52 Yr Old Soon to Be Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

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Wow! I wired my deposit today. This is not what I...

Wow! I wired my deposit today. This is not what I expected to be doing at 52. I am concern about my age and ability to heal properly. I have 3 adult children brought in the world by C-sections. I did have a tummy tuck about 9 yrs. ago. I was very pleased but I was never told by my doctor to wear any compression garments. This may be the reason I have decided to get another. It took me approx. 3 weeks to get a quote and receive info. for the deposit. Ladies, be consistent with the calls and give Elizabeth something to remember you by. (short conversation) Well now I'm scared. Careful what you wish for!

OMG! I bought my airplane tickets and I though I was going to hyperventilate

either from the cost of the first class tickets or now that I have purchased my tickets it means that I am really going through with this. I am really going to another country to get my behind supercharged! I was so overwhelmed I had to lay down and take a nap. I was riddled by the questions of will I wake up, anxiety about the plane ride, and oh and will my butt look to BIG! All these years sporting a flat butt makes me think what will my friends and family say, will I walk different, just will I really look right! However, at the same time embarrassed by the excitement I feel of finally walking with confidence of having a butt, or wearing blouses that don't have to cover my butt. My husband is ecstatic. That makes me wonder how much did he really dislike my butt? Tomorrow I call a RH and maybe then I will have the courage to post my pre-op pictures.

leaving out tonight soon to be a Duran doll

I can't sleep, can't believe I'm doing this and hope I don't forget anything. I leaving out on Monday. I got my levels checked this week and I was disappointed find out that it was only 12.4 that makes me nervous being given that want the works. (bbl,tt,black and possible ba). My sx is Thursday so maybe Myra can give me some of that iron drink. I guess it's time to post my pre-op pictures. I have stalled long enough. I am 52 years old, 5'7 and 183lbs. I wished I had lost more weight but is what I'm working with.

DR BOUND...On my way to San Francisco to the airport

On a three hour drive to the airport. I hope I have everything. HIGH HIGH anxiety. I'm going heavy on the iron trying to increase my levels. I will probably lose my last 5 lbs by sx time due to stress. My stomach is so bloated due to the iron. Myra from Armonia RD called today to confirm my stay. That was comforting. The best thing about this flight is that it's my first long trip in first class. I will let you know coming home if it's worth it.
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