Alriiight Ladies!!!!! This Future Doll Has Mustard Up the Courage to Represent for the VOLUPTUOUS BBW ;-)) - Dominican Rep

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GOSH... OK.. Hmmm.. Where do I begin ?? WeLLL to...

GOSH... OK.. Hmmm.. Where do I begin ??

WeLLL to start off, I've "stalked" this site since Dec 2013 and have finally mustard up the courage to represent for the VOLUPTUOUS BBW :-)

I just would like to let you all know that I am one of the realest, funnest and most sincere chicks you will ever meet :) I truly hope my experience is of benefit to at least one doll, as so many of your experiences have helped me. Thus, I will try to be as candidate as possible throughout my entire journey. If you have a question, no matter how personal and/or bizarre, please feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer. Don't be alarmed if my frankness surprises you. Gosh darn-it, I still surprise myself sometimes ;)

Through my time reviewing this site, I've battled within because I am a woman who is very comfortable in her own skin and I'm a "love yourself and what God has blessed you with" type of gal. I love everything about a woman from her mind, to her strength, all the way up, down and around to her beautiful curves. We are all perfectly created imperfect, unique in our on way. I admire the beauty of our diverse shapes and sizes, our bodies swaying to their own rhythm and beat. It can't be denied that the anatomy of a woman is such a beautiful work of art.

Then why change it, you may ask.. Good question. As, this exactly has been my inner battle. Although, I feel over the years, I have "let myself go", so to speak, I still enjoy peering into the mirror, admiring myself imperfections, my REAL SELF and appreciating how God has designed me. Yet, on the other hand I feel that I have not properly maintained His work of art. Therefore, I feel I am over due for some professional refining ;-)

A little background: I am a 29 year-old (29?!? LoL, yes 29 year-old) Wife and Mother of 3. My body has gone through MAJOR changes throughout the years, pregnancy and birth control being the main culprits. Before children (in my early 20's) I was a tall and fit 5'8 - 155lbs. Growing up my nickname was skinny minny :) I was tall and thin with BIG perky breast. I used to believe at one point I was too thin. Little did I know that I need not worry because the "thinnest" would only last so for long Lol.

After my first child, I gained a little weight and I loved it! I felt I was the perfect shape. Second child I got a little bigger but lost a little. I was still happy with my shape. Then, I was on depo for some years and ohhhh my my my was that a HUGE mistake. The pounds stacked on and stayed on!! I hit a whopping 225lbs. Yikes! I discontinued use of the depo and with a low dose diuretic (I had/have horrible water retention) I managed to drop down to 189lbs. It didn't look half bad on me. I know 189 sounds pretty up there but with my height and structure.. It was MY happy medium. Nobody could tell me nothin! haha I was all that and a bag of chips lol j/k....... Then darn-it I got pregnant AGAIN!! .... What the hey ... Are you serious!?!? My weight climbed, then climbed, I had my youngest, lost a few lbs, was injected with the implanon, my weight began to climb and climb and climb some more until I hit my heaviest, at a jaw dropping 259lbs!!!

HOLD ON, HOLD ON, STOP THE MUSIC. Squirrel Moment... Ladies, if you don't already have children, DONT! Babysit a niece, a nephew, a friends baby, a neighbors baby, a neighbors dog for gosh sakes. Cause honey, babies DONT do a body good ;) HOWEVER.. If you do have little precious heck raisers and body stretchers like myself, then LOVE them to the moon and back and then some. The chaos and joy they bring is truly a blessing.

Okay, back focused (had a ADD moment there for a sec) The Implanon HAD to go and one of us HAD to get fixed.. The hubby decided it was easier for him, so snipped he was. I've held onto the weight for years, as my youngest is now 4 and I am now 5'9 - 229lbs. My goal is to lose another 20 or so lbs before surgery but I will ask to see if this is recommended as I wish to transfer as much of my "good" fat to my hips and bootay as possible. We'll see what the Dr Duran suggests.

Ok, I'm sleepy.. Will update in the AM. - Contacted Bella Vita Consultants today as I wish to speed up the process - Haven't heard anything back from them as of yet. Will see what the morning brings. Nite

PHOTOS... & Still Haven't Heard Back from Bella Vita :(

Hey Dolls,

I know I said I would update in the AM, busy day.. Sadly, I still haven't heard back from Bella Vita. I'm sure they are just as swamped as the doctors are with inquiries. I shall remain patient... For now :)

Wow, thanks for all the support ladies!! I'm super stoked. Ready to get this show on the road.

Not sure if I already stated this but I am looking to get a TT (obviously) BBL (obviously obviously) Aggressive Lipo (back, flanks, inner thigh) and Fat Transfer (outer thigh, hips, more outer thigh and more hips). I am looking at a surgery date of Dec 12th of this year. As, this would allow me leave town while the kiddos are on winter vacation from school, visiting my in-laws. I've already planned everything out and secured my helpers ;) We are seeking to hire a house assistant/nanny in the next months or so, so that should also be a tremendous help. Not to mention, I have the greatest most supportive hubby of 12 years who I plan to be by my side after surgery. He will be traveling with (has anyone ever took their spouse to DR with them for surgery? If so, please share your experience).

OK so for the pictures.. I told you guys I was going to be candid.. No bra and panty pics here.

I've included pics of me before children (sorry they aren't the greatest, I had all my pics on a SD card and unfortunately early this year my hubby was in a totaled our car in an accident and my sd card was in the car. We never found it... I know, it sounds skeptical riiight? Seemed fishy to me as well.. Better not turn into some Mimi and Nikko type ish Lmbo). Anywho, pics of me before children, after my first, after my second and now. I can disguise it quite well with clothing if I do say so myself. But when the clothes come off... Wellll what can I say... My hubby loves it :D Haha rolls, boobs swangin and all. He likes a HEALTHY thick gal. Actually, I'm a little small for his liking, need to plump up my bottom half. He actually doesn't want me to along with the surgery. Yet, at this point, it's not about him or anyone else. I'm a God-fearing woman and pretty old-school when it comes to my marriage. I strongly believing that my husband is the head of the house and communicating to agree upon serious matters/decisions is of the utmost importance. However, this is something that I've thought long and hard about and that I must do for myself. I've always been told that I have a "pretty face". Now I need the body to match. Plus, who are we kidding, we know our men don't want other men checking us out with our new badonkies Lol j/k.

Well, that's all for now. Getting late. Will update once I hear back from Bella Vita. Nite all


I still have yet to hear back from Bella Vita. In the meantime, here is an array of wish pics.

I also sent Duran another message via email and FB. So, we will wait patiently and hopefully either of the two will get back to me soon. Does anyone know the message format that is recommended to receive a prompt response? (I know it's only day two) What specific information should be included in my emails? (e.g height, weight, measurements, before pics, wish pics, surgery date, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Oh Yeah...

Oh Yeah... I just nab this pic from future doll MzNewBooty85 and I think I can soooo achieve these results :D Yassss

Oh Yeah...

Oh Yeah... I just nab this pic from a fellow DR doll and I think I can sooooo achieve these results :D Yassss

Yayyyyy Heard Back from Bella Vita!!!

So, I finally heard back from Bella Vita today.. Yayyyyyy SUPER excited and nervous at the same time. It's starting to get real :D I received an email from Jazzelyn, Chief Operating Officer from Bella Vita Consultants this morning at 9:36am. Yet, it would work out that I had to work today out in the field where I had no access to my computer with my photos to send over >:( I've had access to my computer EVERY DAY but today smh. Therefore, I was just now able to responded to the email at 8:20 this evening. Grrrr I hope no one got me date lol.

The message basically thanked me for inquiring about their services and stated that they looked forward to helping me in any way that they could throughout my journey. It gave a list of their services and attached was a Client Registration/Patient form that needed to be filled out and returned. It also stated that once they received the completed forms, they would forward an invoice via Paypal.

"After the initial steps have been completed, we will begin building your client profile and working on your case.

We offer two options to potential clients, which is to become a Standard Client or a Premier Client. Premier clients have immediate access to earlier dates that become available where standard clients are waitlisted and will be accommodated based on their place in line. As a Premier client we have to accommodate you before others typically because of the imminent need for an earlier date, which requires us to work harder due to short notice which interrupts our standard process of how each phase is pushed through the pipeline. The Premier client fee is $350 whereas the Standard client fee is $200. Please make sure you indicate which option you would be interested in so I know how to accommodate you."

I completed the Client Registration forms, attached my photos and wish pics and signed up as a Standard clients for the moment. I did inquire about the fee changing from $150 to $200 and asked if there is a difference in services. When I sent over my original inquiry, I did state that I want
the works" - quote, RH reservations, nursing care, massages, personal chauffeur, personal chef, salon and spa services, etc. Sooo this may be why the fee is a tad bit higher. If, I find at a later date that it is more beneficial to become a Premier member, then gosh darn it I'm coughing up the extra $150! Lol. But, we'll see what they say :) Until then...

WOW It's been awhile!!... We've got some catching up to do

WOW.. Has it been almost 3 months already??? Goodness how time flies!
At first I was super anxious, thinking my surgery was so far out.. NOW, I'm freaking out, thinking I don't have enough time to get everything done in time :(

OK, to catch everyone up to speed. Last time I reviewed on RS (Aug 1st), I had finally heard back from Bella Vita. BTW, Jazmine is a SWEETHEART and she keeps it real! They had sent over a list of their fees with the client registration form. I promptly sent back the registration form and at the time chose to go with the standard client option for $200. I inquired in my return email of the fee changing from $150 to $200 and also stated that regardless of the fee, I wanted prompt TOP NOTCH service, as this surgery was of the utmost importance and that a healthy experience was def worth an extra few hundred dollars. Did not hear back from Bella Vita that day but the following night, I received a message from Duran on Google+ asking for me to send over my information/stats, which I had already done so (in GREAT detail) many times before. Needless to say, I heard NOTHING back. Ughhh! Try to communicate with Duran was sooo frustrating. I understand she is very busy but just respond why don't! In my opinion it very unprofessional but I guess what deference does it make if she knows that we are desperate and shes going to have clientele regardless if she pisses off a few LOL :)

Aug 4th roles around and still nothing from Duran. Later that day I received a message from Jazzelyn from Bella Vita (Jazmine's assistant). The message stated:

"Hey there,
I was able to review the information provided on your questionnaire and based on the information I will be unable to move forward with you at the moment. Dra. Duran requires that a patients BMI be under 34 percent at the time of a quote request. Your BMI is currently 35.5 percent. Once you are able to meet the requirement, I would be more than happy to assist you.

Ahhhh my heart skipped a beat.. THANK GOODNESS I had a doctors appt earlier that day that showed that I weighed 228 not the 239 that I stated in the questionnaire ( don't ask me why I put 239... My special self must have fat fingered it..). 228 would put my BMI at 33.7, right under the radar. Therefore, I sent a message back explaining the mixup and attached a pdf of my doctors visit summary to provide proof. They next morning, I received a response from Jazmine stating:

"You are too sweet Niina! Thank you for providing me with this info. You technically are just under the 34% so we can proceed. As you know, it is still ultimately up to Dra. Duran but on my end, you do meet all expectations she has asked of me regarding the screening of clients."

Yaaasssss gurl yasss!! I was super excited! :))) She sent me over an invoice for the $200 (which I paid immediately) and I again voice my preference for prompt superior service. She responded stating that, they try their best to give good service to all of their clients regardless of their status, however as with any business in the world, Premier Members are those that they go the extra mile for. So, ultimately the decision was up to me. Of course, I immediately deposited the extra $150 ;-)

After anxiously waiting 5 days, I receive an email from Jazmine stating that she was getting ready to submit her case load to Duran and that she was working on my file and needed 3 updated pics. Hahaha I hoped up from my desk at work, called in one of co-workers (my bestie for the past 11 years) and rushed to my private bathroom and started my photo shoot. LMBO!! Mannn, I wasn't playin, I'm not good at playing the waiting game. I wanted my quote/secured date and fast! After my shoot ;) I sent the pictures right over and also requested that my date be moved up to Dec 8th instead of the 12th. The next morning, I received this email from Jazmine:

"Good morning Niina,
I was able to send your file to Dra. Duran and based on her analysis she will be unable to accept you as a client for the present time. She stated that while you do meet the BMI guidelines, your body type makes accepting this case difficult. She advised that it would be best if you can lower your BMI to at least 30% and at that time she would gladly revisit your file for another review."

OUCH!!! A swift kick to the stomach! It literally felt as though I was kicked in the stomach and the wind was knocked out of me... I started to tear :'( I had sent Duran message after message after message, waited soo long with no replies, then finally received a reply, replied back with no reply, discovered Bella Vita (paid $350!!!) and began to feel hopeful again. Waited some more, sent over updated pics, just to hear THIS?? Seriously?? I wasn't even mad. Just EXTREMELY sad and in disbelief. At a loss for words. I really wanted this, I NEEDED this... I had already previously explained that my intentions were to lose 20+ lbs. That would have put me at her 30% BMI but I guess my aspirations weren't enough.. And if I wasn't already feeling unworthy, (because all I kept hearing over and over in my head was that, you are fat, too fat to even have plastic surgery. "your body type makes accepting this case difficult". Was "my body type" one of the worst cases she had seen?) I felt even more undignified because I brought myself to beg :( stating:

"Is there anyway that she can just send me a quote and schedule me for Dec 8th 2014 and I can GUARANTEE that my BMI will be 30% or under by the time of surgery. I am willing to send her the full amount for my surgery NOW and if I am not at 30% or lower by a week before my surgery, she can keep the full amount with no refund. Or if she can just put me on the schedule, so I can book my flight and chose a recovery house and she doesn't have to give me a quote until she has proof from my doctor with pictures that my BMI is 30% or lower. I NEED this surgery."

A confirmed surgery date was my motivation to lose weight. The surgery as a whole was my motivation to the start of a new me. I lost myself after having kids and unfortunately became unrecognizable to many friends, to myself. Again, I am FAR from a vain person but I have always put everyone before myself, as I am an EXTREME giver. I am always doing for everyone and everything. Over extending myself left and right. This was just merely something that I wanted for ME. I've worked my butt off to be in the position to make it happen. I think I deserve it.

Jazmine replies stating that she will see what she can do. A few days go by with no response. I figure she has not been able to secure a quote. So, back to the drawing board I go, to research other doctors. I stumble upon Dra. Almonte. And to my pleasant surprise, her work is phenomenal! I'm surprised that I had not heard about her before. Not only is her work great but she also does her thang on plus size girls. Hecks to the yes! I send Jazmine an email thanking her for her efforts and stating that I wished to no longer pursue Duran. That I respect Duran's decision of not wanting to move forward with my case due to my body type and that although I think she is one of the best, if not the best surgeon in body transformations, I have decided to go to with surgeon that has had much success and is more comfortable in transforming women of my body type. Jazmine replies with well wishes, asks if she could be of further assistance and states that, Dra Almonte is a good choice and that she likes her and loves the post op care she provides to her patients. This was comforting to know. I continue to research Dra. Almonte a tad bit more and about a week later, I send her a request for a quote including my stats and pictures.

WOW!!! I received a response AND a quote back the same day, within hours! Now this is what I'm talkin bout! The first time was the charm. Not to mention everything was very detailed and clearly typed in ENGLISH, Yes!! No language barrier here. I received my quote from Lesley (Dra Almonte's assistant and a DARLING) for $5100 which covers, Tummy Tuck, Lipo, full back, full abdomen with muscle repair, flanks, waist, underarm & BBL. It is all-inclusive (pre-op eval and tests, post-op meds, 10 day recovery house stay, meals, 24hr nursing, transportation, 1 night at the clinic, 1 post-op garment, free of charge consultation post-op recovery) Which appears to be very similar to the other Almonte doll's quotes that I have seen on RS. I asked Lesley a few more questions and received responses back immediately. Once all questions were answered, I deposit my $350 in the B of A account the same day :)

Since then (late August), I have chatted with Lesley several times via email and whatsapp and have always received a prompt response. She is super kool, very professional and seems to want the best for their clients. And again, she speaks PERFECT English! ...In the interim, I've totally renovated my home, top to bottom, inside and out and helped deliver, ween and re-home my dogs first litter of 10 pups (can you say SUPERRRRR stressful!) as to why I haven't had a chance to really update my review. To date I've lost 13 lbs (10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse), then gained it all back plus 1 lb --Grrr SMH-- I got it back together and jumped back on the ball. I'm currently 12 lbs down (217 lbs) with preferably 17 more to go before surgery. Tomorrow I plan on starting my 10-day smoothie cleanse again then 3 weeks prior to surgery, I plan on doing my 14-day Acai Berry Cleanse, which I've had success with in the past. Then I will allow my body 1 week of rest before surgery. I'm sure I will probably find myself under 200 lbs at the end. The funny thing is that I don't look forward to being under 200 lbs, as I have before some years back and I don't like the look on me as an adult. HOWEVER, I don't like me at 220-260 either, yikes!! I've had 2 CBC's since August and both times my hemoglobin levels were over 13. Once 13.9 and the most recent 13.7. Hopefully it doesn't continue to decline with the weight loss, as my normal levels/past levels have been over 14.

I've got all my supplies except my faja. I have heard mixed reviews about getting it before surgery vs after surgery, so any dolls with any and all advice would be much appreciated. I've made arrangement for my kiddos for the 10 days that the hubby and I will be gone. Ohh and I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but my hubby is coming with. This will be and addition $55 a night for him to stay at the RH with me and includes meals and transportation to and from the airport and doctors visits. Whenever I think about leaving my babies (4, 8 and 10), I get second thoughts and homesick and I haven't even left. I have a feeling that it will get worse as the date gets closer :( If any of you dolls have experienced this, do you have any advice on how to get through it would losing it and/or slipping into a deep state of depression?? We have never left our children this long, not even with just one of us away. I think the longest was for our 5 day cruise and we were so homesick that we couldn't even enjoy the last few days of the trip. Not to mention, the horrible thoughts that pop into your mind of not returning home to them, Ughhh, Stop it already! Thank goodness my family is being VERY supportive with my decision and my mother and sister will be looking after my little monkeys while we are gone, so at least I know they will be safe and happy until we return.

I'm trying to make sure I cover everything with this update.. Feels like I'm writing a novel :D
We'll,,, I've reached my 'writers block' moment and I can't think of anything else at the moment to write. Getting late and I'm tired. Hope I was detailed enough. Nite Nite

Almonte Doll in the Making

Have decided to change to Dra Almonte. How do I update the doctor on my review/profile?

Anxiety kicking in...

Time is flying by and I'm sitting here thinking about all the things I need to take care of before we leave and I'm freaking out!!! Kids, pets, house, bills and the list goes on... I'm even having thoughts that this whole surgery my be a selfish act on my part, as so much in our lives is being altered just for me to have it. Ughhhh! I hate the mommy/wife self sacrificing guilt at times.. Whelp that was my midnight rant, maybe if I get some rest I'll feel better in the morning. Nite

OMG 7 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Having 2nd thoughts about my RH -- NEED your HELP ladies...

K ladies.. 7 more days and I'm having second thoughts about my RH. I am currently reserved to stay at RH Armonia for a week and a half but I have heard mixed reviews about their locations and their service and I am not sure if I will be staying at the "good one" or the "bad one" lol.

Sooo, have any of you stayed at Armonia ( ?? And, if so, how was it? I am considering changing to My Home Recovery RH (, as a recent Almonte doll stayed there and said nothing but good things. Have any of your stay here?? Again, if so, how was it?

Excellent nurses, cleanliness, upscale/modern and wifi are of the utmost importance. Also, my hubby will be staying with me so, a place where he can feel comfortable would be nice as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll need to make my decision by tomorrow :)

Thanks in advance!

Bye Babies, Bye Home :( HELLO NY, Bye NY... Next stop.. DR

Bitter Sweet :-\ Next stop.. DR

Flight 2 hours delayed UGHHH!! ????


Hey Dolls,

I'll try to quickly update you as I don't have the greatest reception/wifi in my room..

OK so, flew to NY, rented a car and spent our 7hr layover in Queens and Manhattan. Although I've visited before, hubby finally got a chance to taste a real NY pizza, yummmy! Flight to DR was 2 hours delayed, as there was some sort of problem with a censor in the cockpit ?? Besides my normal impatience, I didn't care how long we waited.. as long as everything was all cleared before we left. Shoot, we gotta make it back home in one piece, we've got 3 kids. Not to mention, my mom said if something happens to us, she's bringing us back from the grave because "she ain't taken care of 3 more kids" Lol :D I did however start freaking out because I read somewhere that the RH drivers don't pickup after 10:00pm. I was praying that he wouldn't just leave us there!! We made it to the DR at about 10:15-10:30. Took about 30 mins to get our luggage and get through customs (not sure if you ladies already know this but you a required to pay a $10 tax per person if you don't have a DR visa before you go through customs), then we made it outside. THANK GOD our driver Naper was there waiting for us, with a sign that said my name. He stated, that he found out that the flight was delayed and that it was no problem. Whew! Naper was SUPER cool, spoke very good English and was VERY informative. I love me some him. He drove us to the RH, Armonia and we arrived just after 11pm. Everyone was asleep and he needed to call to have the gate opened. Mayra, Armonia's owner along with Carolina the RH nurse, greeted us and showed us to our room. We were starving, so they made us dinner (just some grilled sandwiches), made sure we were comfortable, made sure we knew where to find them if we needed anything, then goodnight.

The next morning, well I guess the next afternoon, because we didn't wake up until 11:30am, they let us know that lunch was ready. Oops guess we missed breakfast, guess my body was still in pacific time.

OK so about Armonia, Mayra seems very nice. Carolina is very sweet and extremely helpful and always with a smile. Mayra's cooking was nice and the lady who made lunch today (she's the cook, forgot her name) cooking was also good, especially her rice :) At lunch, I meet another doll who is staying in the RH room next to ours who is getting the works done by Yily tomorrow. She was very personable and easy to talk to. They lost her bags ladies, so be careful when asked by the flight attendants to hold on to your carry on when walking onto the plane. Sometimes, they will ask this when the cabins above your seats are too full. Fortunately, they found her bags and delivered them to the RH this am.

Ok so more about Armonia, the pictures are pretty accurate and the staff is very nice. Most of the gals speak very little to none english. While not fluent, Mayra and Carolina speak/understand less than average english BUT will try diligently to found out what you are asking and even more diligently to answer your questions. When I was shopping for a RH, I stated that I needed it to be 1) clean 2) wifi accessible 3) good/experienced nurses 4) professional 5) upscale/updated.

Well,,, it is definitely wifi accessible. After receiving the passcode, our wifi has worked perfectly. My family has been able to skype, viber, oovoo and whatapp me with no problems. Also, I have not experienced any drop areas throughout the RH. As of now, I would say the staff is professional and considerably nice. They really make you feel like you are home. Armonia is a real, larger sized house where they care for patients. So, if you are looking for a more homey feel, this would be a good option. If you are looking for more of a hospital setting or a hotel/resort setting, this may or may not not be the place to stay. As of yet, I can't really say how they are as far as their experience with aftercare because I haven't had my surgery yet but I guess I can say that I am hopeful ?? As far as the cleanliness... I would say that I feel it could be better.. Is it a place where I feel you would catch a disease or get an infection? NO, they are clean but in my opinion, it could be better. Maybe that's my OCD talking lol. They are I guess updated by DR definition but again ladies, if you are coming from the states and you live in a prominent area, our definition of upscale may be different. All-in-all, I LIKE their vibe and don't have anything bad to say about them. Just stating my observations. In addition, if you are bringing your hubby/male significant and are worried about him possibly seeing all the beautiful naked dolls (this has never been a worry of mine and I am pretty laid back in this department as we will check ya'll out together ;) just kidding) this seems like a place where it should not pose a problem. I read this as being a problem for another doll. Ohhhh, one thing that I wish I would have known before or made clear to me is that Armonia does not have hospital beds :( this is a deal breaker and I'm still considering changing RHs but as I said, I like the vibe that I get sooo.

I spoke with Lesley this morning and she informed me that my driver would pick us up at 3:30pm to take us to the CECIP for my bloodwork, EKG and x-rays. She stated that she should be at the hospital by 5:00-5:30 to meet up with me. Naper arrived about 20 mins early, so we rush to finish packing my hospital bag and then left. Walking into CECIP was a delight as it is gorgeous and their "DR White House" across the street is also gorgeous (will have to get a pic of that for your guys later). Now, CECIP is updated and I feel comfortable having my surgery here.

We arrive to CECIP they checked me in, placed us into a room on the 2nd floor, had me fill out some paperwork, brought me lunch, then moved me into a room on the 3rd floor. The wifi worked GREAT on the 2nd floor. Horrible on the 3rd floor :) But, you are more than welcome to roam the 2nd floor to access the wifi, as the main entrance/lobby is on the 2nd floor and you will have plenty of beautiful seating.

Dra. DeLa Santos (the hospital Dra) came to go over my paperwork with me to make sure they had everything correct, then a nurse came and got me to have my blood work done (I was later informed by Lesley that me hemo was 13.0. She said that was not low for her but it is lower than my last of 13.9 and before of 14.6. I did however just have my cycle). Once settled into the room, the hubby and I went to back down stairs to take some pics. By then, the Beautiful Lesley had arrived and we went back to my room to go over bizz-ni-ess ;) She is HECKA cool and extremely Americanized. She make you feel comfortable and has a open door policy. Same experience that I've had with her by email and over the phone but even better in person. THAT'S MY GIRL! I signed my medical consents with her and settled my bill. We laughed and talked and she even translated our Chinese food delivery order for us. Yes, Chinese food in the DR. Made by Dominicans lol. She showed us her and Almonte's office answered ALL our questions and left for the evening. Rochell, another one of Almonte's beautiful long-time assistants, who is also hecka cool visited to assist me with my x-rays and talk faja, etc. Her english is less than average ACCORDING TO HER but I feel she speaks good enough english. I met another one of Almonte's dolls who will be having her surgery right after mine in the am. I will be the 1st surgery at 6:30am. Yikes! nervous and excited at the same time. That doll was sweet and we got along great. I will not state her name but I do not believe she is on RS, I believe she stated just Facebook. She is only getting a TT and lipo. I told her she already has a nice booty and that she should pass some of that on to me ;) The cardiologist came to my room around 9:00pm to do my EKG and take my blood pressure. Old school machine, nonetheless easily gave my results.

Well dolls.. It's getting late and I need to get some rest so I can wake up early in the am. Gnite will update everyone later xoxo muah

Surgery in about 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My surgery is in about 5 mins (6:30am) wanted to update you all. Tried to upload pictures but RS is having problems with me uploading my pics ??? Will have to upload pictures later. TTYL Dolls! Keep me in your prayers!!!!

Update.. Out of the hospital and back @ RH Armonia

Good Evening Dolls!

I'm am out of the hospital and back at my RH. Sooo, Almonte usually schedules 3 patients a day. I started off as patient 2 but the 1st girl either didn't show or changed her date. Thus, I became patient number 1. YET, there was a change of plans the morning of which ultimate changed me back to patient number 2 and patient number 3 took my place as number 1. I was instructed the night before to get up at 5:00am shower and be ready by 6:00am. Which I did. However, seeing that I had 10 mins left before 6:00 and given that I hadn't yet spoken to my kids, also given that I did not have good wifi in my room, I let hospital doctor know that I would be sitting in the lobby so that I could receive better reception in order to call my babies. She said ok and then nothing more to it.. 6:09 rolls around and I send Lesley a message asking if my appt was still scheduled for 6:30 because I had not seen her or the dra. No response. I go back to my room just to be safe and I see them rolling patient number 3 out in a wheel chair. I ask if they are seeing her now and the nurse states we called your room and knocked at your door so we figured you were asleep...... Wow, I let one of the doctors know of my whereabouts but anywho long story short, Ladies STAY in your room :D I was then informed by the nurse that my surgery would be a 10:30.

Dra. Almonte and Lesley arrive to my room at approx 10:30. Dra Almonte marks me up as her and Lesley joke and giggle up a storm about my humors towards my body. The work VERY well together and have fun like 2 little school girls. I'm then given the blue pill and told change into my hospital attire and that someone will be back to take me to surgery in about 30 mins. The gentleman arrives promptly in 30 mins. He wheels me to the surgery area which I believe is on the 2nd floor. We wait at the double doors until one of the nurses grabs my chart and admits me. I must admit that I was having second thoughts as everyone was running around like chicken with their heads cut off, it was mayhem! I then walk through the double doors and wait as they seem to be cleaning/sanitizing the rooms. It is requested that I and another girl go into a room. Shes instructed to lay down on a surgery bed and I'm instructed to sit down in a chair that is at the foot oh her bed... AWKWARD...

I'm then moved to my own surgery room. The nurses inserts and iv catheter and the starts to ask me a question in english. I don't understand, so she ask another nurse to help translate. The nurse says that they need to cut off one of my nails, as I wear acrylic nails so that the pulse meter and monitor my pulse correctly. I ask file down my nail or completely take off, as I just got a full-set and removing the nail is easier said then done. The nurse try pulse oximeter machine on my finger and it worked just fine without needing to remove my nail. This is a FYI for you dolls that wear long nails, keep your nails short for surgery... Thank goodness I just had mine cut down or they would've been cut off :D Another nurse then comes in and say, "sleep". She lays my head on her shoulder and all I remember is waking up.

I DID wake up during surgery as this was something that I had dreaded!!!! When I opened my eyes, I noticed a male nurse to my left, someone behind the sheet separating my chest and stomach and then a female nurse to my right. I heard a gentleman talking behind the sheet and when I really started to come to I did notice the person behind the sheet was a male :(((((

NOW, I'm not going to say that Dra Almonte did not do my surgery but what I am going to say is that when I came to and felt my tummy being sewn up (yes I felt the needed) I noticed a male doctor or nurse doing the sewing. After about a minute or so of looking around I noticed that I was TIGHTLY strapped down to the hospital be by my arms. I was so tight that I requested that they un-tighten me. The male nurse immediately did so and that is when I noticed doctor Almonte on my right hand side. She seemed to be looking over the gentleman that was stitching me up.

The reason why I say I am NOT going to say that Dra. Almonte did not do my surgery is because I am a veterinary technician (animal nurse) and there a many time where the veterinary doctor will preform the surgery and we will complete the surgery with sutures. HOWEVER, I am not going be naive and say it is not a possibility that someone else may have did the surgery :( I spoke with Almonte yesterday when I was waking up and really groggy and forgot to ask about this. I was suppose to see her today before check out and unfortunately I did not. I have a follow-up appointment in 2 days and will ask about the situation then.

When my surgery was complete, two gentleman put me into another hospital bed and wheeled me into a recovery room with 5 other gals. I always seem to get EXTREMELY cold after surgery and shake uncontrollably as though I am having a seizure. I needed to be double wrapped in blankets to minimize the shaking. About 2 hours later I am wheeled in my hospital bed to my room. My husband is there waiting for me and greets me warmly. He states that after for hours he started getting nervous when he hadn't hear another and began questioning the nurses. He said I had been gone for 8 hours, Yikes! I would told 4 hours of surgery then 2 hours of recovery ???

At this point I feel no pain other than when I move BUT I feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. You can't find a comfortable position whatsoever. I notice that I have a drain and urine catheter placed. My IV also continues to get clogged so the nurses have to unblock it several time throughout the night which is super painful if done too fast. The nurse then puts my catheter in wrong (under the skin, not in the vain) which causes my arm to swell up like a balloon once noticed. Ughh! With the hospital meds (I believe shots for pain and other to sleep) , I felt very little pain during the night. Again, just a overwhelming amount of discomfort.

The morning comes and I receive a visit from Roquel around 8am or so (I previously spelled it rochell). She checks out my tummy tuck incisions and lipo sites. She cleans them, massages ointment/cream on them and then gauzes and tapes me up. I have very little bleeding but a lot of swelling in my tummy and back. She says, I look good. I guess I think so too, as my tt scar is really low. My tushy it too swollen to see any short of difference. I can feel its bigger but not see it. Not to mention, it's really hard right now to stand up. I am told 1200 cc's was put into each cheek. Which is really disappointing as I asked for a minimum of 1400 cc's in each. I guess only time will tell the results. She gives me my after surgery meds (pain meds, antibiotics and vitamins), tells me of my upcoming appointment and shortly after Naper arrives to drive us back to the RH.

Naper drives us and one of Yily dolls back to our separate RH's and we receive warm greetings from the Armonia staff. They are ready and prepared for my arrival. Very kind and anxious to care for me. .... Getting tired, will have to finish update later. Will try to upload photos, as the RS website has been giving me problems. xoxo

Quick Update

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I haven't been updating every. This has been an experience.. I'm excited about going home in the morning. Thought I'd upload some pictures of my derriere. Sorry for the quality. The hubby took the pictures for me and I didn't notice the poor quality until my faja was back on and I was NOT about to take that death trap back off just to some pics :)

I am still on faja #1 because there is no way I could fit into #2 as of now, as I am still VERY swollen but I am on hook 3, so I should be fitting into faja #2 within the week. Just waiting for my hips and tushy to soften and FLUFF fluffy up up ;-) They are currently HARD as rocks and still very painful :( I still wish I would have gotten at least 1400cc's :((

Sooo much to tell but about to receive my 2nd lymphatic massage, so will have to update you all later. TTYL


On My Way Home... Yesssssss

Finally get to go home to my kiddos ???????

Tummy Tuck Scar

Here are pics of my tummy tuck scar 3 days ago. Haven't taken any more recent pics as of yet. All I do is sleep, sleep, get my lymphatic massages and then sleep :( I'm feeling a little down. Guess I'm on this emotional roller-coaster (all I can say is, if you have an insecure husband/boyfriend before the surgery, he'll be even more insecure afterwards SMH)

Will try to write a more thorough update when feeling better.. Sorry Dolls! This isn't like me...

Oh and don't mind my dark cooter, she's still a little bruised ;) --- gotta have some humor in the midst of it all.

Emotions in check and feeling .......

Hey Dolls,

Thanks for being patient with me and a BIG thank you to the dolls who checked up on me. Hugs & Kisses :(

My massage therapist advised me to wait on receiving any more massages until my pcp gave me the ok to continue. I just about died over the weekend. I sent Lesley and Dra. Almonte a looong email explaining my concerns with the lumps and also included almost 40 photos with detailed notes.


CORRECTION: Oops! Not sure why my full review nor photos updated...

Hey Dolls,

Thanks for being patient with me and a BIG thank you to the dolls who checked up on me. Hugs & Kisses :(

My massage therapist advised me to wait on receiving any more massages until my pcp gave me the ok to continue. I just about died over the weekend. I sent Lesley and Dra. Almonte a looong email explaining my concerns with the lumps and also included almost 40 photos with detailed notes.


(Tired and too much to type now. I am starting to feel a tad better but really need to update you all on the details.. Will finish review tonight.


Hey Dolls,

Thanks for being patient with me and a BIG thank you to the dolls who checked up on me. Hugs & Kisses

Emotionally, I am feeling good. The hubby apologized for his rude behavior and explained his reason.. while understandable, still unacceptable.

My tummy tuck scar is healing nice. HOWEVER... I have developed these PAINFUL & HARD rock-like lumps in my back, flank and lower abdominal area :(((

*** OK, PLEASE forgive me as I may come across as all over the place with the following but I am trying to be a detailed as possible with this review/timeline. Hopefully I don’t lose anyone :) ***

I noticed the "hardening" of my back the morning after my 7hr return flight (12/17 - red eye). Thus, I attributed it to possible swelling due to the long flight home. The lumps were sooo hard and causing my back to tighten up so bad, I scheduled a lymphatic drainage massage early that afternoon. I rested up early day on 12/18 and resumed my lymphatic drainage massages later that evening. On Friday 12/19 approx 5:15 pm, I went in for my 3rd lymphatic massage since back home/6th massage in total. At this point my massage therapist started to show concern because the lumps were progressively getting worse. They had changed drastically from the day before. They were sooo hard, causing me A LOT of pain and were the size of bars of soap on both my sides, NO LIE! I could barely stand straight or even twist or turn.

Needless to say, I started freaking out!.. I scheduled an appt with my Primary Care Physician and sent a message to Dra. Almonte via Whatsapp (unfortunately it was too late in the day to been seen on Friday and I had to wait til today, Monday)........

I have yet to hear back from Dra. Almonte >:(

Earlier the morning of 12/19, I had received a message from Lesley asking how I was doing back home. I responded to her so so and explained that I had sent her an email. I had sent her an email the day before on 12/18 letting her know that we had made it home safely and explaining how much we enjoyed the Almonte team (little did I know). Also in that email, I explained that I was concern about the lack of projection/oomph of my derriere/BBL and that I requested at the minimum 1400cc and not the approx 1200cc that was said to be injected. I did explain in my email that I was still very swollen but I did not mention the lumps because I was still unsure if this was just a part of the healing process.. Should I have, YES but I didn't. It didn't get to the 'alright something is just NOT right' point until the evening of 12/19. .

-- Not sure if I should talk about the response from Lesley regarding my BBL or finish talking about symptoms/my doctors appt --

...Ok, I'll talk about Lesley's response. Lesley explained that I "you have to be very patient because your back is completely swollen and it doesnt allow you to see your results its too soon for you to see your end results, now as far as the fat transfer your body actually tells her when she needs to stop if she transfers more than your body allows at that moment you can be at risk of necrosis and thats not what she want for you, i know is easier said the. Done but you must be patient in the healing process"

Ummm, I get that but it doesn't appear that she even injected 1200cc. I’ve seen girls more swollen than myself that you can see a drastic difference at day 1. My family and even my massage therapist who frequently sees women who had BBLs couldn't even tell that I had a bbl until I told them. And some of these women have had their procedure done by local doctors who are more conservative and governed by how much they can inject. If you can tell on these women but not me who went to the DR, something ain't right... Anywho, I'm sure I will be undergoing a round 2.

While I think Almonte did an EXCELLENT job on my tummy tuck, scar line and all, I personally don't believe she is as crafted with BBLs. Sooo, dolls.. Dont say you haven't been warned:


If you are looking for a bigger butt or a little more than what you came with, then Yes, go for it. But it won't be no AZZZ lmbo. I wish I had done further research because the answers where already there. Do your research, thorough research, I’m not the only one that feels this way. I think I got caught up in the "plus-size surgeon who does all the procedure without a required BMI" hype. I know ya'll know what I'm talking about.. The, I can still eat the same all the way until surgery hype. Ya'll feel me LOL ;)

Nonetheless, I feel if you are just looking for a change and are prepared to not compare yourself to other DR doctors or Salama's before and after patient photos then you will be alright because Almonte can transform you. She was actually VERY sweet but after they received my monies/after the surgery, I can't quite describe it but the feeling from her and Lesley was different. I hope I don't upset anyone BUT my concern is not if I upset the sensitives out there or not. I'm here to be honest with you all, as all I can be is myself (REAL). Isn't that what this community is for? To share our experiences, to help one another in making an informed decision.. I would wan't to receive nothing but honesty when making one of the BIGGEST decisions of my life. Sheesh we are going to another country for surgery for goodness sakes.

Now back to these lumps...
… my massage therapist started to show concern because the lumps were progressively getting worse. They had changed drastically from the day before. They were sooo hard, causing me A LOT of pain and were the size of bars of soap on both my sides, NO LIE! I could barely stand straight or even twist or turn.

Needless to say, I started freaking out!.. I scheduled an appt with my Primary Care Physician and sent a message to Dra. Almonte via Whatsapp (unfortunately it was too late in the day to been seen on Friday and I had to wait til today, Monday)........

I have yet to hear back from Dra. Almonte >:(

My massage therapist advised me to wait on receiving any more massages until my pcp gave me the ok to continue. I just about died over the weekend. I sent Lesley and Dra. Almonte a looong email explaining my concerns with the lumps and also included almost 40 photos with detailed notes.

Sooo, I had my doctors appointment with my PCP....

Sooo, I had my doctors appointment with my PCP on Monday 12/22. My doctor takes a look at me and he touches my back and abdomen and the first thing he says is WOW.. He feels that what I am experiencing is something called lipo fibrosis or liposuction adhesions/scar tissue formation. Adhesions are strands of scar tissue that form in response to trauma or surgery, sometimes forming separately from the incision site. Sometimes these circumstances are not fully understood.


YET, this IS a result of aggressive/high volume liposuction. Thus... be careful what you ask for!! If you look at the before pictures of my back you will see why I requested aggressive liposuction.. I got what I asked for LOL (lol but seriously not funny) these adhesions or tightening of scar tissue is because she did exactly what I asked. She removed almost all the fat. I know from the pictures it appears that a lot of back fat was left or swelling but it wasn't.. The lumpiness or swollen appearance is actual scar tissue formation. I know it's really hard to tell from looking at the pictures but that is why I am trying to be detailed in my description and when I said it was hard as a rock and very tight that's it exactly what I meant, it is hard because it is scar tissue.

First off, the body does NOT like open space within your inner parts. What happens, is when there is a gap left from fat removal, the body tries to fill the space, most of the time with fluid (hence, the use of a drain). Yet, my body decided to cause scar tissue to form to fill up the space. Yikes! PAINFUL! Causing tightness around the surgical area. Soo, when I twist or turn, there is a stabbing/tearing pain/burning sensation with the slightest of movement which is the strands of scar tissue being pulled away from where they are attached.

The best advice my doctor can give me for now, is deep tissue massages to break up the scar tissue and adhesions, stretching to loosen up the tightness, increase mobility to increase circulation to the painful areas and most importantly (and easier said than done) TIME. Also, he stated that A lot of pain symptoms are due to nutrient deprived and fatigued muscles that need oxygenated rich blood. Therefore, he advised eat nutrient enriched food (fruits, veggies, lean protein and of course water, water, water).

He feels that I am very early in the game and his hope is that with time, along with the above, that my symptoms will dwindle. Unfortunately, he feels that it can take up to 6 months to completely heel or for me to start feeling a significant difference. At he puts it, “in only about 6 months”. I love how they throw the word “only” around so lightly ;) Just be in pain everyday for only 6 months. Heck.. that’s a long dang time!

Now to the puffiness in my lower abdomen. This was a separate issue. This was actually fluid. If you guys read, I left home at 8 days post op. Thus, it was too soon to have my drain removed before I left, so I left home with my drain still intact. We’ll at my first follow-up appt after surgery; my drain got blocked with a medium sized blood clot. While painful, it was easily removed by Almonte’s surgery assistant, Dr. Plasencia. At my 2nd follow-up appointment, I had more blood clots that needed to be manually removed but they were a lot smaller.. etc. etc. Anywho, I my drained continued to get blocked and this was my biggest concern with coming home early...

*** This is just my opinion but I RECOMMEND ALL LADIES TO STAY IN THE DR FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS POST OP IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. This time frame should give you a good idea of how your body is going to react to the surgery in addition to allowing any complications to show its ugly face if relevant. ***

…Well, not to my surprise my abdominal puffiness was do to fluid and also a little scar tissue. Thus, my doctor sent me down to surgery to have the surgeons take a look at my drain. Exactly as I thought, my drain was again blocked. It was so blocked this time that we could not tell if it was a blood clot or lose tissue. Whatever it was, it was too large to be manual removed through the drain so the doc just flushed my drain to kind of force out/unlogged the obstruction to allow the fluid to drain again. The surgeon felt that at 16 days post op my drain could probably be removed without complication with the hopes of avoiding an infection. So, he advised that if my drain was to get obstructed again, to just remove it and keep it movin..

Needless, to say, the drain was blocked the next morning.. SMH
I sucked it up and pulled that bad boy OUT! It was sooo irritating and a hassle to begin with! The pain in removing it was not all bad. Actually, there was little pain. I first needed to remove the outer stitches that kept the drain line in place and then the first tug was a little ouchy, as my tissue had started to form around the line (I know TMI) but after that loosening up, the line came out rather easy. Thank goodness. After removing the entire drain, it was quite obvious as to why the drain kept getting blocked. I had hard tissue that filled up 1/3 of the line. No wonder why I had so much fluid retention in my abdomen.. Nothing significant was gonna pass through that line. I would show you guys a pic of what it looked like but that would def be TMI. I did drain a good amount of fluid afterwards. The hubby also gently massaged my abdomen and back to help push out some of the fluid. I am ECSTATIC that it is finally out!!!

Ok now in regards to this comment: (yet I’ll get to my real feelings about this later...)
While I don’t feel that the above is do to malpractice, I do have ill feelings towards the handling of my aftercare. I only saw Dra Almonte at my first follow-up appointment and her assistants cared for me and my drain issues after that. Mostly, Raquel and although I looooove her, I do not feel that she was medically certified to fully take on my aftercare. Not only that but if I send you and your so-called assistant 39 images of my current situation and express my sincere concerns including the amount of pain I was in, I would think that would grant a prompt response or any response. This is what really ticked me and my PCP off in regards to her status as a surgeon. And then, when she finally responds on 12/23 and only after a not so nice whatsapp message, she says give it time and that she’s sorry she didn’t get the pictures and to resend them. When I do resend them (the same day), I inform her and she replies ok I will take a look and then NEVER responds back………..

I understand that she is busy and with the holidays but I would’ve hate to not have had good insurance or a PCP and had taken her “give it time: response and caught a DAMN infection. Please excuse my verbiage as I don’t curse but this really PISSES me off. I had fluid building in my abdomen DARNIT. I thought this was just the “normal” swelling until something just wasn’t feeling right.. I see a lot of dolls on here ask the doctors on realself questions to help diagnose their symptoms because they don’t have a doc at home that can see them (I even asked the rs docs a question while I waited over the weekend to see my pcp). It’s really hard to diagnose the situation without 1. being the surgeon who perform the surgery and 2. getting all the facts and 3. without actually seeing in person what is going on. All my doc could do was shake his head and say, “hopefully this is it for you.”

If she would have just responded or educated me on what to do or expect, I wouldn’t have waited so long to be seen or have the drain removed. I was collecting fluid for a week SMH. No wonder why I was feeling the way that I was.

Be that as it may, I am s.l.o.w.l.y getting better. I have been walking a few miles a day to increase circulation coupled with stretching and the deep tissue massages. My upper and mid-back is getting softer and back to the swollen stage. My sides, lower back and abdomen is still hard but I have hopes that it will get better with time. I am in love with my new waist/tummy as it is (in ya’lls words) SNATCHED ;) Just wish I could enjoy it because for me this has been NO walk in the park, as most days I have been in EXCRUCIATING pain. No lie. And I have a oddly high pain tolerance (I had all 3 of my babies natural with 0 zero pain meds, nothing usually causes me pain and I would say that this is worse for me than childbirth).

NOT saying that this is what any of you all will experience. This is just my experience. I would have loved to upload my pics of my time in DR as the other dolls have and talk about what all I packed, etc but instead I’ve been trying to sleep semi-normal, walk semi-normal and get through this. But like I said, I have hopes that it will get better with time.

I still have intentions on uploading my DR photos and writing a review of what I brought but what I didn’t use.. Oh and will upload more recent pics soon. But please be patient. I’ve got 3 little kiddies and a hubby that demand my attention.

I just felt o-so indebted to complete this review. That’s all for now dolls.

On a positive note, I hope you all enjoyed your family over the past few days and wishing everyone well and a safe and blessed new year to come.

~Yours Truly,
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've experienced nothing but good things from Dra. Almonte and her Assistant Leslie! I received my quote withing hours of my very first request and it's been smooth sailing ever since. Dra. Almonte is HIGHLY mindful of the well-being of her patients. Always displaying that her patient's health and safety is of the utmost of importance. Also, an added bonus, and of extreme importance/convenience, is her and Leslie have INCREDIBLE communication skills. No waiting days, weeks or even months for a response like other DR doctors. I mean, how inconsiderate and rude can they be? Especially, when you've reached out numerous times and they take their time with responding to the simplest questions (if they ever respond)... Well, none of that shenanigans with Dra. Almonte and Leslie. What's also rather important and pretty awesome is that Leslie speaks EXCELLENT English and always handles herself in a professional and caring manner. I've also spoke to Dra. Almonte a few times and her English is great in my opinion. What more could I have asked for?? Oh wait, a big ole booty.. Which I will be getting here VERY soon! I have nothing but good things to say about the Great Fatima Almonte and her team :)

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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