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So im completely new to this! i am 28 (no...

so im completely new to this! i am 28 (no children, nor do i want any) 5'5 and about 133 i am pretty skinny not curvy and i have a very average looking butt! it is not flat but it is not a bbl or even close to one. i want an extremely curvy body (i also have small indents where my hips should be!!) i want to be shaped like an hour glass and i want a huge butt.

i read a review about a girl who went to yily to get her indents at her hips filled and even after 3 months she remained the same, her waist was sculpted very tiny but she wasnt content with her hips which remained the same :( i need to know if anyone else has this "hip" problem and if yily has corrected it for you? i would hate to waste money and go through so much pain if i will not get the results i want. this is my first time getting surgery, although i have dreamt about surgery for a very long time. i find myself very attractive however i know how to tweak things here and there in order to look shapely.

i just want to be completely happy at what i see when i look in the mirror. i also want to even my breasts out, yes i know we all have one larger than the other but mine are extremely noticeable!! one is an A and one is a B its disgusting to me!!! anyway ladies i have my money saved up i just havent completely decided to go to yily just yet. please give me input or suggestions :) i will post my full body pic in a couple of days, i dont want to post any where i look shapely because i know how to stand and pose to achieve this lol i want you guys to see me unfiltered lol

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ive decided to go with yily because ive read a lot of good reviews about her and how she is the best at sculpting a tiny waist. also my cousin went to her and my cousins body is amazing, she has the smallest waist i have seen and a huge butt.

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