40 Yr. Old, Mother of Two, Want my Small Frame Back with Some New Added Curves :p - LIPO and BBL

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My expectations for this surgery is to help me get...

My expectations for this surgery is to help me get back to my size before I got married and let myself go by becoming a little to comfortable with the extra rolls! Just want what all women want I guess, small waist, flat tummy and nice round booty!! I'm extremely nervous because I'm going out of the states to have this surgery performed, but I have seen the amazing work Dra. Yily has done and I'm convinced she is the Doctor that will help me achieve the results I'm looking for. I had liposuction in the past in New York but the outcome wasn't what I expected, It was okay but not what I really wanted.

These are my pre-op pictures! Enter at your own risk!!! Eeeek...

This is the heaviest I have been besides my pregnancies. I'm 156 pds and only 5'0 short....


Countdown Begins!!!

I'm already booked for my surgery 6/9/2016, I had bloodwork which stated my hemo was at 12.3, drinking iron, folic acid, vitamin c and one a day vitamins for a month now. Received my passport, Booked my recovery house...Would love to have a surgery buddy if anyone is going to see Yily around the same time frame as me!!! I will be having Lipo of flanks, stomach, inner thighs and BBL..

Recovery House??

Has anyone stayed at Maria's Recovery House? and if so how was your experience? I chose this RH because they allowed me to stay with my husband and I researched them and they seem to have fair prices, good food and the resources I would need to help me recover. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


3 days away from my surgery!! Super excited but a bit nervous! God protect and bless me!

DR here I come!!!!

At the airport waiting to board!!! Butterflies all over ???? Not just my stomach!!

As ready as ill ever be!

So made it to DR okay. My chaufer was waiting for me at airport, went straight to CIPLA to get all bloodwork, xray and meet with cardiologist, paid balance in full so i wouldnt carry around with all the cash! A lil dissapointed because recovery house couldnt accomodate me for tonight due to some other girls not getting surgery and returning to the room that was meant for me which sounds toughto believe so im at hotel with my husband. All i can do is relax watch some tv, go to bed early and wait for tommorow!!! Good Night All.


Made it to the flatside!!! All glory to God! Got here at 6 AM. What's taking so long about 732 hours later doctor comes in which is very sweet and beautiful by the way she told me what she could and could not do . After she marked me 10 minutes later got the blue pill remember being strolled to the OR . Remember some voices around me even hers . Felt absolutely nothing ! Next time I woke I was in the recovery room . Im now inmy own room still numb from medicine! The just gave me pain meds and now asking them for slee aid! The people all here are sweet, proffesional and compassionate! Praying for a healthy speedy recovery! Will post pics when i can! Good Night Dolls!

10 days post op Complete Review!!!

I first want to say this review is solely based on my experience. I will not bash or discredit anyone, but I will speak the truth according to what I encountered. Getting to D.R. was absolutely a breeze, the driver from the rh was there with a sign with my name on it. We still waited over an hour to leave the airport because the driver had to pick somebody else up as well. He took us all directly to CIPLA to have our bloodwork done because surgery was the next day. CIPLA was exactly what I expected and what has been said on here. Clinic not so modern but decent and pretty clean. Got all my bloodwork and testing done as well as paid for my balance because did not want to carry big amounts of cash with me. Did not meet Yily on this day just an assistant and technicians for the tests performed which were bloodwork, ekg, xray. Results were all good so was told I would be having surgery in the morning the next day. What happened next was not cool!!!

Complete Review Part II

My driver told my husband and I that there was a lil problem and a room was not available for us for that night. Some mumbo jumbo about girls not having sx and staying in our room an extra night, which later I found out was a lie!! Anyway, we were taken to a cheap cheap ass hotel where we paid 40 american dollars to stay and were told they would have our room ready when I was discharged from surgery. I was very upset, scared, because I had booked my Recovery House months ahead and sent in my deposit, I was looking for a stress free experience but it wasn't looking like it was going to be one. Next morning came, driver picked us up from hotel and took us to hospital for the surgery.

Complete Review Part III

Yily does not perform surgery at CIPLA, its at a hospital nearby. Got to this hospital at 6:30 am, signed at front desk and sat down with my husband in waiting area. Ten minutes later a young doctor assistant came downstairs to get me, introduced himself and took me to my room. He was very sweet and polite. Few minutes later Yily's assistant came in introduced herself went over my test results, gave me some feedback on the surgery and then brought in the anesthesiologist who would be doing my spinal block. Anesthesiologist was a very sweet lady, very professional and careful, asked many questions and answered some of mine. She assured me she would be in surgery with me the whole time. Few more minutes the famous Yily De Los Santos walks in. Beautiful Lady, very energetic, smiling, warm. Gave me a big hug!! Gave my husband a hug!! Asked me what I wanted, told me it was all possible, gave me pros and cons, and then told my husband she was going to make him a very happy man!! I felt safe, happy and confident moving forward with my surgery after talking to her. She marks me up, the pill is next.

Complete Review Part IV

No lie a minute after I swallowed the pill, im being wheeled to operating room, I said goodbye to my husband feeling very dizzy. All I remember is laying on a bed a blue sheet in front of me not on my face, voices talking man and women not sure if Yily was there or not. I wake up im in recovery room feeling happy!! Yess!! happy, peaceful, not cold or scared. Remember being wheeled back to my room, seeing my husbands face, he was happy and kissed me!! then lights out for me went right to sleep!! Woke up next morning and HOLY SHIT!!! The pain was insane!! I was given pain meds to no avail they were not working. I saw many nurses come in and out to draw blood, feed me, check my catheter. They were all very nice and gentle with me. Never mean or rude. But keep in mind I was not at CIPLA but at a hospital. When it was time to wear my faja I fainted three times. The male doctor, the anesthesiologist and even Yily came to check up on me cause my Hemo was good so they didnt understand my fainting. They said it was my nerves cause I was pretty healthy. I rested and then I told myself I would not faint again so my faja was put on, dont know how i was swollen as hell. I was then picked up by my driver and taken to the recovery house,,,,,Finally!!

Complete Review Part V

The recovery house I was at was very nice and simple. Room was clean and I did get a hospital bed. The nurses and the staff there were all very nice and helpful. They had a daily food menu and made other things if you did not like what they had. Now I recommend whoever is going to have this sx done in D.R. please take someone with you. If it wasnt for my husband I dont know what I wouldve done most of the time. My husband had to help me get in and out of bed to go to bathroom, he gave me my medication, he made sure i had warm sheets and was comfortable. He helped dress me and wipe me down. The nurses or staff there do help but very minimal. Its like one nurse there for every 9 girls. The massages are cheap and they hurt like hell!!!! Horrible Horrible pain!! I guess im a punk because some girls were able to tolerate them, but I was in so much pain....I hated getting them.!!! Please also know the value of the american dollar versus pesos. Western Union tried to rob my husband and so did the massage lady at my recovery house. The funny thing was they thought my husband was black, but he's half black and half dominican and hes been there many times so he knew how to deal with these slick ass thieves...They will try to get you if you dont know any better. Damn Shame!!

Final Review LOL!!

Overall, my experience was not a terrible one. I came across very good and humble people, as well as some slick people. I stayed a total of 7 days only. On my last day I saw Yily again for discharge, she was very pleased with my results, she took out my drain which lord hurt sooooo much!! She was again very professional and sweet. I see why she is so popular, wish she would spend more time with you, but understanding her business shes very busy. Im so far content with my results, i do see a difference. I will be patient and wait for my final results. I'm having a hard emotional time with pain and discomfort. I hate being bedwritten or useless, I like to be up and active and I feel like this surgery really kicked my ass. I dont know if it is my age which is why im having such a hard time healing, but I've had Lipo before and it has never ever been this bad. I can honestly say this is the worst pain I have been in all my life. I actually even regret having the surgery. I know thats me saying it right now, but right as I type im in lots of physical pain. Everyone did their job in Dominican Republic. I didnt have any complications, thank god. It's just a matter of different people healing differently and different pain tresholds. Im a big ass punk!!! I wanted to type my journey so you girls can all know what my experience was like. Its the most I could do after I stalked this site for many years reading many other stories. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask...Pray that I recover quicker rather than later. Thanks Again for allowing me to share my journey with you all!!!!

Booty Pics Post Op vs Pre Op

Results???? What yall think

I think im seeing a difference 2 wks post op

Where is my butt???

Hey ladies havent been posting cause im a bit dissapointed, I had sx about 5 wks now, Wearing my faja, still using boppy pillow and i feel the volume and roundness in my butt has dissapeared!!! Is there really a fluffing period??? Has anyone experienced this as well? Please someone tell me ill getvmy booty back ????

Summer Dress with Faja

Unfortunately butt loses volume without faja ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily is a beautiful, sweet and professional doctor. She is honest in her evaluation of your body and your needs as well as how much she can meet your goals. Wish she could spend more time with you but she is very busy and in demand and so she tries to answer your questions the best she can with the time she has. I definitely recommend her.

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3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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