35 Y.o. Mukund Jaganathan Doll- Mumbai India

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I have been through ups and downs with this body....

I have been through ups and downs with this body..but honestly i do not like to kill myself in the gym. It's just not my thing!! I have before and my body was the truth, but then came tasty cakes and wine hence the rolls and fat. 2 years later i am like wtf just happen to me. I hate wearing a shaper and i want to wear a bikini. Originally i was going to Miami because i had a boob job there and it is great, but the doctor who did me left, so i looked into the best bbl and found Duran & Yily. Dra. Yily responded promptly so i decided to go with her. I got my quote on the same day and made my deposit. I am waiting for a confirmation back so i can book this flight and start to prep for this body greatness. Dra. Yily seems to have great work. However, I will not be getting a tummy tuck. I dont have that time of healing time in my schedule. I think you need a good 2 weeks for that and i only have 8 days and its back to my grind. As long as these tasty cakes are sucked outta my back, stomach and flanks and i got a juicy booty and some hips I am good to go. My current situation is spongebob square shape with a damn muffin top and i am OVER it. TEAM YILY!!!!

1 month to go....Luxury RH

Got the confirmation from Dra. Yily that I will staying at the luxury RH and got an email from Luxury RH of my my pickup from the airport with instructions. Got my physical yesterday my level is at 13.2 which is awesome because I haven't started my vitamins yet. Lazy!!! But I did buy them, I will start next week. So far so good. I read reviews on here everyday, some good, some bad, mostly good but either way I'm all in. Super excited for this lifestyle change. It's going to be really dope.

new doctor, new location

Okay ladies, I changed my doctor and location. I went thru Indicure.com for a TT, lipo and BBL. Total is $4100. My appointment is 18 January and I am ready. I will keep u updated on my Get me 2gether journey.

at the airport and a bit nervous

I am at the airport. I barely slept last night becausei was so anxious. My doctor called to let me know my surgery was rescheduled for tomorrow. So i will get there tonigjt and be admitted and prepped and my surgery is in the morning. I really wanted to go to DR, plus my homie went and her new body is amazing but i reside in the other part of the world and the thought of a 17 hour flight is too much for me. So india it is. I hope my results are amazing. Im going to tell him to make my waist as small as u can get it and my butt as big as u can get it. Fuck a natural look. I need my coins worth. Ill let u guys know how ot went tomorrow barbies.

Here we go

The medical industry is making a killing on this shit. The doctors and locations may be different but the hustle is da same.. Lol. My India experience seems close to what I have read from other girls in other locations. Yea the man was waiting for me with a huge sign at the airport, no he did not speak great English, yes I tipped him when he dropped me off at the hospital. The nurses are super nice but I believe they think I am the devil herself...lol. They fed me my last meal last night. Left a big ass juice on the table and every nurse that has come in here keeps asking me am I fasting! I'm like yes I am. They need to remove it his juice since they think I'm taking sneak sips...I had to take a betadine bath which is cool but they asked me to wash my hair with it and I flat out said NO. Listen I have had a brush cut for ever but 2 years ago I decided to grow it back out. Last year I got a relaxer and the struggle has been real with growth retention breaking and shedding. So I was not pouring iodine soap in my relaxed hair. They were irritated and so was I. Anyhow I did my X-ray blood, blood work and now I'm waiting on th dr to come and mark me up for surgery at one. Shit I'm nervous... Good luck to myself I hope I get exactly what I want. I'll hit u with some before and after shots on a bit.

World of pain

They stuck me 6 times before the could get the iv right. I was looking livid. Finally They got it and I was out like a light. I woke up and straight up asked them was in dying. I thought that was it for me. My stomach was on fire and my butt was extremely sore. My mouth was dry as hell. And they won't give me water. Finally they put meds in my iv and knocked me out again. I woke up later and the nurse helped me walk to the bathroom to go pee. My stitches are tight I can barely stand up and these 2 drains hurt like all hell. However I can see my hips bulging out. I'm sure it swollen but I hope they stay just like that. No more jelly rolls no more muffin top no more back fat. Thank goodness. They just gave me some coconut water. Yummy. Well ladies I will keep y'all posted.

Sick as a dog

Okay ladies, they removed my drains last night. I am now eating solid foods. I hadn't had a bowel movement in like 3 days so last night I had bad blasting and gas. I child feel the gas moving around in my stomach but could not push it out. They gave me some gas x and it did not work. I was in so much pain it made me start to throw up. On top of that they were still trying to give me oral medication. I was like no. Until this gas and food comes out nothing else is going in. I read about the constipation and gas after a TT and packed dulcolax pills. I took 2 with a big bottle of water and when I woke up this morning I was going to town. I feel so much better. I'm still a little gassy but no so nauseous. I am waiting for the nurses to come give me a shower and switch my faja and I will tak some photos. Honestly I don't like my shape at the moment. Maybe it's due to the swelling but I look like sponge bob square pants and that is a nightmare. He only put 350cc of fat in each cheek and to me that is not worth it. My hips are huge though but I hat good is that if I'm flat in the back. Shit I'm still in waiting on the nurses to come so when I see, u all will see too. Fingers crossed.

new pics

I was feeling a lil woozy but this is 2 days post op. I will post more tomorrow whend my swelling subsides some.

Excited already

Just a few pics 4 day post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. MJ is honest and talented. He sells no dreams but will give u a dream body.

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