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I am excited and nervous to get my procedure. I...

I am excited and nervous to get my procedure. I really wish that the Dr. offices communicated better, I send an email, the offices say the reply in 24-48 hrs, a week later I get a reply. SMH and getting nervous because lately all I have been reading on RS is negative about Yily . I am going to stay at Sea Lily as I haven't read one bad review about it. I wanted to stay at Serenity but they are booked up.

lots of things no one tells you

First let me start out by saying, I wish I knew all the things I will write in this review before going to DR for surgery.

1) Everything people say about Dra Yily is true its impossible to meet with her. I met her 5 mins prior to my surgery. She doesn't speak a word of English but has a lady that translates. She was talking a cellphone call while marking my body. She was kind but that was the only time I ever saw her. 

2) See your primary care Dr before you go and ask for the list of meds she request you purchase from her for $250. My BF and I did surgery the same day here Dr gave her the meds and it cost her less then $100 with insurance for the meds.

3 BRING PAIN MEDS, Dra Yily gives you tramadol after surgery. You will be in pain you will want some good old American pain meds. I brought 10 Vicodin for 9 days it wasn't enough. You can go back and ask for something stronger at your follow up, but for me that was 4 days after my surgery. Also they charge you $20 to write the Rx. 

4) If you can bring a friend or family member do it. Hire a nurse for CIPLA I saw girls not doing it and suffering terribly. 

5) Bring an extra set of sheets, blanket and pillows to CIPLA. Not just a boppy. Depending on the room you get you could be freezing like my BF and told there is no blankets or pillows available. I ended up giving her my blanket, I brought one from home. Her catheter leaked all over the bed, she was wet and cold they gave her an extra sheet. Then flipped the mattress, it was gross

4) Make sure your recovery house is there by 9 am. Get the hell out of CIPLA. I saw girls with tummy tucks sitting in chairs crying because their house wasn't there to pick them up and the room was needed. THEY DO NOT GIVE A SH*T at CIPLA

5) Get your blood work and test done as soon as you get to DR. We got there at 3 pm and was out by the time they closed. We had girls in our RH that waited till the next day then didn't get surgery till after 5 pm. Surgery is scheduled based on sign in sheet you cant sign in till your bloodwork is done and you see the cardiologist. The sign in sheet is for all the Drs so even if your Dr only has a few patients that day you have to wait for a surgical room behind all the other girls that are there and ready for surgery. 

6) See your Primary Dr as soon as you get back to the states. I was in a lot of pain 10 days later but still went. My Dr saw some of my incisions were infected and put me on extremely strong antibiotics, which cleared it up but he said it could of turn serious had I not come in. He also gave me a by pains meds and sleeping pills. 

7) You can buy all of your surgical supply list from the Dollar Tree including the Chux. I did and spent $30 my bf spent close to $200 buying from a variety of stores. Foam rings that sell for $50 or can be bought at Wal-mart by the pharmacy for $10.

8) SEA Lily is an AMAZING RECOVERY HOUSE! I honestly don't think I could of had more helpful caring people on earth. They were at CIPLA at 8 am helping us with everything. We hired our nurse through them, so she was able to call them and get us items we forgot brought to the hospital even late night after surgery. The have a spa downstairs so they can do the Lymphatic massages in your room or in the spa. You wake up to fresh fruit and fresh juices. You can request what food you want, they will even feed you if you're in really bad shape. There's hot water, they will wash your hair since you cant bath. You don't have to ask them for anything there is a person on stand by at all times to help you. They don't skimp on pillows or linens. They always make sure you are comfortable and well cared for. I am so thankful for them and all their help. From the moment I stepped off the plane they were there with a sign helping with luggage asking us if we were hungry just amazing caring family. 

9) Bring comfort snacks to the hospital and to D.R. I am so glad I had some Ritz crackers and mixed nuts at the hospital and the little boxes of cereal. The food at the hospital was terrible and you get no food the day of your surgery my Ritz saved me, its not like your hungry but it was nice when I felt sick to have a cracker and a little bit of sugar to level me out.

Pre and post

I wanted a natural look my family thinks I look like a porn star. I didn't want a big but and this butt is bigger then I wanted. I wish they didn't add so much fat to my hips, but I promised my husband no more surgery. According to the stares i get and grocery store stalkers I guess it looks good.

5 wks post finally 100%

I am 5 weeks post op and finally feel like myself again. I am able to pick up my kids. I am able to sleep through the night. I still wake up with a little water in my back but nothing my husband cant massage away. I was doing Lymp massages but for a few wks but at $80 a massage 3 x's a wk it really cuts into my new cloths buying cash flow :-) I have some messages about my measurements. I have to do them and I will post them. I will tell you my girlfriends can wrap their hand around my waist between their thumb and pointer finger, and I'm talking about ladies not men and their finger tips touch. I am shocked, because as you can see from my before pic I was pretty wide in the middle section. To all the girls out there recovering, girl the STRUGGLE IS REAL, I know some days you wake up thinking WTF did I do, but in the end its totally worth. BEST OF LUCK DOLLS

Just bc booty pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She does amazing work but you wont see her till your surgery. Her staff plays dumb when its convenient for them. I wish the follow was more in depth, my follow up was done by a lady that didn't speak English so she couldn't answer my questions.

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