38 Years Old 2 Kids and a Much Needed Tt and Bbl - Dominican Republic

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I've been reading on this website for the past...

I've been reading on this website for the past couple months and have decided to go with Dr. Yily in the DR. I chose her because her waists are always so small and I want a nice size butt. I want a butt that has alot of projection but one that looks real. I emailed Dr. Yily and now waiting for a quote. So excited! I really want this because having kids has wrecked my body. I was so curvy before I had kids.

Heard from Dr Yily

so excited!!!!! yay!!!! heard from Dr. Yily this morning. She asked me a list of questions about age height, how many pregnancies etc. Will email her back tonight and fingers crossed for my quote

Got my Quote

so ecstatic I got my quote from Yily now to send my deposit. I hope I can secure a date in December because I want to be sexy for 2015. I've started wearing a waist cincher every day and one of those girdle type panties. It has helped my shape tremendously so that when I get my surgery it wouldn't be as noticeable. I am hoping that other than my bff and my bf I can keep it a secret lol! Don't want people in my business. Will post pics of me in my cincher tomorrow. Just too damn tired to do it now. Anyways tata ladies.

Wearing a waist cincher and a girdle panty.

Well today is day 5 of me wearing my waist cincher. I intend to wear one everyday until my surgery. I already feel a little boost in my confidence as my clothes fit way better with the cincher on.
I sent my wire transfer of my $300. deposit yesterdayand I am waiting on confirmation from Dr. Yily that she received it. Fingers crossed I am hoping that I get a sx date in December.

Booked my sx date

So so happy! Got my sx date and it is Dec 4th. Dr. Yily hasn't been difficult to contact at all. She responded to all my emails in a timely fashion. Thank God.

On to getting my surgery supplies together. Need to compile a list of what I need for the sx. Will also start taking vitamin c, b and folic acid.
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