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I've been body conscious all my life. at 22 I have...

I've been body conscious all my life. at 22 I have 2 boys aged 2 and 3 months. I'm y'all and skinny but I wanna be bangin y'all! dr.duran is the one I just feel it! will keep everyone updated my journey starts now...I've posted some before pics! I'm kinda winging this... new to the whole forum thing

Made my decision: My Dr. will be Dra. YILY!!!!!!!!!!! (: (: (:

Ever since i set up this account i've been obsessed. I spend so much time looking at pics and research. I'm so gonna do this! my fiance is being as supportive as he can, but he just says its a big decision and he doesn't know how he's gonna react. duh!!! lol i think he's gonna love it. as a black woman if i'm gonna have an ass its gonna be a big ol' fat booty! lol i'm from Pittsburgh, PA (STEELERNATION!!!) and it's super weak up here girls look busted for real think they the shit though sooooo ratchet honestly. There's one girl that got ass shots but not like a BBL it's some crazy shit... i can't wait to blow her out the water my shit is gonna be so real soft and juicy. her shit has no bounce it's just big n stiff lol. I'm finna take over!!! I deleted my fb so when i do come back folk gon be like DAMMMMNNNN!!! lol n i just had a baby so i'ma just be like yea two kids got me right!!

I've decided to go with Yily. today is day 1 i requested a consultation on this site. I kept it short and sweet no long story all on her di*k lol. She here to work and get $ shit so am I!! lol so I'll just check back. Like I said earlier I'm looking for a later date like Oct-Nov but I'll do like a June-July if she don't book that far in advance. Ladies hpw are you saving money? I used to be a dancer but I gotta 9-5 now since i'm mom and wifey (my man not wit it) and the money is good (make like 760 every 2 wks) but it's damn slower than what i'm used to i could have that in a day feel me! ughh so any suggestions would help. I have a $250/mo car payment and $106/bi weekly daycare payment. 3 bills $53 $89 $86....i did the math and stuff but if you have any ideas as to how i can make a lil extra besides skrippin' lol lemme know!

I've never been on a plane before never travled forreal ughh i'm so ready for this! i'm gonna bring a friend and just recover in a hotel no nurses or nothing i'ma soldier can't nothing hold me down!! i'm the type like i had 2 kids and was cleaning my room after the epidural wore off (fckkk wit meeee (: (; )

lol but that's all i got today... gotta tend to these kiddos and get ready for the HOLIDAYS! merry Christmas and happy new years everyone!! I wrote out some new years resolutions since we all family i'll share with yall:

1. Get my bbl and bi by Nov 30th 2014
2. Live according to my budget
3.manage my time by crating a 24 hour/7 days a week schedule and STICK TO IT! (no room for extras or extra expenses)
4. DO NOT GO OUT! since i work M-F and weekends are dedicated to my kids and man its not too hard. but when you have them urges to just go out and let loose nahh i gotta fall back! plus i don't want NOBODY to see me. nobody knows about this except my man and my best friend who's going with me.

again this is easy cause i work a professional 9-5. plus i'm on a natural hair Jpurnney right now i'm 4 mos hair is a 3C texture shoulder length. i BC'd last november 2012. so my hairstyle pretty much consists of a clean bun everyday. shit i gotta man and i'm not ugly and have good hair so i can pull this off. plus i'm not going out (;

i dont smoke anymore used to smoke that strong HEAVY but now i'm good. i just chill yall. if i think of some more i'll add em up add em up ad em uppp! lol happy holidays beautiful big booty sistas!!! many blessings to you and your's and wishing everybody a safe, God-led, healthy, self motivated, beautiful, sexy, obsessed journey!!

Dra. Yily tho!!!!!

so I sent photos and requested a surgery date for early June late July 2014 and Dr. yily responded!!!! yooooo I'm toooooooo cheesy right now! lol she didn't give me my price quote yet but she sent me the questionnaire I needed to answer (new to this didn't send the first time) just waiting on a response...soon as I set a date I'm booking the flight and ordering a passport. income tax should cover about half and I can save the other half in the meantime. I'm gonna probably go with dr yily I like duran I sent her an email too but haven't heard back... I think I'm gonna call today. we shall see!


yooooooooo sup RS sistas! dr yily gave me my quote just now via email! in the subject I put " sending deposit need account info/my name" and sent her a pic and all other info. if u don't wanna play the waiting game include in your first message your photos (I made a collage on my iphone make sure u send front back and both sides, nude if your comfortable), age, height, weight, number of deliveries, number of pregnancies, what procedures you want done, any medical conditions or anything else she needs to know. so anyways I sent all that and she quoted me for 4500 not including meds. the email states what's included and what's not. she also said based off my photos I need to gain 10-15 lbs fuck that I'm gaining 20. I AM 5'9" and 145 lbs. for you talk slim girls like me here's a reference. so in total I'm looking at about 6500 total including airfare meds massages etc... I'm so excited. my email said she's not taking deposits to secure surgery dates at this time here's her exact words in the email:

Scheduling Your Surgery Date:
We are currently not taking deposits to secure surgery dates. However this will change in the near future. That being said should you request a surgery date with Dr. de los Santos you must be prepared to send a deposit upon request.

if someone could make sense of this would be greatly appreciated! soo excited I'm def getting this before my 23rd birthday I'm fallin off nobody is gonna even see me until I get this surgery #motivation #letssssgo

dra duran gave me a quote!!!

dra duran gave me a quote today too ASAP!!! she gave me a price of 5,700. I was close look at the too of my profile I estimated a 5600 for price, and duran is taking deposits now. I'm gonna pay my deposit in 2 weeks so we'll see... if be happy with either yily or duran...

who gives the best results on a tall skinny girl yily or duran?

Hey RS SISTAS!! so i like live n breathe this site since I got my quote. so now I wanna know who gives better results for taller slim girls? I'm 5'9 145 lbs both yily and duran suggest I gain 10-15 lbs for results... which I'm gonna do obviously but if there's any girls with my body type who can lemme know somethin that would be what's up!! I just want what I want a tiny waist big booty and hips like I want you to be able to see that ass from the front feel me!! lol I'm also getting breast implants too. I had 2 babies a 2 yr old n a 3 month old both boys and still just stick skinny :( (damn Shame) ughh I just want this so bad I wanna model and stuff mama needs a supplemental income shittttt I don't get no benefits!! I'm a real estate agent and a full time agents assistant but I've only been in my career for a year so still very new coming from the strip club the money's extra slow... so I needs needs needs this!

happy New Years dolls!

here's to a new year! wishing all of you ladies a healthy, prosperous new year! I've been stalking this site non stop. I've decided that I'm def gonna go with dra. duran. I will send her my deposits next Thursday. had to call all my student loans and start paying on them cause lord knows I can't be gettin my refund garnished!! lol
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