40 No Kids, but Body Look Like It...Dominican Republic, DO

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Want a booty that I feel confident walking on the...

Want a booty that I feel confident walking on the beach with. I've been on this website for two years.. Finally made the decision to get da body!
I've reached out to several doctors and Dr. Mallo's office made me feel the most comfortable. I had to make sure All of this is real. It's a blessing to have everyone share their experiences as this is a serious decision and you must make sure it's right!
I'm leaving Sunday, I meet him on Monday and my surgery is Tuesday.
Pray for me ladies and I will post pics later.

Started packing!....

Got all my supplies...chose the Armonia Revovery House with a hospital bed. Boyfriend getting sad I'm taking this journey by myself. With the exception of real self. I'll keep you posted

Getting ready to go....

Sitting in airport. Ladies please book your flights in advance because last minute is not cheap! Good thing the procedure is cheaper in DR..also I realized that coming back the is crazy overlay hours!... Ranging from 8-24hrs so start looking now

Met Dr. Mallo!...blood work done EKG good....all set for tomorrow

Dr. Mallo is the nicest physician I've dealt with so far! He knew my name, what we discussed via email and gave his final suggestions. He didn't try to talk me into unecessary surgery and advised me about other things. His facility is goergous and clean!!!!
His office is located elsewhere which was also nice. ( you go there for follow ups and initial consult). His assistant Phillip is fine as as sweet as he can be.
I've met a lot of women here two just arrived today and they have all come from real self community. It's funny how everyone sit around the table and share their journey. If you don't have a partner, no worries the women come from all over and we all have common things to share and help each other out!.. I just learned you can get your teeth fixed, and some more stuff while your here!...
I do have to share that a lot of ladies are against having TT and BBL at same time very difficult for recovery. They are sharing their stories.. If you can just get aggressive lipo would be better because you have to lay on your stomach.
Which is difficult with a TT...( had it before).
Well I will be away for two days for post opt.. TTYL

Got my booty!

Surgery went well!
Everyone has been nice. dr Mallol is great speaks very good English and cares about you. Ladies choose this Dr.

New pics

Finally able to take some pics... Booty looking tight and right!

Back home recovering

Hello ladies..

Flight home was miserable! As soon as I got off the flight I had to run to the bathroom and take off the Faja!... Take some alternate garments for travel. My body is feeling great!..family noticed right away.
Make sure you get a Dr note to leave country cleared. Also request a wheelchair DO NOT try to do that airport by yourself. It will take a great toll on you

Some pics


Still swollen and aching.. Can't see final results yet as I feel like I'm pear shaped. Massages are necessary in this process...the garment is a pain I do take a break for an hour or two

Almost two months out!

How do I look?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Best interaction...answer all my questions

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