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Hi you guys I'm new to this but for a while I've...

Hi you guys I'm new to this but for a while I've been wanting a bbl... I'm 23 years old with 2 kids... I have NO ass at all lol... I'm 229 pounds but dieting now... I'm excited and scared to go to the D.R .... I'm scheduled with Yily as soon as she comes back from maternity leave. I'm looking for a buddy!

Looking for a buddy

I'm looking for a buddy we can do a recovery house or hotel! My dates are 01/15/14.... SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!

Thank you!!

First I would like to say thank you to all the ladies that have reached out and offered support and help in anyway possible... I feel like family xoxoxox

***phone conversation***

Ok so because my work and school schedule is so busy I might cant book with Yily because she will be on medical leave while I have a free schedule :-( So I just contacted Duran and I don't know if I was talking to her or her assistant! Anyways she said you don't seem like you weigh as much in these pics! She told me to loose 40 lbs for better results! I'm not mad with her or Yily saying that because it makes me feel like they are concerned about possible complications and not so much of just wanting to take my money!!! Sooooo I have some decisions to make :-)

Hgc shoots??

Hey so tomorrow I'm going to the doctor to see about the Hgc shoots so I can loose weight quick... Has anybody ever tried them? I'm tryna be RIGHT by next summer so I'm on a mission! Lmfoooo! I really appreciate all the love and support wether it's sincere or not :-) keep you beauties posted on the outcome of the doctor visit too!!

Lol Hgc shots!

I spelled shots wrong lol!


I naturally lost 12 lbs probably from stress! I tried on my jeans all of them are too big! I received my quote from Duran for 4500 she recommend me to loose 30 lbs she said most of my fat it In my back so she will do full body lipo. She said she might can't get a lot of fat in my butt because my butt look tight she said the positive side of that is I will never have a saggy booty or it won't be hard to shape!!! This whole plastic surgery is getting to me mentally! WHY because you have to worry about making it out alive, trusting people, remaining healthy, looking nice, ugh today isn't my day!

I went to the doctor about the hcg shots and that gave my fat ass hope! Yal pray for me tho because some of the ppl that I told are actually haters and they getting on my nerves!!! Good night ladies :-/

We need a nurse =\

So we kinda don't want to stay at a recovery house do anyone know of any good nurses in the DR that will come to us? Thanks in advance ????

How do you change you sx date???

Ladies help I need to change my date....

I changed my date!

Ok I changed my date to 06/01/15 because of school and I want a chance to properly heal! Anyways I booked my flight which came up to $540 I bought a couple of maxi dresses, reserved my hotel! I have two buddies so far.... Now all I need is supplies, a nurse, and night gowns.... We will be staying until 06/15/14!

Change in price for sx???

Ok so If you notice I've changed my price that's because I've added my arms and thighs which was an additional $600... So now I will be have a BL,BBL,TT,LIPO to my stomach, flanks, back,arms, and thighs! Basically I'm getting everything!!
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