Duran doll amor soon to be and cant wait

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Im a 30 yr old mom of one in need of a mommy make...

Im a 30 yr old mom of one in need of a mommy make over including a bbl im ready to transform this okay body into what I love to call the delicious body I cant wait to be a duran doll after carefully researching and speaking w friends veiwing pics im positive that w me losing about 20lbs dr duran can transform ne and givr me that cake booty I crave for so bad

bella vista (coordinator)

I sent dr duran an email n a msg on fb I requested her also she added me but did not reply sighhs but im hopeful that she will met a few girls that are also friends w her on fb one was so helpful and gave me durans coordinator named bella vista


before my workout

just want a flatter tummy and a colosol asssssada

Took this pic 6 mths ago

when I really decided it was time to become a duran doll

So me friends and I went clubbing looking as bad as we all could of been I looked nice but I didnt feel like my body was at its best and the pics proved me so right I wanted that pouch gone and my buttt and waist reverse in size I want to walk out and be undinably confident I really wanna just know I look amazing

Wake up duran sitdown duran wakeup duran stand up duran

All I do is think about this sx I eat sleep everything the obsession has come to an all time high im even more ready than I was yesterday my work outs has become more easier as im so motivated and waiting on a quote from bella vista fingers crossed

After Careful Research and Great Recomendation by my Friends and Well Thought out Im Going with Dr.duran -

So I rewrote my email and its sent got very eloborate in the email hoping she reaches out before tmrw or I contact bella vita any way omw to work out to get in tip top shape later dolls

just sent jazmine from bella vita a message

Anxious excited hoping that she gets back to me in a jiffy

waiting on response

So I filled out the attachment jazmine sent me and sent it back to her w a fee pics hopefully I get good news I cant stress enough how bad I need this sx I deserve this I owe it to my self I know this is just the start n I can't wait

the pics I sent to jazmine of bella vita consultsnts

messing around with this plastic surgery app

support team

Tbh the most support I get is from rs n fb towards my sx journey idky ppl have to be judgemental they have no idea what you go through w u feeling why u even want to do this but they judging you I been through a lot in my life ive over came so much this is one herdal that I need to get over just wish I had a physical support system ppl around make me feel like w im doing is so wrong

ughhh had a lil set back

So I I kinda fell off my weight loss horse do caught up in work n ppl in my life who I I feel want thr best for me but at the same time needs to respect my decision any way will try to get back on track by tmrw I got 40 lbs to lose now ughhh

thinking about doing breast or not

Ughhhh decisions decisions decisions so im considering whether or not to get my breast done do I want a lift or implants or leave them alone my bf sez go all the way n just get everything bigger (lol he says i dont pay for no reductions i just pay to make shit bigger ) in his drake voice but who do u guys think do a great job on the boobs

took these pics today ughhh need dr duran like yesterday

Please spear me I need this like like n owwww www

duran wrote back

So sunday night I decided to rewrite duran n guess wat she responded and told me to send her pics n a lil more of my medical history I was excited I jumped right to it n then nothing else from her ughhhhh wth back to jazmine

ps apppp

This ps app is the bomb


I'm guessing a certain doc has ppl on here trying to get ppl to go w them its weird to me n before I continue I just want to make a few things clear (1) this is MY blog so im free to express how I feel w/o anyone feeling a way n decide to get crazy so I came across someones very detailed update of a post op w a ps he was bashing her althoug we appreciate it when ppl are honest it just seemed so fishy that everything went well w him w said ps n his friend went to the different doc n everything went wrong from flesh eating bacteria to cleanliness to the ps not being the one to perform sx on his friend. I mean I know its ppl choice to choose who they want to go w in but if me n my friend weny to dr I think we would see the sane sx I could be wrong but it just seem so strange how he was bashing the ps n glorifying this other one I dont know who n wat to beleive until I see n experience for myself

wish pics

contact dr cortes

So I checked out dr cortes website omg uts like amazing 5he pics the testimoni from post ops I Called spoke w 3 different receptionist all very polite sent my pics n wat I want wrote about myself n got a call back w a quote but I missed it ughhhh I think texas is where im going if duran doesnt get back to me

quote from cortes

9,530 omg grind time

seeking other options

So as of now im looking looking into docs in the us only because my mind is set on duran n only duran ohhhhh how I wish when I found out about her last feb my mind for sx was made I went back n forth had my doubts she wasnt even that popping prolly would 9f had a quote n a date n my sx done by now ughhh but shit happens for a reason but damn can't even get incontact w her as I wish hopes ger high when u email n ahe responds then nothing.. im having a melt down right now it's either her or cortes or dr curves but really doe im gonba have to pay almost 10,000 ughhhhh or pay 150 to a consultant n a still play the wait game

obsession obsess

So im obsess i got a quote from dr cortes but only fir a bbl n lipo for almost 10gs omfg thats crazy no tt so now im back stalkn n obssesing over it now im back on rs w bbl w tt w lipo 8m on fb ig rs u name it Google youtube I email duran about 3xs a day im not giving up I want a head turning body im eating right light work out w no quote n no date im praying everytime my phone email alert its her getting back to me

really thinking

Tbh 10,000 is alot its too much I mean I cant afford that right now or next year ugg n I dont wanna finace aint trynna owe no one so its dr unless I get a a sponsor x fingers so back to stalkn duran or paying jaz

gm dolls

Woke up to another message from duran only because I made a new fb n wrote her from it shit is about to get real calling cards on deck because now im planning to stalk her office non stop im not playing any more im so ready for my transformation I deserve this

dr jcurves

I just saw a quote from drj curves omg I wish I could afford him that work is sick I mean got damn he delivers exactly w im I'm looking for hands down I just dont want to finance n owe a grip for ass

dr salama

Im I'm absolutely going to have my sx w salama no doubt about it im sold I spoke w nancy today got a quote she answered all my ? I was so excited she was so nice didnt feel like a stranger it was a comfy covo explained everything to me taking new pics to send cyz I lost a few lbs im so getting ready fir this I deserve it

wrapping my tummy before my work out

salama salama salama salama

Salama salama salama salama that ass on me aint nothing they gob tell me jk but seriously im just to happy w the asses I seen him make why wasnt I been put on idk cuz all my friends go to dr its better when u do ya own hw n seek out wats better for you I lovr durans work believe me I do but the communication is just too much I spoke w nancy 3xs in one day I made a list of qs for me n she answered them salama should be reaching out to me anyday now wuhu I cannot wait new wish pics

ass ass booty booty

New wish pics

us soil

Salama does a great job as well I wanba say ty to you because just by u saying cortes it really opened up my eyes to look at a few american ps I was told by a few gf of mine that the ass I wanted I would mist deff have to travel to dr lues lies lies djcurves cortes salama I gotta give it to them amazing I think my friends were concerned about the money mire than anything cuz u get a bbl tt n ba for under 9gs but im going w salama im sold just just wished I knew about hin sooner cyz his prices went up but ut cool ill be on my soil
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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