5'4", 175lbs Will Be a Yily Doll March/April 2017! - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello dolls! You can call me Bambi. I hope I am...

Hello dolls! You can call me Bambi. I hope I am doing this right (lol). So after about two years of lurking on real self, I have finally decided to take the plunge and FINALLY get the surgery I have been waiting for. After contemplating back and forth for weeks and completely stressing myself out, I have decided to go with Dra Yily. Now mind you, I promised my Mother I would have a consultation here in the US first, and I will honor that, but I know in my heart that Yily is the one for me! I have my other meeting next week, and after that I will be booking my official date with Yily (sorry Mom!)

So to explain my decision a bit, like most of you ladies, I have gone back and forth and tore the internet APART reading every review and checking out every before and after picture I could find from the most popular BBL doctors. I figured out pretty early on that I wanted to go to the DR just based on the popularity, and as you all know, there are a few doctors that stand out more than others! I have literally got a quote from almost every top rated doctor in the DR *besides* the elusive Dra Duran, and took everything I could into consideration when making my choice. After serious consideration, I have decided Yily was the absolute best fit for me.

I did not rush into it, because as you can see from my headline, my surgery is not going to be for a while. I just started working at a new place and I didn't want to ask for so much time off so soon, and talking to my co-workers I have figured out that 6 months is the standard amount of time they ask you to wait before taking vacation time off as a new employee. I am hoping I can woo them into cutting it back a few months, but for something this important I can certainly be patient, and I would never cause any cause for concern at my place of work.

So here I am, getting ready to embark on my journey to the flat side like so many of my RS queens before me. I am really excited, nervous, and happy. I want to keep updating this as a log for myself, and for other ladies who want to make the change. I will be 100% honest in my posts. I wanted to make sure I did this as I go so everyone knows it is genuine, and my judgement isn't clouded by my overall experience or results.

If any of you lovelies have any advice, I am always willing to listen and take notes!

Recovery House Food in the DR

Hey ladies! Ok so I am going to need some 100% honesty here. A lot of these recovery homes seem a bit "bland". I would say sketchy but I am not trying to freak anyone out lol, the way I talk comes off a lot different when I type (or so I've been told). Anyway, from what I've seen so far, most of them look almost the same, and based on the reviews the help is the same as well, although there is usually an honorable mention of some staff member who really stood out as far as taking care of the dolls. A lot of your post-op care can be pretty mix and match, and there are plenty of add ons. You can use different people for massages, you can have people come and do facials and microdermabrasion, hire your own personal nurses, really whatever you want. I know I have a few people in mind for some extras.

But the thing I am most worried about it the food! I know, I know, I can order out if I want to, but I have a hard enough time in the US with delivery service and I really don't want to have to deal with it there. Oh yeah, and to make it even more complicated,I am a vegetarian, and I don't really like the "typical" vegetarian food (eggplant everything, raw tomatoes, and mushrooms will never be part of my rotation).

So scanning through these pictures on realself and some of the insta pages from some of the recovery homes, the food really just looks kind of pathetic! Its a shot of some rice that is still in the shape of a bowl flipped upside down on the plate, some dry looking piece of chicken, and the saddest and most basic looking romaine salad ever. I remember reading someone's review and they said something about the salad was diced up carrots on top of whole carrots and some unripe tomatoes, I was dying laughing hahaha, yaaas give me that carrot on carrot with a side of ranch. Ok I'm going to chill, but for real, you all KNOW what I mean, and these girls are steady posting "mmm dinner at the RH YUM!" like uhhhhm...stop lying!

I used to work in the food and beverage industry growing up, and there is nothing that annoyed the staff more than having the vegetarian customer, which is hilarious to me because that's me now! I kind of hate to be the one at the RH like "I can't eat this" and I would hate to have the assumed one person who is cooking have to go out of her way to make something special for me. I also think about maybe they will say they can accommodate me, but maybe the language barrier will confuse things. I know I made some jokes on the salad but in all seriousness, romaine lettuce is kind of garbage. For someone like me who doesn't eat meat, I actually do have to be careful that I am eating food with high nutritional value, and on a real note, I am nervous about it because I know especially after all of the work I am getting done I need to eat healthy and really make sure I am taken care of.

I promise I am really not a picky eater in the sense that I am going to cause some scene, I can always find something I like, and I try to make a point to never make anyone go through extra stuff for me, but in this case, I feel like I have to, do you agree? Besides the fact that I am a vegetarian, I haven't always been and even with that in mind to me the food just looks a bit blah, like hospital food. What do you girls think? Please let me know if you know of a RH that serves something other than basic meals like I described, or if you are a vegetarian yourself and found a good home that was able to accommodate. Thanks my queens!

*Side note- I will say I know that I can go ahead and bring my own snacks and such, which I will bring a few anyway, but I'm sorry I feel that the package includes my meals and if I am paying for that, I want to make sure I am actually eating it, you know?
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