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Hello world I've lost 160lbs after having...

Hello world I've lost 160lbs after having bariatric surgery in February 2016. And after losing the weight I've realized that I've become so much more unhappy when looking at myself in the mirror or being intimate with my fiancé. I've been researching multiple surgeons in the DR, and I'm going to be dolled by Dra. Yily. I'm getting a BBL, tummy tuck, and lipo. The quoted price was originally $6,200 but that's with breast augmentation but $5200 without. I'm praying that when I come out of this part of my journey I will love myself on the outside as much as I do in the inside. If anyone has been dolled by Queen Yily please share with me your journey!

Things to pack???

So I'm putting together a list of things to pack. And after looking at other dolls reviews and YouTube I'm more confused than before lol please help..

My recovery house sent from God

This new recovery house named Diva Dolls International is amazing and after having a 45 min phone conversation with one of the owners I'm so at ease with my decision on surgeon and the care provided by Diva Dolls International!! Did I mention they are English speaking and offer a peaceful luxury safe recovery!! Check them out on face book!!thank me later

Wish pics

I can't wait!!! But dolls I have to be honest I'm torn more and more everyday about the right surgeon...

I paid my deposit today

So dolls after research and prayer.... I've decided to go with Dr. Mallol!!!!! He has a lot of experience with post bariatric and care not to mention the pics of his work and real reviews are great!!!

Diva Dolls International

I'm On my way!!! Recovery house booked yayyyy!!! If only I could get a hold of Dr. Mallol....


He responded with confirmation!!! I'm so ready to go!!


I had to reschedule my surgery to March 28th due to another medical issue. I'm praying this issue doesn't create a longer issue or prevent me from going in March!!

Anxious and excited

So I'll be leaving March 28th for my surgery with Dr. Mallol and I'm so excited but I'm also very nervous I have my bag packed with exception of some more meds. Like the antibiotics for after surgery I have no idea what type to bring ... I've lost so far 158 lbs and still working to lose more before my procedure! Can someone tell me where to go to get the traveler card (I think that's what it's called) so I won't have to wait in line when I get to the DR airport.

Some before pics

Here are some before pics seeing how I'll be getting my procedures done next month! As of February 24th 2017 I'll be one year out from gastric bypass and down 158lbs.

So happy

My progression so happy

Best decision I've ever made!

These photos are right before my sx with Dr. Mallol and I'll be posting more photos of me currently. My experience with mallol was well worth it! I remember just crying the first time I seen my stomach was flat. Now that my swelling is a lot less I can see that there is still some skin that needs to be removed from my stomach and I hate my thighs lol so a thigh lift will be happening

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

It was well worth it!

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