39 yo Mother of 3, Hydrogel Removal (butt) to Avoid Complications & Replacing with Lipo-BBL+rhinoplasty - Dominican Republic, DO

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I started off with Duran, Henao, Yily in mind and...

I started off with Duran, Henao, Yily in mind and neither worked out they either don't do the removal procedure and Henao wouldn't do removal and BBL at the same time. So I chose to go to Dr Mallol because of his amazing work and expertise. He and his staff are very attentive and make you feel so very comfortable. I feel confident in his work.

Started packing

I ordered my booty buddy a few days ago and did some shopping but still missing a few items. And I also added a wish pic for nose

What do you guys think of my nose job goal

Check this pic out

So any sleeping ideas for me for post Sx?

Im still trying figure out this sleeping arrangement having getting rhinoplasty plus bbl done at the same damn time

Flight booked N soon to be snatched by Mallol

Super excited my flight is booked, did lab work today, booty buddy will be here tomorrow so now just need a few more items and I'm ready to go. Started my vitamins a few days ago so now the countdown begins.

Rhinoplasty goals

Some may judge n some won't but I don't give 2 (bleep) either way this is my nose goal for real for real. I have the height already but my nose is just too damn wide n big n these nostrils though :/ smdh

Body goals aside from tryn to save my life

So although the goal is removal of silicone but after my last 2 babies I'm definitely not feeling this baby fat I'm dragging around with me. So I'm getting everything lipo'd (full body including arms n thighs) when I 1st joined I didn't want to show my face but now that I think about it who cares. My body my money my Sx, so here it goes!

My lab work is in!!!!!!!!

Super super excited, all is well and my hemo is at a 14.2 right now and I'm actually 160 lbs not 162lbs yeah like 2 lbs really make a difference. I'm just happy.

In need of RH reviews and pricing

So I told Mallol that i wanted Armonia but theres so much confusion and i can't find the website. I need to know exactly where I'm going. Plus I'm staying 19 days so I really need something nice/clean and also affordable. Im thinking of not doing the package for the extra 950 which is only giving me 10 days at RH which means I'll be paying another 600 plus bucks. I need suggestions ladies

These RH' really pissing me off

They post one thing on IG and when you message them they start filtering and adding on shit that was already included wtf. I'm not cheap, maybe strapped for card with all that's going on but I also know how to read and comprehend what I read. So don't be trying me for some dumb ass broad.

more before self pics

Decided on Armonia Recovery

Well the decision making part of my journey has come to an end. It was really hard to decide on a RH because i heard horror stories till my stomach turned. Armonia was my 1st choice originally but after reading what happened to be an inaccurate review re: bed bugs I went on a RH haul of investigations. after speaking with several other women who have actually stayed there as well Mayra herself i found out the truth. The accusation turned out to have been inaccurate, it wasn't bed bugs it was mosquito bites that the individual experienced which is common in the carribean as well as well part of the US. Im in Florida and the mosquitos here are soon annoying ugh. Mayra has been very helpful although i had thousands of questions and concerns she made sure she answered them despite how uncomfortable they may have been. So far I'm extremely satisfied with the service as well as the pricing. I will be there in DR at Armonia in 10 days yayyy so i"ll post with plenty of updates.

Made it to DR

So I flew out of Fort Lauderdale airport this morning at 7am and arrived at SDQ airport at 9:10am, after going through immigration/customs etc I picked up my luggage and walked out and found to gentlemen holding up a sign with my name I must admit the service was nice. Pedro put my things in the car and off to the clinic we went. That was a little nerve wrecking since I was already tired and hungry so having to wait on the Dr was a little hectic although his assistant Octavio was very pleasant and so eased the pain of the wait and Dr Mallol arrived and was persistent on doing a thorough physical background history etc and thorough consultation. He was extremely honest and seemed to be paying attention to what I wanted and he knew exactly what I wanted so I seemed repetitive. So I'm going for more tests in the morning and Sx Wednesday

Ughhhh my damn hemo went down

So I did labs at the clinic yesterday and today when I arrive at clinic I find out the my hemo had that damn nerve to drop to 12.7 wtf after all these vitamins and SSS tonic. 3 weeks ago it was 14.2 n then I got my cycle '•' but anyways I'm still good for all my procedures but really wanted my hemo to be in the 14-15 range so there would be no need for blood transfusion but now who knows ???? Anyhow glad I'm good though. Just left from the clinic again to do the Cardiovascular exam and I'm cleared for Sx

It's Surgery time...... Lol

I'm happy, excited and nervous at the same time. Dr Mallol did another consult discussing the procedures just to assure nothing has changed on my part since Monday. So I'm marked up n waiting on cocktail man to come and knock me out lol see y'all on the flat side.

2 days PO pics

The pain hasn't been pretty at all. I literally feel like I was hit by 10000 bulldozer trucks. Dr Mallol delivered more than I expected. I'll give review about how the actual surgery went but it was a success. When the pain subsides I'll write a thorough review. By the way Bey1115 is the best she gave me 1 of her fajas that didn't fit but saved the day for me. Ok so I'm uploading these 2 day post op pics I took yesterday when I took the faja off. He removed most of silicone and reconstructed me with the fat I had

Recover recovery recovery.......3 weeks post op

what a journey, the recovery process is definitely not what I expected. I thought it was a similar process like when I got implants a few years ago but never really thought about the fact that my body was about to undergo a drastic change. Well today marks 3 weeks since I had my surgery. Not ready to do full review but I'll show a few pics to quench the eagerness that some of you may have. One thing I will say that damn Dr Mallol snatched me to the max lol. The 1st time I took the faja off on day 2 I swore the pic looked photoshopped. He came to visit me and several others a few times at the recovery house and that was really nice because some ladies never even seen their doctors even at follow up.

Before and after pics of body, nose pics coming soon!!

Before and after body pics-Mallol doll

10 weeks post op

Well well well, recovery process I def wasn't ready for. It still hurts and burns to get out of bed. My back feels like it's on fire and super tight.


He did a great job but the only issue I have is that my skin keloids so I'm dealing with that inside nostrils
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mallol has definitely met my expectations in a doctor. He listens to me answers my questions and responds in a timely manner as well has his staff. I'm extremely excited to be going to him in a few weeks. IMO he is heaven sent to help the women in my situation (who's been injected with that poison) and also to make us more beautiful than ever.

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