38 Yr Old 4 Children Waiting on a Much Needed Bbl, Tt, and Bl

I'm am wanting to become a Duran doll. I never had...

I'm am wanting to become a Duran doll. I never had a butt and I feel like it's time to take care of me. I've been on the site looking at profiles and I feel I made the best choice going with Dr.Duran. I just sent in for a quote today and I hope to hear from here soon. Please feel free to give me any positive advice if you recently went to Dr.Duran, I would love to here from you. Me and my sister want to both be Duran dolls.

Got a text, but still waiting.

So yesterday I got a text back from Laura and I responded and haven't heard anything since!! I was so excited so I resent my profile and sent her a text to see if she received it and if I can get a quote and book our dates. I've decided that I don't want to go to any other doctor but Duran so I'm going to patiently wait. I just hope it's not too long because I can only take off from work in April.

Got one quote from Duran!

So my sister got a quote today from Duran and I'm still patiently waiting on mines!!!! I hope I get one today so we can secure our dates and begin our preparation.

They do answer their phone!!

So I just called and got through to Dr. Duran office! They do speak English and are very helpful. She told me I should receive my quote very soon!!! I'm so anxious to get this process started!!!


This journey just to receive a quote is crazy!!! I have called and spoke to someone I emailed every email address they have I've even sent messages on what's app! I'm beginning to get a little discouraged. I've done all this research on Dr Duran and I don't want to choose another doctor. I am confident in the doctor that I chose and that's what I want to stick with. I just need to get a quote!
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I'm waiting on a response.

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