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After extensive research I have decided to become...

After extensive research I have decided to become a Duran Doll. Having BBL, TT, liposculpt. Super excited. Got my date from surgicoordinator a week ago 1/25/17. Will start to post my journey soon!! Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated. I'm trying to decide on a recovery house.....?? ???

Wish pics

Here are some wish pics. Soon as I get up the nerve I will be posting my before pics.

Wish pic


Here is a list of vitamins that the doc wants me to take until surgery to build up my blood and Iron levels.
300 MG of Iron
B complex
1000mg vitamin C
Folic acid
I've started shopping for them but I also plan starting an all natural juicing regimen cause I really hate to take pills.

New date.

I had to change my date because I didn't have the funds as expected for 1/17. My new date is 5/30/2017 for Duran. Wasn't crazy about the new date being the day after a holiday which is expensive to travel but hey, it is what it is. Anyone have any suggestions for a recovery house? The date is coming so quick. I know I should have had this booked already but help please. Need a good recovery house asap!!
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