, but I did Share it with Duran via an email to her just in case she gets bomb barded with questions.

Thanks to my GYN Doctor whose a surgeon also- after having my annual visit with him & discussing that I was going to have SX in the DR; and after explaining the process he & my nurse were impressed, so you know they want me to come back after I come back so they can see my new curves. He also suggested that i take a round of antibiotics before going to the DR to ensure there is no lingering
undetected Bacteria & because I'm going out of the country. So I thank him for looking out for me. So once I'm back home & feel up to it I have to pay both my primary & GYN doctor a visit. My primary doc stated she wanted blood work when I return anyway to ensure my levels are back to normal post-op. And since this article has surfaced I think it's a very good idea to see your primary for bloodwork post-op to ensure no bacteria is surfacing. Good luck Diva's make sure we stay healthy!!

48 Days until I become Duran's Doll?

So I have finally finished gathering my Supplies & packing them up ( I'm sweating Woo) lol. I purchased everything on my list that I posted earlier in my review. My final thing to do is pay my deposit for where me & hubby will be staying. Which I'm leaning towards Dominga's since she has a private one bedroom suit w/ its own bathroom & lounge area on the 3rd floor of her house. I know some people think it's not appropriate post operatively but actually walking is encouraged after SX & I'm not getting a TT only lipo & BBL. So that works for me because I rather be mobile then laying on my new booty all day. I only plan to stay a week in the DR arriving on Sunday, a day before procedure & leaving the next Sunday. I am so glad that hubby will be with me bc he's truely great at taking care of Me. The only thing I haven't gotten is the Ensures which i can get in the DR if I can't fit them in my luggage.

Also after reading CallMeDushi latest update about the Calendula Tea that was given to her at the RH which has aided in her having minimal swelling post-op. I've decided to order it now & will start drinking it the week before SX & post-op in the DR. So Thank you for sharing this info CallMeDushi bc I was going to wait & purchase while in DR.

I have to be back to work after a week ( new Job), which I will have my boppy to sit on, but I will be able walk around as well to not put too much pressure on my booty. So glad that I'm in the office w/ only 1 other person & a partition separates us.

So I'm just praying that god cover's me & all the dolls having SX. I definitely trust Duran with my body & just preparing myself & hubby for my recovery.

Well Dolls until next time be easy & have a Wonderful Holiday, Christmas, Kwanza etc. Smooches!!!

?42 days to go to become the next Duran Doll?

Okay ladies hopefully this helps those that dont like to read our reviews. So here is Duran's contact info once again:
Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran
The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(xxx)xxx-xxxx | Cell: xxx) xxx-xxxx |Office xxx)xxx-xxxx ext. 212
If you don't speak Spanish then ask for Elizabeth her assistant that does speak English. This is my last time posting her info.

So my final item came in the mail- the Calendula Flower Tea, which is used by one of the RH to aid in a speedy recovery. Picture is attached for your view & I purchased it from www.buddhateas.com for $5.00/ box. So I will start drinking that a week before I leave along with my pre-op vitamins from mmh. So ya'll I am soooo ready it's just a count down now!!!
So I was just joking with another RS sis about how bad my "ass watching" has become since I've been on my journey. I'm starting to feel like the closer I'm getting to my date the worst off I get & have to catch myself booty watching Lmbo! Well ladies a little laugh for the night wishing all a blessed Merry Christmas & all having SX this week a successful one. Smooches xoxo

Correction: Duran's email is a Gmail not Hotmail.

Sorry ladies the hotmail was her old one her most recent email is: xxx@GMAIL.COM This is the actual email address that I got thru on & received my quote.

Wishing all RS a Very Blessed Merry Christmas!!!

I pray that all my RS sisters that are on the road of recovery are healing successfully & enjoying family time today. To all my sisters that are on your way to the flat side i pray for safe traveling mercies & A successful procedure.

Happiness to all & Merry Christmas!

Happy New Years & 32 days until I become a Duran Doll

Wishing all the lovely ladies of RS a Happy New Years & I pray for many blessings & awesome transformations of new bodies to all you Diva's Dolls. Let get back healthy & sexy at the same damn time!!!
One love & one Life PEACE
**i have 32 more days yall*

30 more days until Duran blesses my body!

OH MY GOD!!!! Ladies I am officially ready!! All supplies are packed away, RH deposit was finally made I will be staying at Dominga's RH. I chose her place because she has private rooms w/ it's own bathrooms so that hubby & I will still have some privacy. I am only staying for one full week since I'm only getting lipo & BBL. I pray that all goes well w/ no complications. I have also registered with the Embassy just in case of emergencies while I'm traveling abroad.
I have notified Duran via email with a copy of my lab results since she likes to see those 30 days before your SX and also sent her my flight information. She advised me to make sure I'm taking iron, b12 & frolic acid. So I have started back taking my blood builders along with my women's multiviramina for extra iron, b12 & folic acid. And plan in eating an orange or Drink OJ everyday & increase my green veggies ( spinach, broccoli, cabbage are all my favorites and get my liver, onions, rice & gravy on lol. I also have my pre-op vitamins which i will start to take 2 weeks before (1pkg a day) my sx since they will ensure I'm getting what I need( daily nutrients) & aid in my recovery.

Well Dolls & Diva's I think its about all for now. I pray for all those ladies that are about to go under for their procedures- God bless!!

Smooches XOXO

20 More Days until I hand my body over to Duran!!

Y'all I am so excited- just a ball of nerves ( ahhhhh- screaming) lol. So I can feel that I've picked up a few pounds since the holidays & I have not been wrapping(ugh) been so tired, but I know Duran is gonna work it out.

So I've been taking my vitamins & blood builders religiously everyday. Eating my Liver, spinach ( green veggies) nuts, drinking my OJ & just keeping a positive mindframe.
What's so funny is that my hubby be texting me saying "20 more days boo" I'm excited that he's just as excited as me lol- the love & encouragement just make my spirit Calm. I thank God for sending him to me!
Well enuff of the lovey dovey talk y'all here is a few more pre-op pics of my flat booty that I can't wait for Duran to bless lol.
Praying for all those that are going down, i pray that all goes well & for a smooth recovery.
Smooches xoxox

Making sure my Hemo level is up for Feb 3 SX..

So I stopped by my Besties job which is at a doctors office and before I left I had her check my hemo level & yea baby 12.9 it was.. Duran here I come baby!!! Lol so the blood builders & vitamin are working out & in have been eating my iron rich foods to. I'm on my way ladies!! Smooches xoxo

14 days to go before Duran lays hands on me!!

Y'all I am so excited my time is approaching, i will start my pre-op vitamins tomorrow to ensure my body needs what's necessary internally to heal. I haven't gotten nervous yet but I can't say that i won't. I'm more concerned with seeing my hubby & making sure he's home from deployment in time. Thank god he'll be home next week.

On another note I read one of my fellow Duran dolls profiles that just recently had SX ( lipo sculpture & BBL) &she mentioned that she didn't have a drain bc Duran didn't give her one. Yes she looked amazing too.. She mentioned that Duran is starting to re-evaluate the use of the drains bc I supposed she is determining that they drains can increase the risk of infection later. So the RS sis ( i forgot ger page name) states that she drained a lot thru her incision sites during her massages & urinated it out as well. So ladies don't be alarmed if you don't get a drain after having lipo ( not a TT) bc I'm sure she will still insert the drains for that procedure,i am actually hoping that I don't need a drain & that I drain well enough to not need it bc I see those drains are a nusence.
Well diva's that's about all I have right now. I pray for all of my sisters that are having SX & I pray for their recovery. Smooches XoXo

Happy MLK day -Beware Hoax email from Duran titled "Need Help"

So this morning I believe everybody in Duran's contacts & those that have probably emailed her for a quote has received this message. I will post a screen shot of the email but ladies this is is from a hacker that has gotten into her email. The reason I know because this same thing happened to my cousin, we all receive this email saying she needed help & to send money to another country. So I called her phone to find out that she was fine & at home but that a hacker jacked her email contacts trying to get money sent. So ladies please know that this is just a hoax/ scam way for some creep to get some money from you. I just wanted to put it out there before folks start trying to blow her up about it.

Alright ladies that is all for now I just wanted to Alert everyone & wish everyone a blessed Martin Luther King Jr Day. We must continue to live his dream to Peace & Equality!
Blessing to all Xoxo


Ladiesssssss I can't believe that I only have 1 more week to go, next Monday February 3 its going down. I will hand my body over to Dra. Duran & let her work her magic hands on sculpting me back to the sexy chic I use to be. I am super excited my travel buddy will arrive 2 day before me so once I get there I will check in on her.

Not much new going on, I've just been maintaining my eating habits of increasing my iron rich foods, I have one more week to take my pre-op vitamins and I have still been taking my blood builders along with them too.

Oh I have gained weight since I started my journey 6 months ago (blame it on the holidays) lol so I am toggling between 165 - 170lbs ughhh oh well it is what it is at this point, I just want Duran to get the fat off of my back & stomach & inject what she can to fill in my buttocks & round it out with a little projection. so hopefully this 10lbs I've gained will give her enough to work with.

Well Ladies I send prayers up to all of those that are preparing for Sx tomorrow or any day this week, blessing and I'll see y'all on the sexier side :)
Smooches XOXO

2 more days until Duran manes me over

Ladies I'm so excited & ready to go. I only have to go grab me some snacks & some ensures to pack up. I got my hemo checked yesterday & i was 12.7 so lastnight I ate some beef & will eat some again tonight or tomorrow before arriving in the DR to ensure my levels are high enough. Well I wanna thank you all for the prayers & blessings & will continue to update a long as I can get wifi.
Oh ladies when traveling make sure you you have the address, phone# or your printed Itinerary ( i booked on airbnb) to the RH & CIPLA handy bc my buddy who had SX yesterday gave me heads up bc when you fill out paperwork to enter the country you must account for where you're going & staying at for your length of stay. Also have $10 cash for the visitor card also. Then you're good to go.
Good luck to those that are having procedures done this weekend & next week I pray for a smooth recovery. Blessings & will update once I arrive!!

On my way to the DR for SX with Duran

Ladies!!!!!! I have made it to the airport early I didn't want to to risk having to face delays at the counter or whatever could go wrong. So I have an hour & half before my flight takes off.
Y'all know I'm tired right- hubby & I got about 2 hours of sleep, so I'm definitely gonna be resting on this flight & my connecting flight. I have my itinerary with me that I was sent from Dominga thru airbnb. You MUST have the addresses & phone numbers to where you will be staying at once you arrive. Also she sent me a message letting me know that her & her sister Virginia will be there to meet me & hubby at the airport.

Well dolls I will update y'all once I land in the DR.
Smooches xoxo

SX day with the infamous Duran

I want to Thank everyone for all the prayers & blessings. I had a very long day traveling yesterday my connecting flight was delayed due to Foggy weather in Atlanta so they diverted the plane to Alabama which in turn cause me & hubby to miss our flight to Santo Dominga ( Errrr), so you know in was extremely upset about tht bc the next flight out ha me going all the way to NY to come back to the DR which we didn't get into the DR airport until almost midnight. So needless to say I missed getting my labs done & was extremely tired!
Ladies when you arrive at the airport you will have to know your RH address because you will need to fill out 2 documents for citizen form ( only the blue form & the larger white form) pay your $10 citizen card & be on your way to collect your baggage.

So I had emailed Dominga to let her know my flight got delayed & once I arrived I called her to let her know we made it in a little earlier & she came to get us.

Dominga's RH
Ladies the warm air was so nice once I walked out of the airport I was like yes no more East coast cold ( snow) weather. Arrived to the RH in 15 minutes & the house looks exactly like the pictures on airbnb ( John's Room). The house was clean & bathrooms clean w/ complementary soap & deodorants the only problem was the fact that the water when we showered was COLD as heck ( brrrr), it was late & hubby & I just thugged it out & took cold showers but I will be speaking to her about this morning. It's now 6am ( DR is 1 hour ahead of EST). And I am dressed waiting for the other 2 ladies to come down so that we can head to the hospital. So I take it I'll be last probably since I haven't gotten labs yet. ( my ass gonna be starving later lol). But the rooms have Cable TV, wifi, it's own small refrigerator, decent space.

Well loves I'm on my way to CIPLA & will try to update once I do labs..



Ladies I have survived!!! God Ol mighty had me covered bc I was extremely exhausted & having a seriously ROUGH Time durig recovery. It's gonna take me some time to write my experience & I'm still not totally recovered totally , however I can hold food & liquids down but it runs thru me so quickly. I wanted to let all of y'all wonderful ladies that was sending prayers up for me I Received them all in the name of Jesus!!!! Lord knows I needed them all- I want to Thank you all so much & give me some time & I am going to respond to every one as fast as I can. But I wanted to update & let y'all know that I'm not leaving ya hanging I'm just trying to get my LIfE (mentally, emotionally & physically).

Thanks for the love & Thank u!!

PRETTY HURTS- Duran Doll pic's at 2 days PO

Here y'all go ladies. I still have alot of inflammation but you can see Duran's magic she worked on me.. I had lipo of abdomen & back & BBL. she wanted to do a TT bc I had a hernia & needed muscle repair but I declined due to maybe having a baby later w/ hubby. So she did the best to make it flat as possible. Which I'm satisfied & she explained it won't be super flat& I'm ok w/ that.
I love my results thus far and can't wait until all the swelling has subsided.
I don't know what my measurements were but i was 167 lbs hemo was 12.3 before SX & everything was clear. I did drop to 6.3 after SX & had to get a blood transfusion ( 2 bags). She put in 1350 cc in each cheek she said she couldn't remember how much in my hips she added. So I hope this helps you all for now. I have so much more to tell. Just have a little patience with me.

Thanks again for all the Love, prayers & support it's meant so much to me.

Duran doll at 9 days PO

Y'all I come home in my initial faja bc my phase 2 faja I couldn't really get into yet bc I'm still swollen. So I had to get cut out if my 1st one & couldn't take it anymore ( woo a sweat), do hubby & i ran to the mall to buy me a spanx until I can get into phase 2 faja. I'm so glad I went with him to try it on bc these HIPS HONEY ARE WIDE lol so in other words momma had to get a damn XL but this compresses just like the faja oh my god it's so much comfortable then them damn hooks. Also hubby made me get some Uggs since my feet are still swollen & lord have mercy I love these damn boots ( wasn't really into them at first).
Well I'm about to get a massage with this hand massager hubby just brought & call it a night. Smooches y'all!!

Duran Doll 11 days PO

Ok ladies i feel up to start sharing my day of SX update. So here it goes!

Feb 3rd 6:30 a hubby & I was up dressed & ready to head to the hospital. I had packed 1 t-shirt, pain med's, bottle water, my antibiotics that I had got filled here in the states, an orange, alcohol wipes, baby wipes, my Pee EZ, boppy, blanket, pads & the bed chux.
Now we arrived at Duran's office about 7am in which there were other ladies that arrived for F/u visits. Ladies please understand that no one has there SX at 7, 8 or 9am no ma'am. This is how it works- First Duran see all of her Post-op patients first now in between she will see you & make you up. Then you are sent downstairs to the Laboratory for your bloodwork & chest X-ray. Then once you get the results from that them you go to see the cardiologist & he reviews the X-rays & ur lab results & then give u the EKG. All of this takes about 1-2 hours. Then you have to be cleared thru the intake nurse & put thru registration. Once you are cleared you go back to Duran's office & Elizabeth or her other assistant then escort you upstairs to the 4th floor where you are admitted into your private room ( some have double beds for 2 patients) but in was in a room by myself.
So now it's about 10am & the nurse comes to help you get in your embolism stockings & gown then the waiting begins. Duran only does 4 patients a day & it was only 3 of us that day in which I went 2nd. So I relaxed as Rested as hubby watched TV ( btw is $20) to get the remote control which you will get back once you're leaving CIPLA. Yes ladies CIPLA was clean, nurses used new gloves every time they entered my room & were very nice & attentive. Also Please ladies know some command words in Spanish bc the language barrier is so REAL!! Or use ur translation App. There are some of the nurses that speaks very good English so it just
depends whose on duty.
Ok at 2:30 they told me to take my blue pill & honestly y'all I don't even remember seeing the anesthesiologist - I was OUT! When I woke up around 8pm to see hubby's face smiling at me I said Thank you Jesus & asked did she do the TT lol ( my ass didn't want that- even tho I had told her to gonna head & do it.). Hubby was like i dont know Bae. I was covered up, cold & wanted water. I took my own pain med's bc I didn't know how long they would take to give me more thru IV. So I was hungry as hell & hubby tried to feed me some food he has gotten from around the corner at the bodega. I had about 2 bites & some of my ensure & was right back knocked out. So morning rolls around & i need blood transfusion bc my hemo level had dropped to 6.3 & they want to feed me - now here is where i start feeling nausea & dizzy. They bring me some fruit & i try to eat it but it doesn't stay down. I vomit all over the floor & a little on myself. A little while after they came to put me in my faja- that was very exhausting OH MY GOD- that was the most tortuous process ever, the nurse washed me off w/ wipes & then got that faja on me. It was so tight I had difficulty breathing so they put me on an Oxygen tank & kept pushing fluids thru IV bc I started spiking a fever. So i rest for a few hours as they monitor me & push fluids, vitamins & antibiotics thru my IV's.
so they finally released me late that night around 11p. Virginia from Dominga's RH was their to run get my other med's that Duran prescribed & some other supplies that i could use like larger chux ( bed liners), etc.

Now the ride to the RH wasn't too bad I just couldn't wait to lay my ass down. And yes ladies you will be laying on your back majority of the time unless you can sleep on your stomach ( which I did as well). So over the next couple days I endured spiked fever thruout the days & nights, not able to hold down food or fluids down & diarrhea!!! I was going thru y'all & struggling to get comfortable. So we called Duran & she stated for me to get some acetaminophen ( Tylenol) & Gatorade. So hubby went with Dominga to the pharmacy to get those items along w/ some adult diapers ( lol). Yessss y'all ya girl couldn't hold her bladder & every damn thing i drank & ate came straight thru so hubby say fuck that you wearing the damn diapers lmao. When i say we had to remove that damn faja to wash it & let it air dry -I was truly no more good ( helpless)!

So Friday came & it was my f/u appt went to see Duran & she removed my drain tube ( which only her cutting the stitch hurt) & she was concerned bc i hadn't been able to take my med's & hold it down. So she had blood work done to check my levels & requested a urine & stool sample from me. So my levels were a little low & my WBC was elevated. However Duran stated it wasn't to hight that at that point I didn't need to be admitted. So went back to RH & went to get some rest & woke up w/ high fever of 102.7 which you have to convert to Celsius for Duran. I still couldn't eat & had vomited again. So back to CIPLA I go it was about 5:30p & Duran was probably headed tondo her last patient but she got me checked in before she went to SX. The gave me fluids, antibiotics iron & vitamins via IV. Duran came by after her last SX to check on me we talked about my med's in which order to take them bc I wasn't clear & she states that maybe the difference in water & foods from the US was throwing my body into a culture shock ( adjustment) as well. She told me to please take care of myself & try to eat & take med's so that I'll feel better. She rubbed me on my legs ( told me stay off my sides) & said goodnight.
So around midnight I got back to the RH & hubby & I went to bed.
Saturday & Sunday I recovered much better- got 2 massages ( were crucial) I was able to eat baby portions & drink water etc but the diarrhea stayed. So I had hubby go get me some anti-diarrhea med's from Pharmacy, a 7Up & soup. Earlier my RH buddies had went out & bought me some electrolyte juice back to help me out ( Rosie & Jackie) was very concerned & helpful to me too.

Monday was my final f/u appt Duran checked my body took pictures & asked if she could post & I said yes. She said i looked much better & she hoped unfelt much better. That's when she told me she put 1350 cc's in each cheek & that she loved my body frame & was satisfied with how my back, butt & stomach looked. She asked me if I had any questions & drew some fluid off of my stomach w/ a needle. She gave me my note for the airline, she hugged me & told me to promise to take care of myself & send her pictures. I agreed she hugged me & we took a pic & she gave me my 2nd stage faja that they couldn't get in me bc in was still to swollen in my stomach area & she said it Wouldn't be comfortable for my flight. She said wait a week & then put it on once I got back home & some inflammation has gone down..

Ok that's about it for now ladies here are some random pic & I will talk about them massages next time.

13 days PO- Duran Doll

So ladies today was my 1 LDM ( massage) from a spa in the US. The massuese in the DR advised me that I needed a total of 10 massages. I received 2 before i left the DR which i should have gotten more but Dominga for some reason since her prices includes massage she takes her time getting them for you- so unless you're staying for 2 weeks don't count on getting the 6 she supposed to get for you that's included in your stay. I will be doing a review on my stay with Doningas a little later. Now from my understanding you can start massages as early as 3 days PO & since I was so sick off & on I was asking when I could get my 1st massage, being that another young lady that was staying at the RH ( Yily doll) had SX a few days prior, which by the way looked good as well, had started to get her massages. She had expressed that she had only gotten 2 & was paying for the massuese to come back the next day for a 3rd massage & she herself was paying for ( wtf)!!! Ladies let me explain that with Dominga's RH package 6 massages are supposed to be included with your stay. So i was very confused why she was paying for her 3rd massage. Moving on- I didn't get my 1st massage until i was 5 days PO now ladies understand at this time my drain had been removed by Duran on day 4 PO. Duran had asked at my f/u appt had I started massages yet bc she stated that I had fluid that needed to be pushed out ( not to mention she had drawn fluid from my lower stomach area as well). So moving on ladies my first massage was horrible because I had fluid build up & guess what my incisions had CLOSED. That girl pushed & pulled that fluid to come out that I started crying out so loud that they had to call Duran. Hubby was holding tryig to consol me while the massuese rubbed on me lightly..... yall I was angry, pissed, upset & cursing bc I kept asking since day 3 PO when could i get my fucking massage bc ladies our bodies start healing quickly & you can feel burning inside from that fluid building up. So the massuese that works at CIPLA ended up picking at my incision until it opened & she got the fluid to come out. She worked on me for about 30 min them gave me a break & went to massage one of the other Duran dolls that dates at the RH too. After she finished her she came back to me & finished pushing fluid out & at this point they had me standing up leaning on the wall bc the pain was so bad I couldn't lay down. Needless to say I got dizzy so they laid me down & a few minutes later i went into a diarhea frenzy ( OH MY GOD) my body couldn't take anymore. So the next day I got my 2nd massage & it was much better, afterwards ladies your body feels relief & your mobility is better.
So my massage today from the Health spa was totally different- she educated me on what the massages do & how it work internally for healing. She did light strokes & soften up some of the knots. She wanted to make sure the nodes weren't clogged or compromised. She explained that the technique is used to move the fluid thru the bloodstream & it will eliminate over time. Because now all incisions are closed up. So I will resume the lymphatic massages bc want to be healthy inside & not just look good from the outside. Well ladies until next time. Smooches xoxo

Special Thanks during my recovery.

When I wrote my initial thank you to everyone for my prayers & support I forgot to point out a few sisters that has truly been like Real Sisters to me from a distant during my journey!!

Victoria313- ladies this is my big sister from afar bc she isn't in the US. When I say she made calls for me bc her Spanish is muy bien & she set up prayer blogs on her page for me. I can't be more appreciative to have such a wonderful sister. Y'all she whatsapp me the entire time & still do everyday to make sure i was okay, & to give me her big sister rules bc she has had PS in the past so her feedback was on point. So thank you my Doppleganger I love you so much Victoria313.

Next my girl jaysmile30- she started out as my SX buddy bc decided to go to Vanity fair ( DR. Fisher) to get her makeover. She kept me updated on things since she had SX before i did. She kept texting & praying for my recovery as well & we still share recovery experiences as we are recovering together. Thanks boo for keeping me uplifted.

This next Sister mylife313- she started out on RS searching for her PS & ended up running across my page. We inboxed each other & ended up exchanging numbers. We became close & communicated everyday. She ended up having SX a few days before me & she was my last minute guide, advising me what was needed immediately post op & wanted to make sure i had Everything since she had arrived in DR before me. Ladies let me tell you how helpful she was to me even tough we were in diff RH. This lil firecracker ( my nickname for her) turns into my big sis & I'm older than her lol. She was calling & texting to make sure i was alright, when I went thru my fevers & stuff at the RH she was on the phone making me call Duran ( bc she was rooming w/ some Duran dolls at her RH too that was telling her to tell me to call Duran). This firecracker was ready to have daisy come get me & my stuff from Dominga's RH to be over there w/ her at Daisy's bc the care wasn't being attended to like I needed it to be. But I just decided to stay bc I didn't want any conflict between RH owners. So overall Mylife313 was on it & ensuring that I was alright the entire time until she left the DR. I love you Mylife313 bc you held me up to God & i appreciate your support even tho we were apart.

Lastly my girl PSnewbieDC- she stayed at the RH with me & we had communicated months prior to our SX since they were a day apart. Such a wonderful spirit & personality. She & her SX buddy helped me out alot as well- one could speak fluent Spanish & PSnewbieDC could understand Spanish so they were my saviors lol. They constantly checked on me, made sure I ate food & would motivate me to get up & walk with them around the RH. We flew back home together ( she left early) bc we both were not satisfied totally w/ our care at Dominga's - so we got outta there & back home safely. Thanks for helping me thru the airport eventho I was in a wheelchair ( feet were too swollen to walk) and you walked ( a trooper) to the gates, helping carry my purse w/ your own carry on items. Thank you honey!!

Just saying thank you to these special Sisters- I can't thank you'll enough. Smooches & I love you all!


*My sis page is Mynewlife313 not mylife313.


Ladies I am coming along slowly but surely with recovery. All of the lipo areas ( underneath my arm pits, stomach, back) is all very tight ( feels like it's all pulling together) and its hard/ firm to the touch. I still have sensitive areas on my stomach & back to the touch & the zapping of my nerves regenerating is constant ( all day long) it will stop you in your tracks like a cramp. My hips & booty has softened up & it doesn't hurt anymore to sit down. I finally can sit on the toilet w/ out my left butt cheek killing me. Ladies the P-EZ has been my best friend. Everywhere I go it goes with me especially while wearing the garment- easy access while out & about. Pretty much all of the visual swelling has gone down, I'm sure my body may be holding a little fluid around my abdominal area but my massage will take care of that. I will have my 4th LDM ( massage) tomorrow & plan to get a total of 10 massages by end if 2 months PO. So the itching phase has kicked in & it's random times- my booty & lower back & stomach itch the most & I would have hubby rub lotion on me totally forgot that I had the Benadryl itch gel (lol). So I will start using that to see if it helps. My f/u appt is tomorrow with my PCP & I'll update y'all once she checks me out to make sure my levels are Normal. Well here are a couple pics for ya & I'll update after my massage.
Smooches xoxo

Duran Doll 21 days PO

Hi Diva's!!! I just want to give a small update to you all. At my appointment I complained of headaches everyday feeling like throbbing coming thru the top of my head. So my lab results from my doctors appointment last week came back & she found that my blood sugar levels were too low & that my anemia has returned ( thats what the headaches were from). So what that means for me is i have to pack on high protein foods, increase my vitamin C, & resume my liquid iron ( which i still have 1 box left that I had gotten filled from duran prescriptions while in the DR. She stated no infection & my WBC level was normal ( Yayyy)!!! So thank god for my health being okay besides the couple things that I can correct w/ out medicine. I have also been trying to push more fluids specifically water bc I was dehydrated still ( per my urinalysis). Also the masseuse advised me to drink more water to aid in my body healing & eliminating the fluid.

I also had my measurements taken & they are 35-29-44, so I found my corset from back in the Body Magic days & put it on- on the packaging it states it helps to eliminate flaccidity following liposuction & eliminates excess fluid. So this was right on time since I Still cannot fit into that damn phase 2 faja that now I'm pissed I bought from Duran bc I could have gotten another type of garment that would fit. I don't know if it ever will fit bc it's so damn tight lol. ( May have to sell it - it size Large Oh well I'll keep wearing my spanx & this corset to get my waste smaller before summer. Here are a few pics of me in the corset & I love my bootay it has started to settle nicely the pictures don't really do it any justice. But I think the fluffing gods has started visiting me early bc my booty actually jiggles a little & is much softer. Well that's all until next time.
Enjoy & blessings diva's!!

30 Days PO Duran Doll

I am Thanking God that I made it to 30 PO. I haven't experienced any problems just off and on Throbbing and of course the sharp pains (nerves) on my whole torso. That is the area that I be glad when its totally healed because my back, sides & stomach is still sensitive to touch. I haven't lost any volume and love the way my silhouette looks in my clothes. I have no complaints at all because I asked Duran for a Natural looking butt and that is what I have- I didn't want to look like I had work done, just want to look like I've worked out and toned up lol...
My appetite has seem to get back to normal, not eating large portions but a little more than a kids portion (lol). I have a follow up appointment this week with my PCP to recheck my blood levels and make sure that my blood sugar levels are back to normal.
So since I still cant get into my darn stage 2 faja I am just going to use my corset and I decided to buy the butt-out panty from off of E-bay so that my booty don't drop too much, this will help it stay lifted.
I will attach some 30 day pics, until next review I wish everyone safe travels and speedy recoveries.


Forgot the 30 days PO pics Duran Doll

Oh yea I stepped out to attend a family celebration w/ hubby & oh my god the Attention I got was flattering- I loved it. Y'all I even got on the dance floor to dance, was a lil tight while dancing around my back & stomach but I still looked cute winding my small waist- heyyyyy! Lol The picture doesn't do it any justice, at first I was a little nervous but once I took my trench mink coat off I felt like a celebrity bc everybody was giving me eyes.
Also I attached a pic of the panty girdle that I bought.

60 days PO 2014 Duran Doll

Hi ladies & gents its been officially 60 days since my sx ( Lipo & BBL) with Dr. Duran. I am still very much satisfied with my results & im still far from total recovery.

Ladies please understand that post operatively we may look & almost feel good but internally its a roller coaster. Some days i feel great & others i feel horrible due to the achiness,throbbing & sensitive to touch Feelings i experience from the lipoed areas ( stomach, sides, back & armpits). And sometimes the very top of my buttocks ache bc thats where she injected the fat to sculpt my hips & butt. Now my butt don't really give me any problems most of the time its only if i'm sitting too long or on hard surface (uncomfortable chair). Also The lipoed area's are hard as a brick & will remain hard to the touch under your muscles until everything relax & recover internally. Thats why LDM massages works wonders for our recovery bc they know the technique to drain our system from any toxins left over from sx while softening the scarred tissue & waking up our muscles from the tragedy (Lipo) that they have been thru. So if you can afford them continue them when you get home bc they truly help. Also since where i go to get my massages is a holistic health spa they also recommend Having a colonic cleansing in combination with the massage to detox ur digestion system. I definitly plan on getting one soon.

I have dropped a few pounds since surgery which im always happy about lol..My body feels more sculpted & i feel Healthier overall. Some days my appetite is thru the roof & some days its lite. I only take a women's vitamin daily & still eat plenty of pineapple for internal healing.

Ok now that damn faja (UGh) so i finally got into my phase 2 faja w/ a connector attached. However im sorry yall but i have been hardheaded when it comes to that thing. It so uncomfortable to me i feel worse sometimes when i wear it. I was wearing it mainly at night but now i haven't put it on in about 2 weeks. So i have substitute garments that i wear to compress my torso (lipo areas) bc it feels better & It eases the throbbing/pain. So i purchased a panty garment that pulls up to my breast (kohl's $15), spanx shorts that pulls up under breast (Dillards $80) & a T-shirt garment that compresses really well (walmart$18), and ordered the butt out panty garment from Ebay but i haven't wore this one yet. Another RS sis say she was advised not to wear it til 3 months po so im saving it. So i'm improvising from not wearing that faja everyday, just my choice- not suggesting anyone else does this but this is working for me.
So the1st menstral period after sx is a crucial one- for me i have the IUD Merina
& normally dont have a period but this month i spotted a couple days but the Rumble(Cramps) i felt was no joke. Now once all that cleared up MY SEX DRIVE IS ON OVERDRIVE! LoL I'm sorry TMI but i have to let yall know its definitely not a game ya girl is horny quite frequently & hubby aint complaining! Energy level is up & hubby cant keep his hands off of me ( i love it).
Overall im recovering fine thus far & loving myself & how sexier i look in my clothes. Ladies dont fall in love with your curves just yet bc our body changes like every month. I try not to stay in the mirror too much bc You will become obsessed lol. i've noticed that my butt had dropped some & is rounder than last month & my torso is softening up but still feel like scab healing inside everything is pulling so tight. So thats the part that i be glad when it fully heals, but im being patient & taking my time.

Well here are a few pics for yall enjoy & until next month i wish all of you dolls a blessed sx & speedy recovery!
Also i want to pay respect to those who have lost their life over this last month bc it was a couple that i'd heard off in the DR.( Treena J & Beverly) & recently one of yily's patients i dont know her name But may GOD rest their souls.

Before & After pictures-Duran Doll

I wanted to post my before & after pics for some of you'll.. I'm almost 3 months post op..

3month post op Duran diva pics..

Everyone i wanted to Update photos of my progress but i will write my monthly review later too busy right now but didnt want to forget You all. I was shock Duran posted my pic to her IG, Fb & twitter page. Enjoy!!

Finally 6 months PO pictures

Things have been doing well with my body 6 months later. I didn't really measure myself but as far as my butt & hips I've retained my results wonderfully.
I can sometimes feel fluid like movement into my back when I think I've eaten too much& haven't exercised. Which my doctor has ordered me to refrain from bc my hernia i have is protruding so I am getting that examined bc I'm sure it will have yo get repaired. I didn't request Duran to fix bc I rejected the tummy tuck & opted for lipo instead. Overall I still love my results just can't fit all my pants, must try them on bc my hips are a little wider which I didn't lose as some does. Well that's about all. Happy healing to all!

1 year post op & still feeling good - Duran doll

Its been a year since Duran transformed my body & I am still 100% satisfied with my results. I do wish now that I'd gotten my breast lifted but I'm fine with the push up bras. I've remained my results very well, and actually need to lose about 10 pound bc i haven't been exercising like I need to. Still the best money I've spent for my appearance, won't change a thing.I'm Still Thanking God & future dolls may god bless you all. This is my last post & will not update any further but will keep the profile up for future dolls info & motivation. ???? Here are a few pics for my anniversary 1yr lipo & BBL.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I appreciated that Duran spoke English & that we could understand each other especially with my concerns. She is very knowledgeable & listens to your request. I was satisfied with her post-op care & test that she took for me since I incurred recovery complications ( fever & dehydration). She answered anytime i texted her while I was ill, & answered calls anytime my RH called her about me. So I will recommend Dra. Duran for your surgical needs.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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