34yo Getting BBL!! - Dominican Republic

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I started calling maybe a couple weeks ago. Its...

I started calling maybe a couple weeks ago. Its okay to call back to back to back to back. You can call and get no answer and then call right back and get an answer. I called and called and called until I got the email to answer personal and medical questions and naked pictures. Once I replied with my info and pictures, I waited maybe a week thinking I would get a quote but I didn't so I started and kept calling until I got a quote.She told me on 3/11 I would get a quote in a couple days, didn't get on, so I called on 3/14 and got a quote on Monday 3/14/16.....Wired Deposit though MoneyGram app for $10 on 3/18/16, emailed some screenshots of the transaction, and got my date before the money had even reached the office (Home Delivery). When I called her and told her I had sent the money, she said she was booked up until August, once i sent the screenshot of the MoneyGram ,transaction, she pulled a rabbit out her hat, and got me exactly what I wanted. A JUNE 3rd appt. I count be more happier. Im so freaking excited. You have to keep calling and don't just wait thinking they will get back to you. They are pretty prompt once they know you are serious.


Can't wait to fix this lil body of mine....

Will Not Return to Work

So at first I'm like I'm going to take some time off to travel with my husband for his work and show the world my new body...HOWEVER after spending hours looking at RS women and their results, I've noticed that the women with the BEST results and had super SUPER SUPER SNATCHED waist wore their faja faithfully for several months post op....that's my goal! Im going to live in that bitch...I'm a teacher so it's no biggie, I'll just return in the fall of 2017 or maybe not...And my husband...he's so crazy....he is super excited for my surgery...he spoils me...i couldn't do this without him...especially on a teachers salary...during dinner a few weeks ago, I'm like I kinda wanna have a BBL, will
U pay for it? He like yeah...a few days later, I'm like I want a breast lift too, will u pay for that too? And it's a yes of course... He never tells me No...Happy wife equals happy life....and boy am I going to be happy .....and NAKED ALWAYS post-op...guess that why he super excited...just call me miss freak nasty post op!

Attn BBL and BL post op girls...

My family is taking a trip to Brazil 6 weeks post op...wondering if I'll be well enough to go...at 6 weeks how were u feeling? We're u healed enough to get in ocean water? Please let me know ur opinion...thanks in advance

CountDown to Red becoming a DuranDoll

WAITING for my bbl and BL has to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...I wasn't this impatient when I was pregnant and waiting the arrival of my daughter...I just want time to fly...I'm going bonkers, I can't think about anything else!

Little Things Yet Big Things

Today has been a rough day. I've been taking caring of my grandmother who is on hospice at my home, and got home from work , and all this was here...God always be right on time! I needed a pick me upper! Amazon Prime is that deal...too bad I'm cancelling when this trial is over...I'm not paying $100 for free 2-day shipping...however, I most definilty have been taking advantage of Amazon Prime making sure to order everything I need for surgery before I have to cancel the membership!

It's getting close! 3 weeks away!

Jesus take the wheel please! It's getting real!

It's getting real! Plane Ticket!!!!!!

Just got my plane ticket! 11 days before takeoff!

My Ass Soon Approaching

It's getting near! I can see my ass getting bigger and my waist getting smaller...also ordered some new Victoria Secret thong and lingerie today...I'm gone be sooo ready...never would wear thongs but I will soon!

Ok Lil Bish!

Yeah Baby! 3 Days to take off!


Please drinks like 8 bottles of water a day...I've been suffering from tremendous migraines which caused me to stay in the bed and sleep all day and not eat which all hinders good healing...here's a few pictures 4 days Post Op

13 days PostOp

No stomach...No Love Handles
ONLY Hips, small waist, and ass

2weeks PostOp

Duran Slay Hunny
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I think Duran is hard to reach, Just be PERSISTENT and don't give up....KEEP CALLING!

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