40 Year Old 2 Kids Needs Some Junk in the Trunk - Dominican Republic

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I have paid my deposit to Dr yily in the Dominican...

I have paid my deposit to Dr yily in the Dominican , 300 us . My planned surgery is June 7th I'd all goes well I want liposuction to my back and thighs with a bbl & tt . Im not sure if lipo will fic mt belly area or if i need to get a tt ???My bf will be traveling with me so I'm trying to figure out where to stay ?? I'd like to get a hotel with a nurse for the first couple days but I'm not sure what to do . I wish I could call and get info but with the language barrier it's hard .

no editing

sorry for spelling mistakes . I quickly typed without checking my errors and I can't edit .... OK so I'm super nervous and excited . I wish I could go into Dr yily's clinic and sit down with her and discuss my body and ideas . The fact I have to wait till the day before my surgery to see her is scary to me ???? If I email her there is no way of knowing if it's her I'm talking to and if my questions will be answered by her ??? I have read a few reviews of ladies being awake during surgery and I don't want this to happen , is being completely knocked out a option or is it only spinal tap. If any ladies could help clarify some of these answers I'd really appreciate it .

after reading hooror stories in the Dominican on fb

So I think I'm changing my plan from Dominican to a Dr in L.A. California. I read all the horror stories on fb about the Dominican.... I decided it would be irresponsible of me as a single mother of 2 amazing kids to take the chance of dying to save some $ so I'm going to try and find a reputable certified Dr and still get a big fat booty with extreme contouring ... I'm currently searching for a Dr who will put 1000+ in each but cheek and do some major liposuction on my waist , thighs and back. Ladies if you have any suggestions please feel free .

finding the right Dr. ....

So I read a couple great reviews for Dr hughes in L.A California and was wondering if anyone had any stories to share with me regarding his work ??? the price difference is huge from 3900$ us in d.o to 10,500 us in cali !!!!!

D.R here I come

So I have been doing night and day research and I feel very confident that Dr yily is the surgeon I want doing my bbl . I love the curves she achieves ...

faja has arrived

I ordered my faja on amazon the company is mariaE ref# 9152 it's exactly what I wanted . I paid 90$ Canadian shipping 29.95 $ and got it in 2 days . It fits tight but I think it's exactly what I need for after my lipo. I highly recommend this to anyone getting thigh lip or else I would have gone with a booth short style #9334 mariaE.

Here's my story June 6th-

ON JUNE 6TH MY HUSBAND AND I ARRIVED IN D.R . WE WAITED A HOUR AT THE AIRPORT FOR THE DRIVER TO SHOW UP . HE HAD HIS WHITE LINED PAPER AND 5 HAND WRITTEN SIGNS OF GIRLS NAMES . WE WAITED A HOUR FOR A GIRL THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE BUT WE DIDN'T FIND HER. WE DROVE TO A CLINIC , I WAS EXPECTING CIPLA BUT IT WASN'T. WE WAITED 6 HOURS IN THE CLINIC GETTING BLOOD WORK . MEETING CARDIOLOGIST GETTING A EKG . We were tired , hungry and thirsty . There is a vending machine if you have pesos , so exchange a few bucks American to pesos at the airport before you leave .... I met with Dr yily that evening with her assistant . She marked my body up with jiffy marker without asking me or telling me anything about her marks . I was exhausted I was on no sleep for 31 hrs at this point and she asked do you have any questions ? I said yes but I can't think of them right now and she was gone out of the room . I was told to be back at the clinic at 6:30 am the following day .....

June 7th at clinic

Arrived at clinic at 7 am . My husband and I were sitting in a clinic room waiting for someone to come in to tell me it was time to talk to Dr yily about what I wanted . I forgot to mention in my last review the Internet WiFi doesn't work well in this clinic . If you don't have a copy of your 300$ deposit your s.o.l if you don't have a copy of your quote your paying the going rate . Pay for the 7 day recovery package for 850 it includes your driver $150 your medication $250 socks 20$ blood transfusion $250 insurance $250 and recovery I paid 500 so a total of $1450 .00 instead of 850$ I paid . We looked around the room while we waited and they really should be able to afford a nice hand sanitizer or soap in the room . They need to do some repairs to the clinic I'll attach some pictures. BLOOD AND BANDAID ON THE FLOOR .

Little blue pill

So June 7th around noon a nurse came in gave me my blue pill . I still thought I would see Dr yily before my surgery but I was wrong the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery shaking !! Freezing !!! And barely coherent. My husband said I was back in our recovery around 3:45 . I remember needing to go to the bathroom and getting up my stomach was so tight I could barely walk. My husband said " OMG your hips are huge they look horrible !!!!!" I never got to tell Dr yily what kind of a butt I wanted so I guess she did what she thought would look good . I had lipo all over my back ,my complete sides of rib cage and the sides of my breast implants ( which is very cool because they are so round and perky now !) I got a tummy tuck and my scar is tiny and perfect even :) I got 1200 cc's in my butt and hips but she's not sure how much was in the hips . Here's the first picture taken only a hour after surgery .

First pics after surgery

Big hips !!!!

Here's a tip

When you see Dr yily bring in a clipboard with a diagram of the body . Explain in detail what kind of a bum you want . Be specific when explaining how much you want to be put in and where . Have a picture of what you hope your end results will look like . I didn't do this and I regret it immensely . I sent many wish pics to her office and I was naive to believe she had a file on me . I wanted a bubble butt with high projection . I didn't want wide hips I went into the surgery with 42 " hips . My measurements were 42 chest
39 waist
42 hips
I came out with
40 chest
34 waist
45 " hips

June 8th

I slept most of day 1 after surgery day 2 u was feeling extremely weak and they told us I needed a blood transfusion as my hemoglobin dropped from 13.5 to 8 . My husband did not want me getting a blood transfusion and the Dr said I could take a vitamin mis but it would take awhile to make me feel better. We chose to do the vitamin pack but both of us feel asleep we woke up to half of a blood transfusion bag hanging beside me . My husband freaked out and demanded copies of all the information on the blood that was now flowing thru my body. The male doctor said we could take pictures but NOMI came in and told us that I signed for a blood transfusion and no we could not have the information we had requested . We asked to talk to Dr yily regarding my hips so she arrived with her assistant to translate for her . I explained that I wanted a bubble butt and got big hips . She (Dr yily ) explained that I told her I wanted hips when she marked me up. I said "no I never said I wanted hips " I was then told by her assistant that yes I did. My husband stuck up for me explaining every picture I had as wish pics were full big bubble butt with no hips . Dr yily said she would do surgery #2 and remove my hips in a few days when I was strong enough for the surgery . I told her we would discuss this and let her know . I was heart broken and felt like such a idiot for not 100% clarifying what I wanted and expected the first time I met with Dr yily . I spent 10,000$ and was away from my kids for 2 weeks in pain feeling home sick and I get to return without my dream butt!!!!!!@ Dr yily explained she stuck 1200 cc's in each butt cheek and that my results were awesome but I would need to wait for the full 3 months before my results were really showing . We left clinic to go to the luxury recovery house . I was sore but not in agony I'd say 4/10 at this point .

6 month post

I absolutely loved my results by 3 months . Dr yily was right when she said be patient your body will look so good at 3 months . I love my tummy tuck best decision ever . It's so tight and flat I highly recommend it to any mother with lose skin or a pouch . My pain lasted till around 5 months but now in 6th month I'm back to 90% .

More pictures showing my results

Here are a bunch of pictures showing my results month by month .

Post pics

Here are some pictures from 1 month post to 6 month post

I've decided to do round 2

I love my results the lipo is amazing and I healed so nice. My clothing fits so much better with some ass . I want it bigger and fuller . My gf and I will be going to Dr yily in 2017 :). I will be getting a 2nd bbl, lipo and possibly breast lift with new implants . I'm hoping she can do the new scarless lift .... here are some wish pics

Here are my most recent results

These pictures are my current size and shape
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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