35 Y.o. Future Yily Goddess!!! - Dominican Republic

I have been through ups and downs with this body....

I have been through ups and downs with this body..but honestly i do not like to kill myself in the gym. It's just not my thing!! I have before and my body was the truth, but then came tasty cakes and wine hence the rolls and fat. 2 years later i am like wtf just happen to me. I hate wearing a shaper and i want to wear a bikini. Originally i was going to Miami because i had a boob job there and it is great, but the doctor who did me left, so i looked into the best bbl and found Duran & Yily. Dra. Yily responded promptly so i decided to go with her. I got my quote on the same day and made my deposit. I am waiting for a confirmation back so i can book this flight and start to prep for this body greatness. Dra. Yily seems to have great work. However, I will not be getting a tummy tuck. I dont have that time of healing time in my schedule. I think you need a good 2 weeks for that and i only have 8 days and its back to my grind. As long as these tasty cakes are sucked outta my back, stomach and flanks and i got a juicy booty and some hips I am good to go. My current situation is spongebob square shape with a damn muffin top and i am OVER it. TEAM YILY!!!!

1 month to go....Luxury RH

Got the confirmation from Dra. Yily that I will staying at the luxury RH and got an email from Luxury RH of my my pickup from the airport with instructions. Got my physical yesterday my level is at 13.2 which is awesome because I haven't started my vitamins yet. Lazy!!! But I did buy them, I will start next week. So far so good. I read reviews on here everyday, some good, some bad, mostly good but either way I'm all in. Super excited for this lifestyle change. It's going to be really dope.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She responded the same day i emailed her. I got a FAB quote the same day I sent my photos, I am waiting for my deposit confirmation back from her office.

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