41 3 Kids - Duran doll May 10 2016 Dominican Republic

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So I'm finally ready to do my review I been on RS...

so I'm finally ready to do my review I been on RS for 4 months collecting information on Doctors & RH homes looking at pictures encouraging women so I finally made my $450 deposit to dr Duran surgery coordinator Laura got my surgery date set for Feb 18 2016 I need a travel buddy I'm going alone :-( I'm so excited I will post before and after pictures I will also post screen shots of all the information I collected so far hope it helps the next diva like it did me????????????????

Before surgery pictures

I made a doctor appt for next Thursday to get my blood work done and any other test I might need before surgery ... I also posted a list of vitamins Duran recommend I start taking . I hate taking pills I have a hard time swallowing ... Also is it better to get your prescription that's needed after surgery from your primary doctor or just wait until you get to DR?

Wish pictures

A little about me 5'4 158 pounds all breast no butt ... I'm 40 years old and ready for a change I always wanted a butt to match my breast but was in the wrong line when God gave out butts . So So glad I found RS I was thinking about going to Miami with Dr O but then I found Duran ???????????????? I'm so excited I told a few friends and cousins everybody my surgery they given me the side eye but that's ok when it's all over everybody gone want all the details and how much it cost etc ... I'm not sharing shit but I will tell them to go on RS ... Lol

Sorry wish pictures didn't post

Contact Duran

Laura Rodriguez
Dr. Hilario DurĂ¡n | SurgiCoordinator & Consulting
CIPLA, Suite 212, Ens. Esperilla; Santo Domingo, DR
Phone/ Whatsapp: 1.347.779.0624 / 1. 809. 707. 7163
www.draduran.com | facebook | IG: dra_duran

Shit getting real

The count down

Still Need Surgery Buddy!!!

I did get my date change to March 2 thank God Laura my surgicoordinator is the best and Jules from RH healing heaven is heaven sent they always answer my calls and get me a answer within 24 hours I can't wait to have surgery!!!

New Surgery Date May 10

It's been a min since I posted but had to change my date again for the last time didn't want to post until I was sure everything was a go with my Iron finally up to 12.1 I still got work to do got two weeks vacation off from work will have Dr Duran fill out my Fmla / disability paper work after surgery I was told she will filled them out after surgery but not before tin that's cool with me I want to be off at least 30 days once I return home ... Round trip flight booked RH paid in full so excited!!!

Order this from Dr Miami

I think it will help on the plane ride back home and sitting at work don't know about sleeping but I will let you guys know if it's a good investment it cost $117.00 Wth priority shp 2-3 days

Info from Duran about Flight Booking

I booked with Delta ... Duran said don't fly America Airline on your return flight!!!


My Hemo was 11.9 I'm up to 13.7 I'm so happy only got 28 days to go is that good enough for tt, lipo, bbl?

Wish pictures

11 days DR here I come

Hips or Laterals

I want hips

Helpful info from a DR Vet

Please research everything you can about your surgery and all complications and how to prepare for them

Less then 10 days shit getting real

Ok ladies I will be posting everyday being by surgery 10 days away I'm going to post everything I purchased once I have surgery I will let you know what work or didn't work for me


Ok so my hemo started of low back in Nov when I First started my journey I'm now 13.8 yeah I only took folic acid b complex I took vitamin c 500 and iron 65mg together some with orange juice suppose to help absorb the iron better ... Now I had time to build my up since I didn't have surgery in February ..now if you don't have a lot of time some vets recommend pure absorb and geritol liquid
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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