38 Yr Old 4 Children Waiting on a Much Needed Bbl, Tt, and Bl

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I'm am wanting to become a Duran doll. I never had...

I'm am wanting to become a Duran doll. I never had a butt and I feel like it's time to take care of me. I've been on the site looking at profiles and I feel I made the best choice going with Dr.Duran. I just sent in for a quote today and I hope to hear from here soon. Please feel free to give me any positive advice if you recently went to Dr.Duran, I would love to here from you. Me and my sister want to both be Duran dolls.

Got a text, but still waiting.

So yesterday I got a text back from Laura and I responded and haven't heard anything since!! I was so excited so I resent my profile and sent her a text to see if she received it and if I can get a quote and book our dates. I've decided that I don't want to go to any other doctor but Duran so I'm going to patiently wait. I just hope it's not too long because I can only take off from work in April.

Got one quote from Duran!

So my sister got a quote today from Duran and I'm still patiently waiting on mines!!!! I hope I get one today so we can secure our dates and begin our preparation.

They do answer their phone!!

So I just called and got through to Dr. Duran office! They do speak English and are very helpful. She told me I should receive my quote very soon!!! I'm so anxious to get this process started!!!


This journey just to receive a quote is crazy!!! I have called and spoke to someone I emailed every email address they have I've even sent messages on what's app! I'm beginning to get a little discouraged. I've done all this research on Dr Duran and I don't want to choose another doctor. I am confident in the doctor that I chose and that's what I want to stick with. I just need to get a quote!

Still waiting for my quote????????

This is too much waiting on a quote! It's been almost a month. Has it taken this long for anyone else to get a quote from dr Duran? I'm so disappointed because I don't want to go to anyone else!

Breaking the news to my doctor!????????

So I'm at my primary care physicians office about to get my hemo levels checked and let him that I am preparing to get an elective surgery out of the country. I really want him to be on board so that I can get my post op meds from him. I'm also getting my hA1c checked because I'm diabetic. I really hope this goes well.

Wish pics

I'm way ahead of myself! Every morning I'm up wishing to see an email with a quote. It's hard to wait for something you really want, but I'll wait because Dr. Durán's work is worth it. I feel like a stalker with all the calling, emailing, WhatsApp, instagram, and Snapchat! I just need a quote and date.

Bad news????????????

So I just got my labs from my pcp and my hA1c is elevated! I'm so mad! Now I have to work on bringing my level down below 7 in order to be healthy enough for an elective surgery! I'm sooooo mad!!

No Duran for me

So I called Dr. Durán's office this morning to see if I can get an update on my quote status. I sent a request on sept 29 and have been waiting since then. Every time I call the office or WhatsApp the Surgicoordnator they would say my case is still in progress. Finally today the lady on the phone says that it's because your diabetes that you have not received a quote. She every surgeon is different and Dr Duran does not take diabetics because of the risk of complications after surgery. Now that's her prerogative but every case should be looked at individually. Every person with diabetes may not be a good candidate for surgery. Being diabetic you have an increased risk for infection and an increased risk for a longer healing time. All of this is also dependent on your HA1c and your control of your blood sugars. I have been and will continue to work closely with my pcp to make sure that I am in the best health that I can be. He is ok with me having elective surgery because my numbers are under control so for Dr.Duran to say no it's very disappointing to me. I really like her work and for me to take a risk and have surgery out of the country I trust very few surgeons with my life so no surgery for me. I just don't see the quality of her work in too many other surgeons so I won't waste my money right now. I have to go back to the drawing board.
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I'm waiting on a response.

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