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Hey dolls this is my 1st post. I made the decision...

Hey dolls this is my 1st post. I made the decision to get surgery now just in the process of getting scheduled. I want Dr Manuel Diaz and hope he has an opening soon. I'm between jobs and figured this would be the perfect time to do it so I don't have to take off or have to answering a bunch of questions about my new body lol. I weigh 223lbs and waiting to hear back if the doc wants me to lose some weight or not. I actually prefer how I look at 180lbs but I hate that soon as I no lose weight my breast gets and my butt gets even smaller if that can even be possible because its so flat. I wear a size 14 & bra is 42 DD but at my smallest in the last 7 yrs I weighed 170lbs wore a size 10 bra 34 B. So im hoping not to lose too much weight so when I get the BL there is actually something there to lift :)
My main goal is finally gad a booty. My mother has the biggest butt. You can sit a tray on it. I apparently have my fathers sude shape according to my mom. To make matters worth my three closest friends & my fav cousins that I always with all have been blessed with bug butts. They drive me crazy trying to convince me how its not a big deal. But I say its like money (its only an issue when you dont have any).
Well I have the $ thanks to a very nice severance package & now also the time just need the doctor & a sx date.
I think I've been putting the cart before the horse. I told my close family & friends (even my mom who is a worrier) , got my passport, starting shopping for supplies (thanks ladies for included those in ur post) so now just waiting to schedule if price is right.

I will keep you dolls posted.

Waiting for sx date

So I made my deposit of $500 Friday. Now waiting to hear back from Dr Diaz for surgery date. I want to go mid June but not sure yet if he wants me to lose any weight. Waiting to hear back is killing me im so ready to book my flight. I download whatsapp like suggested to reavh him quicker but not sure how to use app. So if anyone has the # or user name for him on whatsapp plz let me know.

I've put some before pic up. I've lose 7 lbs since I took the pic. yea me!

Six weeks away

I have my sx date. I'm soooo excited. It is so real now. I go July 15th exactly 6 weeks from now. I wanted something this month so i still have the rest of the summer to show off my new body lol. But Dr diaz suggested for best results to lose 20 more lbs. I was 223 and now down to 215. I figured it will take me 6 more weeks to get to 195. I'm a little concerned that my breast will deflate at that weight but its worth it to get the tummy & booty I so desperately want. Ican always wear pushup bras until I can afford to go back and the girls done.
I was already motivated to lose weight but now that I have a goal weight and sx date its like someone put an energizer battery on my back ...lol
I started booking my flight im doing the 10day package so everything else Dr diaz office will take care of which helps. I didnt want to have to worry about booking the RH so the extra $1000 is worth it!
Im making a list of my supplies so I can finish all my purchases because I know the next 6 wks will fly by.
I will keep u guys posted with my progress

CBC test

Hey ladies need some help. Dr. Diaz wants me to get a CBC test & send results. Has anyone else done this? Were you able to get insurance to pay? Did your regular doctor give you any trouble when you requested the test?

Getting scared

My surgery is a week away. This time next week I will be in the air flying to D.R. I'm getting sooooo anxious! I just finished my shopping list for supplies. I feeling overwhelmed because I have a crazy long list of things I need to handle before I leave & not sure how I'm going to get it all done. Starting to feel guilty for leaving my kids for 10 days :( So far not a good day. Going to go workout and run errands hopefully it will pick up my spirits& I will attempt another review when I'm in netter mood.

Update of the first two days in d.r.

So ready to go home. Been in D.R. since Monday. The trip wa good arrived by 1pm and the driver was waiting with a sign as the soctor said he would and took me to the CIPLA. The traffic here is crazy they make New York drivers seem like old lady drives. ..lol. I was taken to doctor office. His receptionist speaks a little english. I got all my test taken right away ( xray, urine & blood). Doctor talked to me & examed me. While waiting for my EKG I walked to a restaurant with my sis n law & had dinner. By time we came back it was too late for ekg so I got done the next morning.
After ekg doctor saw me to mark my body. Surgery was scheduled for 10am they came & gave me blue 10:15 and by 1030 was taking me down.
Surgery was a lil unpleasant i wasn't fully knocked out. I've been under aesthetic twice before & I was completely knocked out. One instant im counting down then next im in recovery but this time I was dreaming and in & out consciousness. I never felt any pain but towards the end was freezing cold and teeth were chattering.
I slept most of the day after the surgery.

Photos prior to surgery

Heres some photos prior to surgery

Finally Home

Just got home today at 12pm. Left CIPLA 11:30AM Wednesday for airport. Flew to Jfk & flight was cancelled. So exhausted the long travel took a toll on my body. Im walking real stiff again after so much sitting. Best advice I can give is please make sure to get wheelchair assistance. I would've never made it around the airport on my own.

Food at CIPLA

I did my full recovery time at CIPLA. The food wasnt consistent. Lunch was normally the biggest& best meal. Breakfast was normally a cheese sandwich & boiled egg. Dinner most of the time was unrecognizable. Theres a few pictures.

Help ladies

I just got home today and desperately need a massage. Im having trouble locating a local masseuse that can do ultrasound & post op treatment. Am in the Baltimore area does anyone have any suggestions.?

CIPLA pictures

The CIPLA was very clean and nicely decorated.

Still Sore

Hey ladies I know I owe you guys pictures but im still very sore and uncomfortable. I just dont feel up to it yet but heres a photo I had my sis take while I was still in the D.R. it 2 days post op.


Im having so many regrets. My butt is definitely getting flatter. I wish I did more research about getting TT & BBL at same time. I knew that it was recommended to not be on your butt for 3 weeks but never thought about how having a TT at the same time would make that impossible. If I knew that I would have gotten just lipo & bbl. Ladies please read some of the Q&A on real self about having TT & BBL. All the doctors agree that its best to do bbl first.

2 weeks

Heres a couple of pictures. Sorry for the angle but im still sore & have trouble twisting around far enough to get good picture


Hey ladies Good news. I finally got my ultrasound treatment. While I was in D.R. I was getting massage & ultrasound everyday but once I got back home couldn't find anyone. The problem was I was looking under massages and kept calling masseuse. So ladies if you need ultrasound call a physical therapist or chiropractic office. I feel so much better since my treatment. Whats even better its covered by my insurance so all I have to pay is $25 copay. Im feeling better everyday and feeling more positive about my results.

7 weeks

Heres a pix
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I still waiting for swelling to go away to really see final results but from what I can see everything is looking good. The doctor wasnt friendly or personable. He came across more friendly via text than in person. The language barrier is serious. The doctor speaks English but two of the staff and they didnt speak much. The CIPLA was very clean and ran on a good schedule.

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