45 Year Old Mother of 5 Beautiful Daughters in Need of TT, BBL, and Lipo. Looking for Surgery Buddy - Dominican Republic

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I accidently discovered his site looking for...

I accidently discovered his site looking for something else and I have been stuck every since. I have always wanted some booty. Now I'm finally going to get this surgery done. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I was contemplating which doctor I should go to, I finally decided on Dra. Duran. I received a quote from Dra. Yily for $6000, which included bbl, tt, BA, lipo, and recovery house. Although I do admire her work, after asking around I decided to go with Duran. It was difficult to get in contact with her. I filled out an information form on her web site, no response for a week. Then I started calling her office, posted a message in her WhatsApp account. Still no response. I finally was able to get a hold of her assistant by calling her office at CIPLA, 2 days letter I received an email from Surgicoordinator with an estimate for $5200. This included the BBL, TT, and liposculpture. Dra. Duran recommended I wait for BA for round 2. I respect it , I didn't want to be all F--Up. I like my boobs they held up pretty good, She also suggested I lose 15 pounds. I am currently 5"2" and 180 pounds. I going to drop 20 pounds. I have also started taking vitamins and using retnol and collagen building lotion to get my skin a little more firm. I also reached out to Dr. Cabral, he never got back to me, I spoke to him twice, sent pictures, and health information. He told me someone will get back to me within a few day, no such luck. It was a toss up between Cabral, Yily, and Duran. I think I made a good choice. Dra. Duran seems to be more interested in taking all the safety precautions, plus I have seen her work up close and personal. My daughter's friend had her proocedure done by Duran and her waist is snatched. I will keep everyone updated as I proceed on this journey.

Looking for a recovery house

Hey, ladies, I'm looking for a recovery house. I received a quote from Cosmicare, but they're closed the week of my surgery. I'm concerned about security, don't want to get robbed in the DR. I'm also looking for an RH with staff who speak English. I'm thinking of going with Paradise RH, who has been to this RH and what is it like? The package they offer includes: l*14 nights Recovery House + Ground Transportation + Private Nurse on Surgery Nights + Massages US$1440.00 plus meals.


I can't stop thinking about how good I'm going to look and feel after surgery. God willing everything goes well. It's still early, I am 8 or 9 months pre-op, I know I have a while yet. I'm starting my diet tomorrow. I was doing good for a while but this guy I'm dating, he is just too much, a ball of F-ing stress. I have to get rid of him, I don't want my blood pressure to get high and mess up my surgery. Ladies get rid of stressful people, its just not worth it. One of the nurses at my job took my BP today it was high, so I know I need to eat better and lose a few pounds. Dr. Duran suggested I lose 15 pounds I want to lose 30, I'll still have plenty of fat for the BBL. I weigh 180 and I'm 5'2". I want to tone my arms some. I've been lazy these past 4 years and gained massive weight. I'm going to get lipo on my arms, above the knee, and inner thighs. I've been doing a lot of research and I received a list of do's and don'ts from Dr. Duran. i've been looking at everything that would possibly prevent me from having surgery or catching a Bad One. Beauty is pain and pain is beauty, but I ain't trying to die. I'm going to the super market and stock up on veggies, salmon, beets, iron rich food. I need to start developing a healthy lifestyle to maintain my results. I also received a list of items I will need from the surgicoordinator. I'm afraid to purchase a faja don't know what size i'll be after the surgery. I may just buy a medium and a small. I'm so excited can't wait until it's my turn. I'm trying to find some wish pics that are close to my body type. I don't have the courage to put up my "now" pics, woo. I didn't know I had gotten so sloppy. I made my daughter take the pictures, she started crying I had to give her five dollars, kids she will see she better not get fluffy like me.

Recovery House

Just paid my deposit for Serenity House, the reviews were good plus I like the close proximity from CIPLA. I want to change my date so bad. I'm trying to be patient because I know I need to develop a healthy lifestyle that will go along with that new body. I want my lifestyle change to be fully ingrained. Today, I did eat a little lasagna, but for lunch I'm having a spinach salad. I know I ate lasagna for breakfast. LOL. I was hungry. I'm going to have to develop more discipline. I'll start after lunch.

Wish Pics

I was looking at some of DuransDoll's ran across this doll, she is my wish pic.

Anxious, Nervous, Afraid, Very Afraid

Hearing about the young lady who died a few days ago has me rethinking this procedure. Having multiple procedures increases the risk for adverse reactions. There are no guarantees in life. I'm thinking will this surgery make me feel an increase in self-worth. That has to come from the inside, not externally. Aesthetics don't equal self-worth. Like Shabby Ranks said, "Pretty like a flower man still a left you" . I'm cute already, I can stand to lose a few pounds, I'm doing that now. I still have some time to think this through. I rather lose $500 or $600 hundred dollars that to lose my life, I can always make money. Ladies if you are having your surgery at CIPLA, please offer thorough updates for those of us who are following you. I have read some reviews detailing the description but they were a few years old, when there was a rash of deaths, with Cabral and Wilberto Pena. I wonder what kind of upgrades have been made? I need answers, answers I tell yah!!!

Date Changed, still looking for surgery buddy.....

Okay so I changed my surgery date from 12/12/16 to 12/8/16. I was going to come a few days earlier to get some dental work done. Heard a lot of bad reviews so I changed my mind and I'm going to get the work done in the states. I changed my date from a Monday to a Thursday. I'm freaking out. I hope she won't be too tired to give me the results I need. I'm just going to stay positive about this shit and keep my head up. I already got a little butt, just want some more and a flat stomach. How do I post my surgery date on the RS calendar?

Taking a Break....

I've decided to take a break from this site. I've been spending a lot of time stalking and now it's time to seriously work on getting prepared for this surgery. My blood pressure has been high, not formerly diagnosed with hypertension, but I'm concerned. Not about getting this surgery because that is secondary to my health. I made a doctors appointment and will have a thorough work up on Tuesday. Heading to the gym after work and reducing my salt intake. Happy posting ladies. I'll be back to share my journey in a few weeks.

I'm going live.....

Ok girls I've been gone for a while getting my health together. I made a few small changes and it worked, my blood pressure went from 168/98 to 132/74. I cut out cigarettes, Henny, fatty foods, and got my but up and exercising. I feel good look good and ready to continue on my journey.

Changing doctors

Ok girl's I've made my decision , I'm changing doctors for my BBL. I'm going wiith doctor Hasan . I'm sending my deposit today and getting an October date. I'm still going to Dr. Duran in December but for tummy tuck and breast lift. I think this is going to give me better results. So, its time to go full fledge with my workout and vitamins. It's on!!!!

New date 10/11/16

Leomarlys Galvez

AttachmentsJul 14 (6 days ago)

to me

Ms. Sabrina,

Thank you so much for officially becoming a patient of Dr.Hasan ......It was a pleasure assisting you and getting everything started for you. I have scheduled your surgery date for October 11, 2016.

Attached below you will find a checklist of things you should bring with you, pre op instructions.

We require patients to come in on Pre-Op between 9 am to 12 pm. We don't provide accurate times,due delay in flights etc. Time of your surgery is provided closer to the date , when the doctors does the schedule .

-If by any chance you want to reschedule , I'll be more than happy to assist .We ask you to stay in Miami 5 days and 4 nights .
Start taking Iron supplements . Daily dosage of naturemade IRON 65mgs & of pure absorb. Your hemoglobin needs to be at 12.0 or higher


OMG less than 80 days

OMG what have I done. I have less than 80 days before my BBL with Hasan. Ok I slipped up back to my old bad habits I have to get my sh*t together. Starting Monday I'm on the grind. Back in the gym, drinking water, no smoking, no Henny. So tonight I'm gonna turn up with my dude.

Getting my sh*t together

Just purchased all my supplies, I hope. Spent a little more than I wanted to. I hope everything goes as planned. I would hate to lose money. The only thing left to do is pay for the hotel.

50 days

OMG 50 days until I have my BBL. I am excited. I have purchased a lot of supplies, I don't want to over shop. Can't blow the budget. I will be posting BF and AF photos.

Changed dated again

Yeah I'm getting scared so I changed my date with Hasan until 11/15/2015, plus this will give me time to lose the last 15 pounds. I'm not going to lie, hearing that someone died last week spooked me out. I started reevaluating my decision to have this procedure. I was like, "my booty don't look that bad". I am still on the fence, really don't want to lose my money but I can always get more money, it's only one of me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Duran seems to be focused on getting the best results and not taking unnecessary risks.

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