39 Yr Old Mom of 3 is Ready to Do Herself ... Need Lipo Bbl Ba Tt. Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been stalking the site for over 2 yrs and...

I have been stalking the site for over 2 yrs and now finally decided to go to the DR for surgery I have research all dif doctors and I had 3 choices dr yilly dr almonte and dr emmanuel mallol well I have narrow it down to dr mallol because of the communication and the research I have done I am doing surger may 23 so I will be goin to the DR on the 22 I am 39 I weight about 190 lb I do have.a.butt but I have no shape with it I look like spongebob friends r telling me am crazy I shape good and am just too much but I only look good in clothes I hate my body out of clothes and my breast are like slippers in my eyes.... I just cant wait for my day to come.... I went to my pcp and my hemoglobin is 10.7 and I need it up by may 23 to be 12.8 so I can be able to have all my procedure done am taking iron prescription and supplements my doctor give so keeping my fingers cross.... I would love to be able to share my journey step by step with u a'll


only 7 more days to go

7 more days an my body will be snatchhh by dr mallol am not sure if am nervous or exceited but all i kno i cant wait to see my transformation... am leaving monday and will be doin surgery tues apr 19... i will definately post pic from start to finish off my process because i wanna help girls curious like my self when i first made this decision. am pack and my money stock and ready to go

Two more day before am in the DR

Ok am pack and ready to go to the DR monday I will be flying from toronto to punta cana airport the my driver will pick me up from there take me to Santa Domingo where I will go to my recovery house and wait till the next day to get blood works done

Am here in the Dominica

Ok girls am at my recovery house paradise I got in safe I will be goin out early 6am tomorrow to start my journey I have 2 other girls in my room one already did surgery me n the next girl goin in tomarrow all diffrent doctors I will give more heads up....Dominica is beautiful the lil I saw while my driver picks me up he handed me the phone and it was my dr mallol on it saying welcome how was my flight n I need to get sum rest its gonba be a long day tommarow

Finially am snatch

Just to let u kno I made it to the flat side.... and just a hint the first 2 days after surgery is not a easy road but in the end its worth it... as soon as am able to get up on my own I will post pic. Am loving my result

I love love my result

I finally is now on the flat side... the journey is not pretty at all it was a nightmare for me the first 2 days after mu surgery I felt like I was dieing I had high blood pressure high fever I was vomiting from in the surgery room for 2 days straight my pain killer was the one thats giving me hypertension I felt like I couldnt breath it was really bad for me but now am feeling a lil better and coming along well.... I will post my surgery pic right now
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr emmanuel Mallol is very nice he listen to you suggested whats needed reassure you u will be in good hands... his team is very responsible in good manner

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