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HELLO LADIES OF REALSELF! My name is Tosha and I...

HELLO LADIES OF REALSELF! My name is Tosha and I am happy to have begun my journey to perfection with a BBL/BA and possibly a mini TT! I truly found this site at the right time. It seems like when you search for any type of plastic surgery you get the same crap round and round in circles. SO HAPPY NOW!

Ok so here is my story:

I am a 28 year old mother of one (8). While I am only 120 i am not in the correct shape and have all of these small fat pockets everywhere. I learned not too long ago about the BBL which takes all of the fat i don't want and enhances my dairy aire... IM IN!

So I came across and found Dra Yily and have Googled her quite a few times and I have seen enough of her work to be a believer ;) I would however love to be directed to the ultimate Yily gallery if that is available anywhere?

I just received my days confirmation.. March 2...

I just received my days confirmation.. March 2 2013... SO EXCITED! I have seen quite a few posts with woman grouping together for recovery and I would like to do the same. I will be there for the 13 days needed so ill say from March 1-march 14. Is there anyone going at this time needed a PS buddy? I look forward to meeting you ladies and finding a partner in crime. TEAM YILY!

Well I need some advice ladies. I have been...

Well I need some advice ladies. I have been researching the bbl procedure and I think I may need to gain some weight. I am 5'4" 120 34c anyhow, I can't seem to be able to put any weight on! I'm not kidding I'm even eating candy and drinking soda! I can't be the only one with this problem :-/ is there any information on how to gain weight quickly that you would kindly share with me?? My SX is on march 2 so I'm really trying to pack it on quickly lol

Great news! I have been patiently waiting for a...

Great news! I have been patiently waiting for a follow up call with the assistant and whatdaya know I had the confirm voice mail already! Hahaha what a nerd lol
I have also been finding some AMAZING photos of

Great news! I have been patiently waiting for a...

Great news! I have been patiently waiting for a follow up call with the assistant and whatdaya know I had the confirm voice mail already! Hahaha what a nerd lol
I have also been finding some AMAZING photos of foreground woman who look fantastic (see photos). I was given a "yes" you can look like that and a "not too sure" so I'm trying to figure out if that is a true possibility. I'm going to remain positive as this is the one for me ;)
On an even better note my rapid CRAP EATING as gained me... Wait for it.. 7 pounds in 2 weeks! HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL! I'm up to a hefty (for me lol) 127... 3 pounds to gain and the rate I'm gaining ill be another 12 pounds heavier hahaha. It's been tough as I don't particularly enjoy eating the carb/fat loaded junk necessary to be bigger and just don't eat enough to make a difference even if I do eat cheeseburgers.. So this has been just great.

Took that photo in Miami yesterday (jan 4) and will post another asap when I'm gaining.. The countdown began the day I decided on this SX but its now really in my view.. WOWZA! This is really gonna happen...

Well I am still in search of a March 2nd SX buddy....

Well I am still in search of a March 2nd SX buddy.. I'm reading that there are discounts to be given for the recover house AND Dra Yily if there are two on the same day. Also means we can share a room in recovery house :)
ALSO! I have been looking into staying at a resort for the second week.. (No need to be fouled up in RH the whole time right??) so I wonder does anyone want to share the rent for the week of March 6-9?? We can 'rent' a nurse to come tend to our healing and I am trying to get it as close to office as possible. I have found a few superb deals now just having travel agent(LMAO not really) figure out how close will be.

48 days and counting.....

48 days and counting.....

Ok so I'm starting to get a little depressed. I...

Ok so I'm starting to get a little depressed. I keep hearing how wonderful Yily is and there are always posts about her on this forum but I find it sooooooo hard to find photos that I feel are NOT photoshopped... On this forum plenty of ppl have SX scheduled but I just never get to the after photos.. What gives???

Well my lovlies I am 40 days away from being on...

Well my lovlies I am 40 days away from being on the plane to a better more self confident me. The past few days I have shopped and have been trying so hard to get all of the items I 'may' need. I'm staying at the recovery house I imagine for the entire 14 days as I have yet to find a buddy to travel with.. Oh well. I guess I'll live ;)
Is there anything truly needed for the recovery house? I'm under the impression they pretty much got you when your there but I don't want to be wrong.. HELLLPP! Thanks ;)
Right now I have gained more than enough weight to give me happy results I believe. The funny thing is I noticed a slight weight gain but when I weighed myself yesterday I weighed 137! WHAT?! That's PLENTY of extra poundage (usually 120) for REAL O_o I'm really hop tho that ill have a little extra to work with becaue I know projection is lost, some worse than others but I have enough now.
I'm soooooo excited I can't even sleep and I still have 6 weeks! I'm hoping all goes well with my passport getting here on time.. I tend to hold things off until the last minute and I applied for it last week. GOD willing it will come on time.. Ok so for now I'm hoping all of you are happy recovering or awaiting your total body transformations as I am! Have a great week!!!

So I'm here in gorgeous run down Santo Domingo and...

So I'm here in gorgeous run down Santo Domingo and its HOT! Made it to my room and I have a gorgeous view of the ocean ;)
SX in 4 days OMG! I'm going to relax until I go in.. I'm soooo excited I can't even think strait to update thoroughly lol

So ladies I'm finally on the other side. What a...

So ladies I'm finally on the other side. What a journey it has bed with plenty of ups and downs thrown in the mix :-/

The breakdown of what will happen is as followed:

You arrive a Cipla around 6:30am and start with your testing. It's rather quick and I have seen on this forum people complaining about the equipment being too old a d outdated. This is NOT the case. The EKG machine is just differ t as its a Chinese model. I found it to be quite interesting with all the clamps lol
There is one thing that drove me absolutely NUTS and its that NOBODY WEARS GLOVES FOR ANYTHING! I'm like so weirded out by germs so that was a shock.. I mean not even to take blood?! Seriously?? Just unsanitary for real.

So after. Your testing your moved up to the fourth floor waiting room to wait for Yily to arrive. The two days I was there (SX yesterday march 5th and today for post op care) She comes around 10:30 - 11:00 and so from about 9:00 until after she is done with seeing patients your just sitting there. It gets boring and you'll be tired and moody.
Ok so after she sees her previous days patients the rooms are cleaned quickly and your assigned your room then...its surgery time! I'm not sure how the order works but please be advised if there was anything mentioned about what place you are for the day.. Forget it. Nothing is ever that easy lol I think she was doing SX until around 1:00am! I know someone went in at around 10pm and there was another person after so be prepared to be waiting for a long time.
When Yily comes in she gets straight down to business marking you up.. Be advised.. USE YOUR VOICE NOW! She will just do her own thing if you let her so if you want no hips or a certain size breast LET HER KNOW! Also .. If your getting implants make sure that she realizes what your saying. Like I asked for a DD (she said no lol) but failed to realize she would ADD a DD so I'm SUPER BIG HAHAHA . It's all good but I'm a DDD I think. Oh well more to squeeze

.... Continued....So about SX... Hmmmm I fell like...

.... Continued....So about SX... Hmmmm I fell like I was never fully out

So about SX... Hmmmm I fell like I was never fully out

So about SX... Hmmmm I fell like I was never fully out

... Conintued... I don't really remember falling...

... Conintued...
I don't really remember falling asleep but I do remember saying (during SX lol) that I'm done hahah that I don't want this anymore lmao Of course that didn't work and they continued. I remember feeling the lipo to my stomach and I also remember being turned over but for real it's not that you feel the pain.. It's just that you feel... So I think my SX (breast augmentation/lipo with fat graft) lasted around 3 hours. I was told by my roommate that when I got back to the room I was flailing and shivering terribly! I do remember that I was shaking hard as I came out of anesthesia and let me tell you.. My back is KILLING ME! I know it wouldn't have been so bad had I not convulsed for 3-4 hours


Updated on 7 Mar 2013:
Ok so I was up all night stifffffff as a board and no matter what they were not letting me up for nothing.. I was t even allowed to sit up in bed.. OMG the stiffness is OUT OF CONTROL! Finally got more pain meds at around 5:30 am and that put me out for around an hour or so but the stiffness just doesn't let you sleep :-/ Also forget about eating seriously.. Because your not getting anything until 8 am and it's soup.. Blah I do suggest bringin a very light snack to Cipla to have the next day.
Now comes the pain. Right after our "breakfast" came the nurses came to wash us .. Let me tell you. THIS SHIT HURTS I was in so much pain I was in tears.. They cut off hospital gown and opened Faja to wash u up and it's just terrible.. Idk how ill manage the massages looming in the horizon... For the love of beauty I swear woman.. We r nuts!


Updated on 8 Mar 2013:
Day three has gone smooth sailing for me. The first day I have not taken any pain meds. I got up this morning and pretty much been up since about 11 am. I had a nurse come by yesterday to help clean me up but I wasn't satisfied so I thanked her and told her I would find other arrangements.
So I washed myself today which was not hard whatsoever! The sweet housekeeper at plaza Del Sol was sweet and helped me out of my Faja and washed it and a few other things for me... Then helped me (and the rest of the ladies that are here) back into but I'm able to do it myself (I had to go to the bathroom something awful today so I had to take it off anyway) so ill just be asking for help with lavanderia now...They are soooo stinkin sweet here! Big ups to my Dominican ma ;)

After I was nice and clean I waled pretty much all day! I mean I probably walked 2 miles today! I'm so happy to be healing so rapidly.. It's truly amazing to me


Updated on 8 Mar 2013:
Along with the walking I have been massaging my body. Im hoping to keep my body shrinking day by day and it's happening rapidly which just goes to show that when your truly doing all of the steps needed to heal properly you can make it happen! One of the girls I walked with today was hunched over a bit today at the beginning of the walk and by by the 15 min mark was was upright.. LADIES YOU HAVE TO MOVE YOUR ASSSSSS! Lololololol
Ill have to say I have one spot on my lower back that burns at times.. I'm sure this will subside with time and I'm only feeling it in one spot so far so if that's all I get ill take it with my head bowed to Yily the WO-MAN!

My breasts are already softening wonderfully which is a blessing because I didn't want hard daggers. Tomorrow I will see the incisions possibly so ill let you know how the nipples look ladies. HAPPY ACTIVE HEALING EVERYONE!
Ok night for now.


Updated on 9 Mar 2013:
Today I went to see yily at 4:00. Thing is she was NOT THERE! OMG I could strangle Yira for this as I have not gotten a bra yet and my back needs the support lol theses puppies surly are heavy hahaha

I had a LG faja on and am now in an X-Small.. YIKES! This is nooo joke! But it's the right decision and I am happier with the compression for sure. See new pics :)


Updated on 13 Mar 2013:
PLEASE EXCUSE THE NASTINESS ON MY PAGE! We can't all be grown up just goes to show that woman will exploit your weaknesses so keep them to yourself... I will not be commenting on this ignorance again. My advice is just keep focused on your SX and you'll be just fine :)

Ok so for my update:
I am finally home!!! I had a time getting here I tell u what. I got to airport yesterday at about 1:00 and had requested wheelchair assistance but opted out so I could get some exercise before the 4-hour flight to nyc....
WELLLLLLL that didn't work out too well. With lipo board and this faja sitting in the airport chairs is as uncomfortable as possible sooooooo i kept adjusting my faja.. BIG MISTAKE!

While I was waiting to board the plane (about 20 mins before take off) security came up to me demanding I go with them to somewhere (I know enough Spanish to get by but I couldn't figure out what the heck he was saying) so I get up crippled and all mad stiff and start to slowly walk behind the crew as I couldn't friggin hustle anywhere! At that point I asked for the chair because I did not want to miss my flight. As we walk I'm trying to tell them it's just a faja but I get it. Safety first. I was just trying to get to my plane so I was upset and attempting to rush but of course they will look at you like your stupid and chat away fast as hell in Spanish. Long story short they made me open my faja to prove I had nothing. This OF COURSE forced me to miss my plane...SMH I felt like those ppl in locked up abroad lol cause I got wheeled back to the gate just in time to see my plane takeoff RATTTTTTTSSSSSSS!

Next Delta flight was the next day (today) soooooo I had to hobble my happy ass to the delta offices upstairs so they could waive the $150 change fee.
*NOTE*- I was originally going to leave on the 14th but changed to the 12th. And I'll have to get all of this info correct tomorrow if needed but short is that they didn't charge me the change fee the first time either and I got upgraded (was in coach becuase I used my SKYMILES and didn't realize I wouldn't be in business class) so they upgraded at no charge when I gave the hospital and showed my discharge papers when getting my ticket at counter. *
So I hoped n a cab ($40) back to Hotel Magna456 for another night in DR... UGGGGG. I had a drink. Or two ;(

I am not one to tire so easily but I was EXHAUSTED so I slept like a baby and did it all over agin today SMH but thank goodness I am home now! I suggest taking a pain pill before boarding your flight because its killer on the back foooorrr realllll..

Ok I'm turning in for now tty guys later

My fingers are getting quite the workout trying to...

My fingers are getting quite the workout trying to get this squeem on over my Faja lol

Hi lovelies!!! Today is day 10 PO and why am I...

Hi lovelies!!! Today is day 10 PO and why am I tired all the time?! I feel like a 90 yr old woman for real. I can't wait to get the pep back in my step lol
So I have been getting the same questions asked over and over and I don't mind answering but if they are in my blog if appreciate the beauties giving my profile a read :))) thanks!

Here are the basic deets:

-I got a bbl and BA together with DR Yily
-I am positive about that my breasts are silicone and HUGE! They are softening wonderfully now
-I don't know the CC count for EITHER procedure all I know is my ass is round and my boobs are too
- I did NOT get a lift
-I stayed at Plaza Del Sol after my night at Cipla and I had a nurse for one visit then had the staff at Plaza Del Sol help me with my garment and things. They also washed my clothes for me. Very sweet!

Sleeping for me has been ok. I had been sleeping on one side or the other due to the BA but since yesterday I have been sleeping on my stomach. I have taken to laying on a pillow if ill be laying down for a longer period of time to relax. I think this is wonderful for extra compression too!

The new photo with the new Faja... Do you think it's too tight? I mean it's an XS and it's TIGHTTTTTT! My waist is sooooo tiny in this.. Like 23.5 inches OD with my 32 DDDs
hahaha but my dairy-aire is really pressed down too :-///


Ok i have waited and waited to give this review...

Ok i have waited and waited to give this review because i wanted to be in my right mond when i wrote it. so as to get it ALLL RIGHT! CAUTION TO ALL YILY LOVERS. THIS ONES GONNA HURT...
here goes: So the swelling has gone down quite a bit and that my friends is where you see YILY AIN'T SHIT! She thinks SHE is thr one to know what YOU want and wont hesitate to just go start marking without knowin SHIT! That should have been the very last red flag to listen too but stupid anxious me NEEDED this bigger ass. WHAT A JOKE!
She may be really really good with sculpting bit her fat transfers are a MESS! My ass has a spot that feels to me like a tire that has gone bald in a spot and now has a huge bulge..any comprehension there ladies? I mean it's really hard to understand how the she could do sucha bad job! Not to mention my cheeks are totally different in shape and size. I'm mortified. Do not get fat grafted to your ass in yly de los santos offices!
So there is more. I was given a LG Faja after SX that didn't even have ANY compression on my butt.. So of course in one day I needed a small. Thank God I brought the XS Faja or I would have been  out of luck.
I have now rated her according to how I truly feel after giving this thought.

Continued.... Sooooo I went in the Sat after my SX...

Continued.... Sooooo I went in the Sat after my SX for a pO and guess who wasn't even there... YILY! So back on Monday at 2:30 is what I was told. This sux so bad because riding in a car is bad enough 4 days PO but in DR.. Has to be the worst with the crappy cars and even crappier drivers. Beware-there are exactly ZERO rules whn it comes to driving in DR lol
When I came back on Monday I was explaining to Yira (who's is sweet and super overwhelmed yet under qualified) that the faja given to me was WAYYYY too big and asking why they would put it on me after SX.. She of course did not know. I was asking her what i need to do about getting another faja.. one that is the correct size and it wasnt happening because low and behold.. these morons dont actually carry fajas in stock.. What happens is they buy fajas daily, according to their crystal ball reading skills, and see into the future to size what you MAY be after SX.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The ASSISTANT had the nerve to say to me "it's not my fault we don't have your size" WHAT?!?! I GUESS THAT'S MY FAULT?!? SMMFH
So after about 2.5 hours of sitting waiting for Yily to show for our PO appts (was with 2 other ladies) I'm getting irritated. My body hurts, those couches are not comfortable at all and Yily is nowhere to be found. Ill admit I was getting loud about the Faja because keep in mind I DIDN'T GET A BRA EITHER! Like WTF?! So finally Yily comes out OF A PATIENTS ROOM WITH BLOODY SCRUBS ON and of course... No gloves. Go figure.
She asked in Spanish what the problem was and Yira was quick to explain (could have been anything lol) and Yily said to me "your a problem" LMAO EXCUSE ME LADY?! Am I not the one who just lined your account with $5000???!?!! I told her that her business was "a problem" I really was going to go off on her but she told Yira to give me a refund for the lg faja but I had to go bring it back to her (I never needed it anyway STILL NO BRA OR REFUND FOR THAT) and then she just walked away.. what the hell is going to happen to the faja I brought back?? My guess is it will be recycled and put on someone else after SX... SO GROSS! Sorry guys

Cont pt 2....Now mind you this should have been a...

cont pt 2....Now mind you this should have been a follow up apt for 3 ladies. And she spent two secs with Yira then she was gone again. Never looked at us, our incisions, OUR DRAINS THAT WERE STILL our fat grafts... NADA!
The moronic faja ASSistant was eventually the one to pull out my drain even tho I asked fifty F-ing times if a DR was gonna do and the stupid child said "yes the DR will do it" EVERYtime and had the nerve to catch another attitude with me for asking that... SMH
I know that there are tons of ladies who love Yily and her work. Power to you. If nothing had gone wrong maybe things would be different.. But at the first sign of something going wrong these ppl take zero responsibility and expect us to be upset and just deal with it like "oh well you had to come 4 friggin times to the clinic wait and waist your $ on taxis for NOTHING" lol This place is low class as possible. I am sooooo upset with myself! I would not go to this clinic in general but if your planning on risking it all dont risk your ass on yily! I am not the only one to say this either: Your going to be very disappointed :-/

Ok I want to make this very clear.. The lump I am...

Ok I want to make this very clear.. The lump I am referring to has NOTHING to do with lipo! It's the MASS ON MY ASS IM TALKING ABOUT! I am well aware that i am only 2 weeks post op and the lumps from lipo will go away with time. Thanks

On my way to ER.. This pain is out of control....

On my way to ER.. This pain is out of control. Will update more when I see the DR... Please send prayers. I'm a serious wreck.. OMG

Sooooo I'm being admitted for at least 2 days.....

Sooooo I'm being admitted for at least 2 days.. The plastic surgeon at the hospital has informed me that I will probably be in the OR tomorrow to remove this mass.. That it will most likely leave me a little lopsided.. what did I do to deserve this?! I have lost the faith.

I have had better days. Im on IV antibiotics and...

I have had better days. Im on IV antibiotics and probably will be here for the next 5 days SMH. the morphine is CRAZY strong getting me high, but i still feel the pain. go figure. I had Percocet when I got here yesterday and that helped with the pain for sure. But I now have a drain in my backside now draining the puss and necrotic fat. It's the Pitts. I have no insurance so I'm Terrified of the bill.. The PS here is sooooo nice. She informed me that I would not receive a bill from her even tho they called her from home to come in and see me. THANK YOU GOD FOR SMALL ANGELS!

For now it's rest rest rest... Will update later.
You guys have helped me so much. Thank you for being here for me.. I really really appreciate it. :) LUV MY RS SISTERS!

So this is a positive update... I'm very happy...

So this is a positive update... I'm very happy with my breast so far. One inevitably is bigger than the other but I already had that so it's nothing new. Took the band aids off today and the PS at the hospital says they look great. PRAISE God!(insert your God here lol)
They hurt a little but it's par for the course. The incisions are quite itchy but healing. I have ├╝ber perfect vision so I see one small clear stitch in one spot. All good. Ill leave it alone to heal up on its own. Hope you like them!

SOOOOOOOOO I got an email from Yily regarding my...

SOOOOOOOOO I got an email from Yily regarding my situation.. This simple ish really said "GOOD LUCK"

OMG I JUST CAN'T! Like that's all you have to say to me. I really could have DIED! This is real ladies. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! PAIN IS NOT SUPOSED TO BE PART IF THIS SX!
Discomfort, stiffness and aches are part of it.. But pain is a HUGE RED FLAG FOR ONFECTION! Do not ignore this. Go straight to ER! Please if you don't learn anything else from this blog.. Realize your body tells you when your not ok.. So LISTEN!

Well I am infection free! OMG. I can't wait to go home.. Tomorrow is the day.. I'm gonna eat so much it's unreal lol I can see Boston Market from here... It's really going down as soon as I walk out haha
hmmm I'm told I may have to go home with the drain in my ass cheek tho... BOOOOO thumbs downnn. But it's not really draining anymore so possibly not. I will know tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed ladies.

How are you are doing in recovery and in planing for your SX???


Hi ladies been getting a lot of ppl asking about...

Hi ladies been getting a lot of ppl asking about the other breast DR. He didn't do mine Yily did but he is somethin serious when it comes to breast so is like to share him with RS.
His name is Dr. Lenny Rounder (no pun intended lol) and he is in Miami.

I'm going home! WOOT WOOT! Drain is GONZO! No more...

I'm going home! WOOT WOOT! Drain is GONZO! No more throwing up! No more waiting on others for basic needs! OMG I COULD DO CARTWHEELS! (DR said no lol)
You ladies have just been amazing helping me they such a rough time in my life. I really don't know what I would have done without you.. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH! I wanna kiss you all!


So I am feeling a ton better! I can't believe that...

So I am feeling a ton better! I can't believe that I went they that but I'm over it and came out ok :) not dead yet lol
I had a staph infection and the plastic surgeon here said that it is from my skin not being cleansed properly prior to SX WTF?! And NO I didn't see any iodine stains on my skin did anyone else?? Soooooooooooooooooo I'm NOT getting into that again just wanted to inform y'all. As I said, I am safe now and alive so I can only be grateful to be able to live in such a fantastic country with amazing medical!

Anyhooo, I am 24 days po and still not sure about how I actually feel about my body... It's SUPER small in the waist I mean like 23in with the Faja and 24-25 without. I just ordered a 2xs (from eBay btw). It's from lipo express and it was only $25! SWEET! It's also one of the only paces I have seen a 3xs.. I have 3 other fajas already and a squeem so I'm spendin a lot but dang it's the only thing I can buy so I'm goin in lol
My biggest (PUNNNNNN INTEDED) issues lol are these breasts! OMG the right one feels like it has been part of my body forever but this left one actually feels like a foreign object in my body.. I feel it moving and I feel like it's a bit jagged in there IDK it just isn't feeling good to me. I know I have to suck it up and get used to it. Doesn't make it any less annoying now tho :-/ RATSSSSSS! Has anyone else felt this way??
Posted a few pics with clothes on and my but in Faja.. I look thick in one of the pics but don't be fooled. It's optical illusion for real lol
Enjoy my muffins and have a wonderful week!

I'm upset today. I have a yeast infection that...

I'm upset today. I have a yeast infection that spans MY WHOLE AREA! THANKS YILY for this wonderful staph infection because I have been on antibiotics and still am for a full 3 extra weeks...SMH. I just want to scratch my ass against a tree like a big burly bear! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Hello ladies I hope all are healing nicely. I am...

Hello ladies I hope all are healing nicely. I am happy to say that I am just about 5 weeks (tomorrow) and things are ping a lot better. I have been up and running for days and plan in continuing to get daily exersise in along with a lot of water. My diet isn't as good as it should be but since I can only eat an extra small ammount at a time Im needing the extra calories anyway to make it to 1000/D smh
Anyhoooooo I bought a scale that measures your weight, body fat, and your water weight. oh yeah I'm liking this :) I step on every morning and have lost 8 pounds since SX NOT that I'm trying. Just so hard to leave room for food when you have a Faja and pads pressing against you 24/7
Also the heartburn has been unreal! I am on Prilosec again because it worked wonders for right when I had SX. Started it yesterday and I feel great today.
I fee like its getting to be on to have the FAA off for an hour or 2 per day. It feels freeing lol
As far as how I'm wearing my garments. I have taken to wearing a Tee Shirt, THEN the XS waist cincher (SUEEM BRAND) on the second clasp. Then my 2xs Faja which is great for the waist but not so much for the ass. Inside the daja is where I put the board and foam. I do it this way because the board makes it so my waist isn't getting compressed as much as it kinda lifts lol It's been helping a ton with my compression. Affraid to get a size 3xs but I guess ill try the thong garment for that so my ass has some room.
My measurement are
38.5 hips/asss
I'm wearing a 32 E on top for now. I'm thinking in a few months they will be at a more respectable 32 DDD HA!
Hope all the new dolls are doing well and healing up nicely. REMEBER- DON'T RUSH THIS! Even if you tried IT WON'T WORK! LoL your just going to frustrate yourself I'm telling you. :)



Hola ladies... Its official!!!! I have made it to...

Hola ladies... Its official!!!! I have made it to the 6 week mark and I couldn't be happier! Today I took Faja off in the morning and haven't put it on since! (I'm in Puerto Rico) been knockin em dead on the beach I can't even lie. I got men-women-babies ALL starin lol it's nuts how much different it is. Very fun to strut my little body around tho haha
So here the low down as far as how healing is going. As I mentioned I havent had the garment on for the day but I am swelling. It's not too bad but I think IMHO it has a lot to do with how big you are in general. I'm a really small person and I'm not swelling much anymore. I do intend to wear the garment for the next six weeks (UGGGGG) but I'm having a day off. It's really hard to get a good tan in a Faja lol
My breasts are healing up very well and I am but the left has no sensation in the nipple area. I have no idea why but have heard this is pretty normal. The right one is just fine and the swelling has gone down substantially. It takes time and TONS of patience.

As far as my massages I'm loving this place in QUEENS called Jessica Spa it's amazing! I mean this is a Dominican place and they take very good care... It's $600 for 10 madsages which is FABULOUS because I was paying $100 and this was by hand! At Jessica Spa
there are 3-4 different lipo machines. They do 10 different massages so I had the laser lipo massage the other day and it works like immediately. (Think i peed 3 times within the hr) My skin was even more loose :-/ but straight to sauna then they brushed on parifin wax all over my torso and wrapped me in Saran Wrap. Felt good but the wrap was itchy. Left it on for long as I could.

I look forward to meeting you ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have received a quote from Dra Yily and I am ecstatic! I am now waiting to hear back regarding my target surgery date (March 1 2013) and I will be ready for the next step.. finding recovery! EEk! SO WISH I HADN'T DONE THIS WITH HER

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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